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Chains of Love
Chapter 2: Hiding Out
(Nessie's POV)
The next few days passed in a blur of happiness and activity. I spent the daylight hours in the main house with my vampire family - mostly at the mercy of my aunts, and my evenings with my parents at the cottage.
Jacob was here every day, but he went home to his father's as soon as I started to get sleepy.
The other Quileute werewolves were in and out of the main house as well. Only Sam's pack still seemed apprehensive at times. I asked Jacob about this, and he said that it was still a little strange for them to casually be around people they once considered their enemies. So other then the occasional flinch, everyone was pretty happy here.
There was a bit of talk about the new scent - I assume they filled everyone in because Uncle Jasper and Emmett were throwing theories around, but it never became more than idle speculation.
To tell the truth, I had more important things to worry about right now then some weird scent. Number one being that when you're the only person in the house whose heart flutters like a humming bird's wings, it is next to impossible to hide.
Right now I was hiding from another one of my overly-excited Aunt's fashion shows. Thank goodness she can't see me or I never would have gotten this far. I love my Aunt Alice, but a person can only change clothes so many times in one day.
So instead of acting as her 3-D Barbie, I found myself - once again, perusing the thousands of titles my family kept up in the third floor library along with their printing and scanning equipment.
All around the edge of this giant room were ceiling-high bookcases, interspersed with tall curtained windows. The solid glass wall that made up the first two floors did not extend up to the library - sunlight fades books. The rest of the room held seven foot tall bookshelves lined up in neat rows that stretched all the way over to the southeast corner where the large printing machine stood next to a drafting table and small stool. There was no seating up here, because everyone just took their books downstairs to read them.
I had never been to the Forks Public Library before, but from what Momma said you could fill three or more of them with the books we had in just this one room. (She wasn't counting all the books in Grandpa's study or that we had at the cottage.)
As I gazed around this vast expanse of knowledge, I couldn't help but feel humbled - and a little awed. So many years of dedication had been given to complete the tomes I now ran my fingers lightly over as I wondered about.
Like my parents before me, I was quite addicted to the written word. For me, it was like my own brand of magic. I often lost myself in my books - off on daring adventures, flying thru velvet skies, discovering new civilizations, and saving towns from vicious monsters. It was my goal to try to finish at least one entire bookshelf before we go back to New Hampshire, a daunting task I assure you.
Which brings me to my second worry… finals.
Momma and Daddy had to go back to New Hampshire this weekend and take their tests before their winter semester at Dartmouth officially ended and spring break actually began - we were technically on break two weeks early. I sighed. Stupid red tape.
So now I had a decision to make. Would I go with them or stay here with my grandparents? Fear assaulted me as I thought of being separated from them by such a long distance. We had never been so much as a few miles away from each other since the day I was born.
Of course, I thought angrily, the Volturi had a lot to do with that. I still find it hard to believe that someone could be as jealous and greedy as to not only condone, but order the slaughter of an entire family. Just thinking about them made a red haze form in my peripherals, almost tunneling my vision.
I needed to calm down. Easy girl, I thought. I looked around desperately for a distraction, and my eyes fell on a well worn volume on the self in front of me. It was a dark blue book with elegant silver writing down the spine and across the front.
“The Little Mermaid” by Hans Christian Andersen.
Sliding the book silently from the shelf, I walked over to one of the windows and hopped up on top of the set of shelves under them. Settling down into the corner of the window, I opened it and began to read. Before long I was swimming through emerald waters, exploring sunken ships, and rescuing handsome princes.
I was so engrossed in my tale that I almost missed the sound of a familiar old truck turning off the highway and onto our dirt driveway. Sam was here? But I thought he worked on Wednesdays?
I glanced down at the blue and silver watch on my left wrist that my parents had given me - along with their course schedules, when we moved to New Hampshire. It was only ten o'clock in the morning. Was something wrong? Did that scent turn out to be a threat?
I closed my book and started back downstairs, listening to the adult's conversations, but mostly looking for my Daddy's voice. He would know what was going on better than anyone - the advantage of being able to read people's thoughts.
Bella.” I heard him complain.
“Jacob said Seth has something to tell everyone and he wants it to be a surprise.” Momma answered him. “I have agreed to help him do that.” I could hear her pat him gently - on the arm like she usually does?
I see, I thought as the knot in my chest loosened, Seth just has something to tell us. The scent really was nothing. Hmm… so she was blocking him again; and all the way down the drive too. She was really amazing, my Momma.
“Do you know how utterly frustrating that is?” Daddy asked her.
She chuckled and teased him lightly. “No, but I'm sure you will tell me.”
I laughed silently to myself as I pictured the mischievous little smirk hovering over her lips. I laughed again as I pictured Daddy rolling his eyes heavenward at her.
Did I mention how cute they were?
I crept stealthily to the head of the main stairs leading down to the great room. Hugging the corner, I stole a peek downstairs. Good, the coast seemed to be clear. Aunt Alice, Auntie Rose and Grandma were in the kitchen talking about the renovations to their new house in New Hampshire, Uncle Jasper and Uncle Emmett were coming in the back door - I guess they got tired of their wrestling match, and I could see my parents over by the glass wall with Jacob and Grandpa Carlisle.
If they were paying attention they would know I was here before long. I would just have to make a run for it, and hope I don't get caught. Taking a quick and quiet breath I threw myself down the stairs as fast as my legs could carry me. I flew across the room and, hesitating just long enough for Momma to start to open her arms, I jumped up into them. Made it, I exhaled in relief.
Surprise and then humor crossed all four of their faces as they watched me snuggle into Momma's arms, my book held tightly to my chest.
“Darling!” Momma said hugging me and chuckling softly. “I swear you are going to be just as fast as your father soon. Where's the fire?” She asked.
You had better not say anything, I shot mentally towards my Daddy as I answered Momma's question. “I heard Sam's truck.” I said. It wasn't exactly lying - I had heard his truck, it just wasn't the reason I was running… or rather fleeing.
I saw Daddy press his lips together in an attempt not to laugh, but he didn't contradict me. Thank you, I thought gratefully. He looked down at the floor and then back up to me without moving his head. This was how Daddy nodded when he did not want to be caught doing so - mostly by Momma. I smiled at him.
Two protesting metal doors slammed, and footsteps could just barely be heard on the dirt, brushing softly across the ground and over the porch like bird's feathers. The group in the kitchen came to stand by the wall that hid the dining room - Alice shooting me a slightly pouty look, and my uncles paused just inside the back door before going to join my aunts.
The atmosphere was one of tension and repressed excitement - we were all very still. Only Uncle Emmett and Jacob seemed oblivious to the stress, but then nothing ever bothered Emmett and Jacob knew what was going on.
I had enough time to come up with three possibilities for what news Seth could possibly have when Sam's distinctive, quick knock sounded from the front door.
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