Totally Spies Fan Fiction ❯ TOTALLY SPIES: Dueling Dramas Season 3 ❯ The Ultimate Duel: Part Four ( Chapter 30 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

“Well… I'm waiting, Estevan.” I replied, “Will you duel me in Mandy's place, or prove to us all that you're nothing but a coward?”
Estevan just snorted, “I'd be a fool not to pass up this offer. So be it! You may continue the duel where Mandy left off…”
Estevan was also kind enough to let me refresh my deck a little bit with other cards that Mandy didn't choose, but my life points stayed where they were.
“Mykan… you don't know what you're in for.” replied Estevan, “Even with your newly refreshed deck, I still have all I need to crush you.”
The girls were all worried about me down below. Sure they saw me duel my way out of tough situations before, but this was totally off the hook.
“I had no monsters on the field, and only 1450 life points. Estevan on the other hand had his Shinato, and 8500 life points. “Mykan's got to be crazy to go through with this.” Clover said.
“Yeah… but if Estevan gets away, then we'll all go down.” added Alex. “Just look at what he did to Sammy, and our parents and Mandy.”
Sabrina had her faith in me, but she just hoped that I didn't hurt Estevan too much. “Please Mykan… don't hurt my brother so badly.”
“All right… enough chattering. Let's continue with this so I can eliminate you all.” Said Estevan, “And just to be fair Mykan… I'll let you go first.”
“Fine then… let's go!”
Back to the Duel
SCORE:(Estevan: 8500/ Mykan: 1450)
Mykan: “I draw…”
“If you think you can control us all like this Estevan, you're sadly mistaken. Now I summon KURIBOH in defense-mode.”
(Atk: 300/ Def: 200)
“Lets see you try to and attack my life-points now!”
Estevan: “Don't get cocky. It's my move…”
Estevan's thoughts: “Drat… I can't use this card. At least… not yet.
Estevan: “Time for me to call upon my Deck-Master, Shinato! Attack his Kuriboh now!”
(Atk: 3300) VS (Def: 200)
SCORE:(Estevan: 8500/ Mykan: 1150)
Mykan: “What's this…?! My life points went down? But my monster was in defense-mode.”
Estevan: “Hmm, mm, mm. Looks like Shinato's special-ability caught you by surprise. You see, when he destroys a monster in defense mode, then you lose life-points equal to your monsters attack-power.”
“But that's not all… now Shinto's new Deck-Master ability kicks in, which gives the life points you just lost over to me.”
SCORE:(Estevan: 8800/ Mykan: 1150)
Sam:“Woof-Woof! Like that kid needs anymore life points!”
Alex: “Come on, Mykan… you can do it!”
Estevan: “You're a complete fool to think you can defeat me, Mykan, and to think they call you the greatest teacher of the game in the world.”
Mykan: “Look, Estevan… I do more than just teach people how to play the game. I teach them about honor and respect. All the things that you'd never be able to grasp.”
Estevan: “Hah! You expect me to be intimidated by that little speech, well I'm not. You're just like my pathetic sister, Sabrina. Robbing people of what they deserve and making fools out of us in the process.”
Mykan: “Estevan! Sabrina may be your sister… but she is my wife, and I won't stand here and let you insult her that way. I may be low on life points, but I know I can still win.”
Estevan: “Is that so… then make your move and we'll see.”
Mykan: “With pleasure…”
“I'll place this monster face-down in defense-mode and end my turn.”
Estevan: “Hah! Haven't you learned yet that it doesn't matter what mode your monsters are in? I'll just keep blasting through them and take more of your life points.”
“Behold… the monster I'm about to play is a type of which you've never seen before, and may never see again. I summon a Spirit monster known as YATA-GARASU!”
(Atk: 200/ Def: 100)
Mykan: “A Spirit monster?”
Estevan: “Correct… but more on that bit later. Now Shinato… destroy his face-down monster!”
(Atk: 3300)
(Attack fails)
“What? Why didn't my attack work?”
Mykan: “Because Estevan… the monster you attacked was OBNOXIOUS CELTIC GAURDIAN!”
(Atk: 1400/ Def: 1200)
“And thanks to its special-ability, it cannot be destroyed by a monster that has 1900 attack-points or more. Which means your Shinato can't hurt it.”
Estevan: “Mmm! A minor setback, but I can still do this…. I activate the continuous-spell SPRING OF REBIRTH!!”
“This spell will grant me 500 additional life points whenever a monster returns to my hand from the field. So I'll call back my Yata-Garasu… and my life points go up.”
SCORE:(Estevan: 9300/ Mykan: 1150)
Clover: “Hey… how did he do that? You can't just take a monster and put it back in your hand that way.”
Estevan: “I heard that… and once again you are mistaken, Clover!”
Outside the duel
Estevan explained to us that the Spirit monsters were his own idea…
In his years of researching and gaining knowledge, he discovered the mysteries of the ancient orients. It was there that he had acknowledged tales of the duel-monsters world in ancient Egypt… and found items and details about Spirit monsters.
These monsters had extraordinary powers, nothing like Estevan or anyone else had ever seen before. So he based a series of duel-monster card ideas to his father…
King Monroe was amazed by the fact that Estevan had made new cards for the game. These cards were just as Estevan had imagined, and as different as their abbilties were, all Spirit monster possessed two of the same powers…
One… They were supposed to return to their owners hand once a turn was ended.
Two… if a Spirit was ever destroyed it could not be special summoned back to the field. After all… that's what happens when your already a spirit and you depart. “You never come back”
“But when the cards were actually made, I wasn't given any credit for them at all! Proving for good that my father didn't care about me anymore.”
“But I do have the cards… and everything I said about them goes. So don't accuse me of cheating again!”
With that settled… the duel continued…
Back to the duel
Mykan: “My move…!”
Mykan's thoughts: “Hey, this is one of Mandy's monsters, and it's just perfect to use. Estevan may have a lot of life points, but he still put his Deck-Master onto the field. If this works, I can destroy Shinato and win the duel.”
Mykan: “I place one monster in defense mode! Now make your move, Estevan.”
Estevan: “As you wish…”
“Now I summon a new Spirit known as ASURA PREIST!”
(Atk: 1700/ Def: 1200)
“Asura… attack Mykan's Celtic Guardian!”
(Atk: 1700) VS (Def: 1200)
“Ha, ha, ha… if I remember correctly you said that your monster couldn't be destroyed by monsters with 1900 attack-points or more, but my Priest only has 1700.”
Mykan: “GRR…!”
Estevan: “And if you think that's bad, just get a taste of her special-ability. She's allowed to attack all monsters on your side of the field on the same turn.”
Alex: “What?! It can attack again?”
Clover: “But then Mykan won't have any monsters left to protect him from that Shinato thing.”
Estevan: “Your last defense-monster is about to be crushed! Go Asura… attack!”
(Atk: 1700)
“It's over…!”
Mykan: “Yes… it is over, Estevan… over for you!”
Estevan: “Huh…?”
Mykan: “You just attacked one of Mandy's monsters… CYBER JAR!”
(Atk: 900/ def: 900)
Estevan: “No! Not Cyber-Jar?!”
Mykan: “I'm afraid so… and now thanks to it's special ability it destroys every monster out on the field along with its own self…. And since you moved your Deck-Master to the field, you're Shinato is destroyed too and you lose the duel!”
Estevan: “No! This can't be happening…!”
(All monsters, destroyed)
“GRR…! I activate Shinato's other Deck-Master ability… REVERSAL!!”
(Shinato vanishes)
Sabrina: “Hey! What happened to Estevan's Deck-Master? It wasn't absorbed into Cyber Jar.”
Alex: “Hey… there it is.”
Mykan: “What's this? How did you escape Cyber Jar's vortex?”
Estevan: “Simple really…Shinato has more than one Deck-Master ability, and before you destroyed him I used that power; When he was targeted by the effects of another card… I used it's reversal ability to remove it from the field and send it back to the sidelines.”
“However… there is a downside to using this power. Shinato must remain on the sidelines and may not return to the field for the rest of the duel.”
Mykan: “Very well then… now the second ability of Cyber Jar is activated. We both have to draw five cards from our decks and then summon forth all monsters with four stars or less.”
(Both Draw)
“I summon two monsters…SANGAN… and GAMMA THE MAGNET WARRIOR both in attack-mode!”
Sangan… (Atk: 1000/ Def: 600)
Gamma… (Atk: 1500/ Def: 1800)
“Well… what are you going to bring out?”
Estevan: “GRR… Spirit-Monsters can't be special summoned, and that's all I have so I can't summon anything!”
Mykan: “Very well then… it's my move!”
“Now I'll sacrifice both my monsters…”
“This triggers Sangan's ability allowing me to add any monster with an attack of 1500 or less to my hand, so I'll take my Big-Shield Gardna...”
“Now… thanks to my sacrifice I shall call forth the DARK MAGICIAN!!”
(Atk: 2500/ Def: 2100)
Estevan: “No… not him!”
Mykan: “Oh yes… and since you have no monsters on the field to protect you…; Go Dark Magician… attack him directly!”
(Atk: 2500)
Estevan: “BLAA-AAH…!!”
SCORE:(Estevan: 6800/ Mykan: 1150)
Estevan: “Mykan… How dare you humiliate me like that!”
Mykan: “Humiliate you? Estevan… it is you who are humiliating yourself, by not listening to us and believing that Sabrina and I have done nothing wrong to you.”
Estevan: “LIAR! You and Sabrina are trying to take away everything I hoped to earn someday, and I won't let you.”
Sabrina's thoughts: “Poor Estevan… he's been locked away for so long n a virtual-computer that he doesn't know how to trust other people.”
Estevan: “Now… here I go…”
“Now I activate the spell NEXT-WORLD!”(Anime Card only)
“It allows select a monster you control, then I get to normal summon a monster that has the same level of stars.”
Mykan: “Ah…?!”
Estevan: “Now then… your Dark Magician has seven stars… so I'll summon a level seven monster of my own, YAMATA DRAGON!!”
(Atk: 2600/ Def: 3100)
“Dragon… attack the Dark Magician… NOW!!”
SCORE:(Estevan: 6800/ Mykan: 1050)
Mykan: “No! My Magician's gone!”
Estevan: “Correct… and now the 100 life points you lost are added to my score.”
SCORE:(Estevan: 6900/ Mykan: 1050)
“Now my Spirit monster will return to my hand, and my Spring of Rebirth will give me 500 more life points.”
SCORE:(Estevan: 7400/ Mykan: 1050)
Mykan's thoughts: “This is bad. Estevan's life points are increasing faster than I can damage him. If this keep sup, he'll be too powerful to top.”
Clover: “Come on Mykan…!”
Sam: “You can do this… Arf-Arf!”
Mykan's thoughts: “They're right… everyone's counting on me. I can't let Estevan get away with this any longer.”
Mykan: “This duel isn't over yet…!”
(Atk: 1400/ Def: 1700)
“Attack Estevan directly!”
(Atk: 1400)
Estevan: “ARGH…! I'm not worried…”
SCORE:(Estevan: 6000/ Mykan: 1050)
Mykan: “Maybe you aren't now, but my next card may very well change that statement. I play SWORDS OF REVEALING LIGHT!!”
(Swords surround Estevan)
“With these magical swords in play, you can't attack me for three turns, giving me plenty of time to work up a way to defeat you.”
Outside the duel
The spies were acting like cheerleaders, chanting for me to win, and taunting Estevan on the sidelines. This really angered the young-boy.
“Your little fan club down there is really starting to aggravate me, Mykan.” he snapped, “You may have me stuck for now , but once your swords wear off, I'll be free to wipe you out.”
“You're days are numbered Mykan! NUMBERED!!”