Totally Spies Fan Fiction ❯ Yugioh: Dueling Drama Much Final Season ❯ Duel of The Century: Part 2 ( Chapter 34 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

With my turbo Warrior still in play, and the girls starting to run low on options. This duel was really heating up. I also decided to be fair and warn the girls of my Warrior's other special ability…
Not only was he protected by effects, but any Synchro monster, level six, or higher that did battle with my monster would have it's attack-power cut in half. That didn't make things any easier.
Mykan: 8700
Clover: 1900, Sam: 3700, Alex: 3250.
“Go ahead, Sam.” I said, “It's your move.”
Sam nodded, and drew her next card. Right now, nothing she had could take on my turbo Warrior. “I'll place a monster in defensive-mode, and I'll place one card face down.”
Now it was Alex's turn. Her Panther Warrior wasn't strong enough to take me on either, she had something that was. “My Yellow Spy-Girl.” She thought, “But I can't summon it yet. I need to sacrifice two monsters, and my Sheep-Tokens don't can't be used like that.”
For now she changed her Panther into defense-mode…
(Atk: 1600)
“And I'll also throw this face-down too.” Then she ended her turn. Now I was on again. I drew my card, and I had a sneaky suspicion I knew what the girls were up to; planning to use any one of those face-down cards they had to try and trick me out. “I taught the girls better than that.” I thought. “I think there's more to their plan than this, but only one way to make sure.”
Mykan: “If you girls think those face-down cards will help you, guess again. I activate the spell COLD-WAVE!”
Girls: “AH!”
Mykan: “This spell will freeze all spells and traps cards, preventing any of us from setting or activate any until my next turn.”
Alex: “That's what you think…!”
Mykan: “What?”
Alex: “I activate MAGIC JAMMER… now all I got to do is discard one card, and I can cancel the effects of Cold Wave.”
Mykan's thoughts: “I see… very clever. They expected I'd try and stop their cards, and had a counter to stop me.”
Mykan: “That was clever, Girls, but not quite enough yet. Turbo Warrior, Attack Alex's Panther Warrior!”
(Atk: 2500) VS (Def: 1600)
Alex: “Lucky my monster was in defensive-mode.”
Mykan: “But now I end my turn by placing one card face-down-- It's your move Clover.”
Clover: “What…ever…!”
“You seem to forget, I Still have my Rampart Blaster, and now he's going to attack you directly again! GO…!”
(Atk: 1000)
Mykan: “Just a moment, Clover! I activate the continuous-trap, DES COUNTER-BOW!”
Clover: “What?!”
Mykan: “Oh yes! White it can't protect me from your monster's attack, any monster that dares to attack me directly will be obliterated.”
Mykan: 7700
Clover: 1900, Sam: 3700, Alex: 3250.
“Now you're Rampart blaster is destroyed.”
Clover: “Sorry to disappoint you, but I activate DE-FUSION from my hand. Now I can split up Rampart Blaster into Clayman, and Burstinatrix, so your trap won't work, because the monster it targeted isn't here anymore.”
(Def: 2000)
(Def: 800)
Mykan: (Growls)
Clover: “Now I'll summon this baby to the field, NEO-SPACIANAQUA DOLPHIN!”
(Atk: 600)
“And that's all for me.”
Alex and Sam didn't know what Clover was thinking, playing her weak Aqua Dolphin just like that, unless she had something super planned. In the meantime, it was Sam's turn, she drew her card, and she
Sam decided that it was time change the field spell she played…
Sam: “Now I activate the field-spell… UMIRUKA!”
(Field changes)
Alex: “Hey! Watch the water, Sammy.”
Sam: “Sorry about that, but this water will boost the attack of all water monsters by 500 points, and of course decrease their defenses by 400. That includes Clover's Aqua Dolphin.”
(Atk: 600) Becomes (Atk: 1100)
Clover: “Wow! Thanks for the boost.”
Sam: “Oh it gets even better, because now I'll sacrifice my face-down LIQUID BEAST… in order to summon, LEGENDARRY FISHERMAN!”
(Atk: 1850) Becomes (Atk: 2350)
Mykan: “Very nice, Sam. But your monster still pales in comparison to mine.”
Sam: “Hmm! Shows what you know…”
Mykan: “Huh?”
Sam: “Now I activate my trap, ENERGY DRAIN!”
Mykan: “What? Oh, no! That allows you to increase your Fisherman's attack-strength by 200 points for each card I'm holding.”
Sam: “And since you're holding three cards,, my Fisherman's attack increases by 600 points.”
(Atk: 2350) Becomes (Atk: 2950)
“Fisherman, attack!”
(Atk: 2950) VS (Atk: 2500)
Mykan: “AA-AAH!”
Mykan: 7250
Clover: 1900, Sam: 3700, Alex: 3250.
Mykan: “I activate… TIME MACHINE!Now I can bring my Turbo Warrior right back!”
(Atk: 2500)
Sam: “No way! It's back?”
Alex: “Don't worry Sam… I got a little idea that's going to get rid of that overgrown brute for good.”
Mykan: “Really? Then make your Move, Alex, and let's see if you really have the power.”
Alex: “With pleasure…”
“Hee, hee! Just what I needed! I summon NATURIA ROSEWHIP!
(Atk: 400)
“And I'll also flip up my face down ROCKET WARRIOR!”
(Atk: 1500)
“Now I'm going to tune the two of them together… and Synchro summon, the one and only, BLACK ROSE DRAGON!”
(Atk: 2400)
Sam, Clover, and myself gazed in awe at the Dragon. Now of course, Alex could have chosen to destroy every card on the field with he dragon's special ability, but that would be fair to the others either, No… she was planning to use its other effect.
“But before I do…” said replied, “I still have a spell to play, BLOCK ATTACK!So now that Turbo Warrior goes into defense-mode.”
(Def: 1500)
I immediately caught on to Alex's plan. She removed her Plant monster from the graveyard, and out of the duel which forced my Turbo Warrior back into attack-mode, but it's power became Zero! Alex's monster was level seven, so Turbo Warrior couldn't stop it.
“Black Rose Dragon… Attack!”
(Atk: 2400) VS (Atk: 1200)
Of course, my Turbo Warrior still cut The Dragon's attack power in half, as it was a Synchro monster higher than level six, but with my monster's attack at 0, that didn't matter.
(Atk: 1200) VS (Atk: 0)
I braced for the attack “ARGH…!”
Mykan: 6050
Clover: 1900, Sam: 3700, Alex: 3250.
The crowds went wild, no one knew rightly who to cheer for. Sabrina was fanning herself with one of her royal hand-fans. “Oh, my goodness!” she cried. “This suspense is killing me.”
Her father wiped his brow with a hanky, “Whew… I here ya', honey. I haven't seen a duel this intense in… well… ever.”
Estevan almost felt his circuit boards heating up too. He could barley believe such long time friends were actually facing each other, three-on-one, and yet both sides seemed to be equally as fit.
Right now, it was my turn.
As I drew my cards I just had to commend the girls. “I must say, you girls really have come a long way, and I'm very proud of the way you're dueling.”
The girls smiled and winked at me, but then warned them not to let it get to their heads. This duel still wasn't over. “Now I activate the spell, STAR BLAST!”
The girls never saw that card before, as they were all locked in the Shadow-Realm when I was dueling with it. “What does that thing do?” asked Clover.
I explained that it allowed me to lower the level of a monster in my hand for every 500 life-points I paid. “Therefore, I shall give up 1000 life points, to shave two levels off this monster…”
Mykan: 5050
Clover: 1900, Sam: 3700, Alex: 3250.
“Now I can set it in defensive mode without making a sacrifice. That ends my turn.”
Now it was Clover's turn, She drew her card. “Wow… my Red-Spy-Girl.” she thought. She did think of summoning it, but she decided to save it. After all, she didn't know what the face-down monster I played was, and she had feeling that since I went to great lengths to summon it, she had something big planned.
“First up… I'm playing POT OF GREED! Now I can draw two new cards, and next… I'll sacrifice Clayman, and Bustrintrix, so now I can summon ELEMENTAL HERO NEOS!”
(Atk: 2500)
“Now watch closely as I combine Neos with Neo Spacian Aqua Dolphin. So now I can summon forth… ELEMENTAL HERO AQUA NEOS!”
(Atk: 2500)becomes (Atk: 3000)
Sam's field spell powered up Clover's monster perfectly, and now she was ready to use its special-ability. “All I have to do is throw one card out of my hand to the graveyard. Now I can select one card from your hand, Mykan and destroy it!”
She succeeded in destroy one of the two cards I was holding. As outraged as I was it didn't seem to bother me all that much. “If I were you I wouldn't smiling, Mykan. Because once my Neos attacks, you'll be left wide open for the rest of use to clean out.”
“Aqua Neos… ATTACK!”
KAPOW! The Attack collided, “YES!” Clover cheered, but much to her dismay, when the smoke cleared, my monster was still standing. CASTLE GATE!
(Def: 2400)
“You have got to be kidding me!” snapped Clover, but I kidded her not, “Sorry Clover, but Castle Gate's special ability prevents it from being destroyed in battle. You won't get behind me that easily.”
The girls were faced with yet another dilemma. They couldn't get past my Castle Gate, and even if they did, my Des Counter Bow would destroy any monster that dared to attack me directly. Furthermore, wit Spatial Collapse still in play, all of us were still only allowed to have up to five cards in play at a time.
The girls needed a new strategy, and fast!
To Be Continued