Totally Spies Fan Fiction ❯ Yugioh: Dueling Drama Much Final Season ❯ One thing left to do ( Chapter 32 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

The months went by quickly and summer was just around the corner. Terms would be ending soon and quite a lot had happened. Classes continued. Tests were taken, and duels were done.
The King even finally managed to build Estevan's new Android body to give him new life, and new function just like an almost complete and normal human, but he still had to remain in the computers for a while.
As for Sabrina and I, in eight months time she did it. She had the baby, and on this very bright morning we were all looking down upon the little bundle. Our little son yawned and cooed as he opened his sleepy little eyes and gazed up at everyone. “Aw, Sabrina, he's so cute.” Sam gushed as the baby gazed up at her.
Sabrina smiled, as she lay there holding the baby. “He really is.” she said softly. I couldn't stop gazing down at my little boy. Erica was really excited. “I'm a big sista…” she cooed. “You are a big sister.” Clover agreed.
King Monroe was holding little Misty who was gazing down at her new baby brother, and he smiled up at her, and she smiled back. “What did you guys name him?” asked Sam.
Sabrina and I gazed at each other, and then proclaimed at the same time. “Koga.” We named him that because it meant he was appreciated, and it also resembled how much I appreciated life as it was.
“Hey, either name, it's fine by me.” Alex said, “Can I hold him now?”
Sabrina passed her the little baby, and everyone awed in passion as Alex held Koga and gently rocked him softly.
Then, a few days later, after Sabrina had recovered, there was one final thing to do before term ended for another year. All the graduation matches had passed, and many students passed with perfect scores.
Now, before the final farewell feast, and then all the students would be on the boats and headed home. I had arranged a very special treat for all the staff, students and my family, as well as The Spies.
This was it. This was the time! Clover, Sam, and Alex, my three apprentices, who had long since the day I met them stuck by my side, we are all going to have a three-on-one duel.
It was time to prove who really was the best of the best. Me… or them?
The stadium was packed, and the crowds went wild as I myself entered the field through one end, and the girls came through from the other end. We approached the main duel stand like soldiers marching into battle.
Though the crowds were cheering and rooting for us all, deep down hey all had butterflies in their stomachs. This was going to be one duel to remember. True, we had dueled many times before in the past, but never like this… and not to mention never three against one, and for a test of such extreme values.
We didn't stop walking, or even look at each other until we reached the center of the field and wished each other the best of luck. “You girls… are awesome.” I said to them with a brave smile. “I wouldn't who I am today if it weren't for your help.”
The girls smiled back at me, and felt likewise. “You taught us everything we know Mykan.” said Sam, “And you helped us a lot too.”
Alex nodded in agreement. “We all love you like the brother we each always wanted but never had, and that makes it all worth the biggest wild in the world.”
Clover didn't know what to say. There were a million things she could have said, but finally she realized the best thing to say was. “We can wait until after the show to hug and smooch, we got a duel to play.”
The crowd seemed to agree with her, as did the rest of us. So we took our places at opposite ends of the duel field, and prepared our decks and duel disks.
Up in a perfect box-view seat, my family sat there. Baby Koga in the playpen playing with little Misty, while Erica was outside it playing pee-a-boo with them. Estevan was on his computer screen, and Sabrina felt really nervous. “Don't worry, honey, this isn't anything dangerous… it's just a friendly match.” her father said.
“I know…” Sabrina spoke softly. “I just can't believe this is happening. I'm so… nervous, yet excited.”
Estevan knew how she felt. He was going to be getting his new body in a few days and be normal again… well almost. “Trust me, sis… if we could get through all the evil we've ever faced, the this should be a snap.”
Sabrina smiled at her brother, and then gazed down when she felt Erica pulling on her grown. “Mommy… Mommy…” she cooed holding up the party-popper thing to start the match.
Sabrina knelt down, and took the popper, and pecker our daughter on her little head before proceeding to the edge of the box. She did her speech, and her announcements, wished the best luck to us all. I gazed up and my wife and smiled at her. She blew me a kiss, and then finally she pulled the popper, “Let the match… BEGIN!”
The disks were ready, and the life points were set. I started with 12000, while The Spies would start with 4000 each. “…DUEL!!” we shouted.