Totally Spies Fan Fiction ❯ Yugioh: Dueling Drama Much Final Season ❯ Clover Vs Thief: Part Two ( Chapter 7 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Both Clover and The Thief were starting to look a little tired. It was natural because their life-points were more than half gone, which meant their energies were getting a little low. “Gee…! How's Clover gonna get her way out of this?” Alex wondered. “All her monsters grow weak the minute they get played while his monsters just get stronger.”
Sam, however, was more on the line of thinking why The Thief was still mocking girls. “There's something about the way he's dueling that's just peculiar.” the thought to herself.
The Thief was indeed still mocking Clover over and over about how she put herself into such a fix. “The way I've stolen your monster from you, and the way I've backed you into a helpless corner. Why not make it easier on yourself and admit defeat to the men?”
Clover clenched her fists furiously. “I don't know about you, but where I come from, women are, like, men's equal.”
The Thief and his men laughed hysterically. “What a ridiculous arrangement. Are they stronger than men? Do they fight wars?” The Thief simply wasn't interested in anymore details, “Shall we continue…?”
“Fine by me!”
SCORE:(Thief: 3700 VS Clover: 3900)
Clover: “Here goes…!”
Clover's thoughts:“It's my Red Spy girl. If only I could play this I could easily wipe the floor with this guy. But I need to sacrifice two monsters to play her, and I haven't got any right now.”
Clover: “All right… Now I play POT OF GREED, so I can draw two more cards.”
(Draws 2)
“SWEET! Time to turn things around again. I activate O-OVERSOUL! It lets me revive One Normal Elemental hero from my graveyard right to the field, and I know just the one I want too. ELEMENTAL HERO NEOS!”
(Atk: 2500)
Thief: “What? How did that card end up in your grave-dimension. Ah, unless--”
Clover: “Bingo, I got rid of it using my Graceful Charity.”
Thief: “Hmm! No matter… your monster may be strong, but unless you've forgotten about my Burden of the Mighty spell, its attack force is weakened by the number of stars your monster possesses.”
(Atk: 2500) Becomes (Atk: 1800)
Clover: “Ha! What… ever…! I'm still not done yet. I have a Spell of my own to play, a Field-Spell I like to call… NEO SPACE!”
The entire duel area began to transform like magic. The Thief and his men were very surprised. “Ahh-hh… What… what is this magic you are up to?”
Clover sniggered a bit, “Welcome to Neo-Space, a field of super energy that can boost Neos' attack by 500. Bet you didn't count on that.”
(Atk: 1800) Becomes (Atk: 2300)
“Go, Neos! Attack his Amazoness Paladin.”
(Atk: 2300) VS (Atk: 2200)
SCORE:(Thief: 3700 VS Clover: 3800)
The Thief braced himself as his Paladin shattered into the darkness. The score was now just about even, but it was still far from over, and now it was the Thief's turn again. He drew his next card. “So you managed to overpower me this time. I must admit I am impressed, but I am far from amused.”
Theif: “I still have other methods to gain my strength back, and I shall start by turning my Command Knight into defense.”
(Def: 1900)
“Now I shall summon forth a new monster to further defend me. Finally I shall hide this face-down, just to keep you guessing. That concludes my move.”
Clover was starting to feel she had the upper edge. She drew her card and was almost ready to declare another attack but then she figured, “What if he's just setting me up for a trap?
She knew that Command Knight still couldn't be attacked, but the hidden cards worried her. She couldn't be sure if Neos could beat it, or if it would cause her more trouble. She decided to play it best and keep it steady until she could summon her Red Spy girl. It was her best and only option.
“I'll throw down a face-down, and call it quits.”
(Def: 2000)
Since Clayman wasn't in attack-mode, Burden of the Mighty wasn't able to weak it down, so at least Clover was protecting herself. All she had to do was make it to her next turn.
Unfortunately, she was about to have her plan torn to pieces. “Very well… I shall take my move now.” said The Thief as he drew his card. “Ahh… excellent. Just what I needed to take you down.”
Clover's neck stiffened.
Thief: “Now, my dear… Observe my hidden creature is, HARPIE LADY!”
(Def: 1400)
Clover: “What? A Harpie…?”
Thief: “Correct! You really should have struck me down when you had the chance, but instead, once again, you have proven yourself to be as gullible as all women are.”
Clover: “But wait… you mean your hidden card is.”
The Thief smiled smugly, and reveals that it wasn't a trap but rather, “A magic-spell, ELEGANT EGOTIST!”
Mandy, gritted her teeth, not actually believing she was actually worried for Clover, but she knew this was bad. “That card lets him summon forth another monster right off the bat.” she said.
Sam and Alex watched as The Theif summoned a second Harpie to the field. His plan was now ready for sheer action. “Watch carefully now, my dear, for you are about to observe my mightiest beast!”
Clover gulped hard. “Now observe…” replied The Thief, “I shall offer my two lady-friends so I can bring forth my perfect weapon. I call forth a creature known as… SIMORGH, BIRD OF ANCESTRY!”
(Atk: 2900)
The giant bird cawed so fiercely that the very skies thundered with lightning. So fierce that many people in their house quivered in fear, so did Sabrina. Hajji, who knew she was with child, urged her not to get so excited. “You must be easy for the little one.”
Sabrina nodded, and lay back down. Her father comforted her, but he really hoped the girls were okay.
Actually, Clover wasn't okay, because as the monster had settled in on her opponent's side of the field, both her Neo-Space, and face down were gone, vanished just like that. “Hey! What happened to my cards?”
The Thief explained that he had offered two Wind monsters to summon his bird, “This returned two things on your field back into your hand. Now you have nothing that can protect your Neos against my assault My dear.”
He was right. Clover had no monsters or cards left to play to defend herself, and Neos just got weakened again.
(Atk: 2300) Becomes (Atk: 1800)
The Thief changed the Command Knight to attack-mode, and then ordered his bird to annihilate Neos…
(Atk: 2900) VS (Atk: 1800)
SCORE:(Thief: 3700 VS Clover: 2700)
“And now your Knight shall strike you once again!”
(Atk: 1600)
Clover shivered in fear. “This better not mess up my hair!” she cried. “OOF…!” she got punched hard, and fell off her feet.
SCORE:(Thief: 3700 VS Clover: 1100)
“CLOVER…!” Sam and Alex cried out. Her life-points were almost at zero now, and she was really looking in bad shape.
“Ha, ah, ah, ah…! Too bad, my dear.” Chuckled The Thief, “It looks as though I was correct-- Men really are the ones who rule over women any day.”
Clover felt really sore as she struggled to her feet. Then suddenly she screamed, “EEE…! I said don't mess up my hair!” she whined.
The Thief's eyes nearly bulged from his head, “What…? How is it you still wish to continue? You should be begging for my mercy.”
Clover never backed down from anyone, especially if that person just messed up her hair! “You are so gonna get it!” she growled fiercely. Unfortunately it was still the Thief's turn. “And I'm afraid I have another magic-spell to cast. THE RING OF MAGNETISM!”
Clover smacked her head, “Oh, no! Not that!”
The Thief equipped the spell to the Command Knight. Of course it lowered its attack and defense by 500…
(Atk: 1600/ Def: 1900) Becomes(Atk: 1100/ Def: 1400)
…but now all Clover's monsters could only attack the Command Knight. “But wait…” cried Alex. “The Command Knight can't be attacked at all. Not while there's other monsters beside it.”
Sam was nervously twiddling her fingers. That thief had Clover set up perfectly. “She can hardly summon any monsters… and even if she does, her monsters grow weak, and she can't attack either way.”
Mandy's was actually gnawing on her nails for the first time in years. Then she gasped, “Oh, no!” she cried. Sam and Alec thought Mandy was actually so worried about Clover, “No… I bit my perfect Manicure off balance.”
“MANDY!” they both snapped at her.
Clover was actually sweating, but it was probably from the desert heat. Regardless, “Come on deck… I need a winner here. Don't let me down.” she thought hard to herself. She shut her eyes tightly and drew her card.
She peeked at it…
Clover: “Okay, pal! I'm playing the spell CUP OF ACES!”
Thief: “What's this…? What is the meaning of this spell.”
Clover: “Simple, really…”
A coin appeared in front of Clover and she grabbed it. Alex and Mandy never saw that card before, but Sam had. “Sammy… what's that card do?” Alex asked.
Sam explained that the Cup of Aces let Clover toss a coin and call it. “If it lands heads then Clover gets to draw 2 cards. If it's tails, then he draws two cards.”
Mandy thought that was typical of Clover, depending on luck instead of skill, “As usual.” Sam and Alex took notice of her.
Clover tossed her coin, “Okay… here goes. Come on, heads!”
She caught the coin, slapped it on her hand, and gazed at it carefully-- It was heads! Which meant Clover could draw two more cards. As she gazed down at one of them, “Hey, this is one of those new cards that we made in the future.” she thought. She thought good and hard and remembered how the new Tuner and Synchro cards worked. “Not bad… it might just work, but first I have to get rid of his monsters.”
“What in the world are you waiting for?” yelled the Thief, “I demand you stand up and fight!”
Clover grinned wickedly, “You shouldn't have said that.” she mocked, “Now it's time for me to teach you a lesson of never to harsh on girls again.”
The Thief and his men felt confused. How would Clover be able to pull this one off.
“Just watch…” Clover said cheekily.
Clover: “I activate the spell, MOSNTER REINCARNATION! It lets me ditch one card in my hand to the graveyard and get back one monster. So I'll discard this one, and get back my Avian.”
Thief: “You waste my time to bring back a useless beast such as that? You make me laugh.”
Clover: “But wait… I'm not done yet. Now I activate MONSTER REBORN! I'll use it to get back the monster I just discarded… RED SPY-GIRL!” (Mykan Card only)
(Atk: 2300)Becomes (Atk: 1600)
The Thief was most surprised that Clover had summoned a monster that looked exactly like her, as well as dressed pretty funny. “It makes no difference to me. Your monster has been weakened by my Burden of the Mighty.”
Clover was well aware of this, but she still wasn't through yet. “Go ahead, girlfriend… show him what a girl can really do, and destroy his monsters!”
SCORE:(Thief: 3700 VS Clover: 550)
“What…?!” cried the Thief. “You can do no such thing. The Command Knight… the… the ring…!”
Clover wasn't actually attacking the monsters, it was her Spy-Girl's special ability; When Clover paid half her life-points, Red Spy-Girl destroyed all the monsters on her opponents field. Thus, The Thief's monsters were both destroyed leaving him wide open.
“No…! This can't be happening!” he growled.
Sam and Alex cheered for joy. “Your bad! Real bad!” Alex chanted over and over.
Suddenly, Sam remembered, “Wait! When Clover uses that effect, she can't attack with her Spy-girl this turn.”
Clover overheard that, and assured Sam that she still wasn't through yet. “What… there is more?” asked the Thief.
Clover nodded, “Way more than you bargained for.” She hissed cheekily.
Clover: “Now I summon forth a monster called BOOST WARRIOR!”
(Atk: 300) Becomes (Atk: 200)
Thief: “What's this-- Never before have I seen such a creature.”
Clover: “Hmm, mm… The future says `Hi'”
Clover explained that she was a duelist who loved the art of fusion, and now she was going to try and completely new one, but it required that she had one Tuner monster, and a monster whose stars, plus the Tuner's stars, would equal to the stars of the monster she was planning to summon.
“Now watch… as I tune Boost Warrior to my Red Spy-Girl.”
The ground began to quake and thunder struck. Then in a bright flash of light Clover's newest monster appeared. “Ladies and Gentlemen… presenting, the one… the only… COLOSSAL FIGHTER!”
(Atk: 2800)
The Thief was both impressed, and amused. Still, he was not worried because although this new monster looked powerful, it still lost 800 points from Burden of the Mighty.
(Atk: 2000)
However, his attack points suddenly went back up again!
(Atk: 3000)
“What…?! How did your monster suddenly grow Stronger?” The thief wanted to know. Clover explained that her Colossal fighter had a very special ability which granted him and extra 100 attack points for every Warrior monster in either players grave yard. “And in case I'm off, there's ten warriors. Seven in mine, and three in yours. Which grants him an extra 1000 points.”
She ordered the attack. and the Thief got his hard.
SCORE:(Thief: 700 VS Clover: 550)
And when his turn began, there was nothing he had that he could do next. “This cannot be!”
Clover attacked him again, and the duel was over.
FINAL SCORE:(Thief: 0000 VS Clover: 550)
“That's game!”
“NO…!” The Thief continued to cry as his body flashed brightly and then shattered into the darkness, much to everyone horror. “Uh… someone mind telling me what the heck happened?” cried Mandy.
Then suddenly everyone remembered, this was ancient Egypt. If you lost a duel here, you'd go straight to the Shadow Realm. So that was one thing they could be assured of. In this time… it was the ultimate Shadow-Games.
Still, at least Clover won.
The other two Thieves had rushed out of the village and ran out into the desert where they met up with the Supreme King's right hand man. “I see… your ring leader lost.” He hissed. “It matters not. The Supreme King and I always get what we want. Win… or lose… Hmm, mm, mm.”