Totally Spies Fan Fiction ❯ TOTALLY SPIES: Dueling Dramas Season 3 ❯ The Ultimate Duel: FINAL PART ( Chapter 32 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Mykan: “I… I don't believe it.”
Sabrina: “He just too much… too much!”
Estevan: “Ha-ha…! That's what I like to hear, admittance. Perhaps it's finally sunk into your heads that no one is superior to me.”
Sabrina: “Estevan… you can't keep going on like this.”
Estevan: “Mmm! I don't ever recall asking for your opinion, Sabrina.”
Sabrina: “You think that you're so tough? Well I think you're nothing more than spoiled brat. Whenever something doesn't go your way, you do what you can to change it until it is your way.”
Estevan: “Ha, ha, ah, ah…! I admire your boastful ways Sister dear… but I already have proven that I'm more superior. Nevertheless, I'll spare you for this turn so you can witness your husbands downfall.”
Mykan: “Not if I win…”
Estevan: “What…? You still believe you can beat me. Well, we'll just see about that… My move!”
“I'll activate this spell… MONSTER REINCARNATION! I discard one card from my hand, to bring back my old friend and summon him to the field… INABA WHITE RABBIT!”
(Atk: 700/ Def: 500)
Mykan: “His Rabbit… it's returned!”
Estevan: “Oh yes… and since it doesn't matter how I attack you, you'll lose 700 life points anyways. So go my Rabbit… attack Mykan's Dark Magician girl!”
(Atk: 700) VS (Atk: 0)
Mykan: “No…!”
SCORE: (Estevan: 16,300/ Mykan: 150)
Sabrina: “Mykan…!”
Estevan: “Ha, ha, ha… I just love seeing the both of you get hurt like this. Now my White Rabbit… return to my hand… and as you know, my Spring of Rebirth will grant me 500 more life points… and then I gain 700 more life points that you lost.”
SCORE: (Estevan: 17,500/ Mykan: 150)
“It's all over for you now Mykan… on my next turn, my White Rabbit shall return and wipe out what's left of your life points.”
Mykan: “I wouldn't gloat just yet if I were you…”
“And now I activate CARD DESTRUCTION!! So we must both discard our hands and then draw new cards. So say goodbye to your Rabbit, again!”
Estevan: “It's a small price to pay. Not like you can beat me with your monsters there, they haven't got any attack points.”
Mykan: “Perhaps not, but they still have their defense-points. So I'll switch both my Magicians into defense-mode and end my turn.”
Sabrina: “Well done Mykan. I knew you wouldn't let me down.”
Estevan: “Hah! Mykan hasn't done anything to me Sabrina. Even with his monsters defending him it's still no match fro my superior dueling skills.”
“Hmm, mm… and I'll emphasize that by play the spell CHANGE OF HEART!!
Mykan: “No! Not that card!”
Estevan: “Heh, heh, heh… now I can take control of one of your monsters. Dark Magician… come to me!”
(Dark Magician leaves Mykan)
“And if you think I'm finished there… just wait until I play this spell, SOUL EXCHANGE!!”
Mykan: “Ah…?! But that card allows you to sacrifice one of my monsters as well as your own.”
Estevan: “Very good, Mykan… now watch as I sacrifice both your Dark Magician and Magician of Black Chaos, so I can bring forth the most powerful Spirit of all duel-monsters.”
“I summon… HINO-KAGU-TSUCHI!!”
(Atk: 2800/ Def: 2900)
Mykan's thoughts: “No… that monster's got more than enough power to take out the rest of my life-points, and I don't have any other cards to try and stop it.”
Estevan: “Unfortunately for you, since I used Soul Exchange I am forbidden to attack this turn, and since I'd have to call my Spirit back to my hand, I have this, the continuous spell SPIRITUAL ENERGY SETTLE MACHINE!!”
“All I have to do is discard one card from my hand , and I can keep a Spirit monster on the field. Face it Mykan… it's all over for you.”
Sabrina: “No, Mykan… you can still do this!”
Estevan: “Heh! Silence, Sister! HA!!” (Blasts her)
Sabrina: “AAA-AAH!! Mykan… I… Love… You!”
Mykan: “SABRINA!!” (Falls backward) “No… Sabrina…!”
Estevan: “Ha, ha, ha, ah…! Well that should quiet things down now.”
“Look at yourself Mykan. There's no denying now that I'm the better man. You have no monsters in play. No cards in your hand, and you're all alone with no friends to guide you.”
Outside the duel
I just lay there on the spot, completely frozen in my state of anguish. My head was spinning with my thoughts, “Maybe Estevan's right.” I thought, “I did my best and still it wasn't enough… maybe… maybe there really is no hope for me this time.”
“No… don't think that?”
I looked up… that voice was so familiar. Then I saw her, “Sabrina?”
The Spirit of my wife smiled at me, “I may not be with you physically, but I'm still here for you no matter what. We all are.”
She helped me to my feet and it was then that I saw everyone. Clover, Sam, Alex, Mandy, and all six of the spies' parents.
“Mykan… you've always been there for us.” Clover said, “Now we want to be here for you.”
Sam, who seemed to be in her real body nodded and said, “You're not just our teacher, or our mentor. You're our friend.”
“So close… it's almost even like you're a brother to us.” added Alex
Mandy of course still was being snotty, but she had to admit, You may be a pain and pathetic, but you are the greatest guy I've ever hated.”
As touched as I felt by all their comments, “Thank you all… but I still don't see how I can escape from this mess.”
“Now stop that!” Stanley said. “You're telling me that you were able to throw a man like me into a swimming pool, but you can't beat a little kid? That's pathetic.”
“He's right…” Stella agreed. “and here we thought you were the all-mighty King of duelists, or at least Future King.”
“Mykan… you promised to help save my Samantha, and here you are saying you can't do it?” Gabi put in.
“We all know you can do it… but do you know it?” Greg asked.
“Mykan… it pains me to admit this, but we were wrong about you and the girls with this game.” Carmen said, “We now know how critically important it is… and why you do it with our girls.”
Corey nodded his head, “We've never helped you at all in this quest, but we're offering it now.”
Everyone nodded their heads in agreement, and Sabrina walked up to me and held my hands. “Do it for us Mykan… do it for yourself… and let us help you defeat Estevan.”
She kissed me softly, and it almost felt so real that I began to realize… “Yes… I will save them all.” I said proudly as I got back to my feet. “I will defeat you Estevan!”
Estevan sighed, “You just never learn, do you.”
“Don't try and talk me out of this Estevan… I'm not done yet.”
Back to the duel
SCORE: (Estevan: 17,500/ Mykan: 150)
Mykan: “Here goes… I shall tap into the heart of the cards, and my friends.”
“I play… CARD OF SANCTITY! Now we must both draw from our decks until we both are holding six cards.”(Rules fudged)
Estevan: “hmm… so you got lucky… but it doesn't worry me in the slightest.”
(Both draw)
Mykan's thoughts: “Here goes… one card from each of my friends. The Parents… Mandy… Sam… clover… Alex… My beloved Sabrina. Thank you all…!”
Mykan: “Well Estevan… I feel sorry for you. Thanks to the support of my friends, and my faith in the heart of the cards I drew six spell cards… and they will help me defeat you now.”
Estevan: “All spells? You expect to beat me with all spells…? Ha, ha, ha… come on, be serious!”
Mykan: “Oh But I am being Serious Estevan… you will lose this turn. I play my first spell card… FUTURE FUSION!!”
“This lets me send any Fusion-Material monsters from my deck to the graveyard.” (Discards three monsters) “Then in two turns I get to summon the fusion monster they would create.”
Estevan: “Hah! Too bad you can't wait that long, Mykan. You'll never get that monster out in time.”
Mykan: “Perhaps not that way, but I have a better plan in mind. I activate my second spell, SOUL RELEASE!! Now I can remove up to five cards in either of our graveyards from the game, and I choose to remove five monster from my own graveyard.”
Estevan: “What on Earth are you planning? How do you expect to win be removing your own cards from play?”
Mykan: “Simple really. Now that my monsters are removed I can play these two spell cards. SPELL ECONOMICS… and DIMENSION FUSION!!”
“Normally I'd have to pay 2000 life points to use Dimension Fusion, but thanks to my Spell Economics, I don't have to pay at all. So now we must both summon as many monsters that were removed from the game!”
“So I bring back all the monsters I removed… RED SPY-GIRL!!”(Mykan Card Only)
(Atk: 2300/ Def: 2000)
“… GREEN SPY-GIRL!!”(Mykan Card Only)
(Atk: 2300/ Def: 2000)
“… YELLOWSPY-GIRL!!”(Mykan Card Only)
(Atk: 2300/ Def: 2000)
(Atk: 2000/ Def: 1700)
“And finally Mandy's BLUE EYES WHITE DRAGON!!”
(Atk: 3000/ Def: 2500)
Estevan: “What> The Blue eyes?”
Mykan: “That's right Estevan. Remember this duel started out as you against Mandy, and since you destroyed her Blue Eyes I was able to re-summon in.”
Estevan: “Hmm… very impressive Mykan… but don't forget that I also get to summon more monsters… and here they come! GIANT SOLIDER OF STONE!!”
(Atk: 1300/ Def: 2000)
“… LAST TUSK MAMMOTH!!”(Anime Card only)
(Atk: 800/ Def: 1200)
(Atk: 2000/ Def: 1200)
“And finally… CHIRON THE MAGE!”
(Atk: 1800/ Def: 1000)
“Ha, ha, ah, ah, ah! Now isn't this a shame? You worked so hard to summon all those monsters, and yet there's nothing they can do to get through all mine.”
Mykan: “Well then Estevan… you wouldn't mind if I used Red and Yellow Spy-Girl's special abilities then?”
Estevan: “Huh…?”
Mykan: “Now I pay one-quarter of my life-points… so my Yellow-Spy-Girl will deal you 200 points of damage for every card you have in play)
SCORE: (Estevan: 17,500/ Mykan: 113)
(7 cards x200)
SCORE: (Estevan: 16,100/ Mykan: 113)
“And then another quarter so that all face-up monsters on your side of the field gets destroyed! Including your Hino-Kagu-Tsuchi!”
SCORE: (Estevan: 16,100/ Mykan: 85)
(Monsters Destroyed)
Estevan: “No! All my monsters!”
Mykan: “Are gone… and leaving you wide open. Since I have both he Dark Magician, and the Magician of Black Chas in my graveyard… Dark Magician girl gains 300 attack points for them each.”
(Atk: 2000) Becomes (Atk: 2600)
Mykan: “And now… Watch as I play my fifth spell, POLYMERIZATION!”
Estevan: “Ah…?!”
Mykan: “Now I fuse together all three of the Spy-girls… to form SPY-WOMAN!!” (Mykan card only)
(Atk: 4000/ Def: 3000)
“Go my monster… attack Estevan directly!”
(Atk: 4000)
Estevan: “NEEYARGH…!!”
SCORE: (Estevan: 12,100/ Mykan: 37)
Estevan: “Big deal… you still haven't won yet.”
Mykan: “Oh but I have Estevan… because I still have one spell card left to play, and here it is; DEFUSION!!”
Estevan: “What…?!”
Mykan: “This quick-play spell de-fuses my Spy-Woman into the three original Spy-girls used to form her. Now all five of my monsters are poised and ready to take you down once and for all.”
Estevan: “Uh… Ah! No… this can't be. There has to be a way out of this!”
Mykan: “I've exposed you as the frightened child you truly are. Now… in the name of my loving wife Sabrina… and all my beloved friends…”
“…Go my five monsters… ATTACK AND WIPE HIM OUT!!”
(Combined Atk: 12,500)
Estevan: “AAH… HAAAAA…!!!”
FINAL SCORE: (Estevan: “0000”/ Mykan: 85)