Totally Spies Fan Fiction ❯ TOTALLY SPIES: Dueling Dramas Season 3 ❯ Some things never change ( Chapter 38 )

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It felt so nice to be back home on duel-island, but really did feel weird to think that we all were stuck in a computerized world for only a single day, and King Monroe was very surprised to hear that the evil spirit was still alive…
…at least this time we had seen the last of him!
What he was very happy to hear was hat his son Estevan had forgiven him for all the bad things he had done under the spirit's influence. Now Estevan's back-up file was safely stored in the castle's-systems, and he could appear on any computer-screen…
(Like Zordon from Power Rangers)
As for his Millennium-Key… it was safely locked up in our secret location with Millennium Rod, and Ring. The Eye stayed with the King, and the Necklace remained around my neck.
Now we had five Millennium-Items out of all seven of them…
Now with the parents finally allowing the spies to stay on the island with us, I had a surprise to show the girls. “Surprise… welcome to your new home.” I said as I showed the girls the new estate we had prepared for them.
The girl couldn't help but scream… “EEE…!!”
It looked just like their penthouse at Mali-U, only instead of one giant house, there were three smaller sized houses complete with everything for each of the girls likenesses. Which of course included salon bathrooms… mush to Clover's desire.
The houses were just outside the castle with a beautiful and perfect view of the whole-island from all sides, and a view of the ocean.
The girls took their grand tours… Sam couldn't believe the size of her new study. All those books, and computer-hardware.
Alex was amazed at how much space she had to kick a few soccer-balls around, and as for Clover… “Ahh… this wardrobe is fabulous… I will never grow tired of this.”
The girls each planted a kiss on my cheek. “But how did you guys get all this done in just a short time…?” Sam asked.
Sabrina, her father, and I giggled sneakily, and then who should come out from behind the bushes, “JERRY?” the girls asked in shock and amazement. Jerry nodded, “With the compliments of WOOHP.” He said, “After all , you girls deserved it. You and the others all succeeded in recapturing the LAMOS and saving the world from certain destruction.”
He explained to the girls that he could still WOOHP them for missions, however… “I will be sure not to WOOHP you on your new jobs.”
That's when the girls realized why they had come in the first place, they were becoming teachers to duel-academy “And you girls have earned that honor.” The King said, “Mykan sure has trained you well, and I couldn't be prouder of you all.”
We all bowed to our King with grace and honor.
Then… that night… we had the welcoming ceremony for Clover, Sam, and Alex. It was truly an honor for the girls when the King had presented them with their passes, and dubbed them all as official teachers. “Arise… Professors Clover, Sam, and Alex… may your teachings guide us to newer heights.”
The crowd of teachers and subjects went wild, and then the celebration began. A Black-tie gala, with all the food, dancing... and even some time to hold friendly duel-matches.
Jerry was invited to stay, and so were the parents. Even Mandy was invited, despite the fact that she was still very prissy, and snobbish. She still had shown signs that she did care.
Even though we couldn't allow her to become a teacher, at least we could enroll-her as an elderly student. “Then you can finally understand where we come from and learn to duel better.” I said to her.
Mandy just stuffed her face full of turkey, “Yeah… right… whatever.” she said rudely, but we all overlooked it. “Some things just never change.” Alex sighed.
Estevan was with us as well, in his virtual-world he could keep eating and eating, and he'd never feel full unless he wanted to feel full… “It's all so wonderful…” he said, “But I still wish I could be out there with all of you.”
The King smiled at him, “Now don't you worry son.” He said comfortingly, “We'll find a way to get you out of there. I already have the project underway of making you your very own body… it'll take time, but it should work.”
That really touched Estevan sweetly.
Sabrina and I even introduced Estevan two his two little nieces, Erica and Misty. “Hey… they're smiling at me.”
Everyone shared a soft happy laugh.
As the festivities carried on, all the parents extended their pride towards their daughters, and once again apologized for all the trouble they had caused. Of course, being an understanding person I forgave them all with and open-heart, and the hand of friendship.
“I used to think this card game was filth and trash, but not anymore.” said Corey.
Greg agreed, “I'd love to learn how to play this game.” he said. Carmen and Stella wanted to learn too, and so did Gabi, at least she wanted to learn how to play properly. “Great… We can all teach you.” I said.
Stanley however was still just a little off easy. “Meh… I guess it's okay.” he said with a bored look on his face. “Dad…!” Clover said, “Don't tell me you're still being lame.”
“And after everything we've been though too…” added Sam.
Stanley admitted that perhaps the card-game wasn't all that awful and lower-classed like he used to believe, but still… “You just still can't accept it that if it wasn't for this dumb game, none of this would've happened in the first place.”
All of us, even the King were starting to feel insulted. “Now dear…” Stella said, “I don't think we should go back there again.”
“Why not… you know I'm right.” replied Stanley, “I am happy for the girls, but I still wish they had considered some other type of career than all this spying, and dueling stuff.”
Finally once again, he had taken it too far, and I lost my patients. “I'm sorry everyone…” I said calmly. “It looks as though tonight's festivities will have a bad spoil to it.”
But everyone, even Stella herself agreed that Stanley was way too gruff. I saved his life with the girls help, and this was the thanks he gave us? “It's all right… Mykan, I understand.” Stella said, and everyone else, even Sabrina nodded their heads in agreement.
“Again.. I'm sorry everyone, but I just can't sit here and listen to this any longer.” Then I stood up, looked Stanley dead in the eyes and let him have it. “Stanley… you're nothing but a stupid bragging phony! If I were king I'd have clapped you in irons and gone ahead with the charges of insult, disruption of private activity, and cowering in the face of the enemy.”
Stanley shot straight up, “Now listen here, Mykan!”
“No, you listen to me, Stanley!” I snapped, “I'm fed up to the teeth with the sound of your voice… and I figure I speak for every one of us here!”
“I'm not going to stay here and take this! I'm leaving!” Stanley huffed.
“Well that suits me just swell, I'll show you to the airstrip!” I replied.
“Don't bother… Good night!”
As Stanley got up and began to stomping towards the airstrip, King Monroe decided to have just little fun. So using his Millennium-Eye… just as I did… he raised Stanley up the air and tossed him over into one of our swimming-pools.
This time, everybody laughed at him... even Stella, “I guess he had it coming to him.” she giggled.
“Heh, heh… looks like I still got that shot.” the king said, but all Stanley could do was just float there in the water, and angry blow bubbles along the surface.
It wasn't too long before summer was up, and time for term to start at duel academy. Lost of new students had come from all over. New Slifer-Reds too who were eager to learn all about the dueling world..
There were even some Ra-Yellows, and new Obelisk-Blues. This was going to be a fantastic year. The girls were even handling their new jobs with greatness.
Sam… was our teacher on the history of duel-monster. It was her job to teach the students on origins of cards, and ancient Egypt, just like I did.
Alex was our teacher on cards. The different types, attributes, strategies that could be used with them. That was a class people just loved to take.
Clover was out teacher on rules of the game, and the history of the rules. She would go around the class explaining the assignments, and… even sometimes, she would see a hot student on campus, either younger or older than she was, and as she went on with her lectures she would sneak them notes saying…
Do you like me…?
A: Yes
B: No
C: Maybe
“Any questions…” she would then say and then snap a wink at her crush.
Estevan had also become one of our staff-members. With his virtual-world, he became a teacher for senior students and his lessons would only come to those who were ready for it.
His lessons included bravery, and trusting in your indicts. The students would enter the Virtual-world and try to brave the dangers with all they had learned.
Sabrina was our school doctor, and she still gave the students and teacher check-ups and exams whenever it was time, and she was also there in case of emergency.
As for me… I still taught my classes, and was even head of arranging submission duels for grades, and I still stuck to my old ways. Only letting people with true hearts and belief in the heart of the cards pass… while all bullies and snobs got the boot.
Mandy however was still getting used to the place, and she wasn't at all comfy wearing a RED jacket. “I am far more qualified to wear better than this… it doesn't even match my outfit.”
Still… we all were having our best of times, and I could honestly say. “You know… I can't think of a better ending.”
Author's notes:
SPECIAL THANK TO:Gameboygeek for allowing me to make a self-inserted fictional character of him for the support of this fic “Couldn't have been done without you”
Well dueling-fans… we've come to the end of another great season of “DUELING DRAMA MUCH”
I hope you had a great time, I sure did… and I hope to see you again next year for season 4.
The sweet fragrance that brings back memories
Many things which lay asleep in my heart begins to pour out.
(Mykan and friends stand on the cliff tops at sunset)
Back when we used to chase a soccer ball together
Please don't look at me with those eyes anymore.
(The girls teaching their classes)
The office I had my third year got me accustomed to loneliness.
In turn I lost something important
(Mykan and Sabrina look after their babies, under Estevan's watchful eye)
Back when we used to talk about anything
Questions about love that made us feel awkward
(Mandy's actually studying)
Now I can be straight forward about
Even though one day seems to long
(The spies go on their WOOHP missions)
One day passes by so quickly
When one year passes by so quickly
(Everyone's having a picnic in the Virtual-world)
We must plan to live this one life well
(The island fades out over the ocean.)