Totally Spies Fan Fiction ❯ Yugioh: Dueling Drama Much Season 4 ❯ Britney's back, sort of...! ( Chapter 3 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

The next day… classes continued as normal, and just Clover's luck, Mandy got stuck in her first class of the day; History of Duel-Monsters.
Mandy never felt so humiliated before, having to wear red, and being called a “Slifer Slacker.” by the Ra's and Obelisk's. She was one of the higher ranked duelists in all of Beverly Hills, and yet here people were treating her like a kid…
What really got her mad was the fact that Clover, Sam, and Alex were her superiors. They were the teachers, and she was the student. If she even so much as made a peep of noise or trouble, it was guaranteed to get her into trouble…
Still, Mandy kept in mind that she was only here for a short while, just until she could get her hands on some rare cards, and beat the girls down to size for good; maybe she'd even try and take me out…
She had been making a plan to bag some rare cards, which involved her sneaking up into the castle, and into the card-making labs. “First chance I get… I'm sneaking up there.” She thought wickedly…
“Mandy!” Clover called up at her, “Is there a problem?”
Mandy snapped out of her trance, “Hey, what's you're problem?” she snarled at Clover, but she and the rest of the class gasped, realizing how badly she mouthed-off. Clover smirked and a twinkle was in her eye, the perfect excuse…
Mandy got a detention, and after which, once classes had had taken their break periods, she was really angry. As she walked through the grounds she swore that Clover would pay for that…
In the meantime she had to concentrate on her plan to sneak into the labs and snag new rare cards. She also saw several hot student-bodies, and she tried to put on her old flirty-girl routine… but most of the boys were in Ra-Yellow or Obelisk-Blue and just gave her the bum's rush…
“Buzz off, Slifer!”
“You and me…? Forget it.”
Even some of the other Slifers didn't think of her as much as they had heard of her reckless dueling ways in past dueling tournaments. Mandy was really starting to lose it. “Okay… keep it calm… keep it calm…” she kept telling herself, but as she walked towards the lighthouse-docks, she LET IT OUT…!
Her scream could be heard from halfway across the island, and it even reached our ears from the spies' beach-houses where we were grading some tests together, and also arranging duel partners for class duel-exams. “Wow… rude much.” Clover said while picking her ear.
“Well she did give Mandy a detention…” Sam said, “I remember Alex used to act twice as worse.”
“Hey!” Alex snapped, but then she realized, “Well… yeah… but what did you expect. That seriously cut down on my shopping, and snack time.”
I chuckled softly, but then I told the girls to ease up a bit, “Mandy just needs to learn that there are other things in the world besides glamour, and being self-centered. She'll need to get used to it if she ever hopes to be a better duelist.”
The girls smiled, for they knew in a sense I was right… and we continued with our work, but the girls noticed that I still seemed a little worried… and who could blame me, they were still worried too, about the evil-stranger they met… and how I kept having images shown by my Millennium Necklace… but once again, something was blocking me from seeing the entire image clearing or determining its course… “I wonder…”
My chain of thoughts was suddenly interrupted by the ringing of my cell-phone. “Hello…?” it was Sabrina, 1and she asked me to come to the infirmary, and she wanted me to bring the girls too.
We all made it there, and Sabrina directed us to one of her patients, who just came in today for shot, and she had requested that we come down. “No way…!” Alex cried almost in tears.
“Britney…?” Sam asked.
Britney smiled up at them, “Long time no see girlfriends.” she said.
“Ooh… big group hug!” Clover cheered and the four friends came together. Sabrina folded her hands together in “Aw…” there was nothing she loved more than happy reunions.
The girls introduced me properly, “I've heard a lot about you Britney. Jerry's told me you're fine spy too.”
Britney smiled in thanks, and then I reintroduced her to Sabrina, “This is my wife, without whom I would be lost. Sabrina is my inspiration, and my reason for living.”
Britney was honored, she always dreamt of meeting a princess, but to think that she was a doctor too, “This is just amazing.”
Sabrina almost felt humble, and then we all decided to take a walk together. The spies even questioned Britney what brought her duel academy. “Oh, Jerry sent me…” she answered, “He briefed me on the mission you girls were on, and sent me to hopefully be of some help to you.”
She even qualified for the Obelisk blue-dorm. Alex could barley control herself. “Now you love dueling too… that's another thing we both have in common.”
“I know… I can't believe it.” added Britney.
We showed Britney the girls' beach-houses, and Britney was so psyched. “Sweet digs…” she complimented. “Even my room at the Obelisk Dorm doesn't amount to this.”
Clover was most curious however, “So Britney… what's your favorite card…?” she had to ask.
Britney showed us, “This one… “Shadow Tamer”
The girls stared in awe, “I haven't seen that card in a long time.” said Clover.
Britney went on explaining how she admired the Shadow Tamer for its ability to take control of Fiend-Type monsters. “You know… this may sound silly, but… sometimes I actually imagine that I am the Shadow-Tamer…” she continued, “You know… I'm not actually just dueling with the cards, but more like I am the card itself.”
None of us actually found that silly at all. Sometimes we all felt that way about special cards in our decks. Even the girls had favorite cards that overcame their Spy-girl cards that I gave them.
Alex pulled out her favorite card, “My “Red-Eyes Black Dragon.” she said, “It's not just a strong monster, but I remember how I always wanted one but just couldn't get it anywhere. Then I defeated Chazz Princeton the gate keeper, and I won it off him.”
She sighed heavenly… “Those were days…”
“How about you girls…?” Britney asked Sam and Clover.
“Well… I think I'd rather be the Red Archery Girl. Sam answered, “Heh… I guess I kind of like how brave she looks.”
While most of us thought Clover would choose of her Elemental-Heroes, or Neo-Spacians. She actually chose a new card she got, “This one… “Command Knight.”
We all had confused looks as to why Clover chose that card, “What?” she asked. We all then brushed it off. “Professor… Princess… How about you-two…?”
Sabrina and I chuckled once, “That's easy…” I said, “I choose “Dark Magician” What else?” and we all were able to guess Sabrina's choice, “Yes… I choose my “Cyber Dragon”
We found it rather odd that a Princess would actually side with a dragon, but then again Sabrina was no ordinary Princess.
“Hey…” Britney said, “Why don't we have duel right now? You know… just for fun?”
We all agreed to that at once, and Britney suggested that everyone placed their favorite card in my deck. “This way it'll be like you're all dueling together, and besides… I'd like to see how well everyone fairs out.”
“Yeah… I'm up for that.” Alex said.
“Me too…” added Sam.
“Count me in…” said Clover.
Sabrina nodded, and they each gave me their cards which I then shuffled into my deck, and instead of using the duel-disks we decided to duel playfully at one of the tables outside. “Okay, we're all set.” I said.
“Good….” Britney said, “Now before we get started… there is one last thing I want to show you all.” Her voice was starting to sound deeper and hissing-like. “Uh… are you feeling okay Britney?” Clover asked.
“Quite fine really…” Britney answered, “Now watch closely…” and she closed her eyes and began hum in a trance…
Alex suddenly felt a shiver run down her spine, “Uh… I don't know about you guys… but I'm starting to get bad feelings about this.” she said all worried.
Then, something in the middle of Britney's body began to glow. “Hey…!” cried Sam. “That glowing… it's exactly the same as when we saw that clocked-stranger.”
Then suddenly something appeared around Britney's neck. Sabrina gasped in chock, and I couldn't believe it. “No way…! It's a Millennium-Item.”
“Yes…!” Britney hissed with her voice now completely changed, “And the magic of my Millennium Puzzle will take us all to the Shadow-Realm!”
At once the entire are around us began to change into that dark and gloomy dimension known as the Shadow-Realm. “Awe, man… not this creepy place again!” cried Alex. “Things were bad enough the last time I was here…”
“Britney…! What are you doing?” Clover asked.
“Hmm, mm, mm… just taking a little something I need.” Britney said, and her Millennium Puzzle began to glow again. “YAAAH…!”
One by one each of us began to feel strange, as if something was separating us from our bodies. Our screams echoed as what were actually our souls began to whiz through the air, and disappear into my deck, and all five of our bodies slipped to the floor.
Britney stood up cackling evilly. “Ah, ha, ha, ha… that was most invigorating.” She said to herself. Then she moved over and reached out to grab my cards, “Their souls have been locked away, and now they are all mine for the taking…”
But just before she could touch them, I quickly grabbed her arm and got to my feet, seemly unharmed. “What? You're still alive? How is this possible…?”
I reached with my other hand and pulled the red kerchief off my neck exposing, “No…! The Millennium Necklace…!”
“That's right…” I sneered, “It was a good thing I had it on me to block-out your dark magic… and as for my friends… if you want their souls, you're going have to duel me for them, but if I win you'll release them!”
Britney growled angrily, but decided to accept my wager. “You have no idea what have just accepted Mykan Jaden…” she sneered at me, “I assure you… this will be one Shadow-Game you'll never have any hopes of wining!”