Totally Spies Fan Fiction ❯ Yugioh: Dueling Drama Much Season 4 ❯ Grad Duel: Part three ( Chapter 34 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

“I can't believe TK and Kari just did that…” Sam said. “Didn't they realize what a chance they were taking?”
I knew how Sam felt, “But remember what I taught you Sam…?” I asked her, “Sometimes in Duel-Monsters, luck can very well help you out in dire situations. You just have to believe.”
Alex and Clover however began to think that TK and Kari would have an edge, “With Mandy's best monster out of the way, they should be able to handle her now.” Alex said.
The King however knew how wrong they were… for the VWXYZ-Catapult Cannon was not the only rare monster that Mandy had stolen…!
Down below, TK's turn was officially over and it was Davis' move.
“I got to admit TK…” he said, “You sure have improved from al the times we've dueled.”
TK shot him a proud smile.
“But don't think that means this is over yet.” replied Davis as he drew his card.
(Mandy: 3200/ Davis: 7200)
(TK: 6200/ Kari: 7250)
Davis:“All right…! I play CARD OF SANCTITY…! Now everyone has to draw until we each hold six cards.” (Rules fudged)
(Everyone Draws)
“Now I'll activate FUTURE FUSION…!”
TK's thoughts: “And something tells me I know what he's going to summon.”
Davis: “Now I'll send Submarineroid, Steamroid, and another Drillroid to the graveyard. So in another two turns, I'll summon forth a much more powerful monster, but for now I'll place two cards face-down… and while my Barrel Dragon still can't attack I can still use its special ability…”
TK: “GRR…! Oh, no… I knew this was going to happen.”
Davis tossed his coin, and called heads three times. He did it! He got all thee tosses correct, and therefore, TK's Steam-Gyroid was destroyed. “Isn't that a shame? You worked so hard and took such a risk to summon it too.” Davis teased, “Ah well… I end my turn.”
It was Kari's turn now, and she drew her seventh card. Even though Davis' last turn allowed her to refresh, her deck was smaller than ever. More than two thirds of it had been sent to the graveyard. A few more hits like that and her deck would be empty, and she'd lose.
She had to find a way to either get her cards back, or defend herself from here-on-out.
Kari: “I'll summon a monster in defense-mode… and I'll place two cards face down. That's it for me.”
Mandy: “Well it took you long enough…! My turn…”
“Well… doesn't this look promising? I activate WHITE DRAGON RITUAL…!Now I'll send my Rare-Metal Dragon to the graveyard. Now I summon forth PALADIN OF WHITE DRAGON…!”
(Atk: 1900)
TK: “Uh oh… I've heard of that card…”
Kari: “What…? What does it do?”
Mandy: “Heh-heh…! When I attack a face down monster… it automatically is destroyed without being flipped face up, and I take no battle damage.”
Kari: “Huh…?”
Mandy: “But I have an even better idea of how to use it. Now my Paladin, attack TK's life points.”
TK: “Ah…! Oh no…!”
(Atk: 1900)
(Mandy: 3200/ Davis: 7200)
(TK: 4300/ Kari: 7250)
TK was all right, but Kari was really upset that he got hit so hard. As much as she wanted to get back at Mandy for that, it wasn't her move, and she had to sit tight.
Mandy laughed hard at TK and then ended her turn with a face-down card. Now it was TK's move… as much as he knew Mandy's monster was a threat he decided he needed to take care of Davis' Barrel Dragon now!
TK: “My move…”
TK's thoughts: “I'm betting that face-down card Davis has is the Pyro Clock of Destiny. If it is… I should have no problem taking down his Barrel Dragon.”
TK: “Now I activate POLYMERIZATION…! And I think I'll go ahead and summon the same monster you're going for Davis. I fuse my own Drillroid… Steamroid… and another Submarineroid…!”
(Atk: 3000)
“Okay…Jumbo Drill! Now attack and destroy the Barrel Dragon!”
(Atk: 3000) VS (Def: 2600)
Davis: “Not so fast…! I activate the trap… DOBLE PASSE…!(Anime Card only)
TK: “Wait…! So it wasn't the Pyro clock…?”
Davis: “Of course it wasn't. You think I'd actually let you read me that easily. As for your attack, I can now change it to a direct attack on me…!”
(Atk: 3000)
(Mandy: 3200/ Davis: 4200)
(TK: 4300/ Kari: 7250)
“But now in return… you have to take battle damage to my Barrel Dragon's attack points…!”
TK: “Ah…!”
(Mandy: 3200/ Davis: 4200)
(TK: 1700/ Kari: 7250)
Kari: “TK…?”
TK: “Whew… I'm okay. I'll be fine. I'll just end my turn with a face-down card.”
“Wow… TK lost a lot of points with that one hit.” Alex said.
Sabrina moved in closer, “If he's not careful… the next few attacks will knock him out of the match.”
My eyes rolled in the direct of my wife, “I wouldn't count TK out just like that Sabrina.” I thought silently. For only I and the King knew exactly how the duel was going to turn out…
It was now Davis turn… and after drawing his card he decided to try his Barrel Dragon's ability again, and once again he called all three coin tosses right, much to TK's dismay. “How lucky can a guy get…?”
Davis chuckled softly, “You mean how unlucky can you get…” he said. “Now your most powerful machine is destroyed!”
“Oh yeah…? Think again…” TK snapped, “I play my face down card, DE-FUSION…! It'll split up my Jumbo Drill to the monsters I fused to make it, causing you to miss your target…”
Davis growled as his monster's ability-shot missed, and the Jumbo Drill vanished, and changed back into DRILLROIDSTEAMROID… and SUBMARINEROID…
(Def: 1600)
(Def: 1800) x2
“Hmm… so you lucked out this time.” replied Davis, “Just you be ready on my next turn.” and with that his turn ended with a face-down card.
Kari was up now, she drew her card… “And I'll start by flipping up my face down card, MAGICIAN OF FAITH…!”
(Atk: 300)
“Now I can add one spell card in my Graveyard to my hand, and I think I'll choose MONSTER REBORN. Now that that's settled I sacrifice my Magician so I can summon this… THE AGENT OF JUDGMENT - SATURN…!”
(Atk: 2400)
Davis wasn't impressed, “For all the good that'll do you. My Barrel Dragon's still stronger than it is.”
Kari sniggered cheekily, “Not anymore it isn't… I'm activating a face down card… SWORD OF DEEP-SEATED…!Now my Fairy gains and extra 500 attack and defense points…
(Atk: 2400) Becomes (Atk: 2900)
Davis gritted his teeth and growled softly under his breath. There was nothing he could do to save his Barrel Dragon this time. Kari ordered her monster to attack… and it was destroyed.
(Mandy: 3200/ Davis: 3900)
(TK: 1700/ Kari: 7250)
Kari ended her turn. Now Mandy was up again, and she was ready to put her big plan into action… She gazed down at the card she had just drawn--
The King's Millennium Eye shimmered, “Ah…! This is it.” he said to himself. “The rarest card that was stolen…!”
Mandy grinned, and then laughed manically, “At last… I got everything I need to take you losers down for good!” she sneered at Kari and TK. The tow of them gazed at each other with confused expressions…
“Now watch as I use my Paladin's other special ability…” replied Mandy, “By sending him to the graveyard I can automatically summon this from my deck… my BLUE EYES WHITE DRAGON…!”
(Atk: 3000)
TK and Kari gasped, but then they quickly realized, “You forget…” TK said, “Your Blue Eyes isn't allowed to attack this turn.”
Mandy was well aware of that, “I didn't get the card yesterday you know.” she snapped, “Besides… who said I'm attacking you with my Blue Eyes alone…? I got something much better in mind.”
“Now I play POLYMERIZATION…!Now I can fuse two more Dragons with my Blue-Eyes on the field… to form the all powerful… BLUE-EYES ULTIMATE DRAGON…!”
(Atk: 4500)
Mandy's Dragon roared loudly, and some of the people in crowds braced in fear. Kari and TK were really aggravated to see a creature even worse than Mandy's three Blue-Eyes… and if they were expecting that Mandy would attack with it… “Guess again…”
Now everyone in the crowds were confused… even the spies were shocked. “But the Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon is Mandy's best monster…!” Clover snapped, “Why wouldn't she attack with it...?”
“Why do you think she wouldn't attack, Clover…?” Estevan asked her. Clover turned to face him. Estevan wiggled his eyebrows, “Mandy must have something else planned for TK and Kari… something I'm certain is far more dangerous than the Blue Ultimate Dragon…”
Clover didn't believe it at first. She couldn't think of anything at all that Mandy had that was worse than her Ultimate Dragon… but when she turned back to look down at the duel…
She saw that Mandy did in fact have a better plan than using her Blue Eyes Ultimate. “Now prepare yourselves to battle a Blue Eyes like no other.” Mandy announced, “I sacrifice my Ultimate Dragon to the graveyard so I can summon forth the ultimate Dragon of them all…!”
Mandy's Blue eyes Ultimate Dragon vanished in a flare of light that only seemed to get brighter and brighter as a new monster appeared. “I summon forth… the BLUE EYES SHINING DRAGON…!”
(Atk: 3000)
This new dragon looked like a blue eyes, only it was coated in a full suit of armor that shinned like the sun. The crowd awed in amazement, Davis shielded his eyes from the lights, even with his shades on. Alex even put on her new designer sunglasses, and she was way up in the box with the rest of us. “Yo'… turn off the brights.” she groaned.
“Wait… don't tell me…” Sam said, “That's the rarest card that Mandy took.”
The King nodded his head, “I was hoping to create a monster that proved to be even greater than the Blue Eyes White Dragon ever could be…” he said, “And now that its finally been played we shall see just how strong it really is…”
To Be Continued