Ultimate Muscle Fan Fiction ❯ I Want You Bad ❯ Terry's Crazy Plan! ( Chapter 2 )

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A/N: I don't know what colour of eyes Kiki has, I think they are probably just black, but I've made them green, since everything else about Kiki is green!
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Recap: Generation X have chosen their first round opponents, and the diminutive Kiki has her eye on someone...
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Chapter 2 - Terry's Crazy Plan
Trixie glowered at her watch, sighing loudly in frustration. As she looked up again, she met Kiki's eyes, and Kiki quickly smiled at her, touching a hand to her friend's elbow sympathetically.
“This is stupid!” Trixie sighed. “What are we waiting for? And why is it taking so long?”
“Roxanne said she had to speak to Kid about something, I'm sure she won't be much longer,” Kiki offered.
“If she doesn't get out here soon, I'm going in there!” Trixie said decisively, slamming a fist into her open palm.
“She asked us to wait here, Trixie!” Kiki pointed out.
“I'm counting to ten, and then I'm going in there!” Trixie said sternly. “One!”
“I'm sure she won't be much longer-”
Kiki sighed, turning to one side as she tried to think of a way to stall Trixie.
“Trixie, maybe... Maybe we should just-“
“Go to the diner and wait there for-”
“Roxanne, because I'm sure she won't be much-”
“Longer now. We could get a coffee-”
“And by the time we're done, Roxanne should be-”
“Ready to join us!”
“Ten! That's it, I'm going in!”
Trixie kicked open the back door of the arena, and stepped into the building, disappearing from Kiki's sight. Kiki paused, glancing back and forth between the door and the street outside. Just as she was deciding what she should do, Trixie leaned back out the doorway, and grabbed Kiki's shirt, dragging her through the door.
Before Kiki could protest, Trixie had shut the door, and was marching down the hall, dragging Kiki behind her.
“Trixie, Kiki, over here!”
Trixie skidded to a halt at the sound of Roxanne's voice, causing Kiki to stumble into her heels.
“Roxanne, what are you doing?” Trixie called to their friend.
“I'm going undercover with the guys to check out those Generation Ex guys!” Roxanne replied, pulling up the hood of the floor-length black robe she was wearing. “Do you want to join us?”
“Sure!” Trixie squealed, skipping over to join them.
Kiki remained where she was, tilting her head to one side, her eyes widening as she watched Kid Muscle enshroud himself in a black robe like Roxanne's.
“Here, Trixie, you can have this one,” Terry said, stepping towards Trixie with a deep blue robe in his hands.
“Gee, thanks, Terry!” Trixie said sweetly, holding out her arms and allowing him to dress her in the disguise.
“I still think we look more obvious dressed like this,” Wally said with a frown as he tied the waistband of his robe. “Seven people dressed in hooded robes sort of stand out, don't you think?”
“Are you trying to say dressing in hooded robes will make us more conspicuous than walking around as ourselves would?” Dik Dik asked him.
“Well, yeah,” Wally replied.
“I see,” Terry said, smiling at Dik Dik. “And I suppose a walkin', talkin' walrus and gazelle would look perfectly normal walkin' through the streets o' this here planet?”
Wally sighed, pulling up his hood to hide his face.
“Alright, you win,” he muttered from under the folds of his hood.
“Kiki, will you be joining us?” Dik Dik asked Kiki, as he spotted her hanging back from the group, eying them cautiously.
“I don't know, what if we get caught?” she whispered.
“You'll be fine, I'll look after you,” Dik Dik assured her, grabbing up another robe and walking towards her.
Kiki looked at the heavy, dark robe in Dik Dik's hands for a moment, before raising her eyes to his. He smiled warmly at her, shaking out the garment and holding it up for her to slip her arms into.
“Okay, but we stay at the back,” she told him, turning to push her arms into the sleeves. “And at the first sign of trouble, I'm leaving. And you're coming with me!”
“Of course,” Dik Dik agreed with a bow of his head.
He waited for Kiki to fasten her robe and then he held out his arm to her. She hooked her arm through his, pulling up her hood with her other hand as he did the same himself.
“So what's the plan?” Roxanne asked Terry, holding open her hood to watch him as she spoke.
“Well, if y'all just follow me, I'll take us downtown to yonder hotel those guys are staying at. We can scope `em out for ourselves, maybe get us an early advantage if we can spot some of their weaknesses.”
“Sounds great!” Kid Muscle replied. “Just so long as we stop for food on the way back!”
The others sweatdropped as a line of drool escaped from beneath Kid's hood.
“Sure Kid,” Terry said slowly. “Let's just go, yeah?”
And with that, Terry, Kid, Dik Dik, Wally, Roxanne, Trixie and Kiki all left the building in search of the new Chojin warriors known as “Generation Ex”.
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Roxanne climbed onto Kid's shoulders to spy through the window at the hotel gym. Next to them, Terry helped Trixie onto his shoulders, and Wally climbed up onto a garbage can.
“Kiki?” Dik Dik offered, dropping to one knee and holding out his arms towards her.
“Oh, thanks Dik Dik,” Kiki said, innocently climbing onto his shoulders.
Dik Dik stood up again, approaching the window. The gang watched in silence at first, all carefully studying the five occupants of the gym.
Road Rage and Hydrozoa were running on treadmills, whilst Jaeger and Eskara were lifting weights. A mysterious figure in a large hat and long overcoat stood between Jaeger and Eskara, his arms folded and his legs astride.
“What is with those guys?” Trixie whispered. “Where are their eyes?”
“Say what?” Terry echoed, peeking up at her from under his hood.
“Well, Road Rage and Hydrozoa don't seem to have any eyes at all, Jaegar and that guy in the long coat have both got their eyes covered over, and Eskara's eyes don't even look real. I think he's wearing some sort of mask, or something.”
“Gee, Trixie, I never noticed that before!” Roxanne agreed. “Where are their eyes? It's kinda creepy!”
“Okay, ladies, we ain't here to discuss eyes, we're here to look for their weaknesses!” Terry interrupted them.
The gang fell silent, and concentrated on the Chojins inside the hotel gym, carefully monitoring their every movement.
After a few minutes of silence had passed, a strange creaking sound began to fill the air, getting louder and louder by the minute.
“Kid, is that you?” Terry snapped at Kid Muscle.
“What?” Kid yelped. “Why do you always have to blame me when someone farts?”
“Because it always is you, Kid,” Dik Dik darkly replied.
“It's not Kid, you guys,” Roxanne said. “The sound is coming from over by Wally.”
“Me?” Wally echoed, pointing at himself indignantly.
“It must be that fish casserole you ate, Wally,” Kid said, nodding his head.
Wally took one hand from the wall, tugging down his hood.
“But I'm not farting!” he protested, as the sound grew louder.
“The sound does appear to be coming from you, Wally,” Dik Dik said.
Wally took his other hand from the wall, wobbled about for a moment as the sound began to grate on the ears of those around him, before the garbage can he was standing on crumpled to one side. Wally slipped off, and fell into a skip with a resounding clatter, as the bottles inside smashed against the steel sides of the skip.
Kid screamed in fear, and began to urinate, quivering so much Roxanne fell off his shoulders, screaming and grabbing at Trixie and Terry as she fell. Terry grabbed at Roxanne, catching her before she fell. She began to thank him, but before she could finish, Terry staggered into a puddle of Kid's urine, and slipped, falling backwards.
Dik Dik reached out in an attempt to save Trixie, but missed. Terry fell straight back, knocking Trixie off his shoulders. Trixie landed on Kid, who cried out in pain, as she screamed when she found her hand on his wet inner thigh. Roxanne landed on Terry's stomach, winding him in the process.
“What's goin' on here?” a voice demanded.
Wally leapt out of the skip, and the others struggled to their feet to confront the source of the voice.
“I thought I might find you all here.”
“Meat!” Kid gasped.
Meat growled at Kid, crossing his arms sternly as he scowled at the gang.
“Do you know what could have happened if you had been caught here?” he asked them.
“This wasn't my idea, it was all Terry's fault!” Kid whimpered.
“Hey, ya yeller bellied, good for nuthin'-” Terry began to argue back.
“Quiet!” Meat yelled, silencing them all. “Just get away from the window. All of you. We've got a lot o' work to do!”
Kid and Terry grumbled at each other, dragging their feet as they followed Meat back down the alleyway. Roxanne and Trixie followed after them, with Trixie winging to Roxanne about Kid's incontinence. Wally followed on behind the two girls, his head hung low as he rubbed the bruising skin on his arm where he had collided with the skip.
“Let's go, before anything else crazy happens,” Kiki whispered to Dik Dik.
“Good idea,” he agreed, squatting down to allow her to climb off his shoulders.
As he stood up, Dik Dik held out his hand towards Kiki, waiting for her to take a hold of it. When she did not, he turned to find that she had walked on ahead without him, staring up at the sky as she went, apparently in some sort of daydream. Dik Dik paused, studying her curiously, wondering why she was suddenly in a world of her own, before hurrying after the others.
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