Tsubasa Chronicle Fan Fiction / Code Geass Fan Fiction ❯ Feather's Code of Rebellion ❯ Chapter 2

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A Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles and Code Geass Crossover Fanfiction



Chapter 2

AT a dark room located somewhere within an unknown dimension, Fei Wong Reed was scowling at the image his enormous magical mirror was reflecting while sitting on his throne-like chair. His eyes were unsmiling beneath the circular spectacle hooked on his right eye. He was alone until a girl with a long, black, extremely bushy, curly hair join his company. Just like the mage, her clothes were black with an inverted bat-like symbol, the symbol of Fei Wong Reed, sewn on the chest area effectively camouflaging them both in the poorly lighted room.

"It seems that the witch had interfered yet again" Xing Huo said in an uncaring manner making the scowl adoring her master's face deeper.

"Damn that Dimensional Witch. . ." Fei Wong Reed started but unable to finish his sentence as the mention of the woman who messed again with his plan from his own mouth irks him greatly. Though he had once explicitly stated that he will obliterate anyone who dared to interfere with his plan, he can't lay a finger on the aforementioned witch. The woman was powerful for her own good.

Xing Huo, sensing her master's irritation stayed quiet at his side with her dark eyes glued at the image on the mirror.

The image of the dimensional travelers lying unconscious on the wooden floor of some cabin was projected on the mirror. An ebony-haired young man and lime-haired young woman, probably the new souls the travelers have made acquaintance with, were also out cold on the wooden floor. The females of the unlikely group were holding each other's hand while the males and the creature the Dimensional Witch had given them were a few meters away from them with an exemption of Syaoran. Upon having sight of the auburn-haired teenager, Xing Huo's thoughts can't help but wander towards a certain room where a boy wearing an eye patch over his right eye and dark Chinese-styled clothes with the same red bat-like symbol printed on it was. Curiously, the eye patch wearing boy has the same exact face as Syaoran and was confined in a life-sized tube with liquid bubbling inside it.

The mage and his assistant continue to stare at the projected image until Xing Huo noticed something was off.

"They're not moving. Are they dead?"

Fei Wong Reed snorted at his assistant's inquiry.

"No they're not," he answered curtly then stood up to stride towards the magical mirror, "though they are there in that dimension but at the same time they're not."

The curly-haired assistant looked at the back of her master with impassive eyes. She had no idea of what the meaning behind the mage cryptic words was and because he continued to face his back on her, Xing Huo was guessing that Fei Wong Reed has no intention of enlightening her.

SHE was surrounded by the blazing color of red --- the red that dyes the fire that was burning beneath her feet and on the verge of consuming the dress she was wearing. She tried to get away but cannot as her hands and feet were tightly bound to the stake erected on the middle of the fire. A gentle breeze blew providing the much needed oxygen for the fire to stay alive and by now the cloth that was covering her feet had already burned to a crisp exposing her dainty skin on the angry flames.

Sakura screamed bloody murder.

'Wha- What's happening? Am I going to be burned alive? Why?'

Princess Sakura scan her surroundings and saw villagers encircling her, the fire on their torches matched the fury on their visage.

"Burn her!"

"Die and go to hell!"

"Damn you witch! You deserve to die like the witch you are!"


The villagers were chanting in perfect unison, akin to an occult performing some kind of dark ritual and she was the unfortunate virgin sacrifice.

The princess of the Clow Country was more confused than ever. She was unsure of what she might have done to gain the villagers' wrath. The last thing she remembered was dozing off with C.C. beside her. Panic washed over Sakura's body.

'What happened to Syaoran-kun and others? How about Lelouch-san and C.C.-san? Were they also tied and being burned somewhere?'

She opened her mouth to ask the villagers but was surprised when a somewhat deep but surely a girl's voice escaped from her mouth instead of her usual low, sweet voice.

"Why are you doing this to me? I never did anything for you to accuse me of being a witch!" Mixture of desperation and hurt laced her 'voice'.

At that point Princess Sakura realized that the body tied to the pole was not hers. But how does she feel the pain inflicted to this body if it's not hers, was beyond her. Another angry shout of the word 'witch' accompanied by a string of curses from the villagers assaulted her ears and tears were threatening to escape from her eyes.

"Don't you try denying it witch! You put us into some sort of spell that make us love you blindly!"

Shock and guilt enclosed her body and the tears that she was fighting not to shed flow from her eyes. Then Sakura screamed again as the fire was already licking her tied feet. She dropped her head making her lime-colored locks flow over her shoulders, her strength slowly leaving her because of the physical and emotional pain she had to endure.

Another realization hit Sakura despite the pain she's experiencing. Her hair, or rather the body she's currently possessing has the same hair color as C.C.'s hair. Could it be that she's inside the woman's body?

But the princess has no time to ponder at the mysterious phenomenon as she once again screamed her lungs out because of the excruciating pain that consumes not only her physical body but also the depths of her soul. The pain of dying for the second time.

"PRINCESS Sakura! Please wake up, Princess Sakura!" Syaoran's voice was laced with worry as he shakes the princess to wake up. Not far from him Lelouch was also doing the same thing to C.C. They can tell by the way the girls squirmed beneath their arms that they were having a nightmare.

The brunette princess was the first to gain consciousness.

"Princess Sakura" Syaoran muttered as soon as he saw her green orbs, relief evident in his voice. He soon forgot his initial worry when the princess pull him into a hug out of the blue. He was caught off-guard and a small tint of pink crept across his cheeks.

Sakura's body was shaking and covered with thin sheet of sweat as she helplessly clung to Syaoran. She was still in shock because of her nightmare, or rather, exploration of C.C.'s tragic past. Mokona, who was resting on Sakura's left shoulder, though the princess seemed not to notice, was frowning. The white manju-like creature cannot read minds, it wasn't included in its 108 Secret Techniques, but it was quite sure that whatever was bothering Sakura was also bothering C.C.

Seconds later the aforementioned lime-haired girl open her golden orbs and was greeted with Lelouch's violet ones.

"C.C. you okay?" Lelouch asked as C.C. pulls away from his clutch to stand up.

"Who do you think you're talking to?" C.C. said confidently with a smirk on her face.

"Well you're no longer the immortal you used to be."

She look up to Lelouch with eyes filled with unnamed emotions. The Britannian had spoken those words softly, perfectly aware that they are not the ones in the vicinity. She smiled inwardly as her eyes involuntarily wandered towards his forehead. Sometimes, because she was so used of Lelouch's presence before and after the bestowing of Code of Immortality, she tends to forgot that her decision to keep him alive had caused her to reduce into an ordinary mortal.

She turned her gaze away from the ebony head but then accidentally locked gaze with Sakura. At that moment the princess knew that the other girl was aware of her unauthorized peek of her past.

"Where are we anyway?" C.C. once again turned her gaze away, hiding her discomfort.

"That is something we also wanted to know. When we come to, we're already here" Fai answered C.C. while silently offering her jacket to her. The young woman's sleep wear was only a large shirt (probably Lelouch's shirt) that barely covers her legs. The magician didn't know that C.C. was being considerate to them when she wore the shirt that evening. In actuality she tends to wear very minimal or sometimes nothing at all during hot summer nights.

"Hey manju!" Did you transported us somewhere without warning? And you even carelessly dragged them along!" Kurogane, obviously pissed, asked Mokona as he points his index finger towards Lelouch and C.C.

It was late in the morning, as the sun has already risen up in the sky. They were in the middle of a vast clearing with nothing in sight, not even a single tree, only the green grass that covered the ground. Surely, this couldn't be another dimension, right?

Mokona shook its head negatively. "Mokona didn't transported you or anything. I would know if I did. But one thing is for sure, we're here at the same time we're not."

Collective brow-furrowing happened at Mokona's statement.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Lelouch inquired though silence was the only answer he got from the cute creature. He wanted to come closer to the creature to demand an answer but C.C. stopped him.

"It doesn't matter what's the meaning behind Mokona's words. We could think of that later. For now we should focus on knowing where exactly we are and we won't know that unless we scramble from this place."

"C.C.-san's right. We should get going now while the sun is still up. With a clearing this wide we won't exactly know how long it would take before we reach a town" Syaoran said.

"If that's the case I suggest we go this way," Fai said pointing east, a carefree smile on his face. "I got the feeling we'll reach a town soon if we go that way."

With no other option available, the gang started walking to the direction directed by the blond mage traveler.

AFTER walking for about an hour or so, finally the dimensional travelers plus Lelouch and C.C. arrived at a small village. Luckily the sun was still up in the sky when they arrived making it easy for them to roam around. As they continued to roam around, the group was starting to wonder why despite the distance they had to travel under the blazing heat of the sun, they can hardly feel the heat and exhaustion. They don't feel fatigued, hungry nor thirsty --- anything that should be the product of the equation: travel plus sun. They didn't even break a sweat for that matter.

Not to mention how the denizens of the village seem to ignore their group as if they don't see them.

And for some reason, C.C. feel bothered.

Actually it's not their lack of metabolism nor the fact that they were somewhat transparent to the villagers that bothers the lime haired woman but rather how eerily familiar the place appear to her. A sinking feeling of nostalgia formed in the pits of C.C.'s stomach and it made her sick.

"C.C.-san are you alright? You seem pale" Sakura said as she came closer to the older girl.

C.C. just gave a small smile at the younger girl. For a quiet girl like her, the auburn-haired sure is sensitive to other people's feelings.

All of a sudden, the males stopped walking making the females, who happened to be walking behind and somewhat dazed, bump on the sturdy back of Kurogane.

"Hey what's the big idea? Why the sudden stop?" C.C. ask irritated as her nose was almost squashed because of the impact. She wasn't able to see the reason of the sudden halt because of Kurogane's huge stature.

Kurogane and Fai gave C.C. a queer look while Syaoran and Lelouch eyes were fixed ahead. Mokona, who was on Syaoran's left shoulder, has a serious expression on its face. Sakura got curious so she circled around Kurogane but when she saw what was ahead of them, a surprised gasp escape her lips.

"Lelouch, what's happening?"

"Well, all I can say is you were quite a player during your prime" the Britannian immortal playfully answered though lacking humor.

C.C's brows knitted as she don't appreciate Lelouch's cryptic reply. She mimicked Sakura and circle around Kurogane to get a better view aside from his wide back.

Her eyes widened with what she saw.

Up ahead she saw herself, clad in an elegant red ball gown that shows the curves of her body despite its conservative cut and was surrounded by five men. The men, or rather, the gentlemen were obviously from well-off families as indicated by their clothes and bearing, and were trying their best to woo the lime-haired beauty they were encircling.

C.C.'s breath came in short gasp as her knees gave out on her. Her hands clamped on her mouth. She hoped that this is just a bad dream and any moment now she will wake up from this nightmare.