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Chains of Love
Chapter 5: Visitor
We both froze where we were, staring at each other. My breath caught in my throat and my already rapid heartbeat sped up as I took in the appearance of my surprise visitor.
The young woman looked to be somewhere in her late teens to very early twenties, definitely no older than twenty-one or twenty-two. She had long, dark hair that hung down to mid-thigh in loose ringlets around her slim body. Her skin was an almost milky white, devoid of nearly all color save for the shell pink of her full lips. My eyes widened as I took in her very… natural state. However, out of it all, what I noticed most were her eyes. They were a wide deep brown, almost black as she still stood in the shadow of the trees.
For a moment I instinctively thought of my momma, for the woman did resemble her closely - at least in coloring, but then I had to remind myself that my momma was not even in the same state as I.
Those eyes studied me, just as I studied her. A look of innocent curiosity and almost confused recognition was evident on her features, as if I reminded her of someone as well.
Slowly she withdrew the full length of her body from the shrubs and emerged cautiously into the sun. She walked toward me with careful steps and I found myself not afraid, but fascinated.
She moved gracefully across the ground in a way that rivaled even Aunt Alice's lithe movements, and despite her state of undress she possessed an air of regality.
Her skin shimmered slightly - the way mine does, although nowhere close to the level of my parent's jewel-like glitter. The sunlight hit her hair, drawing out the red and gold strands among her nearly ebony tresses. The wind blew the salty air around us, playing in our hair and teasing it about our faces.
I noticed in the sun that her eyes were indeed dark, but not the brown I had originally thought them to be. They were instead a deep green, like that of the kelp that washed up on the shore. Looking closer, I saw that her hair also held the same shade of chocolaty green that, combined with her curls, gave it the appearance of tangled seaweed.
She came to a stop a mere twelve inches away from me and as her eyes roamed over my face, first disappointment and then a deep sadness settled on her otherwise picturesque features. (A small part of me smiled at having been correct in assuming that she thought she knew me, but a much larger part ached at the level of agony apparent in her gaze.)
I had kept quiet this whole time thinking that if I moved or spoke it might startle her and she would disappear just as swiftly as she had arrived, but at that nearly heartbreaking look I could keep silent no longer.
I smiled what I hoped was my most reassuring smile and said softly, “Good morning, Ma'am.”
She blinked at me a few times in surprise and then, to my great relief, smiled shyly in return.
“Good morning to you as well, young one,” she said in a voice like the gentle strumming of harp strings. “May I join you?” She indicated a space on my left side with one of her slender hands.
I smiled, happy that she was giving me a chance to speak to her and nodded. “Please, sit.” I said politely. From the formal way she had replied to me, I figured it was best to continue in this manner as it seemed to make her comfortable.
She gracefully closed the distance between us and sank fluidly to the ground, pulling her legs up to her chest and wrapping her arms around them in an almost protective gesture.
“Thank you,” she said before staring out at the open ocean once again.
“It turned into a beautiful day,” I commented, trying to break the ice.
She smiled slightly and returned her odd-colored gaze to my own. “Rather rare indeed for this part of the Northwest.” Her eyes seemed bemused as she continued, “Rarer still is it to find one so young so far from shore. The only visitors this island ever has are lighthouse personnel, and the occasional lone fisherman.”
I sighed. I wasn't really that small… Still, she needed an answer.
Shrugging my shoulders, I replied, “I like to swim.”
She giggled softly, appreciating my humor, and smiled widely at me, showing off her startlingly white teeth. They were remarkably straight - assuming that she was human - and possessed a pearl-like sheen. When she had grinned, her smile was just wide enough for me to catch a glimpse of her slightly elongated canine teeth.
For some reason I reacted to this.
I stiffened, coiling my muscles to leap away from her while my lips pulled back over my own sharp teeth. To a passerby, it would seem as if I were only smiling widely back at her - I hoped that was all she thought as well - but inside I knew the truth.
What was wrong with me? The lady had minuscule fangs, so what? I wasn't exactly normal myself. Also it was not like she had made a move towards me at all. In fact, she still sat just to the side of me in the same position she had been in, and she was still smiling at me. The only indication that she noticed my reaction was the small drop in her slightly pouty lips, covering her teeth.
When I saw her lips droop, I felt ashamed. She had done absolutely nothing to provoke my hostility. So I cast about for something else to say, and realized that we had not as yet been introduced. Mentally giving myself a kick for forgetting my manners - introductions are the first rule of proper etiquette - I forced myself to calm down, relaxing my face muscles into a more pleasant expression.
“I apologize,” for both of my slip ups, I added mentally. “I have forgotten to introduce myself.” I raised my hand slowly and held it out to her. “My name is Renesemee Cullen. I am very pleased to meet you.”
She smiled gently at me - careful not to show her teeth - and took my hand. Her skin was very soft and… moist? It felt as if she had just applied lotion to them. Holding my hand, she bowed slightly, lowering her head a few inches, and replied, “It is a pleasure to meet you Miss Renesemee. I am…”
She never got to finish her sentence for at that precise moment a loud cry was heard from the top of the island.
“Seth!” I said in a startled voice, my head whipping in his direction. I had completely forgotten about him! Half a second later I felt my hand released, and heard gentle footfalls patter across the rocks in the direction of the water. By the time I had turned my head back around, all that was left of my guest was the sweet, and somewhat briny, scent of sun-warmed seaweed and saltwater.
I sighed as I heard Seth call for me again, this time a bit closer. For half a second I thought about not answering him and making him use his nose to find me out of protest for spooking my visitor - whose name I had almost gotten before we were interrupted. I sighed again, knowing that I could never be that mean to Seth - plus I wanted to know what had happened with those miscreants - so I called back to him.
“Down here!” I yelled. While I could never be mean enough to not answer him, I could be spiteful enough to make him come to me.
I listened to his quiet footsteps coming closer to me, but most of my attention was turned towards figuring out what do about my visitor. Something told me that bringing attention to her would make her disappear for good, and I didn't want that to happen.
Both my curiosity and my temper burned as I wondered who she was - I had been so close to a name. She was far too pretty to be from around here - everyone would have been talking about her if she was - and there was also the way she smelled…
It was like she had been resting on a bed of seaweed laid out on a hot rock and sprinkled with sugar, and something else I couldn't quite put my finger on. I laughed out loud at the mental picture conjured up by that comparison.
Just then Seth dashed through the trees and came to a deliberately noisy stop next to me, spraying me with a few of the smaller rocks at our feet.
“Thanks for the help kiddo,” he teased. “Lucky for you that I've got such a good nose, or you would still be all alone.”
Annoyance flared momentarily. “Don't you know it is rude to keep a lady waiting?” I asked, turning my chin up slightly.
Seth threw his head back and laughed, loud and carefree. “I'm sorry to disappoint you, but you were not the only damsel in distress that I had to save today,” he replied with a grin. Then he got down on his knees and made his infamous “puppy-dog” face at me. “Forgive me?” He pleaded.
Try as I might, I cracked. Laughing, I told him I forgave him and asked him how things went with the creeps.
His face darkened for a split second before his usual smile replaced it. “Well, after a somewhat “rowdy” discussion - in which they fell down, a lot - they ended up cooling down in the water for a bit.”
“That's no fun,” I pouted. “What happened to my idea?”
Seth laughed again. “As much fun as that would have been, I really didn't feel like stripping down in front of them.”
“That might have been awkward,” I allowed, shaking my head. Some mental pictures I could definitely do without.
Seth yawned and lay back on the warm rocks, using his arms as a pillow.
“You can't be tired already,” I teased. “Where is all your werewolf stamina?”
“Home in bed,” he quipped back. “Defending three helpless ladies does tire one out.”
“Three?” I asked, raising my eyebrows.
“Although, I don't know if you can consider pint-sized midgets to be ladies,” he said before rolling onto his feet and out of the way of the blow I aimed at his mid-section with my now closed parasol.
Getting to my feet, I swiped at him again, but he danced just out of my reach.
Laughing, he taunted, “Ladies don't start fights either!”
Speeding up, I managed to land a blow to his abdomen, knocking the air out of him. Seizing my chance, I hooked his ankle with the handle and pulled his leg out from under him, causing him to topple backwards into the shallow water.
When he sat back up, I held the end of the parasol pointed at his nose like a blade. “You are correct,” I said in a smug voice. “Ladies do not start fights; we finish them.”
He blinked a few times before tilting his head back and laughing so hard he was almost crying. Unable to help myself, I started laughing with him.
When we had finally quieted, he stood up and pulled his shirt off, wringing it out. Shaking it out a bit, he slid it back on. Smiling, he patted my head gently and then bent over to wring out the bottom of his pants.
“You know,” he began. “You're not that bad… for a twerp!”
As he said the last word, he sent a wave of water rushing at me. I tried to dodge it, but I was still stunned that he had pulled such a dirty trick that I didn't move fast enough, and consequentially was soaked from head to toe, again.
I wiped the saltwater out of my eyes and looked around to get him back, only to see him tearing off across the beach and into the trees. “You're it!” I heard him call.
That will not go unavenged, I vowed as I took off after him, but not before throwing one last look behind me for any sign of my mysterious visitor.
Later that evening, after Jacob had dropped me off at home - he was helping patrol tonight - I trudged slowly up the porch steps, thinking hard. I had not told Seth or my Jacob about her, and had spent the thirty minute car ride in silence mulling over my dilemma. Jacob - being the wonderfully observant person that he was - left me to my thoughts, only breaking the stillness to wish me a good night and give me the customary peck on the forehead.
When I reached the top of the porch, I expected the door to fly open and my aunts to come rushing out to hug me and tell me how much they had missed me, but all was quiet save for the hollow reverberations of my footsteps.
I dragged myself over to the door and sighed as I placed my hand on the knob. I really wasn't in the mood to deal with my overzealous, yet adoring, family. Well, that wasn't entirely true. Uncle Jasper would be a welcome help right now, and was never one to pry. Maybe if I enlisted his help, and calmed down a little bit, I could figure out what to do next. Feeling hopeful, I opened the door and walked into the house.
The first thing I notice upon entering was the complete lack of noise from the television that was always left on. I looked around the bizarrely unoccupied great room for a moment before closing the door softly behind me. I had just started to wander if they were playing a trick on me when I heard Grandpa call down to me from his study.
“Welcome home.”
I smiled, relieved that I wasn't by myself - not that they would ever leave me on my own. I hung my parasol on the arm of the coat rack that stood next to the front door and made my way to the staircase.
As I passed through the room, I glanced over at Aunt Alice's empty corner with its unusually powered down computers, and then over to the barren couch and silent flat screen. The lonesome sight was about as welcome as the holocaust, and just as disturbing.
I shivered as I took the steps at a bit of a run, coming to a stop just outside of Grandpa Carlisle's study.
“Come in,” he said in his soft, friendly voice after a momentary pause.
I opened and closed the door quietly before facing my grandpa. He was sitting in his chair in front of his big desk that was, as usual, covered in several large volumes. A particularly thick book rested closed in his lap, a large blue ribbon marking his place.
“Hello dear,” he said, setting the book aside and holding his arms out to me.
I grinned and flitted across the room to sit on his lap. It had been a long time since I had spent any one-on-one time with my grandpa, and it was a rare occurrence indeed for the house to be empty. I curled into grandpa's embrace and reached up to place my hand on his neck, asking him where everyone had gone.
He chuckled softly and replied, “Well, Rosalie wanted to attend a bridal show they are having in Portland, and with several different designers in attendance, naturally your grandmother and Alice had to tag along.”
I smiled. I could just see Grandma and Aunt Alice haggling with all the up-and-coming new artists at the show.
Grandpa laughed as I showed him this. “Precisely,” he said.
Then I showed him my uncle's faces, wondering where they were.
“Those two are around here somewhere. Since their wives and mother are gone, I am sure they are off getting into some sort of mischief.” Grandpa said shaking his head. Then he smiled down at me. “How did your day go? Did you have fun with Jacob and Seth?
I started to reply, but at the mention of my time in La Push, my worry over what happened on the island came back full force.
Grandpa noticed the strained look on my face, and instantly became concerned. “Did something happen today while you were gone?”
I knew I would never be able to lie to him, so I nodded.
Grandpa sighed and hugged me close. “Would you like to talk about it?” He asked.
Dropping my hand, I started to shake my head, but then stopped. Why not talk to Grandpa? If I asked him not to say anything he wouldn't, and wasn't Daddy always saying that when he had a problem he couldn't solve he would take it to Grandpa? But what if he decided that this was important enough to tell my Jacob…or worse, my parents? They would completely overreact, and maybe even come home early. As much as I would like to see them a week sooner, I knew that they also needed the time alone together. Oh, and I could just see Jacob's little fit when he found out, what with the high alert everyone was on. I wouldn't be allowed to take two steps in the direction of La Push after that.
As I was mulling this over in my head, Momma's voice broke through my tangled thoughts. “Have a little faith, darling, and things will turn out.” I smiled softly. “Have a little faith” was momma's motto. She always said that when you do, things have a way of working out.
Shooting her a silent word of thanks, I looked up into Grandpa's worried face. “You know about the…issue they are having in La Push, right?” I asked him.
He nodded, his brow creasing as he attempted to reason out where I was going with this.
“Well, then you know that…the wolves…are all really jumpy right now.”
He nodded again, and waited for me to continue.
Have a little faith, I said to myself. Reaching my hand back up to his neck, I proceeded to take him through my day. I flipped through images of Jacob and the others teasing me, through Seth's and my run in with those drunks on the beach, and finally to my encounter with the strangely naked and sad young women.
I heard him suck in his breath as I showed him my visitor. When I looked up at him, his face was still concerned, but not alarmed like I had been expecting. I breathed a sigh of relief and returned my hand to my lap.
“I know that I should tell Jacob, but I don't want him and the others freaking out.” I said, hanging my head a bit.
“Nessie,” Grandpa began. “Keeping the fact that a stranger has shown up in their hometown, the one that they are working hard to protect, is wrong.”
My heart sank, and guilt assaulted me. “I know, but if I tell them they will hunt her down and probably scare her away.”
“It would be up to them how they dealt with her,” he said.
Even though I knew he was right, I couldn't stop the frustrated tears that rolled down my cheeks. “That's not fair,” I said. The words were childish, but they were the only ones that seemed to sum up how I felt. “Grandpa, you saw it! You saw that look in her eyes, and the way she protected herself. She isn't dangerous, she's scared! Scared, and sad, and lonely. She doesn't need to be chased off, what she needs is a friend! And I want to be that friend!”
The tears were coming in earnest when I had finished my little speech. Grandpa was going to tell Jacob, and they were going to find her, find her and run her out of La Push and I was never going to get a chance to know her. I didn't even know her name!
Grandpa held me close to him, rocking me slightly and rubbing my back soothingly. When I had calmed down, he pulled a folded handkerchief out of his back pocket and handed it to me.
He waited while I wiped away my tears, and when I was through, he spoke to me gently. “I have seen what you have seen, and while I still believe that you should tell Jacob what happened, I do agree with you as far as the girl is concerned.”
I blinked at him a few times in shock as hope rose in my chest. “So then you won't tell him?” I asked quietly.
“No, I will not tell him…this time. I will give you two weeks to convince this girl to seek out the council and introduce herself, so that they know she is safe. If, at the end of these two weeks, you have made no headway with her, I will have to inform them. You understand, right?” Grandpa asked me seriously.
“Yes sir,” I replied, understanding what a large amount of faith he was putting in me and my observations. Standing up gingerly in his lap, I put my arms around his shoulders, hugging him tightly. “Thank you Grandpa,” I said, kissing him on the cheek.
He smiled at me and lifted me up, placing me on the floor. “Now run along. Your parents should be calling any minute now, and I need to go make sure your uncles haven't torn up half of the forest.”
Later that night after I had talked to my parents, and had been shown everything that my aunts had brought back, I crawled into bed feeling much lighter than I when I had arrived. I had two weeks to get to know this strangely fascinating woman, and now I even had someone to talk to about her. Momma was right; sometimes all it took was a little faith.
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