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Dancer in the Dark: Part I
Chapter 3
Tattoos and a Chineese
Bella point of view
I woke up to thumping on my door. I rolled over in my bed to see what it was and fell out.
“Uugghhh!” I groaned pulling myself off the floor. I threw my blanket back on the bed and walked to my door and opened it revealing Melissa. For once in my life I was surprised.
“You have to stay off school today okay?” she said.
“Why?” because we're all staying off and we'll be forging notes to the school that we went on a family camping trip with everyone else's families. So please don't go to school?” she explained.
“Yeah sure” I said and closed the door and went back to bed.
I woke up again at around eleven o' clock and took a shower. After my shower I changed into a pair of skinny jeans, a long white tank top, a light blue hoodie and a pair of flat white boots with my skinny jeans tucked into them. I blow dried my hair and straightened it and clipped some bits at the side back.
I grabbed my handbag and headed down stairs. Everyone was around the table eating breakfast. Well what Emmet was eating was like breakfast, dinner and supper all in one. Then the girls just ate like barely anything just a piece of fruit or a granola bar.
“Morning” I said to them as I walked in.
I went straight to the fridge and pulled out a yoghurt. Then I grabbed a banana and an apple of the table. I walked over to the cupboards and grabbed some cereal. I poured my self my cereal and sat down at the breakfast bar and quickly ate it and the fruit and yoghurt too. Once I was finished the girls were staring at me in a disgusted way apart from Alice and Rosalie. They weren't disgust but they didn't show any emotion in their face.
I washed my dishes and put them away while everyone else gathered in the sitting room. I went into the study and grabbed my laptop and brought it into the sitting room and sat on an armchair. I turned on my laptop and opened up the picture of the tattoo I had saved on it. I walked back into the study and connected it up with the printer and printed it out. (Tattoo link is on profile)
I folded it up and put it into my handbag and headed back into the sitting room.
“Hey Melissa” I called.
“What?” she asked.
“I'm away out right so do you want me to get a chineese on the way back?” I asked. It was rare times like these we actually kinda sorta got along.
“Do you guys want a chineese?” she said turning to the rest of them.
A round of yes's and sure were said and Emmet shouted “To the hell to the yeah”
“Okay. What's everyone getting?” I asked and grabbed a pen and a piece of paper.
After I had taken everyone's order I left the kitchen and got into my car. I started the engine and headed to Port Angeles.
After driving for a while I finally got to Port Angeles. I pulled up outside of the Blacks Tattoos. I had heard this was the best place to get a tattoo done.
I grabbed my handbag, got out of the car and walked to Blacks Tattoos while locking my car with the button on the keys. I swear if anyone walked by and saw that it would look like something out of a movie.
I opened the door to Blacks and there was a man in a wheel chair behind the desk writing some things down. He didn't notice that I had come in and he must have got frustrated with something and he placed the pen down a bit forcefully and it rolled off of the counter. I walked over quickly and handed it back to him.
“Oh sorry about that dear. Trying to add these god damn bills. A pain in the behind if you ask me” he said jokingly but a bit serious.
“Don't worry about it. I'm Bella” I smiled back at him and we shook hands.
“Lovely to meet you Bella, I'm Billy. So what can I do for ya?” he asked smiling warmly at me.
“Well obviously a tattoo” I joked “I actually have picture here of what I kinda want but I want it the whole way up. If that's okay?” I explained.
“Can I see the picture? He asked while taking out a pair of glasses from the pocket of his shirt.
I pulled the picture from my bag and handed it to him.
“I like the design in it but I want it the whole way up my leg” I said gesturing to my leg were I wanted it.
“Right, right. I see. One second honey” he wheeled himself out into another room out back and I heard him talking to someone.
After about five minutes Billy came out again but not alone. Pushing him was a boy about my age. He was tall with his hair cut up short. He obviously had a lot of muscles, russet coloured skin and white teeth that contrasted of his skin and he was at least six foot four. He had a tattoo on the top of his right arm. He could be a model if he wanted to.
“Right I must go visit the Clearwater's down the road now. It was lovely meeting you Bella. I hope Jacob here can give you what you want and I'll hopefully see you again” he said and left.
“Hey. I'm Jacob but you can call me Jake if you want.” He smiled at me while we shook hands.
“Hey Jake I'm Bella” I said smiling too.
“Okay so you want butterflies the whole way up your leg. Right?” he asked.
“Yeah on my left leg. I gave Billy the picture of what I kinda want” I said pointing to the picture on the desk.
“Right I see.” He looked at the picture “I'm gonna draw one up like this if you want to stay and wait until I do it your welcome to but if you want you can come back in around thirty minutes.”
“I'll wait if that's okay?” I asked.
“That perfectly fine. Come on through” he said directing me to the back room.
“Stand still for a moment okay. I just need to trace the outline of your leg onto this paper.” He explained and I stood still while he did it.
“Okay let's get started” he said and we sat at a table while he drew.
After a couple minutes of drawing out the tattoo it looked great.
“So Bella do you go to school?” Jake asked.
“Yeah I got to Forks High. What about you?” I asked as I watched his hands move along the paper effortlessly.
“Here in Port Angeles. Shouldn't you be at school today?” he asked slightly confused.
“Yeah but my sister had friends over and wanted to take the day off when our parents aren't home so she wanted me to stay so I said yeah why not and it was the perfect opportunity to get the tattoo done.” I explained to him when a sudden thought occurred.
“Hey why aren't you at school?” I asked now being the curious one.
“I help my dad out on Tuesday's” he said nodding. “Want to play twenty questions?” he asked.
“Yeah, sure” I grinned.
“Okay let's see. Favourite colour?” he asked.
“Green” I said for some stupid reason.
“Brown. Your turn”
“Favourite subject at school?” I asked.
“I would have to say none. I don't like any of them”
“I like English”
“What do you want to be when your older or what do you want to do?” The way Jacob asked these question you could tell he was genuinely curious.
“I want to be a dancer but I don't think it will work out that well because it's usually pole dancing or burlesque but I want to do like hip hop, lyrical just anything. So if dancing doesn't work out I want to be a writer.” I said.
“Looks liked I'm done” he said showing me the drawing.
When I looked at what he had drawn I was speechless. He was amazing. Like absolutely incredible.
“Oh my god” I squealed and hugged him. I was shocked at what I did but I didn't care because he got it exactly they way I wanted it. No actually he got it better then what I wanted. He was shocked at first too but then he hugged me back. Once we stopped hugging he said “You ready?” I nodded.
“Let's do it” he said and led me out into another room with everything set up.
“Okay for me to do it you'll” he scratched the back of his neck nervously “You will have to take your jeans off, sorry”
I blushed and said “That's cool” I nodded.
“There's a bathroom there” he pointed to a door. I walked into the bathroom and took of my boots and trousers. I came back out of the bathroom and set my things down on a chair while Jacob had his back turned to me doing something with the needles.
“Eh…I'm ready?” I asked.
He turned around and you could see a blush forming on his cheeks. “Just lie down here” he patted the reclined chair.
I sat down on my side on the chair so the leg he was going to tattoo was facing him. He pulled a chair over to sit beside me and started the tattoo.
It was sore at first but it was okay after a while.
“What do you want to be when you grow up?” I asked.
“A mechanic”
“Really?” I asked.
“I know. I seem like I want to do tattoo art but I love working with cars”
“So Bella any boyfriends on the scene?” he asked
“Nope. Single”
“Cool, cool” he nodded “This is gonna hurt now”
After another hour Jacob had finished and he was now leading me to a mirror so I could see it.
“Ta-da” he sang once I looked in the mirror. (Picture of the tattoo is on my profile but the tattoo Bella has is the whole way up her leg)
“Holy shit!” I shouted “I love it! I fucking love it” I jumped up and hugged him and wrapped my legs around his waist while probably crushing him.
He just laughed and set me down on the ground again.
“C'mon now so I can put a cover over it”
Once he had out the cover on it and I had gotten dressed again I paid him and was just about to leave when he came up to the door beside me.
“Em…Bella I was wondering if maybe you would want to go out with me sometime?” he asked looking straight into my eyes.
“Definitely” I smiled at him “Let me give you my number”
He handed me his cell phone while I handed him mine. He hand me back my phone and I gave his back to him. I leaned up and gave him a lingering kiss on his cheek and said “I'll see ya Jake”
“I'll call you” he waved his phone while grinning like he had won the lottery.
I got into my car and drove down to the Red Roof chineese. I ordered what everyone asked for and paid them. The chineese guy was really creepy. He was just staring at me.
I was on my back home when I pulled over to the side of the road to make sure none of the food had spilled all over my car. It was fine so I continued going home.
Soon I was pulling into the garage at my house. I grabbed the bags of chineese food and carried them up to the porch. My hands were full so I had to open the door with my foot and close it again.
I walked into the kitchen and set everything out on plates and organized them so I they were seated beside their girlfriend or boyfriend. I was in a great mood since I got my tattoo and since I had met Jake.
I walked up the stairs to Melissa's room knocked and walked in. Everyone was all sitting about and Melissa, Tanya, Kate Irina, Luke, Kyle and Alex were all smoking.
As soon as I had walked in the smell of smoke hit me bad. I walked over to everyone who was smoking and took the fags of them while pinching my nose and then I put them out and dumped them.
“If you smoke it's bad for my health too and yours. You'll get wrinkles, yellow teeth, yellow nails, bad breath, black gums and lung cancer. So stop smoking” I ranted on “C'mon the chineese is out”
I left the room with them following me while huffing about how I was stupid about the cigarette incident. We got to the kitchen and I told everyone which one was there's and we all headed into the sitting room.
We were all settled down eating when Emmet decided he wanted to watch a DVD so we let him. He picked You, Me and Dupree.
Just before the movie started Melissa said “Mom and dad called. They're staying another night down in where ever they are”
“Okay” I replied.
“Hey what were you doing down in Port Angeles?” she asked and everyone turned to look at me.
“My business not yours” I said while digging my fork into the beef.
Once the movie was over I decided to do the dishes and guess who decided to help me? Alice did. I was completely shocked at first.
As we washed the dishes Alice went on about how she wanted to be a fashion designer and outsell Gucci, Ralph Lauren, Coco Chanel and other top designers.
“So Bella what do you want to do when you leave school?” she asked as she finished drying a plate.
“I want to be a da-” I stopped myself before I could finish the sentence because I didn't want her to know I wanted to be a dancer she would probably just laugh in my face as if I was joking.
“I want to be a writer” I finally said.
Once Alice and I finished up with the dishes we head back into the sitting room to see Jasper and Emmet in a heated game of twister.
“Jasper you gay homosexual. Get your arm away from my crotch.” Emmet screamed like a little girl.
“Dude that's your own hand” Jasper said while laughing.
“Oh” Emmet said embarrassed.
Jasper was laughing so hard that he fell and everyone else laughed to while Emmet did a victory dance.
I looked at the time and hadn't realised that it was now ten o' clock.
“I'm away to bed. Can you keep the noise down again?” I said.
“Sure. No problem” Alice said and walked over and gave me a hug and said “Night Bella. Again Alice had given me a hug and I froze in place like the first time.
“Thanks for the chineese” Emmet said while licking his lips.
“You're welcome. Good night” I walked out and left them. It looks like they were staying again tonight.
I walked up to my room and quickly changed into my pyjamas, brushed my teeth and hair, set my alarm clock and went to bed.
I was lying in bed for about ten minutes when I got a text.
Sweet dreams Bella. Jx
I quickly sent a reply back to him.
Good night Jake! ;) B(x)
I put my phone on my bedside locker and then fell asleep.
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