Totally Spies Fan Fiction ❯ Yugioh: Dueling Drama Much Season 4 ❯ Jammin' Ojama's: Part one ( Chapter 21 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Alex and Chazz drew their cards, and Chazz still hadn't given his mouth a rest. “Brace yourself, little Alex… you've never dueled against these kinds of creatures before.”
Alex narrowed her eyes, “Yeah…? Well we'll just see about that. Now let's do this…!”
SCORE:(Chazz: 8000/ Alex: 8000)
Alex was impressed by the way she drew her Red-Eyes already, “Crushing this oversized creep should be easier than I thought.” She thought to herself.
Alex: “All right… I'll place one card face down… and I'll throw ALIGATOR SWORD in Attack-mode!”
(Atk: 1500)
Alex: “You're turn big guy…”
Chazz: “Well… its about time…”
“Hmm… not bad… I'll throw one card face down, and I'll summon a monster in defense-mode. Now go ahead… it's your move.”
Alex wondered what Chazz was hiding under those cards. Was he trying to fake her out? Or was he just backing down because he knew she could beat him easily, but she also realized that if she could summon just one more monster, she'd have enough to sacrifice and summon her Red Eyes next turn…
She drew her card…
Alex: “Heh…! If you think you can keep your cards from me… guess again.”
“I summon my LITTLE WING-GUARD…!”
(Atk: 1400)
“And now my Alligator Sword's going to go postal on that monster of yours. Attack…!”
Chazz: “Hah… you just attacked my DES KOALA…!”
(Atk: 1500) VS (Def: 1800)
Alex: “Oh no…!”
SCORE:(Chazz: 8000/ Alex: 6100)
Alex gazed down at her life-point score, and gasped at how it had dropped by 1900 points just like that. “Hey… something's wrong with this thing.” She said, “I couldn't have just lost that many points like that…!”
Chazz sniggered and explained why that happened; “Well in the first place… your attack was weaker than my defense, but by flipping my Koala up you activated its special ability; you lost 400 life points for each card in your hand. You do the math…!”
Alex realized it was true. Now not only was she already way behind, none of her monsters could beat that Koala, but at least she would be able to next turn. “Especially seeing as how I got my Skull-dice trap waiting She thought, “Once he summons a strong monster I'll spring this on it and lower its attack power…!”
So she ended her turn.
“Here I come…” Chazz mocked at her as he drew his card.
Chazz: “Oh yeah… too smooth. I summon OJAMA YELLOW defense-mode!”
(Def: 1000)
Alex: “Huh…? That has got to be the puniest monster I have ever seen…!”
Chazz: “Oh really… well don't you know it's not nice to call things names. You might hurt their feelings, and then they'll hurt you back.”
Even Clover and I were confused. “Did he just play a monster that has no attack-points, and no special power?” Clover asked. “Weirdo much…!”
It was a shame I never saw such a monster before, and I didn't know much about it, but even though it didn't look like much, “I'm not sure Clover…” I said to her. “It may not have a special-ability, or any attack-strength, but I'm betting there's some reason Chazz played that card.”
Chazz: “And now I'll activate my trap, ULTIMATE OFFERING…!Now I just have to pay 500 points, and I can summon a new monster.”
SCORE:(Chazz: 7500/ Alex: 6100)
“So I summon OJAMA GREEN in defense-mode.”
(Def: 1000)
Alex, Clover, and I were shocked. He just played another monster that had no attack-points. Not to mention it almost seemed just like the Yellow one. Chazz was up to something
“Okay Alex… I'm ending my turn now…”
Alex was most confused now, but it was finally time for her to take control of the duel, she drew her card and smiled down at her Red-Eyes…
Alex: “Okay Chazz… its time for you and an old friend to get reacquainted. I sacrifice Alligator Sword, and Little Wing guard. So now I can summon this… RED-EYES BLACK-DRAGON…!”
(Atk: 2400)
“Hah! How does it feel Chazz… knowing that your old monster is about to work against you?”
Chazz: “Hmm…! Whatever… just finish your move.”
Alex: “…?! Not the expression I was looking for, but you asked for it. Go Red-Eyes… destroy his Des Kola… Attack…!”
(Atk: 2400) Vs (Def: 1800)
The De Kola was barbequed, even though Chazz's score was unaffected due to his monster being in defense-mode, but Alex was beside herself with joy, “I smoked that sucker.” she said acting all cocky.
Clover and I never saw Alex act like that before, over one measly victory, but even though she had a strong monster in play… we still wanted to know more about the Ojamas that Chazz had on the field…
Alex: “I'll end my turn. So it's your move now…”
Chazz: “Really… I noticed…”
“Ahh… just what I needed. Now I summon OJAMA BLACK…!”
(Def: 1000)
Alex: “You have got to be kidding me…! What can you possibly hope to gain by playing those three little runts…?”
Chazz: “Uh-ah-ah…! I warned you about insulting them, cuz' now you're going to see why. I activate POLYMERIZATION…!”
Alex: “Polymerization…? That can't be good…”
Chazz: “You bet its not. Now I fuse all three Ojamas together… to form the all-mighty OJAMA KING…!”
(Def: 3000)
Alex couldn't believe this. It was yet another monster that had no attack-points, but with a high defense of 3000, “There's no way my Red-eyes can take out that oversized thing…!”
Chazz grinned, “You better believe it, but there's way more where that came from.” He then motioned to three glowing force-field surrounding three unoccupied monster-zones on Alex's duel disk. “Hey… what gives…?” she snapped, “What are these things on my disk…?”
Chazz explained to her that it was his Ojama King's special-ability. “See…as long as he sticks around… you won't be able to use any of those monster zones to summon any more creatures.”
Alex gasped in shock, and so did Clover and I. “Not able to use them…?” Clover asked in near fear. “How fair is that…?”
I was amazed out of my mind as well, but I still believed that Alex could try and pull through. “Come on Alex… you can figure this out…”
Chazz grunted at the cheering and rooting against him.
Chazz: “I'll place one card face down… and end my turn.”
Alex: “Whatever…”
Alex wasn't sure what she could do now…
Her face-down Skull-Dice trap could lower the defense-points, but she decided to save it and see if it would be of better use later on… and besides, with three of her monster-zones blocked, she could only summon one more creature, and nothing else she had in her hand was good enough…
Alex: “I'll throw a monster in defense-mode and that's all…”
Chazz: “Aww… what's the matter? Can't make a move…? Hah!”
“But I sure can… and I'll summon this…EXILED FORCE…!”
(Atk: 1000)
“And now I'll pay 500 life points so my Ultimate Offering Activates…”
SCORE:(Chazz: 7000/ Alex: 6100)
“So I'll summon another Exiled Force…!”
(Atk: 1000)
Alex was impressed slightly to see a change from playing monsters that had zero attack points, “But those guys can't do anything to hurt my Red-Eyes.” suddenly she realized, “Hey… wait a second…”
Chazz grinned and said that he had no intention to actually attack. “Who needs to attack when you got special-abilities to do all the work for you? So I'll sacrifice these monsters to the Graveyard, and now I can instantly destroy both your monsters…”
Alex watched in horror as her Red-eyes and her face down monster, the Swordsman of Land star were both destroyed, “No way…! he just totaled them both.”
Chazz: “And it only gets worse, because I'm playing another trap, Go BACK-UP SOLDIER…! This means now I can take all three of the Ojamas in my Graveyard and add them to my hand.”
“But they won't be in my hand for long, because now I activate POLYMERIZATION again… and I'll fuse two of the Ojamas I got… to form OJAMA KNIGHT…!”
(Def: 2500)
Now there was another one of those monsters in play, and the last two of Alex's monster-zones were blocked-off. “Oh no… don't tell me…” she nearly begged, but it was true.
Chazz explained that the Ojama Knight also blocked out the monster-zones on her duel-disk. Alex was officially freaking out now, and so were Clover and I. With all five of Alex's monster-zones out-of-action she couldn't summon anything!
“Awe man… what am I going to do now?” Alex asked aloud.
“Not much is what…” Chazz mocked at her. “With no monsters, and very little ways to get behind mine, all you can do is just sit there as I take out your precious life points bit-by-bit until nothing remains.”
“Finally… I'll have my revenge, and Yubel will take your soul to add to her collection!”
Alex's head suddenly perked up “Huh…?”
Then she gazed over towards me and Clover, “Alex… that's what we've been trying to tell you.” Clover said. “If you lose this duel… you're going to lose your soul.”
Alex gasped, “Now you tell me…!” she grunted.
This was just too entertaining for Chazz, “The truth hurts, doesn't it…?” he mocked at her. “You might as well give it up Alex. With all these rare cards I got from Yubel, your chances of beating me this time are nothing to impossible. YOU'VE HAD IT… HA, HA, AH, AH, AH… AH, HA, HA, HA, AH, AH…!”
To Be continued