Totally Spies Fan Fiction ❯ Yugioh: Dueling Drama Much Final Season ❯ Mykan, Gone! ( Chapter 2 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Classes were running smoothly as always. Sam and I seemed to have the most success in keeping our students in focus. With the Millennium-Necklace I could tell if people had been slacking off, breaking rules, or even preparing to do something inappropriate.
Sam couldn't do all that, but she didn't have too. If you so much as muttered during one of her lectures on the history of Ancient Egypt. “MANDY…!” she snapped. “Is there a problem?”
Mandy, who was still taking courses to try and beef up her skills, would quiver in her Slifer-Red jacket. “N-N-No… everything's cool, Professor…”
Professor indeed. It really pained her that all three of her former rivals were now her teachers, which meant THEY made the rules; Still, after years of getting her butt handed to her in duels against them, and me, she knew it best to behave.
“If only I could get my hands on the new cards.” she thought quietly, but remembering that it didn't serve her any good the last time, and she would defiantly get caught and expelled this time, she wasn't going to go for it.
Alex had a few problems with some students who took advantage of her young age, and she go her share of spitballs and paper-planes, but in the end, you mess with her and you got one heck of a clean up job… LITERALLY. “You can repay me by mopping this entire class room from top to bottom! Any deviation, and I'll triple the detention.”
Clover, however, her pretty-girl acts was what kept her class at its higher marks. Some of the students, taken by her charm, would work harder just to impress her. Others, however, nervous, and somewhat disgusted that the teacher crushed on them would rather run off and do their homework than get stuck in detention with her.
Sabrina's brother, Estevan, though he was only in a virtual-computer, he still taught classes, and he too had his ways to keeping attention focused. He could lock the doors, or shock you in your seat, as well as prevent you from pulling his plug.
But, classes were fine… nonetheless.
After a good days work, and the sun went down, and of course we all got through our test-grading and other paperwork. It was nice chill and settle in for a good-nights rest.
The girls were already in their beach-house, Alex was even sucking her thumb, holding Ollie close to her, and muttered, “Detention. You've got detention.”
Sabrina and I were putting our daughters to bed. Eric had her own bed now, and Misty still slept in a crib. Misty had already fallen asleep, and Sabrina and I were just tucking Erica in. “Come on, sweet-pea.” I cooed at my sleepy daughter, “Into bed now.”
Erica yawned and tried to keep her eyes open, “But, I no sleepy.”
“Yes you are…” Sabrina said. Erica wanted to protest, but she went out like a light. Sabrina and I smiled, and then we left the children's room and made it to our own Master-Bedroom.
Estevan was there on screen waiting for us. “Are you still awake…?” Sabrina asked. Her brother smiled through the screen. “I'm still virtual. I don't need sleep like you do, anyways, I'm too busy and excited to sleep.”
“What are you working on?” I asked.
Estevan explained that for weeks he had been studying the history of the dark past of duel-monsters, and was on the verge of how all the shadows and darkness we faced were born. “If I'm right, I may just find a way for us to get rid of all the evil from the game for good, and we'd never have to worry about anything extreme ever again.”
Sabrina sighed softly. How she so desperately longed to have normality again. I held my wife close to me and I felt the same way she did. Still, The evil spirit of the Millennium Eye was gone, Marik and Ishizu were no longer evil, Estevan was one of us now, and Yubel had been destroyed. What else could possibly be out there? That was what we all wondered.
If we only knew…!
A while later, Estevan was turned off so Sabrina and I could sleep, and all was quiet on the island, even when that dark boat pulled onto shore. Those dark men and women, along with their leader crossed onto the land, away from where the guards were watching.
“All right… stay close.” The leader said as he and his minions proceeded further. They were seen by a guard at once, but before he could blow his whistle, the boss-man put his hands together. A golden flash of light flared, and POOF, the Guard was gone.
“There goes another wandered soul into the Shadow Realm.” the man sniggered, “No one can stand up to the Supreme King.” That's when a golden scale, with the millennium symbol on it, appeared on his chest. “The Millennium Scale can see all.”
As the King and his court continued forth to the castle, they knocked out more guards, sent them to the shadows, and subsequently triggered silent alarms that they did not see. This woke up Me and the girls, and the King himself.
“Estevan…” the King said quietly, “What's goin' on, Son?”
“Father… sensors indicate there's intruders approaching the castle.”
The rest of us gazed at the monitors and saw it was true. Many stranger people were already entering the castle after making more of the guards disappear. Clover was disgusted by the way they were dressed, “Talk about a major fashion malfunction.” She grunted.
Sam gazed at the item around his neck, “Look! That's a--”
“A Millennium Item. The last one too.” Alex cut in.
Sabrina couldn't believe her eyes, “But then… who is that person?” she wondered. That's what we all wanted to know. Estevan zoomed in close, and gasped! “No… i-i-it can't be!” he groaned.
“What… what is it?” I asked. I didn't recognize that character with Millennium Scale at all, and for that matter, no one did. One thing we did notice was his face strongly resembled mine, and I felt something very strange about that guy, as if I had known him from some time ago.
“Come on!” Sam finally snapped, “We've gotta' stop these guys.”
Realizing she was right, we all got our clothes on and dashed down the halls.
The Supreme King, and his court had already made it halfway through the castle, when suddenly, the Millennium Scale began to glow as it began to sense danger. “What's this…?” he peeped softly, thinking that nobody had heard him, but then…
All the court gasped and groaned in confusion as they were all suddenly surrounded in glowing force fields preventing them from moving. The King tried to dispel the barrier, but, “That won't work.” I called at him,
“Huh…?” The King looked forward and could see both me, and King Monroe using our items to project the barrier, and everybody knew that one Millennium Item had no chance against two at once. “Touché…!” The King sneered.
“Who are you?” snapped Sam, “And what do you want here?”
“And where did you get those groddy clothes?” Clover said with a gross smug.
“Silence!” sneered one of them women, “How dare you insult the Supreme King and his court.”
Alex blinked, “Well what do ya know, we're entertaining royalty.” she mocked.
“I don't care if it's king of a whole planet.” Snapped King Monroe, “What in the plantation are y'all doin' in my home? And what do you want from me?”
The Supreme King sniggered wickedly, and the girls felt chills run down their spines “I don't like the sound of his laugh.” cried Clover, and the Supreme King simply said, “I have come to collect my son.” And he stared directly at Me!
Everyone's eyes looked like they were going to bulge out of their heads, and I just stood there feeling really strange. “I'm… your… son?” I asked slowly. Still feeling strange, my grip on the force-field began to weaken a little, and this was what gave the Supreme King the exact edge he needed to spring The Millennium scale on me. “Huh…?!” I groaned, and I began to feel myself slipping away. “A-A-A-A-AAAHHH---!” and I was gone in a flash leaving the Millennium Necklace behind on the floor.
“Mykan!” cried Sabrina.
The Supreme King and his court were now free from the power of both items, but they vanished as well, and were gone and the King mocked them all, “Bye-Bye peasants! Hu, hu, ah, ah, ah, ah!
Then they all were gone, leaving the others all feeling shocked, and upset, but not as upset as Sabrina. She got down to her knees and picked up the Millennium Necklace I had dropped. “Mykan…!” she pepped tearfully “Mykan!” she broke down and began sobbing into her hands.