Totally Spies Fan Fiction ❯ Yugioh: Dueling Drama Much Season 4 ❯ Team Spirit: Part one ( Chapter 11 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

The duel had begun, and Davis was up first…
(Davis: 8000/ TK: 8000)
(Mandy: 8000/ Kari: 8000)
Davis: “Now… let's go!”
“I'll start by playing a Field spell! Hah! I activate the MYSITC PLASMA ZONE…!”
The field around them began to warp into holographic images of a Dark, and Stormy wasteland. Davis was really pleased with this field spell, but TK seeing that Davis had played it made him realized that he obviously switched his deck again…
“But what deck has he got this time…?” he wondered.
Davis: “Now I'll summon a monster in defense-mode, and I'll place one card face-down end my turn.”
Mandy: “Well it's about time…”
Mandy gazed down upon the cards in her hand, and was sniggered cheekily to herself in thought, “Oh, I couldn't have asked for a better hand…”
Mandy: “Alright… now I summon FAMILIAR KNIGHT…!”
(Atk: 1200)
“And thanks to that Field-Spell you played, since he's a Dark monster, he gets 500 extra attack points… (Trademark snigger)
(Atk: 1700)
“Now I'll place one card face down, and end my turn.”
TK: “My move…!”
TK gazed down at his hand, but he didn't like much of what he saw. His monsters were too weak to battle that Knight, even if they could attack this turn. He decided to play it safe.
TK: “I summon,SANGAN in defense-mode.”
(Def: 600) becomes (Def: 200)
TK: “What…? What happened to his defense-points?”
Then suddenly TK remembered that the Mystic Plasma Zone had a side effect; Dark monster would gain 500 extra attack-points, however, their defenses would be lowered by 400.
“Pathetic…!” was all Davis could mutter.
TK resisted the urge to argue, and ended his turn which passed control over to Kari. “Here I come….” She said as she drew her card. However, she had it the worst about the Field power bonus, because her deck was comprised mostly of Light creatures.
Kari: “I summon NOVA SUMMONER… in defense-mode!”
(Def: 800)
“Now I'll place one card face down, and end my turn.”
This was it… now that each one of them had a chance to move, it was time to really start dueling, and it all began with Davis' turn as he drew his card…
Davis: “Hmm…! Now I'll summon forth KYCOO THE GHOST DESTROYER…!”
(Atk: 1800) Becomes (Atk: 2300)
“And now I'll give him the equip-spell FAIRY METEOR CRUSH!This makes it so now even if a monster I defending you still take battle damage. So go Kycoo, and destroy that Nova Summoner! Attack…!”
Kari: “Ooh…!”
(Atk: 2300) VS (Def: 800)
(Davis: 8000/ TK: 8000)
(Mandy: 8000/ Kari: 6700)
Kari: “You may have taken down my life-points, Davis but you activated my Summoner's ability. Now I get special summon one Light-monster with an attack of up to 1500 to the field…”
“And I choose this one… SHINNING ANGEL…!”
(Atk: 1400)
Davis: “Hmm, mm… I didn't forget… that's why I had this trap ready, BOTTOMLESS TRAP HOLE! It activates whenever you summon a monster, and it destroys it any other others you summoned.”
(Angel destroyed)
“Oh, and there's something else you should know… since my Ghost Destroyer gave you battle damage, both those monsters in your graveyard are instantly removed from play.”
Kari: “GRR…!”
Davis: “I think I'll end my turn by playing this face-down...”
Sam couldn't believe what she just saw, “That's creep…!” she snarled, “He's acting like he enjoys beating Kari up like that.”
Alex never thought she'd say what she was about to say, but “That guy almost even makes Mandy look sweet.”
“Speaking of Mandy…” Clover said, “Looks like she's up now.”
Mandy: “Well look at what I just drew here… or rather, don't look at it, because I'm keeping it face down in defense-mode for now.” and now I'll go ahead an attack that silly little Sangan…! Go Familiar Knight…!”
(Atk: 1700) VS (Def: 200)
TK: “When Sangan is sent to the graveyard, I can take a monster from my deck with an attack of 1500 or less… So I'll take my Submarineroid…”
Mandy: “Whatever… just make your move.”
TK drew his card, and realized that he had no Dark-monsters, which meant he wouldn't be able to get the power-bonus form the Field-spell, but he did have something that he could use…
TK: “I'll place one card face down, and now I summon forth, STEAMROID…!”
(Atk: 1800)
Davis was almost disgusted by TK's monster. “Steamroid…? You've got to be kidding me…?” he said rudely “I guess you just didn't learn anything from our last duel.”
TK growled, but then turned back to face the field, “You just watch me…” he snarled, “I'll send Steamroid to attack Familiar Knight…!”
(Atk: 2300)VS (Atk: 1700)
(Davis: 8000/ TK: 8000)
(Mandy: 7400/ Kari: 6700)
Davis: “You idiot! Now you've done it…!”
TK: “Huh…?”
Mandy:(Trademark Snigger) Look what you've done is right. When my Knight is destroyed in battle we both get to summon forth any level-4 monster from our hands.”
TK: “Uh…? Mmm… fine then… I'll summon forth DECOYROID in defense-mode.”
(Atk: 500)
Mandy: “That's it…? A puny little car…? Hah! Well I summon something much better, RARE METAL DRAGON…!”
(Atk: 2400)Becomes (Atk: 2900)
TK: “Whoa… it has 2900 attack-points already?”
Davis: “Duh…! Ya' think…?”
TK: “GRR…! Fine… I'll just end my turn then.”
Kari: “Right then…”
By this point, Kari was in a tough spot. She didn't have anything strong enough to attack Davis' Ghost Destroyer… and with TK's Decoyroid on the field that was all she could attack on his that side.
But there was something that could help her…
Kari: “Now I summon MARSHMALLON… in defense-mode!”
(Def: 500)
Kari's thoughts: “No one can attack this baby. It can't be destroyed by battle, and it'll cause anyone who attacks it to lose 1000 life-points.”
Davis: “Hah! Once again you feel right into my Trap, Kari. TORENTIAL TRIBUTE…!”
(Kari gasps)
TK: “You're doing what…?”
Davis: “You better believe it. Now I can destroy all the monsters on everyone's field at once, including my own.”
(Monsters are destroyed)
Mandy: “Or really…? Well you're not going to get my monster. I activate INTER DIMENSIONAL MATTER TRANSPORTER…!With this Trap I can remove my Rare Metal Dragon off the field for one turn, so your Trap doesn't get it.”
Davis: “Well I'm not too worried about that… especially seeing as how my Trap sent my face-down monster to the graveyard; WITCH OF THE BLACK FOREST…!”
Davis began to search for his deck with a monster that had 1500 defense-points or less, and added it to his hand. Kari was really getting worried now because she was defenseless once again, and worse, when she ended her turn, Mandy's Dragon reappeared on the field.
TK really was mad at Davis, for thanks to him all he had in his field was his face-down card; this was no way to work together…
Now Davis was up again… as he drew his card.
Draw: “My draw…”
“Perfect...! Now I activate GRACEFUL CHAIRTY…! This spell lets me draw three cards, and then I discard two…”
As Davis drew his cards, TK was really wondering what he was up to, “All he's done so far is throw cards down and remove monsters.” he thought to himself, “Could this all be part of his strategy…?”
Davis drew three cards, and then discarded two; one of them was another Dark monster. This was what he needed to complete his strategy.
Davis: “Now that I have three Dark monsters in my graveyard, I can activate the special ability of this monster-card; DARK NEPHTHYS…!”
“So Ill remove two of the monsters from play, and remove this card from play as well, but on my next turn I can summon it straight to the field.
Kari and Mandy each thought that wasn't going to be good for either of them. That they had to find a way to get ready for it…
Davis: “In the meantime, I'll summon this monster in defense-mode and I'll activate this card too… the continuous-spell, DIMENSIONAL FISSURE…!”
Even TK felt worried now, this meant that any monster would be removed from play instead of sent to the graveyard. To him, Davis was acting more like he was trying to win this duel all on his own…
Yet, he ended his turn and controls went to Mandy as she drew her card… but before she made a move she thought deeply over what to do. TK didn't have any monsters in play. Just that face-down card...
As for Davis, all he had was one lousy face-down monster. That's when she suddenly got the idea she'd go for them both.
Mandy: “All right losers…! I summon KAISER SEA HORSE…!”
(Atk: 1700)
“And now I'll have it rip that face-down monster to shreds…! Attack…!”
Davis: “Hah! I don't think so… reveal monster; SPIRIT REAPER…!”
(Def: 200) Becomes (Def: 0)
(Attack fails…)
Davis: “My Spirit Reaper can't be destroyed by battle, in case you were wondering.”
Mandy: “Fine then…! Too bad you're little friend there has nothing to protect himself with. Go Rare Metal Dragon… attack that squirt directly!”
TK: “Oh…!”
(Atk: 2900)
(Davis: 8000/ TK: 5100)
(Mandy: 7400/ Kari: 6700)
TK got back to his feet. “How pathetic…!” Davis mocked.
TK's eyes narrowed, “Well it's not like you could've lent me a hand…” he sneered.
Davis just turned and pretended not to hear him. He was really getting tired of the way he was contradiction him into how he planned to win the match. To Davis, a win was a win… no matter what the outcome.
Mandy was finished with her turn, so she let TK make his move…
TK drew his card and thought about this really deeply. He had to figure out a way to get rid of Mandy's Dragon and fast before it attacked him again, otherwise he would probably lose the duel on his next turn.
He also had to be careful with what he played because of Davis' spell card. Unfortunately, there was only one card he could play that would give him an edge over Mandy's Dragon…
TK: “Okay… here goes… now I activate the spell POWER BOND…!”
All three of the others gasped, and so did many people in the crowd, and those of us in King-Monroe's private box, the girls nearly feel out from their chairs. “Not the Power Bond…!” cried Sabrina.
The King and I weren't surprised though, for with our Millennium Items we both knew how the duel was going to end, and how. This move however wasn't the last…
“You're taking a big risk TK…” the King thought to himself. Are you sure that using that card really such a good idea.”
TK: “Now remove Ambulanceroid and Rescueroid from play… so I can fusion-summon, AMBULANCE RESCUEROID…!”
(Atk: 2300)
“And since it was summoned by Power Bond, its attack-power is doubled…!”
(Atk: 2300) Becomes (Atk: 4600)
Mandy screamed in fear, “That's things twice as powerful as my dragon…!”
TK smirked, “You bet it is… and just wait until I attack It.” he said, and his monster crush Mandy's dragon easily. “Yeah…! I did it…!” he cried for joy, but suddenly he noticed that Mandy's life points didn't drop down at all. “Hey… what happened…?”
Hen he gazed over at Kari was giggling cheekily, “Sorry I had to do this TK, but I thought it was safe now to activate my trap, HALLOWED LIFE BARRIER…!”
TK gasped, this meant that his monster could cause no damage this turn.
Mandy was grateful that Kari had saved her life points, “But next time… let me handle these two thugs myself…!” she snapped at her.
Some thanks that was…!” Kari thought to herself.
TK saw no option put play his next card face down and end his turn, and that was when his life points seriously dropped due to Power Bond's other effect.
(Davis: 8000/ TK: 2800)
(Mandy: 7400/ Kari: 6700)
From up in the King's box, the spies couldn't believe how much damage TK just took. “Hey… wait a minute…” Alex said, “Sabrina, how come when you use that card you never took damage…?”
The girls had never before dueled Sabrina properly and still had a hard time understanding how it worked. Sabrina explained to them that she had used Power Bond many times before than TK had, “But the way I use it in my Cyber-Deck, I only use it when I know the time is right, and I also have cards to negate the damage…”
“TK didn't do any of those things right. He took a very big risk.”
What really made every one of us mad was the fact that the teams didn't seem to be getting along too well at all. “Stay out of this…!” Davis snarled at TK, “Let me handle them.”
This was really looking bad. TK's life-points were almost all gone, and the Girls were still stronger than ever. Of course Davis' life-points hadn't even been touched yet, but he didn't seem to be in any position to want to help out at all.
If the teams didn't start to pull together soon… who knew what was going to happen…?
To Be Continued