Totally Spies Fan Fiction ❯ Yugioh: Dueling Drama Much Season 4 ❯ Initital Intentions: Part two ( Chapter 7 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

The spies and I were walking with Kari through the woods, “By the way, what's with all the students being afraid to walk into here anyway?” asked Alex.
I explained to them that there was a street-like gang called the Rouge-team. “If you ever met a student that ever showed such poor conduct, and disrespect to anything, that's them.”
“They like to hide here in the woods and wait for unsuspecting students to come along, and they take whatever cards you have on you for themselves.”
Clover thought that was just sick, “And you guys aren't doing anything about this, why…?”
I explained to her that the Rouge team only formed this year, but we were planning to stop them. “I already know just where they're going to pop out.” I said as I motioned to my Millennium Necklace. “Just stay alert…”
Kari was almost terrified, but she was more worried about Davis and TK. She hoped they were both alright. While we traveled along, I could sense her worries, and I took a quick peek into her past… and what I saw explained quite a bit.
…But now wasn't the time for me to gossip about it. Suddenly, just as I predicted, we heard someone crying for help out in the distance. “It's TK…!” cried Kari.
“Let's go!” said Sam and we all began to rush through the woods.
TK had indeed run into trouble as the Rouge-Team had him surrounded, and would you believe that among them were those three bulling students that the girls had faced not so long ago…?
It was bad enough that they were cheating on their tests, but now they were trying to cheat their ways into the top rank student scores, and TK was their next victim. “Hey… these cards are pretty sweet…” one of the bullies said, “Hey the boss will love these.” said another.
“Give me back my Vechroids!” TK snarled at them for the umpteenth time.
The bullies just laughed, “Look at the little baby… he wants his toys back.”
“Sure you can have them back… in about a-hundred years!”
TK tried his hardest not to show fear, but he wasn't sure what to do. That was until the bullies were being bombarded with pebbles and thick branches. “Hey!”
“Who's throwing those…?”
Their only response was more rocks and branches. “Let's get out of here!” and the bullies ran off in such a rush that they not only left TK's card behind, but they even dropped some of their own cards.
TK didn't understand it, until he saw, “Davis…?” leap down from the trees with a few branches still in his hands. “Hey… thanks a lot. I don't what they would've done to me.” TK said politely.
“Whatever…” Davis sneered, as he bent over to pick up the cards that they dropped. Then his eyes widened, “Oh please! These monsters all have less than 1000 attack-points and their abilities are weak.” He then angrily threw them back on the ground, “What a waste of time!”
TK couldn't believe what he had just seen and heard. It was as if Davis only came back for the cards and not to help out. “Davis if you keep up with that attitude of yours, no one's going to want to be your friend.”
Davis merely acted as if he couldn't care less. “Friends are just stupid.” he said and he turned to walk back through the woods and left TK feeling confused again as to why Davis would act so mean.
His chain of thoughts was broken when the bushes began to rustle again, TK thought it was the Rouge-Gang coming back to finish the job. “Easy, TK… it's just us.” I said, and the girls came walking from behind me.
TK sighed in relief.
“Where's Davis…?” Kari asked.
“You just missed him…” replied TK. “He's acting as mean as ever, but I just can't figure out why…?”
The spies felt disgusted as TK explained about Davis' actions and behaviour. “What kind of guy has such disrespect for cards?” Alex asked.
Kari, for the life of her, couldn't figure it out either, but she had a sneaky suspicion she knew why. However, she decided to keep it to herself, but that didn't stop me from looking into her past some more to see for myself…
But I did decide to keep it to myself until I was able to get another person's view of the story…
While somewhere deeper in the woods, the Rouge team explained to their big-boss that they weren't successful in stealing any new cards. Their boss, who used to be a former gate-keeper at the island's trail-path, was most displeased. “You guys call yourselves tough? You're about as tough as an old-lady with a bad back and poor eyesight.” He snarled at the boys. “How do you expect to get revenge on this crooked school like this?”
The boys didn't have anything to say…
“How sad…” hissed a voice from beyond the bushes and trees.
“Huh…?” the leader looked around, “Who's there…? Show yourself before we come out there and bust you down to size!”
The bushes continued to rustle, and out walked Britney. “My, aren't we a little touchy.” She said, “I sense great potential in you.”
The leader was still confused, “Look… I don't know who you are, and what you want here, but you got ten seconds to beat-it!” he spat at her.
Britney sniggered, “Hmm, mm… very well… perhaps I shall find someone else to give these rare cards to.” And she began to walk away, but the leader's ears perked up, “Rare… cards…?”
“Hey… wait a second…”
Britney turned and smirked evilly.
The girls, TK, Kari, and I finally made it out of the woods and back up the ravine towards the academy. “Boy, it sure feels great to be out of there…” Sam said, “But what should we do about the Rouge-Gang?”
I told her not to worry as much. “Security already been upgraded, they won't make a move without us seeing them.”
That was good to know, but as we continued to walk towards the school grounds we ran into Davis He had found some discarded cards and was looking at them closely. “Oh, great… how long is he going to keep them this time?” TK muttered.
“Huh…?” Kari was confused, “What do you mean TK?”
TK explained just as she saw the first night he and Davis dueled. Even if Davis gets new cards “He looks at them carefully, and if they don't meet his standards he just chucks them away like old-trash.”
The spies and I still thought that was a shameful way to treat cards, but to our surprise Davis didn't throw them away and pocketed them, “Not bad. I think I'll keep these cards.” Then he began to walk away but TK quickly stopped him… “Hold it right there Davis…”
He stopped and turned round, and TK told them they still had a duel to finish. “Why bother…?” Davis said, “We both know who's going to win.” But he agreed to finish it up anyways…
It was a good thing that the duel-disks had special settings that could allow them to set duels to likings in case they were ever to be interrupted and then finished afterwards.
“TK, no…!” Kari said, “You don't have to do this.”
TK disagreed, he wanted show Davis he wasn't weak. So the duel proceeded. Davis had his Skull Archfiend of Lighting still in play, and it was TK's turn…
SCORE:(Davis: 7700/ TK: 6400)
TK: “Here we go…!”
“I play CARD OF SANCTITIY… so we both draw until we each have six cards.” (Rules fudged)
“Now I summon GYROID!”
(Def: 1000)
“And now I'll place two cards face down and I'll also play the spell, FUTURE FUSION!”
Kari asked what that card was for, and that was where Clover explained, “It's a fusion card that lets TK send Fusion-Material monsters from his deck to the graveyard. Then in two turns he gets to summon that fusion monster.”
The girls were amazed that Clover explained that so perfectly well. Of course that was to be expected as her Hero-Spacian Deck was filled with fusions.
It was just that usually Clover was laid back after classes and didn't like given lessons as often. “What?” she said when she noticed the others and I starring at her.
Davis: “Whatever. You should've given up when you had the chance…”
“First off… I have to pay 500 life-points due to my Archfiends effect…”
SCORE:(Davis: 7200/ TK: 6400)
“Now I'll place two cards face down… and don't think that your Gyroid can protect you with its own special-ability, because my new Archfiend can stop that. I summon TERRORKING ARCHFIEND…!”
(Atk: 2000)
“Thanks to its special-ability, it can negate the effects of any monster it battles. Now Attack…!”
(Atk: 2000) VS (Def: 1000)
TK: “Oh, no…!.”
Davis: “Well look at that… you've got no monsters to defend with again… Skull Archfiend, direct atk…!”
(Atk: 2500)
TK: “Ooh… YAAAH…!”
SCORE:(Davis: 7200/ TK: 3900)
Kari: “No! TK…!”
Davis: “Give it up… There's no way you're going to win.”
TK: “Can-it! I'm not backing down until it's over.”
“Ah… perfect…!”
Davis' thoughts: “What the heck is he beaming about...?”
TK: “Alright Davis… time to make this a whole new game, and it all starts when I play my face down card. The Trap, PYRO-CLOCK OF DESTINY!”
Davis: “Huh…?”
TK: “Now the turn gets skipped ahead, which means I summon forth that Fusion monster I've been saving, and here it comes! SUPER VECHROID JUMBO DRILL…!”
(Atk: 3000)
Alex was impressed, “Hey, that wasn't a bad trick.” she said.
“Totally… now Davis' monsters are the ones in trouble.” added Clover.
Sam and I however were not convinced, especially seeing as how Davis was the one who was acting cheeky now.
Davis: “You wasted good cards to summon up that old thing again? How Pathetic can you get?”
TK: “What did you say…?”

“You heard me. True your monster maybe strong that all of mine, but that doesn't mean I can't stop it. So activate my own face down… you should recognize it; MYSTICAL SPACE TYPHOON…!”
TK: “Ah…!”
“Uh oh… that's not good.” I said.
Kari raised her eye in confusion, and I explained to her that TK's monster was connected to the Future-Fusion card he used to summon it, “If Future-Fusion is destroyed then the monster summoned by its effect will also be destroyed.”
Kari gasped, “But that means TK won't have any monsters left on the field to protect himself again.”
Davis: “Say bye-bye to your Future-Fusion card and your oversized-drill.”
(Future Fusion destroyed)
TK's thoughts: “This is it… it's now or never.”
TK: “I don't think so Davis… I activate DE-FUISON!”
Davis: “What…?!”
TK: “You heard me. Now I can send Jumbo Drill back to the fusion-deck, and I can summon forth the other monsters I used to fuse him with, and they don't get destroyed…”
(Atk: 1800)
(Atk: 800)
(Atk: 1600)
Kari sighed in relief that TK was able to protect himself, but she still wasn't sure he was in the clear yet, for none of his monsters were strong enough to attack any of Davis' monsters.
Sam suddenly noticed, “Wait… look…!”
TK: “And now I activate another face-down card, LIMITER REMOVAL!”
Davis: “Mmm…!”
TK: “Now I can double the attack-strength of all the machines I have…”
(Atk: 1800) Becomes (Atk: 3600)
(Atk: 800) Becomes (Atk: 1600)
(Atk: 1600) Becomes (Atk: 3200)
(Davis growls)
TK: “Now we're cooking. Okay boys time to attack. I'll start with Submarineroid, because thanks to his special-ability, he can attack your life-points directly!”
(Atk: 1600)
Davis: “Hmm…!”
SCORE:(Davis: 5600/ TK: 3900)
TK: “Now my Steamroid will destroy your Skull Archfiend, once his attack-power-boosts, and I'll attack your Terrorking with Drillroid! Go get him boys!”
(Atk: 4100) VS (Atk: 2500)
(Atk: 3200) VS (Atk: 2000)
Davis: “GAAH…!”
SCORE:(Davis: 2800/ TK: 3900)
Kari was really impressed by now, not only had TK broken out of the trenches, he even took the lead. It was sad to say that none of this amused Davis.
Sam however was concerned for What TK just did. “Doesn't he realize that all his monsters will get destroyed by the end of his turn…?”
TK then turned to face his teacher, “I'm aware of that Professor, and I was prepared for it all the time.” He said, and then he showed everyone the card he just drew…
TK: “Now I play POLYMERIZATION...! “Now I can refuse all my machines back into Super Vechroid Jumbo Drill…”
(Atk: 3000)
“Ahh… of course…” Sam said. “By re-fusing his monsters back together, he saved them from being destroyed, because his Jumbo-Drill wasn't originally affected by the Limiter-Removal.”
Kari thought TK was actually going to win this now, but she was shocked to see TK ending his turn. “Why didn't he attack? He could've won.”
Alex explained to Kari that TK ended his battle phase when he fused his machines back together. This meant that he wasn't allowed to attack anymore times.
Suddenly, Davis grinned sinisterly again. “Isn't this a shame…” he said. “You came so close to winning, and yet you're about be shown for just how weak you are.”
TK was confused, “What do you mean weak? I have the strongest monster in play right now…”
Davis shook his head, “Really…? Well maybe you better watch closer…”
Davis: “Heh…!”
“Now I summon forth… MIST ARCHFIEND!”
(Atk: 2400)
TK: “Hey wait a minute! That's a level-five monster. You can't summon that without making a tribute first.”
Davis: “You're so pathetic… isn't it obvious by now that his special-ability allows me to summon it without making a tribute…?”
“Of course the only downside is… when my turn ends, he gets destroyed and I lose 1000 life-points, but that's not going to be happening. Not after I do this…”
“I equip him with the spell RIRYOKU… which will halve the attack of your Jumbo-Drill and transfer those points to my Archfiend .”
TK: “But that'll make you r Archfiend stronger than my Drill…!”
Davis: “Duh…!”
(Atk: 3000) Becomes (Atk: 1500)
(Atk: 2400) becomes (atk: 3900)
“And now I got one card left to play… my face down spell DOUBLE ATTACK…!”
TK: “What…? No!”
Davis: “Oh yes… now by discarding a monster with a higher level than my Archfiend…”
(Discards a Skull Archfiend)
“I can attack you twice in one turn.”
TK: “Ugh…”
Davis: “Go Mist Archfiend. Destroy his Jumbo Drill and then Attack him directly!”
(Atk: 3900) VS (Atk: 1500)
SCORE:(Davis: 2800/ TK: 2400)
(Atk: 3900)
FINAL-SCORE:(Davi s: 2800/ TK: “0000)
TK fell to his knees in the deepest of shame. “Oh, TK…” Kari cried softly.
“I can't believe it… he lost.” added Clover.
TK was really ashamed of his loss, but more ashamed at himself. He didn't feel that Davis beat him, but rather like he beat his own self.
The girls and I approached him to comfort him, “Hey it was still a close match…” Sam said. “You almost actually had him.”
TK did begin to feel a little better, but his spirit was crushed once again when Davis scolded him, “Being pathetic is nothing to be proud about.”
“Davis…!” Alex snapped at him.
TK growled and then sneered, “Don't you ever have anything nice to say?”
Davis sniggered and grinned wickedly, “I've got nothing nice to say to a loser.” he said.
“Loser…?” TK snarled. He almost had the nerve to go right over and slap Davis across the face, but Davis had already left the scene.
Even Kari was upset by Davis' attitude, and so were the spies. As for TK, he decided to make a pact. From now on he would study harder, and look more carefully. “I'll never lose to him again…!”
In the woods, Britney had just finished telling the Rouge-Gang leader what she wanted and presented him with a newly constructed deck. “So… do we have a deal?”
The leader took the cards, and agreed with her entirely. “No problem… boss.”
The two of them sniggered, and secretly, Britney had nothing to worry about, she knew that either way things turned out, she'd get what she wanted.