Totally Spies Fan Fiction ❯ Yugioh: Dueling Drama Much Final Season ❯ Sworn and Sworns: Part 2 ( Chapter 22 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

The King was in real trouble now. Without his Toon World card, a large sum of his deck was now rendered useless, but still, he wasn't going to let that discourage him. He still had more life points, and plenty of other ways to get his game back up.
“You have beaten out my Toons, “He snarled at Master Thief, “But you'll have to do better than that to out best me.”
Master Thief admired his confidence, but, “Flattery shall not prevail for you.” He mocked. “Just finish your move.”
So the duel continued.
SCORE: (Monroe: 3600 VS Master Thief: 2100)
Monroe: “I have other monsters besides my Toon's you know, and I'll show you by playing this baby, KREBONS!”
(Atk: 1200)
“That ends my turn.”
Master Thief: “What sort of monster is that? It is of nothing that I have ever seen before.”
The King explained that Kerbons was a new type of monster; Psychic. It was inspired to him by his Millennium Eye, and these new types of monsters had strange new powers that really would come in handy for the King.
“Well, I'm waiting.”
“Very well…!” snapped Master Thief, as he drew his card
Master Thief: “Firstly, I shall reveal my hidden monster, MAGICICAN OF FAITH!”
(Def: 400)
“Her power allows me to retrieve a magic spell from the dead, and I believe I shall select the one I had recently parted with. MONSTER REBORN, and I shall use it to revive my fallen Celestia, Lightsworn Angel.”
(Atk: 2300)
“Now my Angel, Attack Krebons!”
The two monsters dished it out, but strangely, Krebons wasn't destroyed. “What?! How did this happen?”
The King grinned cheekily, “I told you, these Psychics have super powerful abilities.” He explained. Then he said all he had to do was pay 800 life points, and Krebons could escape any attack unharmed.
SCORE: (Monroe: 2800 VS Master Thief: 2100)
“A desperate move…” sneered Master Thief. “Very well then, I shall hide one card face down, and end my turn.”
The King drew his next card…
Monroe: “Ahh! My next card is the spell, POT OF AVARICE!Since I have more than five monsters in my graveyard, I can place five of them back into my draw sack, shuffle up, and then draw two cards.”
(Draws 2)
“Hmm… not bad!” The King gloated, “Now I think I'll summon this… ARMORED AXON KICKER!”
(Atk: 2200)
Master Thief assumed The King had just broken the rules. “You can't call forth a monster with six stars that simply.” He growled, but The King explained that it was part Axon's effect. Since he controlled another Psychic monster, he could summon Axon without tributing. “And that's only the beginning, now I'll place this card face down, and end my turn.”
Master Thief could only assume that The King was only trying to psyche him out so he'd fall into a trap. “I draw…!” he declared. “Excellent. I now I cast the magic of SOLAR RECHARGE!It permits me to discard one Lightsworn monster to its doom, and in exchange I may draw two new cards, then send two more to their doom as well.”
The King couldn't help but notice how light and thin Master Thief's draw-sack seemed to be getting. If this kept up he'd win the duel by deck-out! Still, he wasn't counting on that, he had a much better strategy in mind.
“Now I shall hide this face-down, and end my turn.” replied Master Thief, “If you believe I am to fall into your trap, you are sorely mistaken!”
He gazed slightly down at one of his face down cards and though sinisterly, “If that fool attempts to activate a trap at any time… my Royal Decree shall stop him. For once it is unleashed, no traps may be triggered.
The King however simply smiled, “He played just as I wanted him too.” he thought cheekily as he drew his next card.
Monroe:“I think it's about time I paid you back for what you did to my Toon monsters!”
Master Thief:“Avenge your Toons? Impossible! For Thanks to The Cursed Seal I infected upon you, your Toon monsters will never set foot on this field again.”
Monroe: “Well, yes, that may be so, but I have a whole new plan that's gonna blow you up like a hand grenade in a barrel of oatmeal. So… I play this… TOON ALIGATOR!
(Atk: 800)
Master-Thief: “So… you have merely summoned a monster that it nether a Toon, not contains any special powers. I really fail to see the real threat.”
Monroe: “Oh, but you will soon enough, because I'm tuning him to Krebons, combining their stars to make six! Now I can Synchro Summon another creature you've never seen before… FLAMVELLURUQUIZAS!”
(Atk: 2100)
Master Thief: “Ah…? What sort of monster is this?!”
Monroe: “You're about to find out, but first I'll place one card face down. Now I'll have my Flamvell attack your Magician of Faith! GO!”
(Atk: 2100) VS (Def: 400)
“Oh, and I should mention, when my monster attacks a another monster in defense mode, the difference is dealt to you as damage.”
Master Thief: “What?! No!”
SCORE: (Monroe: 2800 VS Master Thief: 400)
Monroe: “And I'm not finished… Go Armored Axon, and destroyed his Lightsworn Angel!”
Master Thief: “What! You can't be serious! Your monster is weaker than my own.”
Monroe: “Oh, really…?”
(Atk: 2600) VS (Atk: 2300)
SCORE: (Monroe: 2800 VS Master Thief: 100)
Master Thief was outraged, as well as confused. “But how did your monster suddenly grow so strong? I don't understand.”
The King didn't have to explain, because Master Thief could see that he had played an Equip spell, INVIGORATION!He used it to give Axon an extra 400 attack points, making him stronger than Celestia.
Then suddenly the King's life points went down too…
SCORE: (Monroe: 1650 VS Master Thief: 100)
When asked why, The King explained that it was part of Axon's effect. When it destroyed monster in battle, The King would take damage equal to half that destroyed monster's attack power, but then he'd get to special summon one monster with attack equal to or lower than the damage he took. “You're just lucky I don't have anything that can do that right now, so go ahead an make your move. I promise it's going to be your last!”
Master Thief would put up with this no longer. He was going to end this duel right here and now, and when he drew his card he laughed the loudest and most evilest he had all duel long. “These cards… these three final cards will finally put an end to you, and your delirious hopes of defeating me!”
The King raised an eyebrow, and suddenly his eyes widened when Master thief activate his face down card SNATCH STEAL!“A magic that lets me steal one of your monsters and control it, and I believe I shall choose your Flamvell!”
“No! Not Flamevell!” cried The King…
Master Thief:“Yes, and I assure you, you have seen the last of it because I intend to send it to the doom. HAH! And now… prepare to feel the wrath of my mightiest creature! I call forth, GRAGONITH, LIGHTSWORN DRAGON!”
(Atk: 2000)
Monroe: “Huh? What are you playing at! That monster's attack is even lower than what you just sacrificed. Ah! Unless…?”
Master Thief: “Yes… it is true. My monster has a very powerful very devastating ability. His attack force shall be increased by 300 for each and every different Lightsworn that rests in their graves.”
Monore: “What?! EVERY… ONE?! But You've been discarding cards all match long.”
Master Thief: “Correct! And as it appears, there are but thirteen different Lightsworns resting in their graves.”
Monroe: “Awe…!”
(Atk: 2000) Becomes (Atk: 5900)
Master Thief: (Nods) “And if you believe that your other monster will save you, I shall cast one last magical spell. ETERNAL REST!Now I can destroy all creatures that are equipped with magic!”
Monroe's thoughts: “No! He's destroyed my last monster, and that Dragon is completely unstoppable. I guess It's all over, I have no other choice!
Master Thief: “Your time is up! Now you shall know the true meaning of power, and your Millennium Item is as good as mine! LIGHTSWORN DRAGON… ATTACK! DESTROY MY OPPONENT, AND SEND HIM TO THE SHADOWS!
(Atk: 5900)
Master Thief: “What?! You mean that hidden card was not a trap?”
Monroe: “That's right! And now that you've attacked my life points directly. We're both out of here, because now we both take damage equal to half your monsters' attack power!”
Master Thief: “WHAT…?! NO!”
SCORE: (Monroe: “0000” VS Master Thief: “0000)
The Shadows began to go wild, as both Monroe, and Master Thief's bodies began to vanish. “No… This can't be happening!” shouted Master Thief. The King knew he wouldn't be able to help Sabrina now, but at least he would be with her inspirit to guide her, and he had finally gotten his revenge, “AND I LOVE IT----!”
Then, they both were gone!
The two guides couldn't believe their eyes, though they were both grateful that Master Thief was no longer a threat, they couldn't help but bewail the loss of their friend.
And back at the camp, Sabrina felt a sickening chill course through her body. “No… it can't be!” she cried. She didn't want to believe it, but something deep down was telling her she had just lost someone.