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Chapter 3
“Watch.” She ordered and they did so, staring in shock as sparks of blue lightning spread across the wound. Bella wiped her hand off to reveal unmarked skin.
Edward stared at Bella's upraised hand. Where the wound had been there was nothing, not even a faint scar. He'd never seen anything like it though it went a long way to explaining how she was still alive. To be able to heal wounds like would make her a lot harder to kill but how was she still so young looking?
“Bella?” He called softly and she finally looked at him again.
“I am Immortal.” She whispered and Edward felt his unbeating heart leap. Immortal? How? Without even thinking about he was moving and then she was in his arms. He touched her face gently, missing her long hair though the new style did suite her.
“How?” He whispered and she smiled sadly.
“I died.” Was her answer and he heard Esme and Alice gasp in shock.
“Immortality is triggered by a violent death and apparently crashing my truck into a tree was enough. I didn't even know I'd died till it was explained later, I thought I'd just passed out on impact.” She explained and Edward hugged her close. Bella was stiff in his arms but then he smiled as she relaxed into his embrace, hugging him back.
“I'm sorry, so sorry.” He whispered and she pulled back to stare up at him curiously.
“If I hadn't...” He trailed off and she laughed.
“I was a klutz Edward, a disaster waiting to happen. It would have happened sooner or later. Especially if you had ever agreed to turn me. Apparently it happened once before, even as mortals we can't be turned it just triggers our Immortality.
“So you didn't know about this back in Forks?” Rose asked snidely and Bella rolled her eyes.
“How many times did I end up in hospital? Now I avoid them like the plague. I don't need a doctor noticing how fast I heal, no offence Carlisle.”
“None taken.” He assured her with a small smile.
“But perhaps we should take this indoors? It wouldn't do for someone to over hear us and it would be more comfortable for you....unless you are not affected by the cold anymore?” Bella laughed.
“Nope, I'm half freezing over here.” Edward's jacket was instantly settled over her shoulders and she gave him a hesitant smile. She was not going to simply forgive him, though living with the guilt of his actions for a hundred years may be punishment enough she was no longer the naive girl she once was. He'd have to prove he was sincere before she considered anything more than friendship.
“My place or yours?”
“It's getting late, maybe yours would be best, that way we don't have to worry about you having an accident on the way home later.” Esme commented and Bella nodded, putting her helmet on.
“Bella what are you doing?”
“Just because an accident won't do me any permanent harm it doesn't mean I'm going to ride without a helmet.” She told Edward who was staring at her bike.
“I'm not a little girl anymore Edward, a lot has changed in the last century.” She suddenly grinned and patted the seat behind her.
“Want a lift?” He stared at her and then slowly got on the bike as she started it.
“You can follow?” She called and when she received positive answers she gunned it and grinned as she felt Edward grip her waist for balance.
Bella got herself a can of coke and smiled as Alice and Esme wandered around her apartment, exclaiming over various knickknacks she'd gathered over the years.
“Wow! Nice set up Bells.” Emmett called from where he'd found her training room.
“What's up with the swords?” he asked and she smiled, with a flick of her hand her katana was freed from the sheath hidden inside her coat and she placed it on the table before slipping out of the leather.
“It's kind of necessary these days.” She answered with a shrug.
“What do you mean?” Esme asked in alarm and Bella sighed.
“Guess it's time for Immortal 101. Old Man's not going to be happy with me.” The last was muttered into her drink but the vampires still heard it.
“Old Man?” Jasper questioned but she waved him off.
“Later part of the story. Might as well all sit, this could take a while.” Bella was amazed at how calm she was managing to act through this little reunion, though she knew Jasper would be able to feel otherwise so Edward probably knew as well unless Jasper was blocking him.
“Okay. Basically Immortals have been around forever, we're just really good at hiding and blending in. Oldest of us is said to be around five thousand years old, give or take a few centuries. All Immortals are foundlings, took a lot of digging but we found some interesting records. Turns out Renee's baby was stillborn so they did a switch on her. We also can't have children, ever, even when we're mortal. We're mortal up until we die a violent death so it is possible for a pre-immortal to die of a heart attack or of old age and stay dead. After we die we never age or get sick and you saw how fast I heal. A bad enough injury can cause temporary death until it's healed. And there's this annoying little cosmic joke called the Game where the main rule is there can be only one. Hence the sword. Because as much as I don't like fighting it beats being killed.

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