Totally Spies Fan Fiction ❯ Yugioh: Dueling Drama Much Final Season ❯ Alex and the Graveyard: Part Two ( Chapter 16 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

The Shadowy skies thundered, yet, Sam, Clover and Mandy were sleeping like babies. Mandy was even sucking her thumb while dreaming about candy, and cute boys. Neither one of them noticed that Alex was in the greatest of danger in any duel she hade ever faced before.
On the other end of the graveyard, away from the campsite, the duel was still going on, and Alex was still in big trouble. “You may as well concede to defeat, my dear.” hissed The Grave-Keeper. “You have no way past my monsters, and no way to overcome their powers.”
Alex's fear soon faded into anger. “In your dreams!” she snarled. “I'm not giving up! I was taught never to give up by someone I know, and I can feel his words push me forward. I'm gonna keep fighting until one of us is destroyed!”
Alex stood her ground, much to The Grave-Keeper's amusement. “You are wasting your time, but if you insist on being foolish… you may proceed.”
SCORE: (Grave-Keeper: 3900/ Alex: 1850)
Alex gazed down at the two cards she was holding, and drew another. “Okay, let's see…” she thought, “I guess the best thing I can do right now is get rid of that Dragon of his, so he won't be able to get rid of my monsters, but it's going to require some luck.”
Alex: “All right. First I'm playing POT OF GREED! So I can draw two cards.”
“Uh…? Hey…! Not bad. PERFECT EVEN!”
Alex: “You know how the old saying goes, if you can't beat'em, join'em, and so… I summon COPY-CAT!”
(Atk: 0)
Grave-Keeper: “What is this? You expect me to be frightened of a monster with no attack-force? You insult me.”
Alex: “Oh, trust me, you're gonna feel scared. Go, Copy-Cat! Destroy his Dark-End Dragon!”
Grave-Keeper: “Do not waste your time.”
The Grave-Keeper suddenly ate his words when Alex's monster collided into his Dragon and actually destroyed it! “What?!” he snarled, “This… this cannot be possible. A trick, surely a trick.”
SCORE: (Grave-Keeper: 3500/ Alex: 1850)
Alex shook her head and explained about Copy-Cat's ability; “I can choose one monster you got out, like your dragon, and make Copy-Cat take on the original attack and defense points as its own.”
The Grave-Keeper was still confused. His dragon only had 2100 attack-points. “Which means if your monster took on its attack-force, they both should have been destroyed.”
Alex rolled her eyes, “Someone's not paying attention. I said ORIGINAL attack-points. Meaning the way your monster started out, before you decreased him.”
“Ah!” gasped The Grave-Keeper. That mean that Copy-Cat had all 2600 of his Dragon's original points, which meant Alex destroyed it perfectly.
(Atk: 2600) VS (Atk: 2100)
Alex then placed one card face-down, and ended her turn, but now her opponent didn't have it so well. Copy-Cat got to keep it's attack-power, and neither of his remaining monsters were strong enough to take It on. He drew his next card.
“I shall call forth a monster to hide for me, and I shall change all my other Gravekeeper's to defend me as well.”
Gravekeeper's Assailant: (Def: 2000)
Gravekeeper's Spear Soldier: (Def: 1500)
Now it was Alex's turn again, she drew her card, and she playfully couldn't decide which of the Gravekeeper's to strike down first. “Oh, wait, why bother decide when I can destroy them both.” She said cheekily. “I summon, GEARIED THE IRON KNIGHT!”
(Atk: 1800)
Then Alex sent both her monsters to destroy the face-up Gravekeepers, laving her opponent with only one monster. “Ah, yeah… now we're comin' back.” Alex gloated. “What's the matter? Scared that I'm beating you…?”
The Grave-Keeper simply scowled at her, but then his lips curled into an evil grin, and he snickered as he took his next card. “You realize you are speaking to a Grave-Keeper. I do not fear easily. I CAUSE fear.”
Alex blinked a couple of times, and felt confused.
Grave-Keeper: “Allow me to reveal to you my monster, GRAVEKEEPER'S GUARD!”
(Atk: 1000)
Alex: “This can't be good…”
Grave-Keeper: “Correct. It is not. Now that my guard has been revealed he shall send your Iron knight back to you hand.”
Alex: “Yeah? Well just because you got rid of my knight doesn't mean much else. That monster of yours is too wimpy to attack my Copy-Cat.”
Grave-Keeper: “Ah, but you underestimate my strategy, my dear. My Guard still has but another role to play. Observe, as I send him to his death so I may call forth the King of all Gravekeepers!”
The Shadow storms began to swarm wildly as the Earth trembled, and The Grave-Keeper called for his monster. “What is that?” Alex practically shouted.
“Behold, my greatest Gravekeeper! GRAVEKEEPER'S VISIONARY!”
(Atk: 2000) Becomes (Atk: (Atk: 3700)
Alex almost felt like falling off her feet and backing away. “How did it get so strong?” she demanded to know. Her opponent pointed out that Necrovally was still in play, “And my Visionary's attack-force increases by 200 for every Gravekeeper sent to their death.”
Alex counted it up, and her opponent had six Gravekeepers in the graveyard, which gave the visionary and extra 1200 points. Alex's Copy-Cat didn't have a chance. “Go Visionary! Destroy her Copy-Cat!”
(Atk: 3700) VS (Def: 2600)
SCORE: (Grave-Keeper: 3500/ Alex: 950)
Alex was starting to feel woozy. Her life points very, very low, and now she was facing an even deadlier monster than any of them she had faced yet. The Grave-Keeper then ended his turn… but Alex had to do something and fast-- otherwise, she get sent straight to the Shadow-Realm… for a somewhat third time.
She promised that she would never go back there. Not ever! “If I do, I'll have let Mykan down, and I won't be able to help find him.” She thought deeply. “Come on, Deck… help me out!”
She drew her next card. “Hmm…?” She gazed at what she was holding and remembered the card she put face-down. Then she chuckled sinisterly, “Ah, man… I just got this really interesting idea!” she hissed. “Okay pal… you want trouble, you got it. I activate this continuous-spell, BURNING LAND!”
The Grave-Keeper couldn't understand this-- until the entire field began to quiver and shake madly and flare up. “What has happened to the Necrovally?”
Alex sniggered an explained that as long as her spell remained in play, no field-spells were allowed to be played, or they'd be destroyed instantly. “That means no more Necrovally, and your Gravekeeper loses power.”
(Atk: 3700) Becomes: (Atk: 3200)
As much as The Grave-Keeper wanted to mock Alex it being no difference, Alex wasn't finished yet. “If I were you I'd keep my eyes shut, because now I summon my RED EYES BLACK CHICK!”
The Grave-Keeper couldn't help but laugh. “A chicken? You called forth a chicken?” he chuckled. “Please, feel free to surrender yourself to the graveyard, but you cannot expect me to feel intimidated by a chicken!”
Alex just sniffed, and she scoffed, “This chicken's gonna help me kick your can, all right. All I have to do is send it to the graveyard, and now I can summon forth my all time favorite monster of all or any!”
The Grave-Keeper suddenly sweat-dropped, and was sort of anxious to see Alex's new monster. So she send her Chick to the graveyard and summoned her all time favorite, “RED EYES BLACK DRAGON!”
(Atk: 2400)
Alex leapt for joy, “All right, Red Eyes.” she called to her dragon. “All right… let's kick some serious butt!”
Alex: “Hope you're ready, cuz I'm gonna activate my face down card, KUNAI WITH CHAIN!Now I can turn your oversized Gravekeeper into defense-mode.”
(Atk: 1800)
Grave-Keeper: “What? This will never work!”
Alex: “Oh yes it will. Your monster's attack may be off the charts, but its defense is nothing compared my Red Eyes. Attack!”
(Atk: 2400) VS (Def: 1800)
Grave-Keeper: “Fool! I meant you really cannot do that, and I will show you!”
(Atk fails)
Alex: “What…! No way! My attack didn't work?”
Grave-Keeper: “Heh-Heh-Heh! No it did not. You see… my Gravekeeper's visionary also has another special power. I am only but required to throw away one Gravekeeper that I hold, and spare him from death.”
This was bad for Alex really bad. Her attack was not only negated, but since another Gravekeeper was sent to the graveyard, it mean that the Visionary was now stronger than before.
(Atk: 3400)
“I'll place one card face down, and end my turn.” Alex said sadly. This was really hard for her. She wanted her Red eyes to really finish her opponent off, and so far it looked as though she let it down, but that was the least of her troubles.
It was her opponents turn, even though the Burning Land card weakened her opponent's life points by 500, it meant that she would suffer too when her next turn began. She had to stay on guard.
SCORE: (Grave-Keeper: 3000/ Alex: 950)
Her opponent drew his card. “Excellent! This will help me win this duel in a perfect flash.” He gloated. “It has been fun dueling you, my dear, but now I'm afraid that it all ends here.”
Alex gritted her teeth nervously. “Now I activate this spell… PREMATURE BURIAL!By Weakening my life force by 800, I am able to revive one of my creatures.”
SCORE: (Grave-Keeper: 2200/ Alex: 950)
(Atk: 1400)
Alex was pretty sure that was the Gravekeeper he had sent to the graveyard last turn, because she never attacked it herself. But why her opponent would summon THAT she didn't know… “Unless!”
The Grave-Keeper nodded. “This Gravekeeper has a very special power. One that lets me send another grave keeper on my field to its death… so my Visionary shall be-gone, and your life force goes down by 700.”
Alex felt as if a bolt of lightning had struck her from above, and she fell off her feet.
SCORE: (Grave-Keeper:2200/ Alex: 250)
“That… so… wasn't good!” she groaned wearily. She got back to her feet a swaying a little. “I gotta… hang… in there!” she cried as she began to reach out ready to activate her face-down card.
Her opponent didn't notice this, and just carried on with what was supposed to be his victory. “You are finished my dear. For now I call forth a GRAVEKEEPER'S VASSAL!”
(Atk: 700)
“Now I banish it to death, and you with it! FAREWELL!”
Alex's eyes were twitching madly, and then suddenly she leapt up high and ROARED like her Red Eyes. Now she looked stronger than ever. “What has happened?” snarled The Grave-Keeper, “You should have taken the damage and lost!”
Alex caught her breath and explained that she did lose the 700 points, “But right before that, I activated my trap… AEGIS OF GAIA! It increased my Life-points by 3000 right before I took the damage.”
(Before) SCORE: (Grave-Keeper: 2200/ Alex: 3250)
(After) SCORE: (Grave-Keeper: 2200/ Alex: 2550)
Alex felt she was safe, until the angry Grave-Keeper revealed that he wasn't as simple either. “Now I shall cast the magic of DOUBLE SUMMON!
Alex huffed, for this meant he was able to normal summon another monster during this turn. And would you believe, his last card was another “GRAVEKEEPER'S VISONARY!” which he sacrificed his Cannonholder to summon.
Now he had more Gravekeepers in the deck than ever; NINE to be precise! Which gave his new monster 1800 additional attack points.
(Atk: 2000) Becomes (Atk: 3800)
(Atk: 3800) VS (Atk: 2400)
“NO!” Alex screamed. It pained her that her Red Eyes, her most beloved card had gone down, but it also pained her to lose more life-points. “AAA-AAH…!”
SCORE: (Grave-Keeper: 2200/ Alex: 1150)
Alex just lay there, she wasn't too exhausted to finish but, she was really frightened. Her Red Eyes was gone, all she had in her hand was Gearfried, no other cards that could help her. Not to mention if her Gaia card got destroyed, she'd lose 3000 points and be out.
“This can't be happening to me.” she whimpered softly, “I've faced anything so powerful before. It makes me hate graveyards even more.” She struggled to get up and then noticed her hand was gripping the Millennium Puzzle. Just one look at that item, and she could hear my voice telling her not to give up.
Alex realized she still couldn't give up yet. She slowly got up to her feet, and placed all her faith on one final draw. She still had to take 500 points of damage from her Burning Land spell though…
SCORE: (Grave-Keeper: 2200/ Alex: 650)
Ever so slowly she took her card, peeked her eyes open. “Ah…!” Her eyes gleamed with excitement, “This might just work.”
Alex: “All right, you-- I'm activate ROLE OF FATE!”(Anime Card only)
(Dice block roll)
Grave-Keeper: “What sort of magic is this?”
Alex: “Oh, it's big one. See, I get to draw cards to the same amount that dice block rolls, and then I have to send the same amount of cards to the graveyard.”
(Stops on 2)
“But I think I'm gonna get just what I need.”
(Draws 2, and sends 2away)
“Ah, yeah! I'm good.”
“I think I'll start off by summoning this bad boy! DEBRIS DRAGON!”
(Atk: 1000)
Grave-Keeper: “I see… you also possess a tuner monster, but I sincerely doubt you will be able to win using a monster that is so weak, and you haven't a thing to tune it with.”
Alex: “Boy, someone sure doesn't get the point. By summoning this guy, I activated his special-ability, now I get to summon one monster with 500 attack-points or less from my graveyard, and choose my SWORDSMAN OF LANDSTAR!”
(Atk: 500)
Grave-Keeper: “Ah!”
Alex: “Good thing I sent some cards to the graveyard after all, eh. Now I'll tune both my monsters together, and summon forth a monster that's gonna clean your clocks. I Synchro summon… BLACK ROSE DRAGON!”
(Atk: 2400)
Grave-Keeper: “Ahh…! It cannot be-- A Black Rose?!”
Alex: “That's right, Pal. No one gets away with hurting me or my Red Eyes! And he's going to see to that! But before that I still have one last card to play. A little something called BLOCK ATTACK! Now I can turn that oversized Gravekeeper of yours into defense-mode.”
(Def: 1800)
The Grave-Keeper couldn't understand it. “Fool! Even in defensive mode you will not affect my life force at all.” her snarled at her. Alex didn't respond back, and just stood there with her lips curled into a big sneer and her eyes narrowed.
That's when her opponent's monster began to change back into Attack-Mode all on it's own, and its points had dropped all the way down to zero. “WHAT HAS HAPPENED?!” he cried. “My monster's power is all gone!”
Alex point out that it was her Dragon's special ability. All she had to do was remove from play one plant monster from the graveyard, and her Dragon could turn one defense monster into attack-position and reduce its power to zero, and it was fortunate enough hat she discarded a plant monster during her Roll of Fate.
“Thanks Nettles. I owe you for this.” she said softly. “Red Eyes…!” she then said with pride and anger. “…THIS IS FOR YOU!”
“NO---!” cried The Grave-Keeper.
(Atk: 2400) VS (Atk: 0)
A huge explosion erupted as the attack hit.
FINAL SCORE: (Grave-Keeper: “0000”/ Alex: 650)
“THIS CAN'T BE HAPPENING!” The Grave-Keeper shouted as his body vanished into the shadows, “I AM THE GRAVE-KEEPER! THIS IS MY DOMAIN------!!!”
She did it!
Alex won! She couldn't help but fall down and break out laughing hysterically. Maybe she could learn not to be so scared of graveyards. That's what she thought, until she nearly flipped out by some leftover bones.
Typical Alex. Some things just never would change with her.