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[ P - Pre-Teen ]

The Gamble
Summary: When Kurogane and Fai are still just children Yuko, Tomoyo, and Ashura take a risky gamble.
Characters: Kurogane + Fai D. Flowright.
Rating: K+
Genre: Friendship/Romance
Copyright: Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle belongs to Clamp. Any other recognizable media is the property of their respective owners.
Crossovers: xxxHolic- Clamp
Couples: KuroFai
Author's Notes: I cruel! I'm very, very cruel! You all have permission to kill me now. I know, it's very short. My updates are going to go slower because of two reasons. One, I have a French OPA coming up soon and it scares me to death. The second reason is that I am writing an original story and until it is done it takes priority. Sorry.
Last Time: Kurogane's father arrives home but the celebrations are cut short by unexpected guests.
Chapter 8- Gamble for Danger-
Fai stared at the edge of the gardens, eyes intent and focused. There was someone out there that shouldn't be there. That someone wanted him and Kurogane hurt. Or even dead. `NO!'
He twirled out of the way of another arrow, hearing Kurogane shout for his father. There was the sound of feet rushing out. “What's wrong?” Kurogane's father demanded as he came forward.
Fai glanced at him briefly before he was forced to dance out of the way as one person jumped forward. He jumped back as the archer still hidden in the shadows released another arrow.
Kurogane's father ran forward and engaged one enemy. “Fai! Fai! Come on! It's dangerous!” Kurogane shouted. The blonde glanced back at him and Kurogane froze at the cold look in the blue eyes. “Fai…?”
The archer suddenly jumped out of the shadows then, pulling a sword from his back. Kurogane shouted in alarm and dove for his friend, pushing him roughly out of the way. They rolled to a stop, Kurogane immediately pushing himself up and spun around to glare at the two intruders. His father was struggling with the first man while the second approached them slowly, sword raised. He growled, tensing.
Fai sat behind him, blue eyes blank as he tensed in waiting. Emotion flickered in his eyes for a fraction of a second when he noticed the image of a bat painted across the man's chest. “That symbol…” he breathed.
Kurogane glanced back at him in confusion just as the man attacked. Fai shouted in alarm, pushing the boy out of the way. One hand came up reflexively, guiding the blade harshly away from the boys. Red blood bloomed from the long, pale cut on his hand.
Fai winced, doubling over as pain shot up his arm. Kurogane's eyes widened at the whimper that escaped the soft pink lips. “Fai!”
Kurogane's father glanced over at the two boys and frowned in alarm. He pushed back the man he was fighting and raised his sword. “Hama ryu-jin!” The attack cut the enemies into shreds.
They watched as the bodies slowly disappeared. “Fai-kun, are you alright?” Fai looked up at Kurogane's father and nodded, struggling to his feet. Kurogane placed his hands on the blonde's shoulders and steadied him. “Don't worry. It'll be alright.” He whispered.
Fai didn't hear him, staring rather blankly at his hand. He watched as the blood slowly leaking from it turned black, his reins running purple. The world faded around him, everything feeling very far away. His breath started to come in rapid gasps. There was something very wrong with him…
Kurogane's eyes widened when Fai suddenly slipped sideways. “Fai!” he shouted, grabbing the boy. He lowered him to the ground, letting Fai rest against his chest for support. Fai didn't seem to hear him, blue eyes darkening rapidly as he stared at the wound on his hand. Sweat started to drip down his face, making his hair stick to his face.
Kurogane's father knelt down next to him and grabbed the boy's hand. He cursed. “The blades must have been poisoned. I'll go get a medic.” He informed as he ran off.
“Fai, can you hear? Fai?!” Kurogane asked, shaking the boy to get a response.
Finally words drifted past the ever paling lips. “Why would he… Why would that man…do this…I…?” Fai's head shot up to stare at Kurogane with wide eyes. He raised the uninjured hand to Kurogane's cheek, starting to shake. “Are you…the witch's…pawn?” he asked in a heart-breaking tone.
The blue eyes closed, tears slowly slipping down the ashen cheeks. “No way…” Fai breathed. His breathing slowed drastically as his head rolled to the side. Kurogane panicked, “Fai? Fai, come on! Wake up! Wake up, Fai!!!”
Fai whimpered slightly as he woke. Everything was so hot. It felt like his was burning. He felt so sleepy. He coughed slightly, “Kuro…”
The boy appeared above him, worry in his red eyes. “Sh, sh. It's alright. It's okay.” Something cool was removed from his forehead, dragging a whimper from his throat.
Kurogane smiled weakly at Fai and rested a wet clothe across the blonde's head. “You've been out for a few hours. Your king, Ashura-ou, is on his way.” He informed, keeping his voice a whisper.
Fai looked up at him with large blue eyes, “Did they…the poison…?” he asked weakly. Kurogane closed his eyes in pain, biting his lip. “They tired. They've managed to slow it down but…in the end…”
Fai's own eyes slid closed. “Ah, alright. I'm really…sleepy.” He whispered. Kurogane's shot open and he grabbed the blonde's shoulders, shaking him. “Fai! Come on, Fai! Stay awake!”
The blonde sighed and forced his eyes back open. “Yeah, I'm awake.” He answered weakly, exhausted.
Kurogane relaxed and stared at him. “You'll be fine, Fai.” He assured; he sounded more like he was convincing himself more than Fai. Fai hummed softly.
“Kurogane…can I…ask you a favor?” he asked. Kurogane nodded. Fai slid his eyes closed and paused briefly before asking in a shaking voice, “Can I…call you…Kuro-chan?”
Kurogane's eyes widened in surprise before he nodded again, smiling sadly. “Yeah, okay.” Fai looked faintly relieved, his smile widening. “Kuro-chan!” he chirped with what little energy he had.