Totally Spies Fan Fiction ❯ Yugioh: Dueling Drama Much Final Season ❯ When all becomes Clear ( Chapter 26 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Akhenaten and I raced to The Supreme King's camp as fast as the horses could carry us. With all my might I would save my wife, my father-in-law, and all the other souls that awful man made me hurt while under his control.
Akhenaten still, however, couldn't understand why I seemed so familiar to him, but now was not the time to think of that. He had a few words to say to The Supreme King too. “Beware…!” he thought to himself, “Nothing will stop me from rescuing my dear Shepsit, and overthrowing you from what you took from me!”
We arrived at the camp to find it all in a mess. Almost all the slaves were missing, and only a few guards were left standing with all the other lying dead or unconscious. Those who were left standing did not dare to attack me, thinking that I was still under The King's control, and that I had both the Millennium Eye and Necklace. I was too strong to challenge.
Along the way to the main fortress, Akhenaten and I heard the sound of a girl yelling for help. “That voice…” I peeped. “I'd recognize it anywhere.” We both followed the sound of the voice to a small pile of rubble. We tossed aside all the rocks and wooden planks. “Mandy!” I cried.
“Ah? Mykan…?” Mandy grunted. “Well it's about time. You sure took your sweet pace.”
Akhenaten thought that was very rude of her to save that to her rescuers, but I assured Akhenaten that Mandy was naturally rude and snobby, and to excuse her. “Where are the others?” I asked.
Mandy looked ashamed and horrified for the first time, obviously something really bad had happened, and since she wouldn't tell me what it was I used The Necklace to gaze into the recent past, and what I saw horrified me to near death!
Clover, Sam, and Alex challenged the Supreme King to a three on one duel, and they… LOST! This could only mean that they were sent to the… Shadow Realm! Just like everyone else. “Girls…!” I peeped very softly. “It can't be…”
The Spies found themselves walking in a dreadful frightening place, one that Alex remembered all too well. “Aw, man…!” she cried. “Not this horrible place again!”
Clover, and Sam already concluded that they were in the Shadow Realm. This really freaked them both out, for they had only seen it several times during Shadow Games, but they had never before actually BEEN to the Shadow Realm before, not like Alex had. “Lucky me…” Alex groaned sarcastically. “The experienced explorer.”
The girls saw no choice but to wander around together, rather just sit in the same spot. Maybe they could find a way out…? Though that was most unlikely.
I clenched my fists very tightly. Saddened and angered at all that had happened. Most of which happened because of me, even though it wasn't my fault and wasn't in control, I still blamed myself.
Then, things got way worse. We all heard the sound of footsteps and chains coming towards us. We all gazed forth and saw HIM! The Supreme King. “I see you've broken free from my mind control.” he hissed. “Such a shame. You were such a good son to me.”
My eyes narrowed fiercely. “So, you're Supreme King?”
“Yes!” The King growled, “And I trust you remember my slave?” The darkness lifted and we all could see who was in the chains. “Shepsit!” cried Akhenaten. The girl looked up, she looked pretty weak from all the lashings she suffered. “Ak…Akhenaten…!” she cried. “It is you!”
The King let her out of the chains allowing Shepsit to rush into her husband's arms. It didn't matter him. “I had waited for this for many Millennia.” He hissed. “Finally, the entire royal family will fall before me all at once.”
Mandy blinked once, “Royal family…?” she asked. “These three nobodies?”
“You've lived for many Millennia?” I added. “How's that possible?”
The Supreme King owed us a big explanation. The first and foremost was why he created The Shadow Realm. Not only did that realm grant him mighty evil powers throughout the ages, but it also granted him a slight bit of immortality.
Every soul that was ever sent to the Shadow Realm allowed him to preserve his youth and strength. “You've been living for five-thousand years feeding on other people's souls?” snapped Akhenaten.
The King nodded. “As for the case of you three, it was simple.”
The Supreme King once fell in love with Shepsit, but she preferred Akhenaten over him anytime. The King wouldn't stand for this and vowed vengeance against both her, and her husband, THE PHARAOH!
“Pharaoh…?” I asked. “Wait a minute…” I gazed at Akhenaten, “You mean you're the…?”
It was true, Akhenaten was once the brave and powerful Pharaoh who once saved Ancient Egypt from the wrath of the Shadow Games and stopped the Supreme King, and now it was clear for him to see as well. “You… you really are my son!”
Shepsit felt a tear coming to her eye, “My boy… you really are alive!” she cried.
I couldn't speak, or hardly even breathe. Neither could Mandy, yet she spoke for me. “He's… your son?”
The Supreme King answered that for us all. I was indeed born in ancient Egypt. The Pharaoh and his wife were my real Mother and Father. The reason I didn't remember any of this was simple…
During the first ages of the Shadow Wars I was lost among the chaos and destruction. I was just a tiny baby at the time. In a freak mishap, I was captured by the shadows, and frozen for five-thousand years. I had reawakened in the future, and was adopted by Duel academy's top student and his wife, but neither of us had any knowledge of my past or where I had come from.
This was… this was just… beyond words for me. All my life I wondered who I was, and where I came from. This was just… incredible. I was the son of the ancient Pharaoh. “But wait…!” I said. “Why did you brainwash me and claim to be my father?” I asked.
The King simply said it was where I belonged. “You would've been my son had Shepsit chosen me. I simply took what was rightfully mine.”
My parents and I felt our anger spiking. “You… you are not human!” Akhenaten grumbled.
“Monster! Demon!” added Shepsit.
I clenched my fists with so much anger, you'd think my fingers would go right through my hand. The one good thing about this though, was since The Supreme King was really five-thousand years old, I didn't have to go easy on him. Destroying him would destroy the Shadow Realm forever, but NOT alter the past which would change the future.
“Supreme King! I challenge you!” I said fiercely.
The King laughed maliciously, “I was hoping you would.” he said. “Since you are no longer in my control, you are no longer any use to me!” He was planning to finish me off and then everyone else so not only would he be rid of us all for good, but he would be in possession of all seven Millennium Items.
Already he had four. His own Millennium Scale, and along with the Rod, Puzzle, and Ring that he won from The Spies. “Therefore, I shall challenge both you, and the girl!”
Mandy raised an eyebrow, “Wait a minute! Me duel along side with him? Get real. I'm not that desperate.”
Of course Mandy would never want to tag-duel along with me, and even though I myself was not too keen with the idea I tried to tell her, “Mandy, we have no choice. We need all the Millennium Items to get home, and we can't get them unless we duel together.”
Mandy was as stubborn as ever. “Forget it! I don't need to duel along side you now or ever for anything.”
“GRR! You'll just have to trust me this time, Mandy!”
“SILENCE!” The King roared. “I have challenged you both to a duel, and therefore it shall be!” With the sound of his shouting, the three of us were surrounded by a glowing light, and then… we were gone!
“Maykn…!” cried Akhenaten.
“Oh no! No! Not again?” cried Shepsit. “He has taken our son. What can we do?”
The only thing they could do was pray that I would be alright.
The Supreme King had taken both Mandy and me into the Shadowy-Skies where were not to be disturbed, and. “This duel promises to be quite an all out brawl.” he sniggered.
Mandy knew she was stuck now, “You just keep out of my way!” she snarled at me. It was in vain that I could try and persuade her to listen to me. I had a sneaky feeling that if we didn't work together as a team, we wouldn't stand a chance-- especially as since this was a two on one duel, The King would get to start with 8000 life points while Mandy and I began with 4000 each, and neither of us were permitted to use our Millennium items, or reveal our strategies to one another.
“Break these rules, and you will be cast into the Shadow's instantly!” he growled. “Now, let us begin.”
“Whatever!” Mandy shouted. “I've had just about all I can take from you weirdoes.”
This was it. The ultimate shadow game was now beginning. DUEL!!”