Ultimate Muscle Fan Fiction ❯ Rescue Rinko from the Demon Choujin! ❯ The Dragon's Hidden Power ( Chapter 12 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Rescue Rinko from the Demon Choujin
Judas grinned wickedly as Mantarou glared at him while a portion of the ceiling started to drip downward like ooze. Mantarou's eyes went wide when he saw a cage emerge from the ooze. It hung there and carried Rinko within it.
Rinko, who had been unconscious the whole time, finally opened her eyes as she noticed the dark and dank scenery shouting, “WHERE THE HELL AM I!?”
“Good to see you're finally awake,” Judas said, “Would you believe that you've been out for almost a whole day? I must say, I apologize for the inconvenience.”
The girl finally remembered what was going on. She'd been kidnapped by a cloaked figure with a tentacle and everything that happened after that was a blur for she had been out cold the whole time.
She then saw a sight that she found rather odd. Sure, Mantarou being there to save her was expected, but Meat was unconscious and there was a mutated plant man standing there as well.
“RINKO-CHAN!!!” Mantarou shouted with all his anger and frustration, “DON'T YOU WORRY YOUR PRETTY LITTLE HEAD!!! I WILL MAKE SURE YOU COME OUT OF THIS ALIVE!!!!”
Rinko blushed slightly, but turned away upon doing so. After a few seconds, she turned back to the kid and smiled. Mantarou may have been weird, but when he was heroic, she found him to be pretty cute.
Mantarou entered the ring with confidence while Judas simply grinned. Sure, he wished Mantarou had failed earlier, but at the same time he just knew that Mantarou would make it to him. The dragon had been looking forward to this match all day.
But once again, Mantarou didn't have his trainer to help him with his match. However, he had done pretty darn well in the other matches. Nevertheless, Judas was powerful.
“Mantarou's done well so far,” Checkmate stated, “but who knows how much longer he can last without guidance?”
“I'd give him advice myself,” Forestman replied, “but unfortunately, I've never seen Judas fight without his armor before. I have nothing that can help Mantarou.”
Judas signaled the start of the match as he charged towards Mantarou, the kid raising his knee and slamming it hard into the incoming dragon's gut. Judas stood there for a few seconds, eyes twitching and muscle fidgeting. Mantarou seized the opportunity and slid under Judas, locking the dragon's legs in place with his own legs and pulling on Judas' chin with his arms. By pulling on both parts, he was able to bend the dragon's back while holding him in place. This was Mantarou's strongest submission technique, the Ultimate Hold.
“You'll pay for all you've done,” Mantarou stated, “all the suffering you put me through. You made a mistake when you kidnapped my future wife!”
Rinko blushed and slapped her hands over her face. Why did he have to say that? Rinko secretly loved Mantarou but could never admit to it.
“I'm impressed,” Judas said with a grin, “You remembered how fast I am without the armor, so you decided to prevent me from moving with a submission hold. But while that is smart…”
Mantarou was frightened when Judas shifted his legs prying them out of Mantarou's hold then flipped his body over, mounting himself on Mantarou's head, his legs wrapped around the kid's neck in a figure 4 leg lock.
“Submission holds mean nothing to me,” he stated, twisting his legs around and slamming Mantarou's face hard into the mat.
Rinko was now scared as Judas didn't stop there. All Checkmate and Forestman could do was watch the horror ensue while Judas hurled Mantarou into the post. Then, with the amazing speed he had gained from the loss of his armor, he charged towards the ropes and leapt off of them towards Mantarou, kicking him hard in the skull.
Mantarou let down tears thinking, `What was I thinking? I can't defeat this guy? He's too fast and strong.'
“MANTAROU, DON'T GIVE UP!!!” Checkmate shouted as Forestman added, “IT'S TOO EARLY TO ADMIT DEFEAT!!!”
“I'll never forgive you if you lose, Mantarou!” Rinko snapped, and that was more than enough to bring Mantarou's strength back.
During that whole talk, Judas had been preparing to finish Mantarou early in the match, which many would probably regard as one of the stupidest things one could ever do. But hey, he thought Mantarou was weak enough. It's not all that stupid.
For some odd reason, Judas' cheeks were puffed up and steam was coming from the dragon's nostrils. Mantarou realized right away what this meant, as did everyone else watching. Judas was about to breathe fire, and from how long this was taking, he was preparing to fire a lot of it.
But there was a big flaw with this move, which was also the main reason Judas hardly ever used it. While preparing the move, moving his body would causing him to burn his insides, so he was wide open, but could Mantarou get to him before he released the fire from his body?
Judas looked like he was finally going to release the fire, and due to the fact that his eyes were also closed for this, he had no idea that the kid was up. Mantarou realized that there were risks, though. If he charged directly at Judas and the dragon released the fire, there was no way to avoid it, but if Judas' fire was too thick, then dodging to the side would have been a waste of time.
But Mantarou had no guidance for this, so he simply charged towards the scaly demon. Judas grinned and muttered through puffed cheeks, “Time to die…” but just as he tried to open his mouth, his eyes went wide.
Mantarou had made it just in time to pry Judas' mouth closed while he grinned. “Before you attempt a move like that,” Mantarou said, “you have to be absolutely certain that your opponent can't move.”
Judas was scared out of his mind. If he kept the fire in his body for too long, it would destroy him. He had to release it at all cost, but he knew that if he attempted to get Mantarou to release him, the explosion would happen sooner.
“Okay, this I am familiar with,” Forestman stated, “MANTAROU, DON'T HOLD ON ANY LONGER!!! IF YOU DO, THE FIRE WILL SPREAD AND HE'LL BLOW UP ALONG WITH YOU!!!”
Checkmate and Rinko were both frightened by this news, but Mantarou, being the crybaby he was most of the time, was especially frightened. But now was the perfect opportunity to get Judas. He had to take advantage of this.
“I hope I have enough time for this to work,” Mantarou said as he lifted Judas above his head, mounting the dragon for a DDT. He then slammed Judas' head hard into the mat as Judas' mouth open wide, releasing a large blast of fire into the darkness. While the darkness itself doubles as more of a wall than a sky, the fire still didn't seem to touch it.
But Mantarou had certainly made the right decision. The blast that Judas had released was more than wide enough to have hit Mantarou no matter where in the ring the kid was standing. Mantarou's body would have been burned to a crisp had this worked.
Judas lay there, gasping for air. He coughed up some smoke groaning, “I forgot how much energy that move took out of me.”
Mantarou saw that Judas was struggling to even so much as stand up. This was beyond perfect for him.
“DO IT, MANTAROU!!!” Rinko shouted as the kid lifted Judas above his head, placing his legs in a splits formation and leapt into the air shouting, “KINNIKU BUSTER!!!!” slamming hard into the mat, Judas coughing up blood.
Over the past, any opponent who was hit by this move would have lost immediately as a result. See, the Kinniku Buster was so powerful that it could break an opponent's neck, thighs and calf muscles. (I might be a bit off here) Unfortunately, Mantarou made a bit of mistake. He had used this move too early, so Judas was still able to stand after all of that.
But like before, he was struggling to stay on his toes as he panted heavily. The dragon fell, supporting himself up with one knee and coughing up blood.
“Just do yourself and favor and give up,” Mantarou said as Forestman nodded and stated, “It's over, Judas. Mantarou has won.”
“NO!!!” Judas snapped, “KINNIKU MANTAROU HAS NOT WON!!!”
Mantarou started to panic when he noticed Judas standing up as if nothing had happened earlier. Then something even more odd happened. His hair started to flow as an aura surrounded his body and a black skull appeared on his forehead. Mantarou realized what this meant. Just like him, Judas had a mark that appeared on his forehead to increase his strength when he needed it most.
Judas' muscle expanded in size while Checkmate noticed something appear on his back. It resembled a traditional painting of a dragon's face.
“What is that?” he asked as Forestman blinked and said, “I have no idea.”
“I can explain that,” came a soft voice.
Everyone darted their attention out of the ring and noticed a truly spectacular sight. Meat's eyes were now open and the kid slowly rose to his feet.
“Mantarou-san,” Meat said, “that is the hidden power of the Demon Choujin. It is said that only a select few are able to unleash its power. It's a sign that Judas has become a true master.”
But the second he finished this statement, his pupils vanished and he fell to the floor once again. Mantarou now had a reason to be scared again. If what Meat said was true, Judas was a much bigger threat than before.
“I'm quite surprised that he knew that,” Judas said, “That Meat sure is a smart cookie. Anyway, enough small talk. I think it's about time I ended this.”
Mantarou refused to let this intimidate him as he reached his arms around Judas' waste. Judas laughed and did the same with Mantarou, lifting the kid up over his shoulders and ran forward, driving the boy into the mat. This was known as the California Crush.
While the kid lay there, unable to respond, Judas hurled him into the air and leapt up after him, flipping the boy's body over and clutching onto his legs. He then bit hard into Mantarou's legs while he spun the boy's body downward into the mat, Mantarou's blood flying everywhere.
This was the move that had ended Kevin's life, and now Mantarou had been hit with it. Checkmate just stared with wide eyes as 4 droplets landed on his chest. Forestman let down a tear while 8 droplets landed on him.
But Rinko was the most torn right now. She was heavy on the tears trying her hardest not to cry. But soon, the pressure got to her as she shouted at the top of her lungs, “MANTAROU!!!!!!!!” the boy lying on the mat, unconscious.