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Disclaimer: I don't own Twilight or Highlander. If I did Richie would not have lost his head.
AU for both. Obviously Richie didn't die.
Most of my Highlander knowledge comes from fanfics and the movies. With Twilight I've read the books and seen the movies. So if anything is way off let me know. This is my first try at a Twilight fic so I hope I do okay.
Chapter 1
"Go home, Bella. I can't hang out with you anymore."
“If that were the case, I'd say 'Let's stay friends.' I can't even say that."
"I'm not good enough to be your friend anymore, or anything else. I'm not what I was before. I'm not good."
"I'm sorry, Bella."
Jacob's words whirled around in her mind as Bella drove through the rain. First Edward and now him. Why? Why did they have to do that to her? The hole that Jacob had been holding together was ripped open again except now it had been joined by another one. She bit back a sob and slammed the brakes, the truck sliding slightly on the wet pavement from the sudden stop. Bella let her head drop down onto the steering wheel as harsh agonised sobs were torn from her chest. She sat back and smashed her hands against the wheel before staring at the hole where the truck's stereo had once been. Her jaw clenched as she made her decision. She threw the truck into gear and headed for the highway. Forks had brought her nothing but pain and there was nothing really left there for her anymore. Charlie would adapt, he'd lived alone before. She didn't know where she was going yet but anywhere had to be better. She'd show them, she didn't either of them anymore.
Edward looked at his phone as it began to ring before finally deciding to answer it.
“What is it Alice?”
“It's Bella, she's gone.”
Edward watched from the woods as Charlie lashed out verbally at the Black's, blaming them for Bella's vanishing. He couldn't help but wince as the way he had left was brought up and then wished he could cry as he saw what Bella had gone through after he had abandoned her in the woods in Charlie's mind. He'd done it to protect her and in the end all he'd done was destroy the one person in the world he loved more than anything.
“There's nothing we can do here son.” He looked up at the sound of Carlisle's calm voice.
“This is all my fault.” He whispered, ignoring Carlisle's hand as it came to rest on his shoulder.
“You didn't know this would happen, none of us did. But we have a better chance than they do of finding her. I know Alice is quite keen to look for her. You can't undo the damage but maybe you can help heal it.” Edward finally looked up at his father and nodded slowly.
“I'll find her, no matter how long it takes I won't stop looking.” He swore and Carlisle nodded.
“You won't be alone.” With that they left to rejoin the rest of their family.
Edward parked the car and they all got out, ready for their first day at a new college. He didn't want to be there, he wanted to be out looking for Bella but Esme had finally convinced him to settle with them and search at night and the days when they couldn't attend school due to the sun. None of his family had to say it out loud or even think it but he knew they thought his search was hopeless now, Bella was human and therefore dead of old age by now. They had left Washington years ago since they doubted she had remained in the state. They had travelled around America but had moved across the border a year ago to Vancouver, using the larger number of people to blend in. The greater number of sunny days would be annoying to their ability to appear normal but it would give him more time to search. But would he even know his beloved Bella if he was to see her? In his mind he could still her as clearly as he if she was in front of him but if he saw her now she would be so old. But her scent would still be the same and her eyes, the eyes that showed her soul. He didn't care about how much older than him she would look now as long as he could see her again, know that she was safe and happy even if she had finally moved past him. He just prayed he would never find her tombstone.
Betha Dawson got out of her car and stared at the building in front of her. She really didn't want to be here but Methos and Duncan were right. If she wanted to try and stay somewhere and work in a good job then she needed to attend college again, her transcripts were getting a bit old now. It wasn't her fault she still looked eighteen when she was actually one hundred and eighteen. But truthfully she was kind of sick of either high school or working from home. Going to college again would be a nice change of pace....who was she trying to fool? Applying for college just brought back memories she didn't want to acknowledge even after all this time. All her plans with Edward...
The memories of her mortal life had never ceased to plague her though the pain had eventually faded. She sometimes wondered what would have happened if Methos hadn't seen her truck off the side of the road or felt her slowly strengthening Quickening. Would she have gone back to Forks, believing that running was no longer the way or would she have still left and then lost her head to some roving hunter? Instead Methos had become her teacher and a second father, Duncan her uncle, Joe her grandfather and Richie her annoying older brother. She missed Joe fiercely since the Watcher had finally succumbed to old age, more than her own parents in some ways. It was part of the reason she'd taken his name though she'd used it once before, shortly after he died since he'd left a few things to his `niece' Isabella Dawson. She'd been a Ryan and Pierce too over the years. Though she refused to be a McLeod, too much legend attached to that name for her liking. She preferred her head firmly attached to her neck.
But now she was Betha Dawson, first year student in the History department of the University of British Colombia. It felt odd being out on her own without any of the others but after one hundred years of playing sister, daughter, cousin it was time to spread her wings. She's already found the easiest areas of Holy Ground to get to if needed and met up with the only local Immortal that wasn't interested in fighting to the death. Nick was an okay guy but preferred to be a loner and that was fine with her, she'd only met up with him as a courtesy so he wouldn't worry if he sensed her one day.
She had an adorable little apartment all to herself only three blocks away from not only her part time job but her classes and a very nice bike courtesy of Richie. Duncan had had a fit when he'd seen it but Methos had just laughed at the reminder of how uncoordinated she used to be. The apartment even had a spare room that she had converted to a workout room with some equipment but mostly open space to practise.
Bella was very different from the girl who had moved to Forks so many years ago. For starters her hair was now almost as short as Alice's had been and she'd added blond highlights to it. She'd filled out as well due to the relentless exercise routines she'd been pushed through in the beginning and now kept up to stay fighting fit. Dresses and skirts were not a part of her wardrobe, not that she'd ever worn many, but it was too hard to hide a sword with one. She stuck to jeans and casual shirts with her trusty leather jacket thrown over the top. It was hot in summer but made it so much easier to hide the sword. And as Betha Dawson she wore a pair of lightweight glasses that were actually fake but they helped make her look different to Liz Pierce, her previous identity. The shorter hair helped too as did the slight French accent she'd learnt when Methos had taken his little sister to Paris thirty years ago.
So now she was in Vancouver on her own and ready to start a degree in history. Even Richie had fallen back on studying the past a few times because it was one of the easiest ways to hide. After all a person who studied history was expected to know a lot about the past so it made covering up any slips a lot easier. Now if only she could find her first class, Civil War History. She'd hesitated over taking the class but it was that or early twenty first Century America and that was still too painful a time period. In a way study the civil war was a way to remind herself of the Cullen's. Maybe Jasper would even be mentioned?
Sitting in class, surrounded by two hundred humans was sheer torture. But torture he'd endure for his dear Alice. She was so proud of how far his control had come since Forks that he didn't want to disappoint her by ever slipping up again. His last slip had nearly destroyed their family and had made Edward beyond miserable. It hurt to be around his brother most of the time and Edward refused to let him try and help make him feel better.
Jasper had hated himself for a while after Bella's party, hated himself for the pain he'd caused his wife and brother and for the pain he knew Bella must have felt when they'd left her behind. He was past that now but he still carried around the guilt for attacking the poor girl. He'd been so strong during the mess with James that he'd thought he could handle it only to be proved wrong. Bella had been like a breath of fresh air in their family and had made Edward so happy. He just wished Edward would accept that she was dead by now.
He shifted in his seat to look more human and then froze as a familiar scent hit him. He breathed it in and stared in shock at the door as a young woman walked into the theatre. It couldn't be! But it smelt exactly like her. How could Bella be here, alive, and not a vampire. For a split second he'd thought maybe she'd been changed by someone but no, her scent was not that of one of his kind. Straining to see her since she'd moved to the other side of the room and there was a column blocking him, he took in her appearance. Hair almost as short as his Alice's and highlighted with blond, casual clothes and glasses? It couldn't really be Bella, a descendant maybe? But then how could she have the exact same scent? He watched as she turned to the person behind her and their eyes met.
Bella gasped as she locked gazes with familiar butterscotch eyes. couldn't be. After so long?
“Jasper.” She whispered and watched his eyes go wide. What were the odds? Now the only question was leave him to his misery for two hours or skip class and hope he followed? Then again, did she owe him anything? Looking up at him across the room and seeing the confusion and almost fear made her decision for her. She grabbed her bag and headed for the door, tilting her head at him.
Jasper watched her get up and then followed a few seconds later, staying at a distance as she led the way outside and into a shadowed alley. He hesitated and then followed her in. She shifted slightly and gave him a nervous smile, dropping her bag. He could feel her emotions and they were all over the place.
“Hello Jasper.” It was Bella's voice, exactly the way he remembered and without the slight French accent he'd detected in the lecture theatre.
“Bella?” He asked and she nodded.
“But how? What are you? You're not one of us.”
“No, and it turns out it wouldn't have worked if Edward had agreed to change me. Is he...are the others?” She asked and he was hit with a wave a grief as strong as anything he'd felt off his brother.
“They're in the city.” Was all he was willing to give for now. She smiled softly and nodded.
“I never blamed you Jasper, for what happened. It wasn't your fault.” Bella suddenly said and he stared at her in shock, sure Edward had told him but he'd never truly believed him.
“There's a park two blocks away. Nine tonight and I'll tell you all how.” With that she slipped past him and vanished into the crowds.
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Chapter 2
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