Totally Spies Fan Fiction ❯ Yugioh: Dueling Drama Much Final Season ❯ Ultimate Shadow game: Part One ( Chapter 27 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

SCORE:(King: 8000 VS Mykan: 4000, and Mandy: 4000)
The rules were set, and so were the turn orders. First, I would move. Then Mandy would move. The Supreme King would then move, and then back to me. The ultimate shadow game was on!
“Well, go on…” The King hissed, “Give me your best shot. I can't tell you both how eagerly I have awaited this moment.”
Mandy and I sneered at him, and then we began.
Mykan: “All right, Supreme King! My first move, I summon BETA, THE MAGNET WARRIOR!”
(Atk: 1700)
“Now I'll place one card face down, and end my turn.”
Mandy: “That's it! Pah! Please, for a guy who beat me so many times I expected better. Stand back and let me show you how a real duelist works. I place two cards face down, and I summon VORSERAIDER!”
(Atk: 1900)
“That's all…!”
Mandy was still acting all snobby and selfish. Determined to win the duel on her own, and every time I tried to talk to her she brushed me off completely. “Save it, Mykan. I can do this without you!”
King: “Make way for the King. Since the two of you control monsters, and I have none I may instantly call forth LEVEL WARRIOR!
(Atk: 300)
Mandy: “What? That's the best you can do, give me a break! It's hardly even got any attack points.”
King: “Laugh if you will, but I am far from through. For I also call forth this creature, BEAST OF THE PHARAOH!”
(Atk: 400)
Mykan's thoughts: “He's played another weak monster. What's he planning?”
“Now then…” said the King, “I shall also cast the magic of LIGHTWAVE TUNING!This permits me to treat a monster I posses with 4 stars as a type you call… Tuner.”
Mandy snuffed, “As if! You haven't got any level 4 monsters out.” Of course, Mandy had never seen The Level Warrior before, and I told her that because it was special summoned while we had monsters and the King didn't, which MADE IT into a level 4, thanks to it's ability.
Even though that was useful to know, Mandy still kept barking at me. “I didn't recall asking YOU!”
The King was enjoying this a lot. See the both of us fighting like this would make it all the more easy for him to crush us. For now, however, “I shall now tune my beasts together, and call forth a beast to bring me further glory, as well as defend me! The all-powerful, ANCIENT FAIRY DRAGON!”
(Def: 3000)
Mandy and I gazed in awe. The duel just started and he already had a monster with 3000 defense-points protecting him, and that wasn't all. “Because I had used my Beast of the Pharaoh to summon it, I can call forth a Zombie creature from the dead, even itself.”
(Def: 600)
Finally the King placed one card face down and ended his turn. Now it was time for the real fun to start. Now that each player already went once, the attacks could start flying, and it was my move.
As I drew my next card, I had to think very carefully. The King was wielding a very powerful Synchro monster. If Mandy and I weren't careful, we would wind up in big trouble. I had an idea that would probably work, but for now I had to play safe.
Mykan: “I'll pass. I won't do anything this turn.”
Mandy: “Hah! Pathetic! Watch how a real duelist does it right.”
“Now, Vorse Raider, Attack his Beast of the Pharaoh!”
(Atk: 1900) VS (Def: 600)
“See! I don't need any teammate to help me. I end my turn.”
Mandy's thoughts: “And on my next turn I'll wipe out he dragon too. Without your help Mykan.”
King: “Very well… if you choose to do so.”
King's thoughts: “Yet no matter how you two get along, nothing will stop me from destroying you both, and ruling eternity forever.”
King: “First, I cast the magic of, POT OF GREED, so I may draw twice more…”
“I call forth a creature known as…JUNK SYNCHRON!”
(Atk: 1300)
“Now, thanks to the power of my Fairy Dragon, I may instantly call forth a creature with four stars or less, so come forth, PALE BEAST!”
(Atk: 1500)
“Now observe as I tune them together, to call forth an even grater creature! ZEMAN THE APE KING!”
(Atk: 2500)
Mandy and I could barely believe this. Now The King had two Synchro monsters in play, but he wasn't permitted to attack at least since he used his Ancient Fairy Dragon's summoning ability, but still… even though Mandy and I weren't really seeing eye-to-eye, we both knew he was up to something big and it wouldn't be long before we saw it.
For now , The King played his last card face down. “Come at me… if you dare. Heh, heh, heh…!”
Now it was my move... I drew my card…
Mykan: “Now… I'll sacrifice My Magnet Warrior…!”
King: “HALT…!”
Mykan and Mandy: “Huh…?”
King: “You have fallen victim to my trap… MASK OF RESTRICT!”
Mandy and I were in trouble now. That continuous trap made it so that neither player was allowed to sacrifice any monsters on the field AT ALL! That meant we wouldn't be able to sacrifice our monsters to summon stronger ones, nor activate any special abilities either.
“Nice going, Mykan!” Mandy snarled at me. She acted like this was all my fault, but it really wasn't. The Supreme King played this perfectly, he summoned two strong monsters and waited to spring the mask on us. Mandy and I needed a whole new strategy now.
“Mandy, you have to listen to me!” I snapped.
Mandy rolled her eyes, “Not again?” she muttered.
I continued to try and explain to her that we had to try and act more like a team. “Can't you see that we're both in this together? Unless we help each other out we're both going to pay the price, and we'll never get home.”
Mandy still didn't care, “It's your fault this whole thing happened in the first place.” She rudely said, “I never should've came here in the first place! I'm SICK of being here with these loser Egyptians, and the groody clothes. You can do whatever it is you want, but I'm fighting alone! GOT IT!”
Mandy was really starting to make me angry. Never before had know her to be so incredibly stubborn, self-centered. “Mandy! Will you just listen to me!”
“Shut up!” Mandy snapped. “I'm taking my turn now!” and she drew her card…
Mandy's Thoughts: “Thanks to that Mask of Restrict I cant sacrifice any monsters. No matter. I still know what I can do.”
Mandy: “You may think your monsters are unbeatable, but I'm going to prove you wrong, and I'll prove it with my trap! RING OF DESTRUCTION!”
King: “Ah!”
Mandy: “This trap will let me destroy one monster on the field, and then we both take damage equal to that monsters attack points, and I think I'll destroy that overgrown Gorilla of yours!”
King: “I see… and then both our life forces are weakened by 2500? Very clever.”
Mandy: “And it gets clever still… I activate my Quick-play card, RING OF DEFENSE! “Now only You'll take the damage, not me.”
King: “Impressive, My dead… but not good enough! You've fallen victim to yet another trap of mine! GUARD MINES!”
Mykan and Mandy: “What?!”
King: “This trap is sprung whenever another trap, that targets a creature and tries to destroy it. That trap fails, and your life force is weakened by 500.”
Mandy: “As if…! You forgot about my Ring of Defense. I don't take damage.”
King: “Not if I cast this quick-magic from my hand, MYSTICAL SPACE TYHPOON! Now your Ring is useless!”
Mandy: “Ah…!”
SCORE:(King: 8000 VS Mykan: 4000, and Mandy: 3500)
Mandy's entire strategy failed, and now she was down 500 points already. Still, her turn wasn't over. She switched her Vorse Raider To defense-mode…
(Def: 1200)
And She summoned another monster in defensive mode too.
“Mandy… you see what I mean?” I said to her. “If you don't stop to think, you could put us both in jeopardy.”
Mandy pretended not to here me, because she still didn't care. Now it was The King's turn, and he was ready to really deal some damage. He drew his card, and had nothing really to fear… and I knew why, having designed the Synchro cards.
“Prepare yourself, Mykan!” he said to me. “Zeman, I command you to attack his Magent warrior!”
(At: 2500) VS (Atk: 1700)
SCORE:(King: 8000 VS Mykan: 3200, and Mandy: 3500)
My Magnet warrior didn't stand a chance. I couldn't protect it at all. Zeman's special ability made it so I couldn't activate any spells or traps during the battle. Mandy was actually starting to grow nervous now, and the Supreme King wouldn't stop laughing at us. “I knew that the both of you would present no threat to me.” he sneered, “I can taste my ultimate victory already. The power is as good as mine!”
Mandy and I needed help… AND LOTS OF IT!
To Be Continued