Totally Spies Fan Fiction ❯ TOTALLY SPIES: Dueling Dramas Season 3 ❯ The Ultimate Duel: Part Three ( Chapter 29 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

“Leave Estevan alone!” Corey said deeply.
“We will not let you harm him.” added Carmen.
Alex almost felt like fainting, but she was too mad at Estevan to even come close. “Let our parents go!” she shouted at him, “I mean it…”
Estevan just chuckled, “I'm afraid that your parents' fate is completely up to Mandy now.” he told them, “Speaking of which… I'm still waiting… Do you still want to attack? Just remember… you'll still be striking the parents.”
Mandy was so confused and stressed that she was actually starting to twitch. Sure she liked to be mean to the other girls and show them who was the real queen of queens, but now… she felt as if she couldn't bring herself up to hurting other people.
“Mandy…” I called to her, “Think carefully… there has to be another way for you to end this without hurting anyone.”
Mandy winced at that suggestion, and she thought it over for a moment. “I guess… I just can't do it.” she said, much to everyone's surprise. “I'll just end my turn without attacking.”
All of us really couldn't believe she just did that. “Someone pinch me… I think I'm dreaming.” Clover said.
“Gee… never thought Mandy even had a heart to have a heart. Woof-Woof!” Sam said.
I on the other hand took as a sign, Mandy was finally beginning to understand that winning by any means was not worth it. Especially not if it meant hurting others.
Estevan however was laughing maliciously, “Mandy… this just proves that you really are as weak as Mykan exposed you to be. You can never become a true champion duelists with that attitude.”
Then the parents dropped their guard, and stood along side their Master. “You did well my servants.” he said to them, and the parents bowed to him. “Our life is but to serve you… Estevan.” Stella said.
This was really starting to anger the girls, and Sabrina and myself. There had to be someway to break Estevan's spell, but my Millennium Necklace was still being blocked out by his Millennium Key…. What could we do?
Nevertheless… the duel continued…
Back to the duel
SCORE:(Estevan: 2400/ Mandy: 2650)
Estevan: “It's my turn now…”
“And now get set to behold another one of my Deck-Master's abilities.”
Mandy: “What?! You mean there's more?”
Estevan: “Hmm, mm, mm… of course, and I should thank you for having sent those two monsters I had back into Shinato's Ark, for now I'm about to use it's most devastating power.”
(Monsters on the ship, glow)
“You see… by removing every monster that's been stowed away aboard my ship, Shinato's Ark will increase my life points by 500.”
(Estevan glows)
Sam: “Woof?! 500 for each monster…?! Arf-Arf-Arf!”
Clover: “But… there's like… twelve-- thirteen monsters in that thing!”
Estevan: “With thirteen monsters removed, by life points increase by 6500 points…”
SCORE:(Estevan: 8900/ Mandy: 2650)
“Gah, ha, ha, ah, ah! Now I'm even stronger than I was when the duel first began. You don't stand a chance against me now.”
(Mandy growls)
“Now I'm gong to activate the spell, DARK HOLE! This will destroy all monsters on the field, except your Different Dimension Dragon of course… but now your Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon will be imprisoned aboard Shinato's Ark.”
Sabrina: “No! Now Estevan has another monster he can call upon.”
Mykan: “He can either use that monster to defend himself, or just boost his life-points even higher.”
Alex: “Boy… that kid is seriously going to drive me off the deep-end!
Estevan: “Now then… I think you've suffered enough for this turn. So move already!”
Mandy: “GRR! Fine…”
“I'll find some way to beat you… but I'll just pass for now.”
Estevan: “Very well… not like you can really do anything anyways.”
“Now then… I think another change of scenery is in order…” (Key glows and the field changes) “The end of the ice age brings forth the way for man kind to grown and civilize.”
“Buildings are built… corporations are formed, and are soon controlling the world. How I long to see the real world and all it's wondrous places, and once I defeat you… I'll finally get to make that dream a reality.”
Mandy: “Look kid… I'm getting sick and tired of you going on about all this stuff. Just make your move and quit wasting time!”
Estevan: “As you wish… Now I summon GRADIUS!!”
(Atk: 1200/ Def: 800)
“And if you think that my Machine isn't much to look at, uses again! I'll equip it with the Spell MANEVOLENT NUZZLER! Which increases the attack-strength of Graduis by 700 points.”
(Atk: 1200) Becomes (Atk: 1900)
“And to make this power even more devastating, I'll play another Equip-spell, FAIRY METEOR CRUSH! Thanks to this card, you'll still lose life points even if your monster is defending.”
“Go Graduis… attack Different Dimension Dragon!”
(Atk: 1900) VS (Def: 1500)
Mandy: “EEK…!!”
SCORE:(Estevan: 8900/ Mandy: 2250)
Estevan: “Hmm, mm, mm… and since your Dragon can't be destroyed by a monster with 1900 attack points or less, it remains on the field for me to attack it over and over again, until your life points are wiped out!”
Mandy: “I'm still standing here. This ain't over yet.”
“I'll pass again…”
Estevan: “Hmm, mm, mm-- I've gotten you so incredibly stuck that's all you can do is pass.”
“Now then… I summon RAGING FLAME SPRITE!!”
(Atk: 100/ Def: 200)
Mandy: “What? Don't tell me you plan to wipe out with that thing? It's only got 100 attack-points-- Uh… Unless…!”
Estevan: “Heh-heh… unless of course she has a special-ability, one that lets her attack you directly!”
(Atk: 100)
Mandy: “Ow…!”
SCORE:(Estevan: 8900/ Mandy: 2150)
Estevan: “And what's more; every time my Sprite attacks you, she gains an additional 1000 attack-points.”
(Atk: 100) Becomes (Atk: 1100)
“And I'm not finished with you quite yet. Go Gradius… Attack her Dragon again!”
(Atk: 1900) VS (Def: 1500)
SCORE:(Estevan: 8900/ Mandy: 1750)
Mandy's thoughts: “I can't keep this up much longer.”
Clover: “This is so not looking good.”
Sam: “Mandy's going to get creamed if this keeps up…Ruff-Ruff!
Alex: “Never mind just Mandy, what are we going to do about our parents. We got to get them away from Estevan's control.”
Mykan's thoughts: “The poor girls… seeing all this must be devastating for them. Somehow I've got to try and figure out how to break through Estevan power and dispel his control over the parents… but how?”
Outside the duel
I began to think hard, and suddenly I had an idea. Estevan had been using his Millennium Key a whole lot during the duel. Controlling the parents, as well as changing the sceneries. I on the other hand hadn't used my Millennium Necklace even once since we first arrived in the virtual-world…
It wasn't looking too positive, but I had to try it. I softly went into a trance, humming very deeply yet softly.
The girls turned towards me, “Mykan?” Alex asked, “What are you doing?” but I didn't even move or open my eyes, and continued on with my plan.
“I think he's in a trance…” Sabrina said.
“Fine time he picked…” Clover grumbled.
Suddenly, the Millennium Necklace began to glow, and my mind began to race around as it tried to reach out to the minds of all the parents…
Estevan's glowing Millennium Key suddenly began to lose it's glow. “Huh… what's going on?” he wondered. “Something's trying to interfere with my magic!”
I felt lighter than air as I looked around and saw nothing but fog. Pure cloud-like fog. That's where I also saw the spies parents… in their normal states of mind, yet they all were on their knees starring downward in shame.
“Hey…!” I called over to them, and they finally came to their senses. “It's you… Myron.” Gabi said.
I sighed and rolled my eyes. “It's Mykan… but never mind that.” I said to them, “You all have to come with me, now.”
“We can't…” Corey said looking down again. “Why should we go back? We're nothing bad parents.”
Carmen nodded sadly in agreement, “The girls would be much better off without us.”
I had a feeling things weren't going to go so easy. “Listen… Estevan's placed you all under a mind-spell.” I said, “He's using his Millennium Key to manipulate your minds and fill your heads with illusions that aren't real.”
“Yeah right…” Stella said, “If the girls really cared about us they'd want to stay a part of our lives instead of move to some far-away islands just for a batch of cards.”
“I still blame all this on you…” Stanley added, “But now I'm starting to hate myself more.”
“So why don't you just go… leave us here.” said Greg. “All we've been are nothing but third wheels.”
This was getting us nowhere. I had to think of something and fast, because I could feel my Necklace being blocked off by Estevan's Key again. I got down on my knees, and said to them, “Is that what your girls would really think of you…?”
The parents suddenly looked up, and explained to them that they knew the girls for far longer than I ever had. “You were always there for your daughters when they needed you, and in time… they were always there for you.”
The parents began to realize maybe I was right…
True the girls never told them about their spy lives, but when their mothers found out and were kidnapped by villains, the girls came to their rescue.
Then they found out that the girls played a card game that lead to things far more dangerous than they ever could've imagined… but the Father's remembered about last year they went out of business with their companies and the girls had somehow secured fifteen million dollars for them to start all new projects again.
When I told them that the money was from a duel-tournament we had entered last year. “Oh my goodness…” Corey said.
“The girls went to all that trouble for us?” Greg asked.
I nodded my head, “And now… we need your help.” I said, “We need to try and break free from Estevan's control. Otherwise… we might all end up trapped in his world of illusions forever!”
I placed my hand out in front, and after a moment of some thought, the parents, even Stanley and Stella placed their hands on mine, causing the images in our minds to fade.
“What's going on…?!” Estevan cried as the Millennium Key became more fainter “I'm losing my control!”
Suddenly, all six of the parents came to their senses. “Oh… my head!” cried Carmen.
“What's happened…?” Corey asked.
I too snapped out of my trance, and I nearly lost my balance, but the girls caught me, “Mykan!” cried Sabrina.
“What happened? What were you doing?” asked Alex.
I caught my breath and told them that I succeeded in snapping their parents out of Estevan's control. “They should be okay now…” I said.
Estevan was most horrified, “So… you broke my spell have you… ah well, no matter. I'll still crush you all and win this duel.”
“Uh last time I checked… it was still my move…” Mandy said, “So lets move it on…”
Back to the Duel
SCORE:(Estevan: 8900/ Mandy: 1750)
Mandy: “Now then… I draw!”
“Heh… perfect! I activate my Deck-Master's Special ability which lets me summon a light monster with one-less sacrifice. So I'll sacrifice my Different Dimension Dragon so I can call upon this… I play the BLUE-EYES WHITE DRAGON!!”
(Atk: 3000/ Def: 2500)
Estevan: “Ah…!”
Mandy: “Go Blue Eyes… destroy the Raging Flame Sprite! WHITE LIGHTNING!!”
(Atk: 3000) VS (Atk: 1100)
SCORE:(Estevan: 7000/ Mandy: 1750)
Mandy: “And if you think I'm finished there… guess again. I also play this spell; ETERNAL REST! It destroys all monster equipped with other cards.”
(Graduis destroyed)
Clover: “All right… Mandy's made a super comeback.”
Sam: “Yeah… but she's not out of the woods just yet.”
Sabrina: “Estevan still has many more life points than Mandy does, and it's his turn.”
Estevan:(Maniacal laughter)
Mandy: “Hmm…? What are you laughing at?”
Estvean: “Heh, heh, heh! I'm so sorry, it's just that you actually think you can destroy me with that pitiful Dragon in play? Well… you have another thing coming right for you.”
“Since there are three monsters aboard Shinato's Ark I can remove them from play to increase my life points.”
(Removes monsters)
SCORE:(Estevan: 8500/ Mandy: 1750)
Now that that's dealt with, it's time for my Deck-Master to join the party. I move Shinato's ark to the center of the playing field!”
(Once again I ask you to remember that SHINATO'S ARK is a Ritual, not a monster card)
Sam: “Aroo? Why did Estevan just call his Deck-Master to the field? Arf-Arf!”
Clover: “Oh no… please don't tell me that kid's up to something else?”
Estevan: “Now then… I'll have my Ark attack your Blue eyes!”
Mandy: “What…?!”
(Atk: ????/ Def: ?????)
Mykan: “Since Shinato's Ark is Estevan's Deck-Master, he should lose the duel.”
Estevan: very perceptive Mykan… but it's time you all learned the awful truth. Hmm, mm ,mm! Since my Ark has no attack-power whatsoever, I don't take any battle damage from the attack, and also… I've unleashed a power of likes which none of you have ever seen before!”
(Glowing Light)
(A new monster appears)
Sabrina: (Screams) “WHAT IS THAT…?!”
Mykan: “It must be Estevan's true Deck-Master!”
Estevan: “Right again. You see… when Shinato's Ark was destroyed I was able to bring forth SHINATO, KING OF A HIGER PLANE!!”
(Atk: 3300/ Def: 3000)
Mandy: “That creep's got more power than my Dragon!”
Estevan: “You bet it does… now go Shinato, attack her Blue-Eyes!”
(Atk: 3300) VS (Atk: 3000)
Mandy: “NOOOOO…!!”
SCORE:(Estevan: 8500/ Mandy: 1450)
Estevan: “Ha, ha, ah, ah, ah! Your Blue-Eyes is gone! Such a shame, you worked so hard to summon it too. You can't beat me now. Shinato and I are an unstoppable team, and together I shall finally get my revenge and a new body to leave this world.”
Outside the duel
For the first time ever, Mandy felt so incredibly helpless that she fell to her knees, letting the rest of her deck spill onto the ground. She tried everything she had and now Estevan had a much stronger monster, and way more life points.
She on the other had was defenseless, her life points were low, and she hardly had any Cards that could stand up to Shinato.
“Whoa… I think Mandy's losing her grip.” cried Alex.
As for the parents, they finally realized, “What are we still standing here for?” Gabi said in fear.
“Run! Run!” cried Stella.
The parents began to run for their lives, but Estevan smirked wickedly. “Oh no you don't!” he roared as he grabbed his Millennium Key and fired a beam of light straight at Gabi and Greg.
The two adults screamed when the light hit them, and when the light faded, their bodies had turned to solid rock. Sam was horrified, “MOM?! DAD?! AROOOOOOO?!”
Stella and Stanley ran for the hills, but Estevan turned on his heels, “TAKE THIS…!!” and he shot at them too. “NO!!” Clover cried.
“He's turning them into Statues!” cried Sabrina.
Carmen and Corey were running so fast that they didn't see where they were going that they bumped right into Mandy. “No!” cried Carmen.
“Not us…!” add Corey, but Estevan shot them too, and his blast even hit Mandy turning her into stone as well.
Alex's eyes filled with tears. “No… not my parents?!”
We all ran over towards the motionless bodies, and it was no good. They were solid rock. The spies began to cry… Sabrina thought all this was just awful. As for me, “Estevan… what have you done?!”
Estevan snickered, “Nothing really. I've just changed them all into permanent fixtures for the virtual-world.” he answered. “Just look at you all! So close to your friends and yet they can't here or see you.”
The spies each knelt down by the statues of their parents letting their tears fall onto the stone. Tears even ran down Sabrina's eyes, and I lost all my nerves. So I stepped forward…
“Estevan! You think this proves your fit to run an empire? It looks more to me like your nothing less than a monster!” I growled at him.
“Hah! Don't bore me with your lecture, Mykan.” Estevan snapped. “I've beat Mandy, and that's all there is to it!”
“Wrong…” I protested. “You think that by kidnapping the spies parents and using them as a shield is fair?” I cast my look at Mandy's statue, “Mandy could have had a chance against you, but you forced her to lose her hope, and now look what you've done! All you've proven to me is that you're a weak little boy who still needs to be taught a lesson!”
I began to gather up Mandy's cards that were on the ground, and place them into my duel-disk. “Also… Mandy still has life points, so I don't think you've won anything yet, but since Mandy is unable to duel you now… let me take her place!”
Everyone, even Estevan gasped at my proposal. “Mykan, No!” cried Alex.
“Don't do it, man…Ruff-ruff!”
I ignored the girls' reactions and left the decision up to Estevan. “It's your choice… will you accept, or are you just too much of a coward to duel me?”
Now it was up to him…