Totally Spies Fan Fiction ❯ Yugioh: Dueling Drama Much Final Season ❯ Off into the sunset ( Chapter 8 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Clover was resting in Hajji's place. Though she had won her duel, she was still pretty weak from her ordeal and it would take time for her strength to recover. At least now she and the others knew that any duels they faced, the loser would be sent to the Shadow Realm.
“I'm just glad I showed that freak who's the best.” Clover gloated. While it was true, it wasn't nice of the Thief and his men to mock women, Sam wasn't so sure if it was any reason to gloat. “Sure he was mocked girls, but… he was dueling with a lot of female creatures.”
Alex realized that too, “And Clover… you were dueling with plenty of guys.” She pointed out. This could only mean that guys and girls were all equal when it came to dueling.
Still, what amazed Clover the most was she was able to win without making a single summoning, except for her Synchro summon. “These monsters really kick some awesome butt.” she said. “Maybe they'll come in more handy than we realize.”
The spies hoped so, if they ever wanted to try and save me, wherever I was.
Hajji was grateful that the girls helped save the village again. He kept gazing out the window at the setting sun, and felt a slight chill. “Are you okay, Hajji?” asked Sabrina.
Hajji turned to face her and said, “I was gazing at the setting sun, for it is truly a magnificent wonder to behold.” He explained that for his people, the sunset used to be glorious and magical, “And now, all it ever brings us is great fear and concern.”
“Why's that…?” asked King Monroe.
Hajji hung his head low a little, not saying anything. He explained that since the Supreme King took control, his forces continued to attack their villages, even late at night when all many people wished to do was sleep and go about their own lives. “Now, whenever we see the sunset, we fear if it is the last one we shall ever see. Will we ever wake up to a new day?”
The others could understand how he felt, what with all the evil villains they faced before, and all the close calls they ever had. Now, it was happening all over again, and they knew the Shadow Realm was the consequences.
“Okay, I am officially starting to like this place less, and less.” moaned Mandy. Alex gave the others permission to slap her for what she was about to say but, “Ya, know… for once I actually agree with Mandy. I mean… what kind of land is this? Fear, and slave-drives?”
Sam was more than convinced that Supreme King had to be overthrown. “We've been through tough ordeals before. We always make it out.” she said.
Hajji admired their bravery, but he still had his doubts. “Many have attempted to face the Supreme-King, but so far… all have failed to make good on their word. We cannot even locate the Pharaoh's son… let alone stand up to the Supreme King and his forces.”
Everyone turned to face him, “What was that…?” asked the King. “The Pharaoh's son?”
Hajji apologized for keep it from them, but in actuality, the former Pharaoh of their lands did indeed have a son. “Ooh… I can only imagine what he's like.” Clover said in a goofy daze. As usual she pictured a tall, and rather dashing young man… but her thoughts were dashed when Hajji explained that the son was merely an infant.
Hajji explained that after The Pharaoh was stripped of his power, and the Supreme King took over, the Son of the Pharaoh and his wife was lost among the chaos of the war, and vanished without a trace. “The boy is not dead, but we have been unable to locate him. Thus, Pharaoh became partially saddened at the loss of his son and it slowed him down.”
The others felt just terrible, and wondered if they could do anything about that, but… the odds of finding a little baby out there in all that expanse of empty desert. Who were they kidding?
Alex couldn't help but shed a tear. “A poor little baby out there alone, and unprotected? It's like a really bad horror movie come to life.”
Hajji didn't understand what Alex meant by “Horror movie?” but still, he doubted there was anything could have been done. “It only gives us more reason to stop the Supreme-King.” he stated. “Are you certain you still wish to do this? Anyone who dares to even have the thought of taking on such a task was liable to be sentenced to death.”
The spies weren't backing down. Clover was already feeling much better. “Just make sure you don't get sunburned.” Mandy teased. Then suddenly she noticed everyone staring at her. “What…?”
Nobody said a thing, but rather gave her THE LOOK. “Oh, no… wait a minute! I know what your thinking, and you are so out of your mind if think I'm going out there.”
Before Mandy knew it, she was already on a horse and ready to leave with the spies. Sabrina wanted to go too, but both her father, and Hajji, not to mention the spies, they al wished she stay behind, and took care of herself and the baby. “Besides… it wouldn't be smart to leave the village unprotected.” said Sam.
“Yes, but…” Sabrina tried to protest, but her father placed his fingers to her lips. “That's enough honey. You go get some rest, if Mykan's out there, the girls will find him.”
“If he hasn't already fried to death.” Mandy joked, but that wasn't funny at all. In fact, Sabrina ran back into the house sobbing out of worry. The King stamped his foot angrily, and grunted at Mandy. “What…?!” Mandy asked. Nobody said a thing to her. It was time to pull out anyway. The supplies Hajji had given them would last for a few days and nights, but they would have to watch out, for the Supreme King's men would be everywhere.
“Good luck my friends, but be cautious. The Supreme King will know you are on your way.”
The girls promised not to let anything happen. “That King's as good as mints-meat.” Clover said. “Let's go girls… YE-HAA!” The spies took off on their horses, and Mandy went off too, the wrong way. “Hey! What are you doing?” she growled at her horse, “Go the other way.”
It took a bit, but finally Mandy was out of the village. “HEY! WAIT UP!” she called out to the others. Hajji kept his eyes on the four riders until they were out of sight. The fate of everyone lives rested with them.
Elsewhere there was more going on as slaves were driven hard to do work on the dark side of the desert. At least it was slightly cooler there, what with the sun not able to break through, but their drills, labors, and cruel punishment with hardly any breaks or food and water.
The Supreme King was enjoying watching this. “Mmm… it amuses me how they try and resist.” he said to himself. He loved it seeing his men whip any slaves not doing their work, and hearing those anguishing screams!
The only mercy he ever showed was for the women. Rather than just have them lifting and pulling huge blocks, and things like that, they were put to work preparing the King's oversized, and highly unfair meals, baths, doing his laundry… the list just went on, but there was no limit to how cruel he was.
Suddenly, The Millennium-Scale began to go crazy; tipping back and forth which meant danger. The King's eyes narrowed, and then he realized that his commander was standing behind him. “Father…” he hissed, “It is those strangers… I have received word they are on their way to challenge you.”
The King's scowl slowly curled into an evil grin. “Hmm, mm, mm…! Things have been rather dry lately. I could do with a challenge.” he sniggered. “You know what to do with them…?”
The Commander bowed, “They will never reach these grounds.” He promised and then dashed off. The King didn't care if the Commander succeeded or not. “In the end, no one can stand up to the shadows and I…”
“Nobody! Hmm, mm, ah, ah, ah!”