Totally Spies Fan Fiction ❯ Yugioh: Dueling Drama Much Season 4 ❯ Jammin' Ojama's: Part three ( Chapter 23 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

The Ojama King was still heading on a direct attack towards Alex…
Chazz: “You're finished…!”
Alex: “Not so fast…!”
Chazz: “Huh…? What are you doing…?”
Alex: “Looks like you forgot about my GRACEFUL DICE card…!”
Chazz: “Ah…!”
The Blue Dice-block began to roll, and Alex was hoping to get a four or higher to make her Knight strong enough to blow off the attack. “Whatever number I get my Knight's attack multiplies”(Rules Fudged)
The block stopped rolling, and once-again “What… a two?”
(Atk: 1800) Becomes (Atk: 3600)
“Too bad…” Chazz said, “Looks like your knight didn't get enough attack strength, and I get to finish my attack and you off for good…!”
The attack continued, and Alex's Knight was destroyed. “NO…! ALEX…!” I cried.
“No… it can't be…” Clover said nearly sobbing. “She can't have lost.”
Chazz was laughing manically, She's gone! I did it…!” but as the smoke began to clear, “What…? You're… you're still in the game…?”
Clover and I gazed forth, “Alex…!” Clover called.
“She hasn't lost…” I added.
Alex smirked and then showed us all the reason why. “I had a back-up plan in case my Graceful dice wouldn't have worked.” she said. “I activated… NUTRIENT-Z…!”
Chazz gawked in utter shock and humiliation. That card was only allowed to be activated whenever Alex would have taken 2000 points of damage or more. It first increased her life points by 4000…
SCORE: (Chazz: 3900/ Alex: 4100)
And then she took the 2400 damage-points from the battle…
SCORE: (Chazz: 3900/ Alex: 1600)
“But I'm still in the game…” replied Alex. “This isn't over by a long shot.”
Chazz growled angrily, and ended his turn with a card face-down…
Alex took her turn…
It was one her own Spy girl card, but she couldn't play it just yet. She needed to sacrifice two monsters to play it, and she didn't have any. Besides, the Ojama King was still on the field and blocking up her monster-zones, she had to get rid of it and fast.
Alex: “All right Chazz… get ready to so adios to your King again. I'm activating MYSTICAL SPACE TYPHOON…! You said yourself that if I destroy Call of the Haunted… then your King goes away.”
Chazz: “Grr…! Why you--”
Alex: “But wait… I'm not through with you yet. I also summon PATNHER WARRIOR…!”
(Atk: 2000)
“Since my Panther Warrior needs a sacrifice, I can't attack. So I'll end my turn.”
Chazz: “Fine by me…”
“Hey… this looks good. But first thing's first, I'm activating the Equip-spell RE-FUSION…! It lets me pay 800 points, and now my Ojama King Returns yet again…!”
SCORE: (Chazz: 3100/ Alex: 1600)
(Def: 3000)
Alex's thoughts: “Again…? You know I'm really starting to get sick of this thing.”
(Def: 1600)
Alex: “Oh, just great… now how am I supposed to attack that lousy thing?”
Chazz: “Heh-Heh-Heh…! You're not… Especially when I equip him with this card… HEART OF CLEAR WATER…!
“I'll bet your wondering what this card does eh….” Chazz asked Alex. “Please… do enlighten me…” Alex said with sarcasm in her voice, but she soon regretted it when she learned…
The Heart of Clear water card… it could only work on a monster that had 1300 attack-points or less. That monster however could not be destroyed. Either in battle, or by effects that targeted it specifically….
“What…?” Alex squealed, “But that means… that things virtually impregnable now.”
Clover nearly pulled out her hair in frustration. “I can't believe this!” she squealed for the umpteenth time. “What is it going to take for Alex to destroy that ugly thing…?”
Even I was starting to feel a little uneasy, “Chazz's deck…” I thought to myself. “Somehow it's so perfectly calibrated that he'll always find a way to get back his Ojamas.
“Don't give up, Alex...” I said to her, “Remember, every card has its drawbacks.”
Alex looked up at me and nodded, but she was still unsure about herself. The cards she had in her hand were still no good.
She couldn't play Scapegoat because of her monster-zones being blocked, yet again! Her Yellow Spy-Girl couldn't be summoned without another sacrifice. Right now… she needed one heck of a miracle.
“Come on Heart of the cards… don't let me down now…” she thought as she nervously drew her card. “Huh…?”
Alex: “Hee…! This card could help things out a bit. I play the spell, ROLL OF FATE…!”(Anime Card only)
“Another Dice-card…?” Chazz was really growing annoyed with all the dice-cards Alex had been using, but none the less the block began to roll.
“Here's how it goes… whatever I roll, I get to draw that many cards, but then discard that same amount after.” She explained, and for once, the die didn't stop on a two. “Four… huh? Not bad…”
So she drew four cards, and then sent the next four cards to the graveyard. She gazed down at what she drew. “Unreal…!” she gloated. “I actually drew something that really can help me win this.”
Chazz thought she was bluffing. “Yeah right… get real. Nothing you have there can take down my Ojama King.”
Alex playfully shook her finger. “Ah, Ah, Ahh… you said yourself, you shouldn't judge too soon, or you'll regret it… and that's just what you're going to do.”
Alex: “I'm activating MONSTER REBORN…And I think I'll use it to bring back and old friend. The RED-EYES BLACK-DRAGON…!”
(Atk: 2400)
Chazz: “Big deal…! Even your old-pal there can't put a dent in my Ojama King, and thanks to the Heart of Clear water… he couldn't do it even if he were stronger.”
Alex: “Yeah… you are right… for once… but I'm not through yet.”
Alex gave her usual lecture again about how much she learned about the Red-Eyes, and all of its secrets. Time after time her Red-Eyes came through for her, taking on a different shape and power each time.
“And now It's about to happen again…”
Alex: “But first I'll place two cards face-down…”
“And now…I activate this ritual spell… RED-EYES TRANSMIGRATION…!”(Anime Card only)
Chazz: “Huh…? What the heck is that thing…?”
Alex: “Glad you asked. See… first off I have to sacrifice my Red-eyes, and a Warrior-type monster, and I think my Panther Warrior is just right for the job. So I'll sacrifice them both… and now I can bring forth this baby… HAH…!”
“The one and only… LORD OF THE RED…!”(Anime Card Only)
(Atk: 2400)
“Get a good look at him Chazz…” Alex smirked, “This guy's going to rid me of that King of yours for good…!”
“You lie…! It can't be beaten!” Chazz snarled.
Alex grinned sneakily and counted backwards from three, and when she reached one. KAPOW…! The Ojama King was blown off the field just like that, much to Chazz's shock. “What…? But… but how… how did you…?” then he realized. “Wait! Don't tell me…!”
Alex told him anyways about her monster's ability; “If two spell cards were played during the same turn and this card's on the field. Then that means… all the monsters on your side of the field get destroyed!”
Alex referred to the fact that she used Roll of Fate, andMonster Reborn
“ALL… the monsters… Not just one… which means you're Heart of Clear Water couldn't deal with that blow. One of its many flaws like Mykan said.”
Chazz was growling like a bear.
“Now that that's settled… Lord of the Red… LET HIM HAVE IT…!” Alex ordered.
(Atk: 2400)
Chazz: “GAAH…!”
SCORE: (Chazz: 700/ Alex: 1600)
Clover leapt in the air cheering for joy. “Way to sock it to him Alex…!”
I smiled and nodded, but still… the duel wasn't over yet. Alex still had some work cut out for her.
Chazz go up to his feet, and he was amazed by how much power his old card possessed. He had it for a year and never used its other forms once. Now she was starting to feel different into calling it weak, but still… he wasn't going to let Alex get at him like this...
“I gotta admit… you sure are a lot stronger than the last time I faced you.” He complimented as he drew his card. “But don't think that means I'm backing out now…!”
Chazz: “I play the Equip-Spell… SNATCH N' STEAL…!”
Alex: “Ah…!”
Chazz: “I take it you know what happens. I get your Lord of the Red!”
Alex's monster leapt up and joined Chazz over on his side of the field. To Chazz, standing next to his Red-Eyes again really felt great. “Looks like I got my Red-Eyes again… and you're about to get him too… his attack that is.”
“I don't think so…” Alex snapped, “I activate SCAPEGOAT…!”
Four sheep tokens appeared on the field, but unfortunately, “Wait… oh no!”
Alex had completely forgotten her Lord of the Red's effect. She played a second spell card, and now all four of her tokens were destroyed! “Looks like I was wrong… you really haven't gotten stronger.” Chazz mocked. “A lesson you won't soon regret learning…”
“Go Lord of the Red… Attack her now!”
(Atk: 2400)
Alex: “No! I won't let this happen so I'll activate AGEIS OF GAIA…! It'll boost my life points by 3000…!”
SCORE: (Chazz: 700/ Alex: 4600)
Chazz: “GRR…! I'll attack you anyways…!”
(Atk: 2400)
SCORE: (Chazz: 700/ Alex: 2200)
Chazz: “You have lucked out this time… but it's not going to save you! This is your last move Alex, and for your sake… you better make it good.”
Chazz was right… this was the final move. Alex had to be careful as well… because if her Trap was destroyed she'd have to take 3000 points of damage and that would wipe her out.
She also kept in mind that she had to be careful playing her spell cards, or else her own monster would wipe her out. “Okay Chazz… I draw… and my life points go up by 1000 thanks to your own spell.”
“Whatever…” Chazz sneered.
SCORE: (Chazz: 700/ Alex: 3200)
She gazed down at the card she had… she remembered something a few turns back, and of course knowing all the flaws of her own Lord of the Red… she grinned. “Oh yeah… this is going to be awesome.” she said cheekily.
Alex: “Get set Chazz… I play POT OF GREED… so I draw two more cards…”
Chazz's thoughts: “Hah… she doesn't stand a chance. Once she plays another spell… my monster will destroy all the monsters she'll play.”
Alex: “And I hope you're not thinking that you can use my Lord's effect Chazz… watch as I play THE WARRIOR RETURNING ALIVE…!”
Chazz: “Ah... wait a minute!”
“I see…” I said, “That was very well played.”
Clover was confused, “Um… hello…! Mind telling me what's going on down there?”
I explained to Clover that Alex just used two spell cards. However, there were no monsters on her field, which mean that the Lord of the Red wouldn't be able to use its special ability. “Chazz won't be able to destroy any monsters she plays now until two more spells are played…” I replied.
Alex smirked at me, “But that's not really going to be happening.” she said. “Thanks to spell I just played, I got to fetch a monster that I discarded earlier with the Roll of fate… and at a time when I couldn't be happier.”
“Now I play one last spell… POLYMERIZATION…!”
Chazz: “Huh…?”
Alex: “And now… I'll fuse together, RED -SPY GIRL… GREEN SPY-GIRL… and YELLOW SPY-GIRL…!” (Mykan cards only)
“And I form… the ultimate power! I summon… SPY-WOMAN…!”(Also a Mykan card)
(Atk: 4000)
Chazz: “Wha-- NO! It CAN'T BE…!”
Chazz had never seen anything like it. three monsters that looked like Alex and her friends, that I had made for them years ago, had formed to make a monster with so much power… There was nothing Chazz could do.
Alex felt bad though having to attack a monster that was originally her own, but her Red-Eyes would always be there to help her win her duels. “And that's just what its going to do now.”
The Spy-woman armed her super-cannon, and fired right at Chazz's field. “WHOA…!” Chazz yelped as his dragon exploded, and he was thrown back hard.
FINAL-SCORE: (Chazz: “0000”/ Alex: 3200)
Clover and I were both cheering, as giddy as school kids. “She did it! She won…!” cried Clover.
“I knew she could do it…!” I said.
As for Alex… she was so relieved, and proud. She held up her Red-Eyes Black-Dragon and gazed deeply at it, “Thanks a lot Red-Eyes…” she thought deeply, “You'll always be my most favorite card of all.”