Totally Spies Fan Fiction ❯ Yugioh: Dueling Drama Much Final Season ❯ The ultimate Shadow game: Final Part ( Chapter 30 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

SCORE: (King: 4950 VS Mykan: 1200 and Mandy: 2900)
Things weren't looking too good for me and Mandy. The King had two incredibly powerful monsters in play. While Mandy and I, our monsters didn't exactly stand too much of a chance against them. The Mask of Restrict was still in play also, which meant no tributes could be made.
The worst part was that my team spirit with Mandy was still barely working out. The more I tried to convince her, or even speak to her about working together, she brushed me off.
Still, it was my turn, but My Dark Magician wasn't strong enough to take on either of those Sphinxes, and summoning a monster in defense-mode wouldn't help me either, not even my next draw helped me out. I had no choice but to pass my turn.
Now, Mandy was up. She drew her card, and switched her Blue Eyes back into attack-mode. Even though it was strong enough to destroy one of the two Sphinxes, she did take into consideration of what she learned the last time she just charged into battle, and wondered if that facedown card was a trap…
For once, she decided to ease it off, and end her turn as well, but of course, It didn't matter whether she attacked or not, because, after the King drew his card at the start of his turn…
King: “Prepare yourselves to feel the wrath of the most devious creature I can call forth.”
Mandy: “More?! As if your two overgrown friends there weren't bad enough…?”
King: “Hmm, mm, mm-- but it will grow worse, and it all begins with this trap… TWO-PRONGED ATTACK!”
Mykan: “Ah! Not that card…!”
King: “Oh, yes! Now I shall destroy both my Sphinxes… and in exchange I shall destroy one of either of your creatures, and I know just which one to select.”
Mykan: “Oh no! My Dark Magician!”
King: “Ha, ha, ha… what a pity. You struggled immensely hard to call forth that creature as well.”
Mykan: “But wait… why would you destroy your own monsters?”
King: “How quickly we forget--I had explained I was attempting to summon forth my most… diabolical creature… such a task may only be performed when my two Sphinxes are destroyed at the same time. Now all I am required is to weaken my life-force by 500…”
SCORE: (King: 4450 VS Mykan: 1200 and Mandy: 2900)
“And now behold the creature which I have called forth…!”
The Pyramid began to glow and flash with bolts of white lightning, far brighter than anything Mandy's Blue Eyes could blast, and it suddenly appeared. The largest monster Mandy and I had ever seen, almost about the size of a small pyramid. “Behold… THEINEN THE GREAT SPHINX!”
(Atk: 3500)
Mandy couldn't believe her eyes. “That brute's got even more power than my Blue Eyes!”
The King waved his finger, “Ah-ah-ah…! Things are not always what they seem.” He warned her. His Great Sphinx had an ability so incredibly strong, it was the very reason he called it his prized creature.
“When my creature is called forth, I may weaken my life force by 500 yet again…”
SCORE: (King: 3950 VS Mykan: 1200 and Mandy: 2900)
(Atk: 3500) Becomes (Atk: 6500)
My legs was quaking very badly. “I-- its attack points… they just rose by 3000 points!” I exclaimed.
The King nodded, now Mandy and I were really in for it. That monster was powerful enough to wipe out ether one for us from this duel. “I knew I never should've come to this stupid era!” cried Mandy.
The King would then be more than happy to send her OUT of this era, because it was her Blue Eye White Dragon he would be attacking. “No! No, not me!” Mandy whined. “Get him! He doesn't even have any monsters out!”
The King made his choice! “Say farewell to your life itself!” he roared. “Great Sphinx, ATTACK…!”
(Atk: 6500) VS (Atk: 3000)
Mandy had no other choice, she had to save her Blue Eyes, so she activate, “My trap will stop it, INTERDIMENSIONAL MATTER TRANSPORTER!” Mandy Blue Eyes vanished right before the attack hit it, “Now my Blue Eyes has been safely removed for one turn, so you won't be able to strike it.” she gloated, but she had forgotten just one thing, “Uh! Wait a minute…!”
Now the attack just free to strike her directly and still wipe her out. “NO!”
“YES!!” cried the King. “HA, HA, AH, AH, AH…!!”
KAPOW!! Mandy was hit so incredibly hard, you'd never want to know what pain felt like ever again.
The Shadow Realm itself was waving and jerking about violently like someone stirring a cup of coffee, “And I feel like the sugar lump!” cried Clover. “What's going on?”
“I don't know…!” cried Sam, “But I think I'm going to be sick if I stare at this swirls anymore-- MMM…!”
Sabrina held onto her father in fear, “Daddy!” she cried. “Easy, easy honey, just close your eyes and hang on tight.” whimpered The King. Alex was scared too, but she had seen this before. “Something major is happening somewhere…” she said. “Could it be Mykan, and Mandy?”
Whatever it was, they hoped that Mandy and I were alright…
As the light from the attack ceased, and dust cleared—The Supreme King's laughter grew louder and louder. “I have done it! I have beaten one of the two!”
“I wouldn't be so sure of that.” I snapped at him. “Take a closer look, Supreme King.”
The King gazed forth, and there, in the smog, “No! I… it is not possible!”
Mandy was still in one piece, but she was just as confused as to how she wasn't finished. That's when I explained how I was the one who saved her. “By quickly discarding Kuriboh form my hand to the graveyard, I was about to reduce the damage either one of us would have taken form one of your monsters to zero!”
The King couldn't believe this, and neither could Mandy. “Mykan saved me, again. I could've lost the duel.”
I said nothing more but continued to gaze at Mandy with a very glare in my eyes. This had been what I was trying to tell her all match long. We really did need to help each other to win this duel, destroy The King, and vanquish the world of The Shadows forever!
The King, however, could not believe he had once again been outsmarted. “Your luck still holds it would seem.” He sneered, “My Great Sphinx may not be able to perform his power again, but the both of you are running low on options.”
“You CANNOT depend on your luck to hold out much longer! Especial when I do this…!”
He paid 1000 life-points…
SCORE: (King: 2950 VS Mykan: 1200 and Mandy: 2900)
And, you guessed it, he summoned another Andro Sphinx and a Sphinx Teleia.
(Atk: 3000)
(Atk: 2500)
They couldn't attack yet, but when they would, Mandy and I would very likely be finished. With three powerful Sphinxes in play, and The Mask of Restrict still blocking us, we needed to seriously get something good. This was my last chance, I drew my card…
Then I gazed at Mandy, “And please, just hear me out!” I said to her. “There is only one creature I know that can lead us to our ultimate victory, but I need your help to summon it.”
“SILENCE!” Snapped The King, “I had told you no discussing strategies! Mutter anymore words and you both will feel my wrath!”
Mandy agreed with the King, “You heard him, Mykan… so shut up already!”
I couldn't believe this, after all that happened, Mandy would still try and brush me off? That was what she wanted me to think… for at that moment she winked at me, as if she was well aware of what I was planning, and actually agreed with me.
I shot her a wink back and then proceeded with my move.
Mykan: “All right… I activate the spell, POT OF GREED! Now I am able to draw two more cards.”
Mykan's thoughts: “I really hope these are the cards that I need, or there won't be anything left I can do. Come on, Heart of the Cards… you can do this. Guide me!
Mykan: “…Ahh!”
Mandy and King: “Hmm…?”
Mykan: “Now I activate the spell, CARD EXCHANGE!”(Anime Card only)
“This card will permit me to exchange the cards in my hand with the cards of any other duelist, and I choose my partner.”
King: “Hmm! You have not much of a choice. I have no card to give, and what good can swapping hands really do for you?”
Mykan: It does quite a lot, as you will find out now. I activate the spell, MIND CONTROL!This will allow me to control any monster out on the field.”
King: “I see… pretty feisty, I must say. However, you seem to have forgotten, the monster you control will not be able to attack this turn. So even if you take one of my Sphinxes, I am afraid they shall avail you not!”
(The Sphinxes ROAR)
Mykan: “Don't be so sure. Who ever said I was after YOUR monsters?”
King: “What? You wish not to take my creatures?”
Mykan: “While it is true, you Sphinxes are very powerful, to make this strategy work I must have control of Mandy's Blue Eyes White Dragon… COME TO ME!”
(Blue Eyes shifts)
“Now that I have control of it, nothing will stop me from forming one of Mandy's greatest creatures. I activate POLYMERIZATION!Fusing together one blue eyes with two!”
King: “No! this cannot be! The Mask of Restrict is not able to block a fusion summon!”
Mykan: “Now, behold… the BLUE EYES ULTIMATE DRAGON!”
(Atk: 4500)
King: “U-u-u-u-ugh! This cannot be happening!”
Mandy: “Oh, you better believe it is. Go ahead Mykan… show him what MY Ultimate Dragon is all about.”
Mykan: “With pleasure. Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon, Now, attack his Great Sphinx! NEUTRON BLAST!”
(Atk: 4500) Vs (Atk: 3500)
King: “GYAARGH…!”
SCORE: (King: 1950 VS Mykan: 1200 and Mandy: 2900)
King: “A-Thousand curses on the both of you! I will not be defeated by two no good, lousy PEASANTS!”
Mykan: “But you already have. This is the end for you Supreme King. Your reign of terror which has existed for more than five-thousand years is now at an end.”
King: “You lie! There is nothing more you can to stop me.”
Mykan: “That's precisely the point I'm making. It is now Mandy's turn.”
Mandy: “You bet it is… and I just drew the drew card that I needed.”
“I activate Mykan's spell, BRAIN CONTROL!At a cost of 800 life point, I can retake control of My Ultimate Dragon.”
SCORE: (King: 1950 VS Mykan: 1200 and Mandy: 2100)
(Blue Eyes shifts)
“Now I'll summon forth a creature known as… THE LIGHT- HEX SEALED FUSION!”
(Atk: 1000)
King: “Oh no! Not that monster!”
Mykan: “I take you know that the creature Mandy just summoned has the ability to help us form a fusion monster of light by posing as any monster we wish.”
Mandy: “That's right… and now I'll use POLYMERIZATION!I'll treat the Light Hex as a BLACK LUSTER SOLDIER, and fuse it together with my Ultimate Dragon.”
The Shadow skies, and lighting swirls were flaring wilder than ever before. “What's happening now!” cried Sabrina.
“The Shadow Realm…” said The King, “It… it looks like it's falling apart.”
The skies were starting to clear up, and the spirits of those who were captured, including their own began to glow and soar all over the place. “Hey! Where are we going?” asked Sam.
“I don't know but I think I'm going to be sick!” whinnied Clover.
“Now behold the monster that Mandy and I have formed!” I shouted. “AAAAAAH… THE DRAGON MASTER KNIGHT!”
(Atk: 5000)
That monster...! It was so huge! So incredibly huge! Mandy and I leapt up on top of it standing proud and tall. “Face it Bucko! You've had it!” Mandy called, and she had a point.
Not one of the remaining Sphinxes could withstand an attack. The King's hand was empty, he had no other cards in play, and… he had less than 2000 life-points remaining. “No! I will not let you!” The King growled as he whipped out his Millennium Scale, and projected a powerful Barrier around me and Mandy, and our monster.
“Hey!” groaned Mandy.
“What are you doing?” I yelled, but it was obvious that The King was trying to hold us back, preventing us from launching our final blow!
Mandy and I felt our bodies starting to burn, and weigh down hard. “We've… gotta… try… harder!” groaned Mandy.
“UGH!! UHN…! It's no good, Mandy!” I cried, “He's got us trapped!”
More mocks and taunting occurred, until suddenly The Pyramid of Light gave a huge jolt causing the King to lose his balance. “What is that?!” he demanded to know, “What is happening?”
Cracks actually began to form in the walls of the pyramid itself and it suddenly SHATTERED, and with it, all the other Supreme King's monsters, and cards. The Dragon Master Knight was still standing, though…
Then we saw why… The Shadow skies had evaporated and one by one appeared many people. Egyptians, villagers, soldiers, and all of them had a very powerful, very dangerous monster by their side.
Even The Spies, Sabrina, her dad… and My mother and father.
“Stop! STOP!” groaned The Supreme King, “I cannot stand… the… light…!”
The barrier around Mandy and I had ceased, and all seven of the Millennium Items floated up into the air, and gave off a very powerful glow which held The Supreme King where he was. “Hey! No! Let go of me!”
It was quite obvious what was happening now. The Supreme King's power had finally been weakened enough for everyone to offer their support and believing to me and Mandy. Now everyone was all gathered together… with all our monsters, and it was a good thing that lost of them were Dragons because The Dragon Master Knight gained 500 extra attack for every Dragon there was… which raised it's attack to… UNTHINKIBLE HEIGHTS.
“It's time!” I said. “Time to put an end to this evil era for good!”
Everyone agreed with us… “No… you cannot do this to me!” screamed The King.
“Try and stop us!” sneered Mandy, “ATTACK… DRAGON MASTER KNIGHT!”
I jumped in, “DRAGON-SABER BLAST…!!”
Our mighty beast let out a humungous Roar, and fired away, and so did all the others monsters forming what had to be the Biggest most deadliest energy blow in all of eternity. SLAMMING right into the Supreme King… who's scream was lost among the exploding force, as his body vaporized into thin air!
The Shadow-Skies vaporized into clean fresh air, and that was it. The rest was all drowned out in cheers. The Supreme King, and The Shadow Realm, and all the evil that there ever was gone. Never to be seen, or heard from… never to darken the day again!