Totally Spies Fan Fiction ❯ Yugioh: Dueling Drama Much Season 4 ❯ Human monsters: Part two ( Chapter 5 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Author's notes:
Say… if any of you wanted to become a duel monster (Other than Exodia or a fusion type) Who would you want to be…?
I'd want to be a Blue-Eyes…
I shook myself awake, and the girls helped my other-self to his feet. “You okay…?” Alex asked. “I'll be fine…” my Magician self answered, “I just have to be more careful from now on…”
E-B: “Hah! Don't waste yourselves helping him out. For soon you all shall befall into a predicament far worse…”
“Heh-heh…! I summon a monster face-down, and I place another card face-down too.”
Clover: “Again with the face-downs? Hello, try something original much…!”
Sam: “Shh! Keep it down Clover so Mykan can make his move…”
(Mykan Draws)
Mykan: “Ah… oh no. The Cyber Dragon…!”
E-B: “The Cyber Dragon? Is that not your wife's favorite card? Is it also her soul-card as well? Hmm, mm… perhaps you should play it and find out.”
“Hmm… well while you think about, I'll activate a trap-card! JUST DESSERTS!”
Mykan: “No!”
Mykan#2: “Not Just Desserts! That means I'll lose 500 life-points for every monster on my field.”
SCORE:(Evil-Britney: 5800/ Mykan: 2900)
Both me, and my tiny-self howled in pain as the forces of our life-points draining shocked our bodies with a strange energy. “MYKAN…!” the girls cried.
Britney was overjoyed with laughter, “Oh-ho… the priceless looks on your faces, and the agony you suffer through. I live for moments like this.”
I had nearly fallen off from my seat, and I was struggling to get back up. “Big-Mykan… you alright?” asked Clover.
“Y-yes…” I groaned. “But I'm not sure I can take anymore hits like that…”
“I gazed down at the Cyber Dragon, and I knew it wasn't safe in my hand. I had no choice but to play it.
Mykan: “Now… I pay 1000 life points…”
SCORE:(Evil-Britney: 5800/ Mykan: 1900)
“And now with the help of my Field-Spell I summon forth, CYBER DRAGON!”
(Atk: 2100)
Sabrina opened her eyes, “Ooh… I feel so strange.” she murmured, and then she suddenly felt the rest of us huddling around her, and gawked at us all, “What are you all wearing…?” she asked, and then she gazed down at her own forum. “GAAH… what am I wearing?”
“Shh! Easy Sabrina…” Sam said and she explained the situation of how Britney and I were dueling for everyone's souls. “What? But Mykan's right here…”
She began to feel most confused as to how I was down on the field, and up there controlling the cards at the same time. It even baffled her more to fully understand how she had become her own Cyber Dragon card. “But what do we do now…”
“It looks like one of us is going to have to go in and attack that monster.” Clover said.
I offered to attack again, so the girls would be out of danger, but my other-self wasn't ready yet, “No… wait, don't attack yet!”
(Atk: 2500) VS (Electric LizardDef: 800)
My smaller-self gasped, “Uh-oh…!” and then he suddenly felt electricity jolts stinging him all over. This also attacked me as well… “GRR…AAH…!”
“Hmm, mm… you fool! You can't attack the Electric-Lizard without paying a hefty price.” said Britney.
The girls however understood perfectly what was happening to me; the Electric-Lizard's special-ability was that if were to be attacked by a non-zombie monster, like me as the Dark Magician, then I wouldn't be able to attack at all on my next turn. The electricity was just locking me into place.
“Just look at you all…” Britney hissed as she gazed down at all five monsters, “Now I have all five of you right where I want you.”
E-B: “A perfect time for me to set my CYBER-JAR face-down in defense-mode.”
“Cyber Jar…?” Clover asked with concern
Sam blinked twice nervously,“Um… in case I've forgotten already, but could someone remind me what that card does again?” she asked.
Sabrina explained what it did, “The Cyber Jar: Once it's been flipped up, it will instantly destroy all the monsters on the field, including itself. Then each duelist picks up five cards and summons all the level-4 or lower monsters that they get.”
“Uh… okay… I heard destroy all the monsters… in there somewhat.” Alex said.
Sam shivered in fear, and ducked down inside her clam,“Guys… I really don't want to go back to that Graveyard.”
Even though we couldn't attack the Cyber-Jar, as doing that would trigger its effect anyway, “There may be one thing we can do…” my smaller-self said, and I motioned back at the face-down card behind us.
“Only… I'm not sure if we should use it. The card requires that I sacrifice one monster to the graveyard.”
The ladies gasped. No matter which way it would go, somebody wouldn't be spared, but we decided it would be better off if one of us went to the graveyard instead of all of us. “I'll do it…” Sam volunteered.
“Sammy… no!” cried Clover, but Sam wasn't willing to be talked out of it. “I've already been to the graveyard, and I guess it's best if I go. Besides, I'm the weakest creature on the field anyway…”
Then suddenly her clam snapped shut, locking her inside, “Hey… what's going on?” she called from inside.
It was Alex who was standing on-top of the shell, preventing Sam from doing anything. “Forget it Sammy. You just got back from the graveyard.” she said, “If anyone's going, it's me.”
“Alex, wait!” I called to her.
“It's too late!” cried Sabrina; because Alex was already fling straight at the card, and stood on it, “How bad can this jar be…?” she growled as attacked it.
The Cyber-Jar came to life and began to unleash its powerful vortex. The entire field suddenly felt like a massive typhoon and tried to suck everything towards the jar. “Mykan…!” Alex screamed at me, “Use the trap! Hurry before too late! SACRIFICE ME…!”
I nodded in agreement with her…
Mykan: “I'm activating a trap, sacrificing my Red-Eyes Black-Dragon to do so. Now I activate… the HORN OF HEAVEN! This card will instantly destroy you're Cyber-Jar before its effect is unleashed, and obliterate it from the field for good.”
E-B: “GRR…!”
The trap came to life and blasted its celestial-light straight at the Cyber-Jar, and at Alex. “Alex…!” cried Sam…
“She's disappearing!” added Clover
Alex's body began to glow brightly, “DON'T WORRY ABOUT ME…!” then KAPOW! She was gone! All of us felt as if our hearts were breaking.
“Fear not… you'll all soon join her in the graveyard soon.” Britney said, “You can all spend the rest of eternity wandering in the darkness together.”
“Whoa… Sam sure wasn't kidding about this place.” Alex said as she wandered around the graveyard. She still had hope though, because if I could bring back Sam then I'd do the same for her too…
Suddenly, she heard a distant ghostly-howling. She turned round, “WAAH… The “Reaper of the Cards” cried Alex. “And he's got a “Soul Release”
Alex began to fly away as fast as her wings could carry her. If that Reaper used that spell on her, she'd be removed from the game entirely, and she'd never come back. Not even if I won the duel…
“Wings, don't fail me now!” Alex hoped, but the Reaper seemed to be gaining more speed than she was.
Britney was still mocking us over Alex's defeat. “Poor Mykan… you already used up your Monster Reborn, the only way to get your friend back, and soon the Reaper of Cards will send her to another dimension, and gone forever.”
The ladies and my smaller-self were all still bewailing over Alex's loss. Even I myself was upset over this loss, but I wasn't willing to let this happen again. Alex had way too many close calls in dealing with the Shadow-Realm and its tricks before. “I promised I wouldn't let anything like this happen to her again…”
“While it is true I don't have my Monster Reborn card anymore… I have other means to save her…”
Mykan: “Such as this card… PREMATURE BURIAL! Which lets me pay 800 life points so I can bring Alex back… NOW!
SCORE:(Evil-Britney: 5800/ Mykan: 1100)
Alex was just inches behind the Reaper's wrath, when suddenly she vanished, and reappeared back on the field, in the duel again.
“Huh…? Hey…!” Alex's smile just kept growing wider.
She was back, and everyone was overjoyed, but Britney found my actions to be pathetic. “You waste your time and efforts rescuing these ridiculous friends of yours.” she sneered.
“My friend's aren't ridiculous.” I protested, “Now make your move!”
“Hmm… oh I will move, and I assure you this will be the move that finishes the duel and costs all of you your souls.”
E-B: “But first tell me… does any one of you recognize this card…?”
(Holds up “Shadow-Tamer”)
Alex: “Hey! Isn't that Britney's favorite card?”
Mykan#2: “It sure is… but I don't think there's much she can actually do with it. The Shadow-Tamer allows her to take control of a Fiend type monster… but not one of us is a Fiend type at all.”
E-B: “Very perceptive… but such things can be easily changed. Especially when seeing as how I have this trap. Activate DNA-SURGERY!”
(Everyone gasps)
E-B: “Oh yes…! This continuous-trap lets me change the types of all the monsters on the field into any type I choose. This means now all of you are Fiend class monsters.”
Sam: “Oh no… but that means her Shadow-Tamer can control any one of us now.”
E-B: “Correct again… and I suppose you can all assume which one of you I plan to control. That's right; I'm going to take control of you Mykan Jaden.”
(Mykan#2 gasps)
Mykan: “No1 you leave my other-half out of this.”
E-B: “Hah! You haven't got a choice in the matter. By taking control of him, I can easily for more energy out of you and the rest of you shall fall before his wrath. Now I shall summon forth my Shadow-Tamer face-down and I play quickly play this spell card… BOOK OF TAIYOU…!”
“This lets me flip her right up, and now she appears to take over your mind, Mykan!”
(Atk: 800)
The shadow-Tamer finally had a chance to materialize, but once it finally appeared. “Hey look…” cried Clover.
“It's Britney! The real Britney.” added Sam.
Sabrina realized, “This means that her soul was trapped within her own favorite card by that evil spirit.”
Britney opened her eyes, and realized immediately what was going on. “No! I'm not letting this happen!” she shouted as she struggled to stop her body from glowing. “I chose not to take over any of your monsters, so you're all safe for now, but I can't fend off much longer.”
The Evil-Britney gasped in shock that her move failed. “No! You will do as I say… you will take over the Dark Magician!” but Britney didn't make a move. “Guys…! Hurry up… attack me and win the duel.”
All of us gasped, “But Britney… if we do that, you'll get carried off to the graveyard.” cried Alex.
“I don't care…!” growled Britney, “It's better than letting this evil witch, whoever she is try to rule the world. HURRY AND ATTACK ME…!”
“BE SILENT…!” screamed the evil Britney, but just then… “I have a better idea…” I said as my Millennium Necklace began to glow and the two Britney's began to SCREAM as they felt that strange feeling…
“If Britney was able to pull souls from their bodies with her Millennium Puzzle, then perhaps I can use my Millennium Necklace to reverse it.”
When the light had vanished Britney was back in her own body where she belonged. “Hey! I think it worked.” she said.
“Yeah… but where's the evil one?” asked Clover.
Everyone gazed at the Shadow-Tamer, and that was indeed where the evil-witch had gone. Now she was the victim of the duel. “No! This can't be!” she bellowed.
The ladies and my smaller-self grinned sinisterly… “Ooh… this is going to feel great.” Sam said cheekily.
Mykan: “Yes… and now it's time that we closed the book on this Shadow-Game!”
“Mmm… I play DE-SPELL… which I use to break-down the Dark Door.”
(Card destroyed)
E-B: “No…!”
Mykan: “All right everyone… this is it. Use your powers together, send this evil enchantress to the graveyard and take out the rest of her life-points, NOW…!”
Everyone nodded, and stood into formation, and began to power up their attacks ready for one final bombardment.
Sam: “RED ARCHERY ARROW…!” (Atk: 1400)
Clover: “COMMAND DAGGER TOSS…!” (Atk: 1600)
Sabrina: “STRIDENT-BLAST…!” (Atk: 2100)
Alex: “INFERNO FIRE-BLAST…!” (Atk: 2400)
Mykan#2: “DARK MAGIC ATTACK …!” (Atk: 2500)
(Combined Damage: 9200)
FINAL SCORE:(Evil-Britney: “0000”/ Mykan: 1100)
All those heavy attacks bombarded the evil-one all over the place, creating massive explosions that began to rip her body apart. “GAAH…! AAA-AAAH…!” KAPOW! She exploded, and was carried off to the graveyard, “D'AAAAH…!”
“UGH…!” She was really mad. “I assure you Mykan… This is not over yet.” She said as if she knew something no one else did… something very serious
Suddenly, she heard that howling-sound, “Huh…?” and she turned round to see the Reaper with his Soul-Release spell… “Ah! AAAAH…!”
With the evil-spirit gone... and everyone returned to normal. The shadows were lifted, and Britney woke up in the infirmary as Sabrina checked her blood-pressure. “She'll be all right…” she said.
Britney never felt so good to be back in her own body, “Hey! Where's my Millennium-Puzzle?” she asked.
I told her to relax, “We gave it to Sabrina's father… he'll lock it up with the other items we got so it can't cause anymore trouble.”
Britney knew it was for the best. Ever since that thing had arrived to her, nothing but bad events happened. “Well… you just get some rest.” Sabrina said.
The spies all added their compassion that Britney was well again, and we all left her, but what we didn't realize was… the moment after we left, Britney began to seem evil again.
“Those fools…” she thought to herself, “They really thought that they could defeat me that easily. Well… I may not be ready yet, but once I achieve what I desire, I will strike again. Hmm, mm, mm, ah, ah, ah…!”
Then around her neck appeared another Millennium-Puzzle, which obviously meant that the one we locked up was a fake, and the spirit we conquered was just an alias copy…
Whoever this creature was, her reign of terror was not through yet.