Totally Spies Fan Fiction ❯ TOTALLY SPIES: Dueling Dramas Season 3 ❯ Mandy VS Boogie Gus: Part two ( Chapter 20 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

SCORE:(Gus: 6600/ Mandy: 5000)
Mandy: “What is that thing supposed to be up there? I can't see it at all.”
Gus: “Heh, heh, heh… that's because it's my new monster; SATELLITE CANNON!!”
(Atk: 0/ Def: 0)
SCORE:(Gus: 4600/ Mandy: 5000)
“And like all satellites, it belongs up there… not down here. While it may not be much to look at now, just you wait… but for now, I'll activate my Fairy Lily's special-ability. I give up 2000 life points to raise her attack by 3000.”
(Atk: 400) Becomes (Atk: 3400)
Mandy: “Yeah… like whatever. Not like it's going to hurt me that much.”
Gus: “Really? Then ya wouldn't mind if were to dance with this spell-card? Go STOP DEFENSE!”
Mandy: “What? No! that changes my Twin-Headed Behemoth into attack mode.”
Gus: “Looks like things are going to hurt ya… but that's what you'd expect from a nurse with a needle. Now go my Lily… Show that Behemoth out the door; ATTACK!”
(Atk: 3400) VS (Atk: 1500)
(Mandy moans)
SCORE:(Gus: 4600/ Mandy: 3100)
“Ha, ha, ha… you go girl. Now I'll make things sweeter by playing another spell, DIAN KETO THE CURE MASTER! Which boosts my life points up by a whopping 1000.”
SCORE:(Gus: 5600/ Mandy: 3100)
“Looks like winnin' this duel and danicn' my way into your body will be more of a snapper than ever. Ha, ha, ah, ah, ah!”
Outside the duel
Our truck pulled up to where the duel was happening. “MANDY…” I called. She turned round, “What? You guys again?”
We a;; got out of the truck and moved closer towards the duel. “Uh oh…!” Alex cried, “Look at that! Mandy's dueling against a Jinzo. You know what that means?”
Sabrina nodded her head, “It means all of Mandy's traps are useless. She won't be able to defend herself so easily.”
Clover never thought she would ever want Mandy to not lose at a duel before, but she just didn't have the heart to see Mandy get sucked into Boogie Gus' wrath.
Mandy however was still confident that she could win, but it was really going tto require precise timing.
Back to the duel
Gus: “If we may continue now…? Thank ya! I'll place one card face down and close up my turn for now.
SCORE:(Gus: 5600/ Mandy: 3100)
Mandy: “Since your turn's over, my Behemoth's special ability kicks in. Now I can special-summon it right back with 1000 attack and defense points.”
(Atk: 1000/ Def: 1000)
“Oh…? Heh, heh, heh…” (Trademark snigger) “Well… looks like it's going to rain on your parade. I activate HEAVY STORM! Which means… I'm sending all your spell and traps packing. You're finished powering up FOR GOOD!”
Gus: “You'd like to think that, oh yeah… but sadly you're about to be tripped up again, for I reveal the trap, IMPERIAL ORDER!
Mandy: “WHAT?!”
(Heavy Storm fails)
Gus: “Hmm, mm… at the cost of 700 life points each turn, I can negate the effects of any spell card. So, so much for your Heavy Storm.”
Mandy: “GRR!! Great! Now I can't use Spells, or Traps!”
Alex: “Whoa… talk about playing with just half a deck…”
Mykan: If Mandy doesn't be careful… she could very well lose this duel.”
Clover's thoughts: “As much as I like seeing Mandy go down, I actually hope she can fin a way out of this.”
Gus: “It's my move now…”
“First my Solemn Wishes will enhance my life points with this draw… and then my Life Absorbing Machine gives me 1000 more.”
SCORE:(Gus: 7100/ Mandy: 3100)
“Now I'll ditch down 700 of those points to keep Imperial Order in play.”
SCORE:(Gus: 6400/ Mandy: 3100)
“Now that I'm done... it's time for me to unleash my Ultimate Weapon on you.”
Mandy: “What do you mean by that?”
Gus: “Heh, heh, heh…! Remember My Satellite-Cannon that I launched a couple of turns back? Well now it's time for me to use it on you. Satellite-Cannon… Lay it on her face-down monster! FIRE!”
(Atk: 1000) VS (Def: 700)
Gus: “Ha, ha, ah, ah, ah… and good riddance too.”
Mandy: “Whoa! this is getting totally freakish, here. How can I attack something that's… up there?”
Gus: “You can't! The Satellite-Cannon is virtually unreachable up there in orbit. The only monsters that can actually try and get at it, are those with 8 or more stars. Everythin' else ain't nothin' but squaresville.”
Sam: “Whoa! A monster that can attack you from outer-space. That's nuts!”
Clover:“GRR! Man… can't we ever get a break?!”
Mandy: “Wait! Eight stars or more? What makes you think I don't have any monsters of those specific levels?”
Gus: “Heh, heh… oh I'm not too worried about that, cuz by the time you summon anythin' like that, my cannon will be way too tough to handle. I know this because it gains 1000 attack-points added to it's total every time I end my turn.”
Mandy: “Yeah… well guess what! I don't care!”
Mandy's thoughts: “Hmm… this could help me put this loser in his place.”
Mandy: “Now I summon SPIRIT RYU!”
(Atk: 1000/ Def: 1000)
“Go now! Attack his Injection Fairy Lily!”
Gus: “Hah… you're even more of a fool than I gave you credit for. Have ya forgotten that all I gotta' do is pay 2000 life points…?”
SCORE:(Gus: 4400/ Mandy: 3100)
“And then Lily's power goes up by 3000…!”
(Atk: 400) Becomes (Atk: 3400)
“Go Lily… Counter attack!”
(Atk: 3400) VS (Atk: 1000)
Mandy: “Hah… I got you now. For I activate Spirit Ryu's special-ability; he gains an extra 1000 attack-points for every dragon I discard… and I have four!”
(Discards four dragons)
(Atk: 1000) Becomes (Atk: 4000)
Gus: “Whoa! Wait a minute… that means…”
(Atk: 3400) VS (Atk: 4000)
SCORE:(Gus: 3800/ Mandy: 3100)
“Yo'… not cool, man! My Lily's gone!”
Mandy: “Aww… boo-hoo-hoo…! That's what you get for challenging me to this duel. Now make your move!”
Gus: “GRR! Smart-Alack…!”
“With my Solemn Wishes, and my Life Absorbing Machine, I gain 1500 hundred life points…”
SCORE:(Gus: 5300/ Mandy: 3100)
“And I'll pay 700 points to keep Imperial Order in play.”
SCORE:(Gus: 4600/ Mandy: 3100)
“I summon a monster in defense-mode… and as for you… I'll order my Satellite-Cannon to destroy your Spirit Ryu, now that's it's attack has gone down to normal again.”
“Go Cannon… lay some bull's-eye blow.”
(Atk: 2000) VS (Atk: 1000)
(Mandy growls)
SCORE:(Gus: 4400/ Mandy: 2100)
“My, my… how the mighty have fallen. Just one more turn now, and my Satellite will have an attack of 3000… and then it'll be time to rock your world away. Ha, ha, ah, ah, ah!”
Sabrina: “Oh my! I don't think I can't take much more of this suspense.”
Clover: “Come on… Mandy's got to have something in her deck that can reach that tin-can up there.”
Alex: “But Clover, how does she even expect to get it out in time. She can't use any spells or traps thanks to that crooked sneak.”
Mykan's thoughts: “Mandy's in a tough spot, and as much as she failed in my course on being respectful, she did learn a few tricks. Let's just hope she can pull them off.”
Mandy: “My draw now…”
“I'll throw this one monster in defense-mode, and end my turn.”
Gus: “Fine by me…”
“Now I get my 500 points from Solemn Wishes…and another 350 from Life Absorbing Machine.”
SCORE:(Gus: 5250/ Mandy: 2100)
“And now I pay 700 life points for Imperial Order.”
SCORE:(Gus: 4550/ Mandy: 2100)
Gus: “And as for your two monsters… they ain't gonna' be helping ya much longer. Especially seeing as how my Satellite now has 3000 attack points.”
“But why don't we makes thing more interesting as I reveal my face-down monster, MAD SWORD BEAST!”
(Atk: 1400/ Def: 1200)
“Go Beast… destroy her Twin Headed Behemoth!”
(Atk: 1400) VS (Def: 1000)
Mandy: “Hah! Pathetic… my monster was in defense-mode, so I don't take damage.”
Gus: “Ooh… don't be thinkin' that! My Mad Sword Beast's special-ability deals you damage… defense or no defense.”
Mandy: “Huh?”
SCORE:(Gus: 4550/ Mandy: 1700)
Gus: “And now… time for me to wipe the field of your last monster, with my Satellite-Cannon! Heh, heh, heh… ATTACK!!”
(Atk: 3000)
(Mandy sniggers wickedly)
“Yo'… what's so funny?”
Mandy: “You just fell right into a little trap of my own.”
Gus: A trap? Impossible… my Deck-Master, Jinzo destroys all your traps.”
Mandy: “Yeah? Well this isn't exactly that sort of a trap. You just attacked… CRIMSON NINJA!!”
(Def: 300)
Gus: “No… not that card?! Now you get to destroy one of my trap-cards.”
Mandy: “You bet… and I already know which one.”
Gus: “No! Not my Imperial Order?”
Mandy: “Hmm, mm… it's gone.”
Alex: “All right… now Mandy can use her spell cards again.”
Mykan: “Yes… and that just might be able to help her win the duel.”
Gus: “Hmm! Oh well… it don't matter much now. I've still got the upper hand. More life-points, my other traps, and my all-powerful Satellite-Cannon. On my next turn… you are so… goin'… DOWN!”
Mandy: “Not if I destroy you first, hot-shot.”
“I play… POT OF GREED… so I draw two more cards.”
(Draws twice)
Gus: “Draw all you like… there ain't nothin' you can do to dance the floor with me.”
Mandy: “Really? Well… I guess I'll just have to prove you wrong!”
(Atk: 1200/ Def: 800)
“And now I'll play MOSNTER REBORN! I'll use it to revive my TWIN HEADED BEHEMOTH!”
(Atk: 1500/ Def: 1200)
Gus: “Yo'… getting' bored here. Will you hurry up and make your move so I can end this already.”
Mandy: (Trademark snigger) “That's just what's going to happen, only I'm the one who's going to end it all now.”
Gus: “Huh…?”
Mandy: “It's time for you to sample my Deck-Master's special-ability. At the cost of 500 life points, Lord of Dragons allows me to make another normal summon, but only if it's on a Dragon-type monster.”
Gus: “Dragon-type? Wait… you don't mean--?!”
Mandy: “You better believe it. Now I pay 500 life points…
SCORE:(Gus: 4550/ Mandy: 1200)
“And now I'll sacrifice both my monsters to bring forth my greatest weapon yet. I summon… BLUE EYES WHITE DRAGON!!”
(Atk: 3000/ Def: 2500)
Gus: “Whoa! So not cool!”
Mandy: “Well here's something even more not cool… I have one last card to play. The Spell card MEGAMORPH! Which means, my Blue-Eye's attack is now doubled.”
(Atk: 3000) Becomes (Atk: 6000)
Gus: “And since it's got more than seven stars…THAT MEANS!!”
Mandy: “It means that I now have the power to take down your Satellite.” (Points up) “Blue-Eyes… there's your target, now go and take down his Satellite-Cannon!”
(Blue-Eyes ROARS… and takes-off)
Gus: “No! Just What do ya think you're up to.”
Mandy: “Easy… I'm winning this duel. See, I know that your Cannon only has attack-points when it attacks, otherwise it has an attack of Nothing!”
Gus: “AAH! OH NO…!!”
(Blue-Eyes reaches the Satellite)
Mandy: “Blue-Eyes White Dragon… ATTACK WITH WHITE LIGHTNING!!”
(Atk: 6000) VS (Atk: 0)
Gus: “NOOOO…!!”
FINAL SCORE:(Gus: “0000”/ Mandy: 1200)
We all couldn't help but cheer with joy that Mandy had won the duel.
As for Boogie Gus… his body began to digitize, and vanish as his voice echoed, “You may have defeated me… but I'll be back! JUST YOU WAIT…!!” then he was gone.
Estevan had his fists clenched tight, and was getting his teeth in anger. “Unbelievable…!” he growled “Even those who don't side with Mykan manage to make a fool of me and my associates.”
He then gazed over at the parents who were still under his influence, “But then again, I still hold their parents at my mercy. Hmm, mm, mm… I'm far from finished yet! Ha, ha, ah, ah, ah!”