Ultimate Muscle Fan Fiction ❯ Rescue Rinko from the Demon Choujin! ❯ What Great Friends I Have! ( Chapter 4 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Rescue Rinko from the Demon Choujin
Before the match could begin, Judas pressed a button bringing up a 4 screens. Each one showed the other choujins where they ended up. Terry was in a desert in search of an opponent, and since he grew up in Texas, he was able to ignore the tremendous heat. Gazelleman was in an area with a lot of torches, walls and scriptures. Clearly, this was the inside of a pyramid. Seiuchin was in a town… that's right, a simple small town. What was odd was that despite having at least 50 houses, there were no people living in this town. Finally, Checkmate was on the moon. Now that was very odd.
“You can watch the other matches on these screens,” Judas explained, “Kevin, our match will begin once theirs are over.”
Kevin simply folded his arms and sighed. He really wanted to take care of Judas right away instead of watching the others fight.
Terry looked high and low when suddenly, he found himself caught in a rather wet substance. He had a rather sinking feeling, and when he looked down, he realized that he really was sinking.
“OH SHIT, QUICKSAND!!!” he shouted, but try as he might, he was unable to fight it as he sunk under the sand.
“TERRY!!!” Meat and Mantarou screamed watching this scene as Judas smiled and said, “Just watch.”
Meat sighed with relieve when Terry's head emerged from the quicksand, but realized what this was all about when he noticed a ring rising up as well.
A huge lump of sand was in the middle of this wrestling ring, but the sand was shaken away as another figure was revealed to be underneath.
“So, are you this Demon Choujin I'm supposed to face?” Terry asked stretching his calf muscles.
This being was not the kind Terry had not expected to find in a desert. Terry had been expecting a desert creature, but this creature looked rather odd. It had a body similar to what one would expect from an eagle, black and white feathers and all. Its lower body seemed to be that of a lion. Finally, it had the head of a bull, which was welcoming to Terry the Kid. See, bulls were the kinds of opponent he dealt with as a kid, so he felt ready for this kind of opponent.
“Hello,” the creature said, folding his arms, “I am Raiwaburu.”
Terry noticed the ring start to vibrate and noticed the ground under it shifting. His eyes widened when he noticed a large swirling pool appear in the sand.
“What is this?” Terry asked as Raiwaburu laughed saying, “This is known as my Quicksand Death Match. You see, this entire ring is surrounded by quicksand. Let's just say that the loser of this match will be the one who falls into it.”
Terry had to admit, that scared him a bit, but he would never show fear in public. He simply folded his arms, grinned and said, “Sounds fun.”
Raiwaburu signaled the start of the match when he simply charged at the boy, horns sticking out. Terry simply dodged to the side and caught the hybrid in a headlock saying, “Sorry to tell you this, but I am very experienced with fighting bulls.”
“How about Eagles?” Raiwaburu remarked, but before Terry could even ask what he meant, he flew into the sky and dove down towards the mat, Terry's head aimed towards it and slamming the kid hard.
Terry got up rubbing his head and asked, “How can you fly without wings?”
“I have eagle DNA, and that is enough for me to fly,” Raiwaburu said, “Though it didn't come to me naturally, I learned how to do it overtime despite my only wings being lion paws.”
Raiwaburu then boosted himself off of the ropes aiming his lion feet at Terry's face, but Terry was ready this time. He grabbed the incoming legs and, much to the hybrid's surprise, he managed to slam Raiwaburu's back into the mat and grabbed onto a single ankle, twisting it with the help of his hands. This was the Spinning Toe Hold, one of Terry's favorite moves.
“Go Terry!” Mantarou cheered as Judas grinned saying, “Not bad.”
On another screen, Seiuchin was searching around the small town until he noticed a big stadium. He narrowed his eyes and thought, `If there's a wrestling ring in there, I bet that's where the Demon Choujin is.'
The walrus entered the stadium, but noticed that there was no ring there. Instead, there was some kind of machine as a man stood behind him.
“Hello,” he said as Seiuchin screamed with fright, falling backwards and landing on his tush.
This man standing before Seiuchin looked like a Choujin. He had white spiky hair and wore a blue rubber suit to go with his muscular build.
He smiled and asked, “Are you, by chance, Seiuchin?”
“Yes,” the walrus replied, “I am. I can't believe you heard of me!”
The walrus chuckled, blushing a little as the man gave a sympathetic smile and said, “My name is Steven. I am your opponent.”
Seiuchin put on a more serious look as he said, “Alright, let's get this over with,” holding up his fist.
“Seiuchin-san,” Steven said, waving his hands in front of his face, “the match hasn't started yet. Please, you look hungry. Would you like something to eat?”
The walrus' serious look turned to one of surprise as he nodded happily, Steven throwing him a large tuna. This was Seiuchin's favorite food.
After the walrus stuffed his face, he bowed to Steven and said, “Thank you so very much, sir.”
“I'm glad you like it,” Steven replied, grinning wickedly as he pressed a button. Suddenly, the machine behind Seiuchin released a rather thick cloud that lifted both choujins off the ground and high into the sky.
Seiuchin noticed that the cloud had a rectangular shape to it and asked, “What's going on?”
“This is our ring,” Steven replied, now giving a wicked smile rather than a compassionate one, “I'm glad you're well fed, because this is a cloud Death Match.”
Seiuchin's eyes widened as he peered over the edge and started to panic.
“You're not afraid of heights, are you?” Steven asked as Seiuchin gulped and said, “No, but I must know; is this cloud the ring?”
Steven laughed and replied, “Why, I believe it is, Seiuchin-san!”
“Then where are the ropes?” the walrus replied with fear as Steven explained, “There are no ropes. If you make one careless mistake, you could plummet out of this very ring, and when that happens, you lose.”
“You don't mean…” Seiuchin uttered, Steven laughing once more and stating, “Yes, this match won't end until someone hits the ground below with a splat!”
The walrus was in panic once more as he was now in terrible danger. But that fear soon left him. He remembered that it was his job to protect people from evil, and if he had to fight under dangerous circumstances, then so be it! He would rather die than surrender.
Mantarou watched this with a lot of fear as he said, “Seiuchin, hang in there.”
“He can't hear you,” Judas replied, chuckling, but Kevin budded in saying, “I see what your game is. You plan to have us all killed. That's why you allowed us to help Mantarou.”
“Of course,” Judas replied, “The fewer heroes we have in this world, the better it is for us villains. Besides, it's your fault for budding in where you didn't belong.”
“SHUT UP!!!” Meat screamed, much to everyone's surprise, “You might think we've fallen into some kind of trap, but you don't know how strong these choujins are! No matter what you throw at us, we will never go down!”
Judas diverted his attention to Terry's screen and grinned wickedly. It seemed Terry was getting his butt kicked.
Raiwaburu had Terry on his back and was clawing at his chest with the claws on his lion feet taunting, “Are you really the son of the legendary Terryman? What a joke you are! Terryman would have put up a much better fight against me!”
“SHUT UP!!!” Terry retorted, grabbing one of Raiwaburu's feet and pushing him off, knocking the hybrid on his back, “I am 3 times better than my father ever was, and I am going to prove it!”
“Let's see you back up that claim,” Raiwaburu remarked as he charged at Terry, this time faster than he'd gone the first time.
The Texan hero was unprepared for this amazing speed increase as Raiwaburu jammed his horns into the kid's shoulders and rammed up into the post.
“What are you going to do now?” the hybrid asked, grinning wickedly.
But all Terry did was smile as he remarked, “You just don't get it, do you?”
With that, he mounted placed his hands against Raiwaburu's horns and shouted, “YOU CANNOT DEFEAT ME!!!”
He pushed hard onto the horns as Raiwaburu moved his legs forward, making sure to keep them in there, but Terry was using all of his might now, even surpassing his limits.
Mantarou's look of worry turned to one of hope and joy when Terry managed to pry the arms out of his shoulders. Sure, he was bleeding, but this meant nothing to a strong boy like him.
“You messed with the wrong Choujin,” Terry stated as he mounted himself onto Raiwaburu's shoulders and wrapping legs around the hybrid's neck and pulling on his arm. He now had the beast in a triangle choke as Raiwaburu was in great pain.
“Do you submit,” Terry asked as Raiwaburu grinned wickedly and said, “Actually, you just gave me a great opportunity.”
That said, Raiwaburu charged towards another post, his whole body bent over. Sure, it caused additional pain to him, but now Terry's he was headed straight for the post.
Fortunately, Raiwaburu had made one slight miscalculation with this plan of his, but it was too late for him to realize his mistake as Terry simply let go of the hybrid's neck and arm.
Raiwaburu ended up ramming his extended arm hard into the post, dealing quite a bit of pain to it, and while he cringed, rubbing his hand to ease the pain, Terry mounted himself onto the hybrid's back and placed his shoulder up against his neck.
“This is where you finally lose!” Terry shouted as he shouted, “CALF BRANDING!!!” putting all force onto the back of Raiwaburu's neck and slamming his face hard into the mat.
“YEAH!!!” Meat and Mantarou cheered as Meat turned to Judas with a grin saying, “You see that? We already managed to defeat one of your minions.”
“That's what you think…” Judas remarked as Meat turned back to the screen, eyes wide open.
While Terry was breathing hard, doing all he could to regain his strength, Raiwaburu slowly rose to his feet, glaring angrily, his eyes blood red and a huge vein on his forehead.
He let out a bull call, but Terry was too late to respond as Raiwaburu rammed his horns hard into the kid's legs.
Terry ended up flying behind Raiwaburu, reeling towards the ropes, but just as it seemed Terry was going to get a ring out, he grabbed onto the ropes with his feet and grinned saying, “It will take more than that.”
Leaping off the ropes, he went in to strike the hybrid of animals, but Raiwaburu grinned, ducking his head.
As soon as Terry sailed right above his head, Raiwaburu rose up and planted his horns hard into Terry's back pushing him high up into the air, Terry landing head-first into the quicksand outside the ring.
“TERRY!!!!” Mantarou screamed, tears running down his face and panic coursing through his veins.
There was nothing the kid could do. Try as he might, Terry was in no position to fight it.
Meat, Mantarou, Kevin and Judas simply watched as Terry sunk into the quicksand, and that was it. The match was over.
“TERRY!!!!” Mantarou cried again, letting loose a series of waterworks as Meat let down tears of his own saying, “He died for our sake… he put his life at risk and failed just for us…”
This brought back painful memories to the young manager. He remembered back when the 7 Devil Choujin appeared. Sure, his body had been broken into separate pieces by Buffaloman at the time, but he had heard of how Rikishiman, Robin Mask and Warsman had all died when facing 3 of the Devil Choujin. Sure, Buffaloman revived them when it was all over, but this time… who would bring back Terry's life? There was no one with healing abilities. Terry was gone forever.
Then it hit the boy. All of the others were facing these same kinds of opponents in death matches. He became even more alarmed when he looked over at Seiuchin's screen and noticed that the walrus was caught in one of Steven's attacks.
Steven had his arms and legs wrapped around Seiuchin and was sending electricity coursing through his veins.
“I am a lightning Choujin,” Steven explained while the walrus cried in deep pain, “My entire body can produce lightning at my whim!”
Meat just sniffed and asked, “Is Seiuchin going to die too?”