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Chains of Love
Chapter 1: Home
Home. We were finally going home.
Home to Forks, Washington. Home to nearly endless rain and cloud cover, but most importantly, home to all three of my families. My vampire grandparents, aunts, and uncles, my human grandfather, and my werewolf family. I know that we have only been gone for little more than a year, but it feels like ten. Not that I don't like living in New Hampshire with my Mom and Dad, and my Jacob, but Forks was my home.
Yes, Jacob came with us as well. I giggled quietly at the memory of that fateful conversation…
“It's not like we can really separate them, and I would feel much better with Jacob around. I mean what are we going to do? Leave her home by herself while we go to class?” My Momma said in an exasperated tone. They had been having this argument off and on for weeks now.
My Dad ground his teeth together. “Of course we are not going to leave her by herself! Don't be absurd. The rest of the family is going to be moving up there. She will be perfectly safe.”
“Not for at least six months they're not! Carlisle wants to stay here until that position opens up at the Medical Center, and Esme would never go without him. Jasper wants to finish up his Philosophy class at Cornell, so Alice is heading there with him, and Rose and Emmett have decided to take yet another honeymoon trip.” Momma sighed.
“What about his responsibilities here? His pack? His father? School?!”
I could almost hear the laughter in my Momma's voice as she replied, “His pack, with the exception of Leah, will be with Sam. His father will be fine. As for the school thing, Billy agrees with me that Hanover High is a very good school and has no problem with Jake attending there.”
“But that still means that they would be alone most of the time,” Dad growled under his breath.
“Be reasonable Edward. You know Jake doesn't think like that.” Momma pursed her lips together in irritation.
Leaning out of Momma's arms a bit, I put my hand on Daddy's cheek. “Daddy,” I thought calmly. “I want Jacob to come. It would make me feel better when Momma and you are away.” I showed him first a picture of the four of us, and then a picture of Jacob and me, waiting for them to come home.
Daddy's golden gaze flickered between Momma's burnt orange eyes - they get more gold everyday - and my chocolate brown ones looking uncertain, but resigned. He knew he was fighting a losing battle on this one. He had been resisting Momma, Jacob's, and my arguments ever since Momma had decided it was time for her to try college life almost a month ago. The summer semester was about to start and we were still in Forks because Daddy refused to go along with Jacob being my only sitter. I really couldn't understand why he was so worried, I mean it's not like he doesn't know that Jacob is a good person, and that Jacob would never let anything happen to me. Besides, I thought wryly, it's not like they couldn't just rip him apart if he ever so much as thought something inappropriate, right?
My Dad's lips twitched as he tried to hold back his smile, and then he sighed. “Very well. We will try it for six months and see how it goes.”
Momma and I burst into twin grins.
“However,” Daddy held up his hand. “If, when the rest of the family joins us, I do not think it is working, he goes right back. No arguments.” He looked at the two of us again.
I put my hand on Momma's neck, showing her my approval.
“Deal,” Momma said. Then she smiled down at me. “Let's go call Jake and tell him the good news shall we?”
My answering smile was victorious.
Yeah, Daddy had his misgivings, but everything worked out. Now here we were, nearly one year later, flying home to spend Spring Break in Forks. I sat in my cushy first-class seat next to my Jacob, who was snoring lightly, while my parents sat behind us holding hands. You could look forever and never find a more loving and content couple than my parents. The way they were looking into each other's eyes right now… there really are not words enough to describe the adoration and devotion I read in their gaze. Seeing them so happy after everything they had to go through- I forced Jacob to spill one night while they were at school- always makes me feel warm inside. I don't think you could ask for better parents. Smiling at my good fortune, I snuggled into Jacob's side and closed my eyes. Just a few more hours and I would be home.
Momma shook me and Jacob awake just before then plane began its decent into Seattle, the sky outside the window a hazy gray. The pilot's nasal voice came over the intercom, announcing the local time and weather - cloudy with a chance of rain. I sat straight up, alert and excited. I waited, slightly rocking in my seat, as the wheels touched down on the tarmac. On my right, Jacob chuckled at my impatience.
I had to keep reminding myself to move slowly as we stood up, and I joined Momma already in the aisle, a big smile on her face. She was as glad as I was to be home. Taking her hand, we followed the stewardess' directions and disembarked from the plane, Jacob and Daddy following close behind with our carry-on bags. Before we stepped into the waiting area, I heard Daddy snicker. I had about two seconds to wonder as to the reason before a dozen loud cheers drowned out my thoughts.
“Welcome home!”
Just about my whole family - extended or otherwise - were here to meet us.
Taking up most of the left and middle of the room was Grandpa Charlie and Sue Clearwater, standing with Seth, Billy, Sam and Emily, and wow… even Quil and Embry - here for Jacob no doubt. Next to them were Grandpa Carlisle and Grandma Esme, Uncle Emmett and Auntie Rose, and Uncle Jasper and Aunt Alice.
I raised my arms to Momma and she bent over to pick me up - I couldn't just jump up with so many people watching. I buried my face in her thick dark hair, blushing slightly. Daddy urged us forward with a gentle arm around Momma's waist - I wasn't the only one frozen with embarrassment.
As soon as we were out of the way of the other passengers, who were all gawking at the size of our group, our family converged on us. The wolves thumped and high-fived each other, Emily embraced Jacob, and Seth hugged both Momma and I, kissing me on the cheek before hugging Daddy. I noticed that Seth had filled out since the last time I'd seen him. He was no longer tall and gangly, but lean and muscular, like Daddy.
Grandma Esme pulled Daddy into a tight hug, while Grandpa and my uncles and aunts gathered around, exchanging yet more hugs and kisses.
“Bella! Nessie!” Grandpa called happily as he finally made his way thru to give us a warm squeeze.
So used to his scent was I, even having been gone for over a year, that it didn't take much to disregard my thirst. The only thing I really had to remember with Grandpa was even though I was very advanced mentally and I looked to be about 5-6 years old, I wasn't even two yet, and therefore had to make sure I didn't say, or do, too much around him - As far as he knew I had only started speaking well about nine months ago. Grandpa knows I'm special, but just not how special I am. I wished I could just show him the way I did with everyone else, but that would frighten him. Keep it simple I reminded myself.
“Grandpa!” I said in what I hoped was a soft voice, as I smiled and reached out to him. He opened his arms willingly as Momma handed me to him - keeping up appearances. Grandma pulled her into an embrace as soon as I was free.
“I swear Ness you just keep getting prettier,” he crooned as he hugged me close to him, rocking slightly.
I grinned at him, and laid my ear on his chest, listening to his heart. My own seemed to fill with a warmth not associated with my body heat. I realized after half a second that I was glad to see him, that I had missed him even more than I realized. We stayed like that for several moments before Auntie Rose came over to claim me.
My family and I spent the next fifteen minutes or so being passed around to our various family members and loved ones. There were a few comments made about how much I had grown - Alice especially because she had missed getting my last growth spurt on film. Uncle Emmett teased Daddy about when they were shipping me off to a convent - the looks he got from Momma, Jacob and I were enough to stop any further remarks on the subject. Grandma managed to get me away from Auntie Rose, and stood next to Grandpa Carlisle holding me close and humming quietly. Momma joined us after a few moments - She still doesn't like a lot of attention.
When Uncle Emmett's booming laugh began to draw even more attention our way from the few people still milling about, Grandpa Carlisle subtlety suggested that we go downstairs and pick up our luggage.
There was more laughing and joking on the way to the luggage carrousel - several people stopped and stared at us - where we picked up Jacob's plain black suitcase. Afterward we all headed out to the parking garage, but instead of going straight to the vehicles, we all stopped just outside of the doors. Grandpa turned to us and smiled.
“Now for the seating arrangements,” he said.
“Yay!” Aunt Alice squealed, and then looked meaningfully at Daddy. “Edward.”
“What do you mean you didn't bring my car?” Daddy asked with a hint of frustration.
Alice smiled at him angelically.
“I don't really have much of a choice now do I?” Daddy sighed in annoyance. “Honestly, how can someone so small be such a pain?”
Instead of answering, Aunt Alice just laughed her high-pitched little laugh.
“Edward?” Momma asked softly as she took me back from Grandma and stepped to his side, looking questioningly between him and Alice.
“Apparently she is plotting something, but she is being very careful not to let me know what that something is.” Daddy told her quietly.
“Well whatever it is, is has to be better than just standing around here,” Jacob said as he moved to Momma's other side.
“Great! I'll go get my car.” She exclaimed, and then seeing the puzzled expression on the faces of the three of us who could not read minds, she said, “Jasper is riding with Carlisle, and you four are with me.”
“Let me guess, you want to see our reaction to whatever it is that you are plotting right?” Momma asked.
Aunt Alice just grinned bigger, flashing her teeth. They glinted an odd orange color in the glow of the parking lights.
Rolling her eyes at her sister, Momma turned to Daddy and Jacob standing slightly behind us now - a look of loving indulgence on her face - and said, “Shall we?”
Our large group began to split up and head to their respective vehicles. Sam, Emily, and Quil climbed into Sam's truck. Sue, Seth, Embry, and Billy all climbed into Grandpa Charlie's cruiser, while Grandpa Carlisle, Grandma, Uncle Emmett and Auntie Rose, and Uncle Jasper got into the Mercedes.
Parked next to Grandpa's Mercedes was Aunt Alice's sleek, shiny, canary yellow Porsche. Running her hand along the body, Alice opened the door and popped the trunk open. Coming back around she watched the guys load our luggage and close the trunk.
“Bella and Nessie have shotgun!” She trilled in her sing-song voice. Then, in response to whatever Jacob had his mouth slightly open to say, she stuck her tongue out at him.
Daddy simply rolled his eyes and urged us into the car. I think he was starting to get as impatient as we were to be home.
Soon enough we were all settled - squished in Jacob's case, he's so tall - into the car, and on our way. I could feel the excitement building with every mile we got closer to Forks. I stared out the window ignoring the catch-up talk going on around me, and concentrated on the scenery flying by. I was brought back slightly once when Momma's arms tighten protectively around me. This puzzled me for half a second before I realized that we had made it out of the city and onto the Highway, and Aunt Alice had stepped down on the gas. I giggled silently. Momma still didn't like driving as fast as the rest of the family did. It was quite fun listening to her and Daddy when they argued playfully over his speeding. Even at home she never pushed it past eighty - well, at least not with me in the car.
The clouds gradually got thicker the closer we got to Forks, looking - to human eyes - as if dusk had settled in. To me it just got a few darker shades of gray, but was still brightly lit. Smiling at the darkness, I turned back to Momma and found her looking out the window as well. A three way conversation was still going between the others, and they seemed oblivious to us. As I looked at Momma a peculiar expression crossed her face and shown in her now golden eyes. Alarm shot through me as I recognized this look. I had seen it only once before, when Aunt Alice and Uncle Jasper had left us over a year ago. Momma was crying.
I put my hand to her cheek, showing her her expression, concern and curiosity in my image. Momma just shook her head slightly. She leaned down close to my ear and whispered to me, “I'm just happy. Look.” She pointed with her chin out the window.
Turning back around I noticed for the first time that we had slowed down, and were passing Forks' big welcome sign. Ah, I see I thought as tears pricked at my eyes. So these were happy tears…
We drove the speed limit thru town, the car getting some gawkers when we were forced to stop at a stop light, and headed north. As soon as we were out of sight of the town, Alice sped up again. Moments later we were crossing the Calawah River Bridge and turning down the familiar unpaved driveway that led to the Cullen Estate.
We slowed down nearly to forty. Odd, Aunt Alice probably foresaw this would make the anticipation greater, or just to irritate Daddy. I could hear him grinding his teeth behind us. Daddy really hated driving any slower than a hundred.
About thirty seconds later we finally emerged into the clearing where the house stood. I stared at it like drowning person gasps for air. It looked just the way I remembered it. A rectangular, three story house with a deep-set covered porch. It was still soft white in color. I guess Grandma had changed her mind about painting it after we left. What color had Aunt Alice been trying to talk her into… powder pink I think. I was glad Grandma didn't listen. White was timeless, like the house, like us.
Alice pulled up in front of the porch. It was a bad sign, her not pulling around to the garage. Something was back there we weren't supposed to see yet. As soon as she turned off the engine we climbed out of the car, and I went to stand on the bottom step and wait for them. I turned around in time to catch Daddy putting his hand against Momma's cheek and looking at her with concern. Oh, he had probably heard my concern in the car.
Momma reached her hand up and put it on Daddy's cheek - something she did when she wanted to share her thoughts with him - and smiled at him reassuringly. His expression changed from worry to tenderness, and he leaned down to lightly kiss her eyelids, nose, and - not so lightly - her lips. They were so cute.
My eyes slid from my parents to Jacob, his hands full with the bags. He was looking at them too, but as he always did, he seemed to feel me gazing at him and looked up. He smiled and rolled his eyes indulgently. I laughed.
My laughter seemed to bring them back to the present, and they broke apart. Daddy went over to take our bags from Jacob while Momma came to stand by me, taking my hand and gazing about at the house and the surrounding forest.
Aunt Alice danced up the steps and breezed through the door, leaving it open for us. As we stepped over the threshold I looked around at the familiar large room, noting with relief that everything was just as it had been the day we left. My eyes swept from the entrance to the kitchen across to the staircase leading upstairs. I took in the small white couch in front of the flat screen, Daddy's piano - I think they polished it for him - and then the set of French doors leading out into the backyard, doors that were now covered by drapes. I glanced toward the glass wall, but it was uncovered and open. Whatever she was hiding didn't stretch all the way out back, but the drapes were definitely a bad omen. Alice had to have gone overboard and that was why she was hiding it from us, so that we didn't freak right away.
I tugged on Momma's pretty fawn colored dress before jumping up into her now open arms. Once I was up there, I showed her the covered doors. Momma nodded in understanding, she had seen it too and now we both turned to Daddy. He met our gaze for a fraction of a second, and then turned to his favorite sister.
“So when are you planning on telling us what's happening?”
Alice smiled and replied, “As soon as everyone gets here.”
Daddy just stared at her for a long moment - well to us anyway, more like a few seconds.
Aunt Alice sighed and shook her head, “Still so impatient. If you must know, about one minute and forty-eight seconds. Happy?”
Daddy grinned. “Thank you.” He said smoothly.
Alice muttered something along the lines of, “and you think I'm annoying.”
Sure enough about thirty seconds later a softly purring car turned off onto our drive. A minute later two other sets of tires could be heard coming down the drive. The first car pulled straight around back, and we could hear Uncle Emmett's slightly heavy foot falls and laugher as soon as he stepped out. The rest of the family followed, heading toward the back doors. The second and third vehicles pulled up front next to the Porsche. You could tell from the level of noise and laughter that the wolves were really excited about something.
“Bella? Help me out a bit will you?” I heard Aunt Alice ask Momma, and I turned my attention back to them to see what was going on.
Alice was looking imploringly at Momma - her lower lip sticking out, and Daddy had his eyes narrowed slightly like he does when he is “listening”. Oh, Alice must want Momma to shield their thoughts from Daddy so they can't ruin her surprise. Momma sighed heavily and nodded. About an eighth of a second later Daddy ground his teeth together. I took this to mean that Momma had successfully blocked him from their minds.
“Whose side are you on?” He mouthed to her in annoyance. Momma just smiled; causing him to roll his eyes at her.
Jacob snickered. “Nice one Shorty,” he said to Alice. She grinned widely.
We listened as everyone made their way out back. The smell of wood smoke and various types of food drifted into the house. So she was planning a party. No wonder she didn't want Momma and Daddy to know. Momma hated being put on the spot, and Daddy wouldn't have let Alice do so knowing it would make Momma uncomfortable. He is still rather overprotective of her at times. As for me I couldn't help but grin. Everyone I love, and have missed terribly for the last year, were all together in the one place we could all be ourselves. What better home coming could I have asked for?
I heard Momma sigh again; the look of loving indulgence was back in her expression. Daddy walked over to join us by the couch and slid his arm around Momma's waist; kissing first her, and then me softly on the head.
“It's time!” Aunt Alice sang as she ran to the door. She waited for us to gather in front of it before she flung the doors wide.
Outside they had several wooden poles set up in a large square around a wooden dance floor. In between the poles were strung Japanese lanterns, twined with white garland, and on every post were bunches of flowers tied with trailing white and pink ribbons. A few tables and chairs were arranged around the edges of the northeast side of the dance floor by the grill that was being tended by Sam, and another table covered in fruits and assorted finger foods.
It took me about a second to realize that we hadn't moved. I glanced up at Momma to see why we weren't moving, only to see that she was crying again. Alarmed I looked up at Daddy wondering what it was about this seemingly harmless and beautiful setting that had Momma so upset, but Daddy also looked stunned.
“Alice…,” he breathed, slightly dazed.
“Do you like it?” She asked; a small undercurrent of nervousness in her voice.
Daddy didn't, or couldn't, respond. He just stood there with his arm around us, staring.
“Bella?” Aunt Alice asked; the nervousness even more apparent now.
Momma seemed to pull herself together then and smiled at Alice. “I love it. You've outdone yourself again.”
She beamed, and then stepped aside to let us walk outside and join the others.
I was very curious as to why Aunt Alice's decorations seemed to make Momma so emotional, but I didn't want to bring it up yet. I didn't want to make her cry again. I would just ask her later.
Alice followed us out, shutting the door behind her and Jacob.
“Very nice,” I heard Jacob whisper quietly to her. “It looks almost identical.”
“That was the idea,” Alice answered before slipping away to Uncle Jasper's side.
Identical to what? You people are so annoying at times! I thought crossly. Oh well. Jacob obviously knew what was going on. If I couldn't ask Momma, I would just ask Jacob. Daddy would probably tell me too, but then he would tell Momma I asked. Yeah, Jacob it is.
As soon as we made it to the middle of the dance floor, everyone converged on us again. There was much laughter and merriment. When the food was done, the wolves and humans dug in. I even tried a little bit of everything. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't the greatest.
After we finished eating, Daddy brought out the bag with Auntie Rosalie's gift in it - her Birthday was a few weeks ago, but Momma and I wanted to give it to her in person. He handed me the red wrapped box that we had decorated with a big gold bow, and then he slipped his arms around Momma and watched as I gave it to her.
“Happy birthday,” I said as I put it into her hands. I was excited, but as soon as I let the box go I was suddenly very nervous. What if she didn't like it? This was nowhere near as extravagant as the other gifts she had been given. I mean who can top a mansion? What would she think of our simple one? She looked curious now, but what if…
Anxiety twisted in my stomach as she pulled off the paper and opened the plain white box. I stopped breathing.
Auntie Rose's eyes grew wide, and she gave a surprised gasp. Reaching into the box she pulled out the nine inch figurine we had bought for her. “It's beautiful!” She said as she held it up for everyone to see. It was a golden haired angel with a long, sky blue dress that flowed around her body and rippled in a silent breeze. Her right hand was laid lightly upon her left breast, and her left hand was held out as if in welcome. Her wings were spread out behind and tipped with a slightly darker gold than her hair. A thin silver halo rested on her brow.
“Then you like it?” I asked nervously, releasing the breath I was holding.
“Like it? It's exquisite!” Auntie Rose smiled and hugged me close. “Where ever did you find it?”
I grinned in relief and showed her the little market Momma and I had been strolling through one cloudy Tuesday three weeks ago. I showed her the angel's face and then hers next to it, so that she would see why we picked it. They looked like sisters. Auntie Rose laughed. “Thank you,” she said as she let me go to hug Momma and Daddy.
I walked over to Jacob and stood by his side. Smiling his big grin, he held his arms out to me, and I let him lift me up - Grandpa Charlie was looking this way. “You shouldn't have been so worried, I told you she would like it,” he whispered to me.
I scowled at him, and showed him myself, completely calm.
He chuckled. “Nice try Nessie, but you get a little crease in the middle of your forehead when you're concerned, just like your mother.”
I scowled more. Stupid, overly observant werewolf.
Observant? I shot a glance at my parents. Good, they were still talking to Auntie Rose. Reaching my hand to his face again I showed him what had happened when Momma and Daddy had seen the decorations that Aunt Alice had put up and the comment he had made, concern, interest, and irritation showing in the images.
Chuckling again he said softly, “Oh that. Alice reused some of the decorations from their wedding. This is almost exactly how it looked that night.” Then he looked down at me, disbelief, humor, and - for a split second - guilt and sadness in his eyes. “You've seen the pictures Nessie. I'm surprised you didn't recognize them.”
I stuck my tongue out at him, and he laughed his almost barking laugh. Even as a human, he was still a wolf.
Speaking of wolves, Sam came over to join us then, leaving Embry to shut down the grill, and smiled warmly at me. “Welcome home little one,” he said in his deep voice. I smiled back. Then he glanced around us like he was making sure no one was listening, before leaning in and asking Jacob, “Are you coming home this evening?”
Jacob looked confused, but nodded. Something passed silently between them, but was over before I could finish my blink.
Sam nodded back. “I don't think it's anything to worry about, but I would like to check it out all the same.”
Jacob may not need to ask, but I did. I reached out to Sam and replayed the last few seconds for him, my images demanding. Sam just smiled and ruffled my curls.
“Just a new scent little one. I don't know it and would like a second opinion. Don't worry about it.” Then he smiled at me again and walked back to join Emily and Sue talking to Billy and Grandpa Charlie.
“Shall we?” Jacob asked, walking over to join Quil, Embry, and Seth by the grill.
We all talked, joked, and laughed. When evening fell we lit the lanterns and a soft glow fell over the party. The music started then, and I watched - from Jacob's lap, Daddy offer his hand to Momma and then lead her out onto the floor.
I loved watching them dance. Daddy was teaching me to play the piano. Sometimes he would pick Momma up out of her chair that she always sat reading in while we practiced, and they would dance. Seeing how gracefully they flowed together, like water over sand, I found it hard to believe that Momma had ever been as clumsy as everyone tells me she was.
The laughing and dancing continued on until long after the stars had made their presence known, peppering the night sky with thousands of twinkling lights. Finally around midnight, as I sat in Momma's lap - she was curled up into Grandpa Charlie's side with his arm around us, I heard Grandpa yawn deeply.
“Well kiddo,” he said, letting go of Momma and stretching his hands over his head. “I think it's time I call it a night.”
Protests were made all around, and there was much grumbling, but everyone started to pick up. Quil, Embry, Sam, and Seth took down the tables and chairs and carried them out to the garage. Grandma, Auntie Rose, Emily, and Sue all carried the dishes inside to be washed, while Aunt Alice directed Uncle Emmett and Uncle Jasper in taking down the decorations. We stood with Grandpa Carlisle, Grandpa Charlie, and Billy talking. Momma tried to go help, but Alice waved her away.
Finally the flurry of activity ended, and everyone filed by for last minute goodbyes and welcome homes. Then they all climbed into their vehicles, waved, and drove off down the long, winding driveway. Now just the vampires, and Jacob, were left.
Momma and Daddy offered again to help, but it was Grandma this time who said in her sweet, motherly voice, “Not another word you two. It's been a busy day, and poor Nessie can barely keep her eyes open. Why don't you take her to bed? Leave this to us.”
I yawned widely. Now that she mentioned it I was pretty sleepy. Momma and Daddy agreed with Grandma, and after another round of hugs and kisses, we headed off to the cottage. After leaping over the river, Daddy and Jacob stared up a conversation that I was too sleepy to listen to fully, but I caught something about “tests” and “La Push”. They must be discussing what Sam was talking about earlier, about that scent. I thought.
When we reached the cottage it looked beautiful in the pale violet light. The flowers that climbed the wall were just starting to bloom, and it looked like a bird had made a nest on the garden wall.
Jacob stopped here and said goodnight, stooping to kiss both Momma and me on the head and mock-punching Daddy's arm before disappearing into the trees to phase - he had sent his luggage home with Billy.
Daddy opened the door for us, and then went over to the fireplace to start a fire. Not that we needed it for warmth, it was simply an evening tradition. Momma sent me to my room to change into pajamas, and pick my bedtime story. I brought out a collection of Robert Frost poems.
Once back in the living room, I walked over to where my parents sat in front of the fire's glow. Daddy in his high-backed chair reading another medical textbook, and Momma in her rocking chair she had brought over from Grandpa Charlie's.
This chair was a little worn and scratched in places, but Momma loved it. I asked her once why she didn't just get a new one or refinish this one, and she told me that every mark on that chair had a story; a memory.
This chair,” she had said, “belonged to my Grandmother Swan, your Great-Grandmother.” She said Grandma Swan used to rock Grandpa Charlie to sleep in this chair, and when Momma was born, so too was she rocked in it. Daddy had chuckled and added, “Yes, a few of those times were by me.” Laughing softly, Momma had stroked my hair. “And now my darling, I rock you in it. I could no sooner take away those memories then I could cause you physical harm.”
Smiling to myself I kissed Daddy goodnight, and then handed Momma the book and crawled into her lap. Before she could begin however, Daddy tilted his head at my curiously. "What is it you want to know A Stoirin?"
I sighed. I should have known Daddy had heard my earlier deliberations.
“I was wondering about Aunt Alice's decorations.” I said softly. “I noticed you reacted pretty strongly to them, and I wanted to know why.”
“If that is all you wanted, why didn't you simply ask us?” Daddy asked.
“I didn't want to upset you,” I mumbled, an embarrassed blush staining my cheeks more than normal.
Momma smiled tenderly at me and hugged me closer to her. “If you want to know something darling, ask. Never be afraid to tell us what you are thinking.”
“It was just as Jacob told you; the decorations she used where from our wedding and the dance floor and wooden posts were used at the reception. Well… most of the decorations were from the wedding.” Daddy said. Then he sighed he read my curiosity. “You see some of the ribbons, the pink ones to be exact, came from another party.”
Daddy was silent for so long that I had to ask, “What party were they from?”
It was Momma who answered me this time. “My eighteenth birthday party,” she replied reaching her hand out to touch Daddy's arm.
I quickly ran over what Jacob had told me about that and what had happened afterward.
Daddy's teeth snapped shut loudly. “I am seriously going to have to talk to Jacob about what he has been telling you.” Momma looked at him inquisitively. “Jasper,” is all Daddy said. Momma sighed.
Waving aside his comment about Jacob, I asked him a more pressing question. “Why is that bad? Before that incident happened, weren't you all having fun? So what if things didn't turn out right? I mean, shouldn't you want to hold onto the happy memories from that day?” Really, what were they thinking? I thought they had gotten past all of that nonsense long ago.
“We do darling,” Momma said soothingly. I hadn't realized how upset I had gotten during my little rant. “However some things are harder to forget then others.” Momma sighed. “I do remember after school, sitting on Charlie's couch watching Romeo and Juliet and listening to your father complain about Romeo.” She laughed. “I remember thinking, when he started quoting Romeo's lines, that your father had the most beautiful voice in the world.”
“That's because, other than yours, he does.” I said matter-a-factly.
Daddy just snorted and rolled his eyes at us.
Momma and I laughed together, and then Momma said that it was time for bed.
I yawned as she began to read, snuggling against her cool chest and letting her sweet voice lull me into oblivion. Sleep covered me like a warm blanket, and as I drifted peacefully into the land of dreams, I remember my last conscious thought being that I was Home.
eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeee
A Stóirín (ah store-een) = My little darling. (Irish)
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