Totally Spies Fan Fiction ❯ Yugioh: Dueling Drama Much Season 4 ❯ The duel of Unknown cards: Part three ( Chapter 27 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Estevan was still doing his best to keep the duel in focus, and he even found a way to send the duel images to all the monitors in every dorm on the island so that all the students were watching me now.
There were many exchanging in worried expressions by the three Sacred Beasts; cards of likes they had never seen before.
“Look there…!”
“What are those things…?”
To make matters worse, Sabrina was starting to awaken slightly from the needle she was given, and it was too risky to give her another. She was already moaning slightly… but she wasn't fully awakened yet.
“Steady, honey…” the King said as his gently stroked his daughter's head.
By this point, you'd think the spies would have nibbled through their. “I should've given Mykan the spy cards…” Alex said, “He could've used them a lot now.”
“I doubt even they would work…” Sam said. “That Yubel's playing her cards as carefully as she can.”
Clover just didn't have anything to say, not even if someone could get her a curling iron because her hair was all ruffled from her pulling on it so much.
SCORE:(Yubel: 7500/ Mykan: 3300)
All three Sacred Beasts were still in play… but something struck me as odd about the newest one. “You call your monster all-mighty Yubel, but it doesn't even have any attack-points.” I pointed out.
(Atk: 0)
Yubel nodded, “Perhaps it does… and perhaps it doesn't.” she said, “You see… even Uria has his special secrets just as designed him.”
She explained to that Uria's attack depended on the number of Continuous traps in her grave yard, and last turn she did indeed send one there to use Tribute to the Doomed.
(Atk: 0) Becomes (Atk: 1000)
“I know what you are thinking…” Yubel then said, “My monster is still far weaker than yours. Well you are correct… but I don't plan to keep it like that. As you will soon see…”
Yubel: “For example… I can play this spell card. MONSTER REINCARNATION…! It lets me discard one card in exchange to add a monster to my hand. So I'll part with the Gravity Bind Continuous Trap and again my Souls of the Forgotten!”
“Now my Beast gains an extra thousand points added to his total… Heh, heh, heh…!”
(Atk: 1000) Becomes (Atk: 2000)
Mykan: “Oh no…! Now it's even stronger than my Valkyria.”
Yubel: “Quite so… and if you're thinking that your face down cards can save you this time, perhaps I shall show Uria's other special power.”
Mykan: “What…? Are you saying it can destroy my cards?”
Yubel: “Well, only one of them… and also I should mention, you can't try and use any of those cards against this effect. You're card is down, and that's all there is to it!”
I watched in horror as Yubel destroyed one of the two cards I set on the field, “Oh no…! My MIROR FORCE trap card is gone.” I cried.
Yubel chose the perfect target, I was hoping to reflect her attack and destroy all the beasts at once. “Now isn't that a shame…?” she mocked at me, “You thought you actually withstand my monsters… but once again I've proven how more powerful and wiser the dark forces are.”
Uria moved in closer towards my Valkyria… “Say farewell to your last line of defense…! Uria… Attack…!”
(Atk: 2000)VS (Def: 1800)
“UGH…!” I braced myself as the attack hit with full force. Yubel laughed and chuckled maliciously, “So much for your monster…! Huh…?” she suddenly gasped when she realized… “What's this…?”
The smoke cleared, and my Valkyira hadn't been destroyed. “You should know Yubel that traps are not the only way to stop an attack.” I warned her.
Yubel gazed forth, and saw me grinning. “What have you done…?” she growled. “I demand to know.”
I sniggered softly and showed her the Quick-play spell that was next to me. “Sorry Yubel… but just before Uria was able to attack, I activate THE RELIABLE GAURDIAN… and its magic increased the defense of my Valkyria by 700 points.”
(Def: 2500)
This meant that Uria's attack had failed and Yubel lost the difference in damage.
SCORE:(Yubel: 7000/ Mykan: 3300)
“You set me up!” she growled at me.
“Hmm… actually, you set yourself up.” I protested, “You destroyed one of my Cards without even thinking about the others. That was a very shameful move Yubel, and terribly wasted.”
Yubel bit her lower lip with her fangs, and almost actually punctured Britney's skin.
“Yubel…” I replied, “You've just shown me and proved my point that you are indeed capable of making mistakes, just as any other duelist… and I can assure you… Before this match is over, both you and your Sacred Beasts will fall…!”
Yubel continued to deny me, but now she didn't know if it would be wise to try and attack again. Raviel was still trapped, but Hamon was still free. Still… she couldn't take any chance, and decided to try a new strategy.
“I shall switch Hamon to defense-mode, and that will end my turn.”
(Def: 4000)
“Very well then…” I said “It's my move…” yet as I drew my card I could help but feel that something was odd about what Yubel just did. “Why didn't she attack me…? She could've destroyed Valkyria and drain my life points by another thousand.” I thought to myself.
She didn't have any spells or traps set on the field, so I decided to try and make my move…
Mykan: “Now…I shall sacrifice my Magician's Valkyria, so that I may summon forth DARK MAGICIAN GIRL…! This also gives you a final Phantasm token…”
(Atk: 2000)
(Atk: 1000)
“Even still, I now activate an Equip-spell, MAGIC FORMULA…!This spell card increases her attack power by 700 points, more than enough to take down Uria.”
(Atk: 2000) Becomes (Atk: 2700)
“Dark Magician Girl… ATTACK…!”
My Magician girl twirled her staff round, and around, and went straight for Uria, when suddenly she began to stray off course. “What's this…?” I gasped.
I watched in horror as the Magician girl attacked Hamon instead of Uria.
(Atk: 2700) VS (Def: 4000)
SCORE:(Yubel: 7000/ Mykan: 2000)
“Oh, didn't I mention Hamon's other special power…?” Yubel said to me. “As long as he remains in defense-mode my other monsters are completely safe from harm because all you can attack is Hamon…! Ha, ha, ha…!”
I growled angrily and then watch more of my body vanish. Now three-quarters of me had slipped away into the shadows. A few more fatal hits and I would have had it… but for now I had no choice but to end my turn.
“I see that you've become well studied with my Beasts and their effects…” Yubel said. “Still… in this condition… brains do not account for brawn!”
(Skips Draw)
Yubel: “While I am still unable to draw cards for another five turns, I can find other ways to help me out. Such as this card; GRACEFUL CHAIRTY…!Now I may draw three cards, and discard two.”
(Draws 3)
“And I believe these two Continuous traps will do me just fine... so I'll discard them!”
Mykan: “But wait… That means Uria gains 2000 more attack-points.”
Yubel: “Correct again, Mykan…”
(Atk: 2000) Becomes (Atk: 4000)
Mykan: “GRR…!”
Yubel: “Now I shall place two cards face down… and now my Uria will attack your Dark Magician girl…! Attack…!”
(Atk: 4000) VS (Atk: 2700)
Mykan: “Ah…! I can't allow you to hurt my life-points anymore Yubel! So I shall discard KURIBOH from my hand…!”
Yubel: “No…!”
Mykan: By discarding this card from my hand, I can protect my points from your attack this turn, and that's not all…! Since you destroyed my Magic Formula, I gained back 1000 life points.”
SCORE:(Yubel: 7000/ Mykan: 3000)
Sure enough, when my life points when up, a little bit of my body returned to me... Yubel was furious, “Tricked again…!” she growled. Once again Yubel was forced to end her turn.
There was however only one thing bothering me now. So far I managed to survive this far, but I couldn't keep blocking out her attacks like that, nor could I just keep defending.
“Please Heart of the Cards… guide me!” I said deep in thought as I drew my card.
Mykan: “Hmm…! Yubel, It's time for me to turn this whole duel around on you and your Sacred Beasts…!”
Yubel: “Lies! All of it, Lies!”
Mykan: “No, Yubel… it's no lie as you will see.”
“I activate the power of DOUBLE SPELL…!”
Yubel: “Oh, no…! That allows you to activate a spell card from my Graveyard as if it's your own!”
Mykan: “That's right… and so I'll discard this one spell card from my hand, and activate your CARD OF SANCTITY…! Now we must both draw until we are each holding six cards once again.”
Yubel: “GRR…!”
I drew six cards, and would believe it…
Mykan: “This is it Yubel… I now have all the cards that I need to put an end to your Sacred Beasts.”
Yubel: “Lies…! All of it lies!”
Mykan: “It's no lie Yubel… as you will now observe. I'll start by revealing my face-down-card… another one that you've used, MONSTER REBORN…! Which I will now use to revive my DARK MAGCIAN GIRL…!”
(Atk: 2000)
“And next… I'll activate another spell card… SAGE'S STONE…!”
Yubel: “What…? It can't be…!”
Mykan: “That's right…! With the Dark Magician Girl in play, I can now use the Sage's Stone to summon from my deck the very monster you tried to prohibit from me… The DARK MAGICIAN…!”
(Atk: 2500)
Yubel: “Inconceivable…! You've managed to summon both your Dark Magician's!”
Mykan: “Indeed I have Yubel… but they won't the monsters that will bring down your Beasts. Observe as I now sacrifice the two Magicians… in order to summon forth a whole new monster; the SORCERCER OF DARK MAGIC…!”
(Atk: 3200)
Yubel: “No…! It cannot be! Is that really the legendary Sorcerer of Dark Magic…?”
Mykan: “Yes it is… and this card will help me put an end to your Sacred Beasts for good…”
Yubel: “Hah! I'll admit you had me going for a moment Mykan… but if you care to take a closer look… your monster is still far weaker than that of all three of my Sacred Beasts… and you still can't attack the Phantasm Tokens so long as Hamon remains in defense mode.”
Mykan: “That may be true… but I intend to change all that right now.”
“I play the Equip spell, MAGE POWER…! “This powerful spell will increase the attack of my Sorcerer by 500 points for each and every spell and trap card I have in play. That includes my Spell Binding Circle and the Mage Power itself…”
Yubel: “Ah…!”
(Atk: 3200) Becomes (Atk: 4200)
Mykan: “But I still have one final card I wish to throw into play… The Spell card DEFUSION WAVE MOTION…!”
(Atk: 4200) Becomes (Atk: 4700)
“Now Yubel… as promised… your monsters are doomed. Once I pay 1000 life points, I can now increase the attacking capabilities of my Dark Sorcerer… allowing him to destroy all the creatures on your field at once…!”
SCORE:(Yubel: 7000/ Mykan: 2000)
The Sorcerer held his mighty staff up high in the air and prepared for attack, Yubel was nervously backing away. “No…! I won't let you do this…!” She roared at me. “I will not let you destroy my Sacred Beasts… so I'll play the Trap… NEGATE ATTACK…!”
Normally, that trap would stop my monster's attack dead in its tracks, and end my battle phase, but suddenly… the minute she activated it, the card was destroyed…! “What…? But… but how…?”
Then she noticed I was sniggering at her. “Sorry Yubel… but my Dark Sorcerer's special ability allows him to negate the activation of traps cards and destroy them.” I said to her. “You have nothing left to defend against you… YOUR MONSTERS ARE DOOMED…!”
Yubel's Eyes seemed to bulges right out form their sockets; “BAH…?” my attack continued and stuck her field with such brutality…! “NO…!”
(Atk: 4700) VS(Atk: 4000) x2 (Def: 4000) (Atk: 1000) x2
The two Phantasm tokens were instantly incinerated… and… Uria… Hamon… Raveil… all the three Sacred Beasts roared and growled in such furry as my attack hit them! It was like watching Power Rangers and the Super monsters were dying…
Their bodies flared, and sparkled with lighting… then in a HUGE EXPLOSION… They were gone!
TK and Kari screamed as their chains were broken down, and they fell from the wall.
The force was so strong that that practically shook the entire island as if a missile had collided. The students fell off their bed, and other the floor. Things fell down off the shelves… and Estevan lost the picture…
The whole island was wrapped in the force of the explosion. Hopefully it meant that my strategy worked…!
To Be Continued…!