Totally Spies Fan Fiction ❯ Yugioh: Dueling Drama Much Season 4 ❯ The duel of Unknown cards: Part one ( Chapter 25 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

As Yubel and I drew our cards she was sniggering wickedly. “Hmm, mm, mm… poor Mykan… If you only knew the sort of horrors that awaited you in this Shadow-Game…”
I could tell that she was trying to psyche me out. “I'm not going to let you get through to me by trying to scare me Yubel… but it's not going to work this time.” I said to her, “I've dueled in the Shadow-Realm many times before… and I haven't lost myself yet.”
Yubel only chuckled more, “But that's precisely the point…” she replied to me. “As your life points decrease you will lose part of yourself to the Shadow-Realm. Slowly but surely your body will be consumed by the darkness, until nothing is left.”
She was really starting to get on my nerves, but I wasn't backing down. It was time to begin…
SCORE:(Yubel: 8000/ Mykan: 8000)
Yubel: “Let the destruction commence…”
“I see the cards in my newly constructed deck are already showing you no mercy. I summon… SOULS OF THE FORGOTTEN…!”
(Atk: 900)
“And nest I'll equip this card to them… VICIOUS CLAW…! It will boost my monster's attack by 300 points.
(Atk: 900) Becomes (Atk: 1200)
“Next I shall place one card face-down… and that's all for now.”
I was confused already. “Why did do that…?” I wondered, “She played a really weak monster and hardly boosted its attack at all. Could she be trying to lure me into a trap…?”
I couldn't be sure, but there was only one real way to know what she was trying to pull…
So I took my turn…
“I summon QUEEN'S KNIGHT…!”
(Atk: 1500)
“Even with your spell-card, your monster is still far too weak to withstand being destroyed. Queen's Knight, Attack…!”
Yubel: “Oh really…? Guess again!”
Mykan: “Ah…?”
I watched as my attack hit Yubel's monster, but when the smoke had cleared, the monster hadn't been destroyed at all, yet her other card remained face-down. “What is the meaning of this Yubel…?” I demanded to know.
Yubel explained, “You didn't honestly think I would leave my monster unguarded… so I activated the second power of my Vicious Claw.”
She explained how sending the spell back to her hand at the point of battle prevented her monster from being destroyed. “Unfortunately, I cannot play it again on the same turn, however… I can destroy the monster that you just used to battle mine with.”
I gasped as my own monster exploded, “No…! My Queen's Knight…!”
“Hmm, mm, mm… is gone.” replied Yubel, “And there is still far more. You also took 600 life points of damage from the destruction of your monster…”
SCORE:(Yubel: 8000/ Mykan: 7400)
“But in addition, and Evil token is summoned on your side of the field?”
I gazed in amazement as a new monster appeared on my side of the field… It was a Fiend type monster. Its attribute was Dark, and it had a level of seven and 2500 attack and defense points.
(Atk: 2500)
“What…? This token is mine?” I asked.
Yubel nodded, “I wouldn't bother worrying too much about it now, as you should be aware of what's happening to your arm…”
“My arm…?” I asked. I gazed down at my left-arm and nearly yelped. My hand was still there, and so was my shoulder, but the entire bit that was supposed to connect the two could not be seen. Even though I could still feel it, my left-arm had vanished completely.
“My arm…!” I shouted, “What have you done to my body?”
Yubel explained to me again, “Weren't you listening to what I said…? As such you lose your life points in this duel, parts of your body will slip away into the shadows.”
So that's what Yubel meant. I understood now, but what I didn't understand was how and why she just gave a very powerful creature? She wouldn't let something like this happen… not like that… unless she had something really sneaky planned for me.
Regardless, the question was, did I dare attack with the Evil Token, or not…?
Mykan: “I don't know what you're up to Yubel, but I can't allow you to get ahead of me. So I'll place two cards face-down and end my turn.”
Yubel: “Very well then....! As you wish…”
“Hmm, mm, mm… Now I shall play the spell MONSTER REBORN…! This enables me to revive your fallen Knight onto my side of the field…”
(Atk: 1500)
“Now you can observe as I activate my face-down; the Continuous Trap-Card… REMOVE BRAINWASHING…!”
In a flash…
I saw the Queen's Knight and the Evil token change fields. “Are you confused again…?” Yubel mocked at me. “Well it isn't any surprise that any duelist should know that Remove Brainwashing returns all the monsters on the field to the fields of their original owners.”
“I see…” I said. “You were planning this all along… you gave me the Evil Token knowing fully well you would regain control of it later on.”
Yubel nodded… “And the same thing will happen every time one of us attempts to try and control each other's beasts. So I wouldn't bother trying anything suspicious.”
Then she continued on with her turn…
Yubel: “Now that are up to speed, I shall once again put VICIOUS CLAW onto my Souls of the Forgotten to increase their power…”
(Atk: 900) Becomes (Atk: 1200)
“And now I shall have it attack your Queen's Knight…!”
(Atk: 1200) VS (Atk: 1500)
Mykan: “Attack the Queen's Knight, but her attack is higher. Your monster doesn't stand a chance. Ah…! Wait a moment…”
Yubel: “Correct…! I plan to use the same effect as I did before; by sending the Claw back into my hand I can prevent my monster from being destroyed in battle…”
(Atk fails)
(Atk: 1200) Becomes (Atk: 900)
The exact same routine happened again…
My Queen's Knight was destroyed… I lost 600 life points and a little of my right are this time with them…
SCORE:(Yubel: 8000/ Mykan: 6800)
…and another evil Token was summoned, only this time, because of the Remove Brainwashing trap, it appeared on Yubel's side of the field. “No…! She has two tokens!” I said to myself.
(Atk: 2500) x2
Yubel: “Ha, ha, ah, ah… indeed I do, and as you can see, they both would deal you some serious damage to your life points, but I have someone much better I want that honor to go to…”
Mykan: “Something else…? Wait…! You mean…?”
Yubel: “Yes… I do…!”
“Sacrifice all three of my Fiend monsters… so then and only then may I summon forth the first of the three Sacred Beasts…!”
Blue lightning began to flash and flare as she held up her card and slammed it down hard on her duel-disk. “Behold…! The first of my greatest creations… RAVIEL, LORD OF THE PHANTASMS…!”
(Atk: 4000)
Even TK and Kari both frightened, and impressed by the appearance of the giant monster. It greatly looked like an ideal double to Obelisk the Tormentor. “What a monster…!” cried TK.
“How is Mykan supposed to protect himself against that huge thing?” asked Kari.
Yubel sniggered, “He isn't…!” and then she ordered, “Now my Sacred Beast… destroy his Queen's Knight…!”
I scowled as the large giant attacked my defenseless Knight. “GRR…!”
(Atk: 4000) VS (Atk: 1500)
SCORE:(Yubel: 8000/ Mykan: 4300)
I managed to stay on my feet… or so the case was… for now my feet, and my lower legs… as well as my stomach area had vanished into the Shadows.
Far away at the castle, in the infirmary…
Sabrina, still weak from not having all of her soul with her, lurched in bed as if something inside her had twitched. “Mmm…! Uhn…!”
The King and the spies dashed over to her, “Sabrina…!” her father cried, “Honey, what is it…?”
Sabrina continued to shake and whimper, and then she finally managed to say. “M-My-kan…!”
The spies took this as a sign that she could feel that something was going on with me, and it was really starting to worry her. “Hey… you think he's dueling against Yubel?” Alex asked.
Nobody was positive, but it seemed as if they all agreed that had to be the reason. “Mykan…! Mykan…!” Sabrina continued to cry.
The doctor gave her an injection of medicine to help her calm down. “We can't let her condition worsen.” he said.
As for Sam, she was fiddling with the computer mainframe that was in the room. “Sammy… how can you be fiddling with that stuff at a time like this…?” Clover asked.
Sam poked her head out, “For your information I'm trying to get Estevan back online…!” Sam snarled, “Now if you want to help… you can either go see Mykan and risk getting soul-struck… or you can hand me that large computer-chip.”
Clover handed Sam the chip, and once Sam installed, the computer booted back up again. The transmission was faint, but Estevan was there. “Well done Sam…” he said.
“Hey, Estevan…!” Alex gleamed.
“Son… are you alright?” the King asked.
“I think so…” Estevan answered, “But I don't know how long I can keep the transmission running though. The unstable forces of the Shadow-Realm are still interfering with my virtual-units.”
Clover then explained to Estevan what was going on, and asked, “Do you think maybe you can find a way to tune in to the duel….?”
Estevan wasn't sure if that was even possible. Being in the Shadow-Realm, even he had no access to the satellite-networks, but he did however have control over the regular systems. “I'll try… but it's not going to be easy…”
The King tried to hone in on my signal, but the forces of the evil magic around the duel were too strong, but he knew they were all doing the right thing. If they could at least tune into the duel and see what was going on… maybe Sabrina, if she woke up, wouldn't feel so worried.
“I have something…!” Estevan finally said. “I've managed to establish a connection with the concealed camera's in the cavern. It's very faint, but it is viewable.”
He flipped the switch and the monitor showed a static, yet viewable picture of my duel, and everyone was flipped out of their minds to see half of my body missing, and the giant Sacred Beast. “Whoa… check it…!” Clover said. “Mykan's not looking so good.”
And I wasn't either… “What am I going to do…?” I thought. “There's only been a few moves in the duel and I've nearly lost half my life points already… and I don't know the first thing about these Sacred Beast cards… how can I possibly defend against it…?”
Yubel's evil laughter echoed throughout the cave… believing that “My victory is assured!”
To Be Continued