Totally Spies Fan Fiction ❯ Yugioh: Dueling Drama Much Final Season ❯ A whole new world ( Chapter 4 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Ancient Egypt, 3000 BC
The team appeared on a cliff top which overlooked the new world before them. “Wow!” Sam exclaimed, “Would you look at that?”
A whole desert world around them, villages with houses made of stone. Off in the distant lands were pyramids, temples, and fortresses. There were people riding horses, and camels, and dressed just like the team. “What happened to our clothes?” Alex snapped.
Instead of their normal outfits, they were all wearing white robes, skirts, and sandals. Mandy was outraged, “Eww… get this grody stuff off of me!” she whined. “Smart move Mandy…” Clover mocked her. “Take off those clothes, and let everyone see you're naked body.”
Mandy's eyes bulged, realizing Clover was right, that she had no other clothes to wear. “Ah, that's it, I am calling my mother!” that's what she wanted to do, but her cell-phone was gone, and even she did have it, “Mandy, it's 3000 BC.” The King Reminded her, “The nearest outlet story for you is five-thousand years away. So make do with what you have and quit whining!”
Mandy would make any promises, but she agreed to try. Right now the team had to figure out where to start looking for me. Sabrina wasn't able to use the Millennium Necklace to find me because this was now the present, not the past. The King couldn't use the Millennium-Eye either. Pretty much all the items had not power to find me.
The spies had no gadgets or anyway to contact WOOHP either. So they would have to find me the old fashioned way, Look! “Maybe someone in the village will know where he is?” Sabrina figured.
They were about to start off down below, when suddenly the villagers down below began to run in panic, and screaming. “Whoa… what's got them riled up?” Alex wondered.
“Uh… my guess is… THAT!” cried Clover. She motioned over at the far side of the village were lost of strangers, dressed in black and on horseback, were storming into town just looking to cause trouble.
Their leader was all dressed in armor, much like the Supreme King, but was also wearing a cloth over his face. “Surrender, peasants!” he thundered loudly, and at once his followers began to lay waste; tipping over stands, stealing goods from poor people, and even whip lashing some, even little kids. “Out of my way, Brat!” one of the soldiers thundered as he raised his whip to lash the young boy again, but before he could bring it down…
“YAH…!” Clover came out from nowhere and kicked the man off his high horse. “WHA… ARGH!” he hit the ground hard. Then Sam and Alex began to attack the other invaders too. So did Sabrina, her judo classes in the morning really came in handy.
The King, though he was old, still had the Millennium-Eye to protect himself, and Mandy was well who was too much of a girly-girl to fight. “No way am I throwing a punch! It'll mess up my manicure!”
Eventually all the invaders crowded towards the girls while the King kept Mandy safe. “How dare you defy the servants of the Supreme-King!” snarled the leader, “You will suffer dearly for this treachery!”
“Bring it on.” snarled Sam. “We can take you and your robed friends.”
The leader then reached into his garments, and pulled out what appeared to be really old cards. “Come forth, DARK MAGICIAN!” and to everyone's horror the duel monster had appeared. “Uh… this can't be good.” cried Alex. Things got even as the leader's men began to summon monsters along side the Magician. Now the team was completely outnumbered, as well as, supposedly, overpowered.
“Anyone got any ideas!” Clover whimpered.
The leader snickered, and then ordered the army of monsters to attack. The one thing the team remember was that in this time, the monsters were REAL, which meant they would really be able to hurt them if they got hit, unless of course--
The monsters unleashed their furry, and the team was unable to evade, but they had no need. For when the dust had settled. “What's this…?” growled the leader. Not one of the girls nor the King had even a scratch. “It's the Millennium Items.” said Sam, “They really are protecting us.”
Even Mandy was starting to find at least some point of courage now, “Well… who wants a piece of me now?” she smirked cockily. Then, while waving her arms, one of her cards fell out from her deck and glowed mysteriously and then appeared. “My Blue Eyes!” cried Mandy.
The Dragon roared fiercely and attacked all the monsters, destroying them easily. This gave the others the idea how things worked with the cards, but they didn't get a chance to try for the men had already began to retreat, “We'll be back, strangers!” the leader shouted. “The Supreme King will hear of this!”
Once the invaders were gone the villagers all came out from the homes, and hiding places, surrounded the team and began to cheer for joy. Believing they had been saved by a miracle, the son of the village leader approached the team. He was a rather slick looking guy, much like Clover's boyfriend Blaine.
The spies, even Mandy had hearts swarming round their faces. “Whoa…! Major hottie alert.” cried Clover. Sam and Alex were speechless, and Mandy tried to woo the guy first. “So… hi.” she flirted. “The name's Mandy, but you can call me Baby.”
The young-man felt confused but he bowed in greeting to the team, “I am called Hajji, son of the village elder. On behalf of us all, we thank you for saving us from the minions of the Supreme King. ”
The team all bowed in thankful manners, but suddenly the joy was disrupted when a mother came out of her fall house with her little son clutched in her arms. He had been hurt badly and was no longer breathing. “I fear he may die.” she sobbed.
This was Sabrina's moment. “Give him to me…” she said, “I can help.”
The child was laid down on a blanket on the sand, and Sabrina felt his pulse, it was very weak. Then she began the CPR. The mother felt Sabrina was trying to cast a spell on her son, but Sam held her back. “Give her time… she know's what she's doing.”
As Sabrina compressed the boy's chest, she motioned everyone, “Get back! He needs more air.”
Her Father motioned everyone to get back, and Sabrina kept on going, and going, until the boy began to cough and wheeze, but he was going to be okay. “You… you have saved me.” the boy cried weakly.
Sabrina smiled at the boy and let the mother tend to her son. The mother was more than grateful to Sabrina now, but not as the grateful as the village and Hajji, they all got down on heir knees and bowed as if they were addressing gods.
“Well… this is a start.” Alex joked.