Utena, Revolutionary Girl Fan Fiction ❯ Agent 0069, or, "The name is Tenjou, Utena Tenjou." ❯ One-Shot

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Agent 0069, or, "The name is Tenjou, Utena Tenjou."
Tenjou Utena strode through the halls of the headquarters of the Ohtori Secret Service like she owned the place, and in a certain way she did. As the top agent of the OSS, the mysterious Agent 0069, she was the one who was sent out on only the most dangerous cases, and she always came back with the mission accomplished.
Pausing to adjust the coat of her black suit, trimmed in pink, the tall, pink haired secret agent opened up the door. The outer office was finely decorated, with a beautiful if slightly trashy looking young woman sitting behind the desk.
"Why, hello Utena," Kozue smiled. The blue haired woman's business suit was cut low in the front to reveal her breasts, and high on the thighs to show off her lovely legs. She got up from her chair, coming around to stand by Utena's side, "It's so nice when you visit."
"Hello, Kozue," Utena smiled just slightly, "I'm sorry, but I'm here on official business. M has summoned me."
"That's too bad," Kozue sighed softly. She went back over to her desk to hit the intercom switch, "Sir, Utena is here."
The cultured voice came through loud and clear, "Send her in."
Utena strode on by Kozue's desk, opening up the inner door to go inside. The large chair was turned to face a computer bank, the head of the OSS working away. Utena waited for a moment, then she softly said, "You wanted to see me, M?"
"Sorry," the chair turned, the blue haired young man in it nodding respectfully, "there were some final details that I needed to check." Kaoru Miki or 'M' was the youngest man to lead the OSS, chosen because of his incredible intelligence and not incidentally his good looks.
Utena pushed her short pink hair back from her face, letting it settle into it's normal style. "What's the situation, sir?" she asked.
"Sorry to call you in on your vacation," Miki didn't sound too apologetic, "but we have a bit of a sticky situation." He paused, "One that involves the previous 0069."
"Arisugawa Juri?" Utena raised her eyebrow in honest surprise. Her mentor at the agency, the supremely capable Juri had been the best for years. She frowned, "I thought she retired voluntarily after helping take out the Sapphic Liberation Front."
"That's the story that we circulated," Miki sadly agreed, "but the truth is that she had a bit of a nervous breakdown. It seems that she seduced all 30 members of the leading council of the SLF at their general meeting, while planting the demolition charges that destroyed their headquarters."
"That would be pretty tiring," a thoughtful Utena had to agree. She looked at Miki with a frown, "I take it she didn't recover from her breakdown?"
"She appeared to be making good progress," Miki noted, "but it seems that she was only getting good reports because she had seduced her female doctors. She's broken out of the private institution we had her in, and some papers we've discovered in her room contain some rather disturbing information."
"It seems that Juri was contacted by the survivors of the SLF," Miki continued, "who seem to think that she is their true leader. Working with that organization she has managed to add devices to certain commercial satellites designed to," he checked his notes, "project Lesbo-Rays at the planet to convert the female population into lesbians."
Utena tilted her head to the side to point out, "According to Shanejayell, all anime females are lesbians anyway."
"True," Miki calmly admitted, "but I think that Juri want to get the last few hold outs, as well as to deal with everyone who still thinks Haruka and Michiru are just cousins."
"I can't blame her for that last one," Utena muttered.
"Your mission," Miki said, "is to get into Juri's headquarters and shut down the satellite command center before she can activate the Lesbo-Rays."
Utena nodded crisply, "Will do."
"Head down to the research and equipment annex," Miki instructed her, "and W will prepare you for this mission."
"Do I have to see W?" Utena asked plaintively, "I'm sure I can manage."
"Regulations," Miki shrugged.
"Yes, sir," Utena sighed, turning around and leaving the office.
Miki waited for a few moments just to be safe before he hit a switch hidden bellow his desk. "It's done, ma'am," he reported softly.
In a super-secret headquarters buried deep beneath the city of Tokyo Arisugawa Juri smiled slightly in satisfaction, the orange haired woman gently stroking at something that was resting on her lap, "Very good, M."
A bit hesitantly the blue haired man asked her, "Mistress, why did you want Utena to be alerted to your plans?"
"Because this sort of game isn't at all entertaining without an worthy opponent," Juri smiled. Her voice took on the tone of command, "Return to headquarters, and bring Kozue with you. We have much to prepare."
"Yes, ma'am!" Miki all but saluted.
Juri closed down the communications link, the business suit clad woman leaning back in her chair as she continued to stroke. The girl sprawled across her lap wore a tiger stripped body suit, cute little cat's ears sticking up from her slightly messy purple hair. "Meow," Shiori moaned happily, Juri hitting a sensitive spot on her back.
"Still, we can't have Utena finding me too soon," Juri said thoughtfully, scratching Shiori under the chin. She raised her hand, "I summon the most dangerous lesbians in Japan!"
The two women walked out of the shadows, a slim blonde and a younger, darker haired girl. "You called?" Mireille asked, Kirika standing silently beside her.
"This is Tenjou Utena," Juri called up the pink haired woman's image on a large view screen behind her, "I want you to delay her, until our operations are ready to go."
"Delay, not kill?" Mireille asked.
"Yes," Juri nodded.
"That's not really part of our normal line of work," Mireille calmly noted, "we'll probably have to charge you a bit extra for that. Now if you want her dead, that's regular, but just delayed..." She shook her head dramatically.
"Come on," Juri protested, "I'm still paying off the last job you did for me."
"Which reminds me," Mireille looked at her with a frown, "previous jobs must be paid off before we take on a new one."
"Um," Kirika nodded her agreement.
"All right, all right," Juri sighed, "I guess I'll just have to get someone else." The two women known as Noir left as quietly as they came, and Juri raised her hand again, "I summon the second most dangerous lesbian in Japan, code-name the Rose!"
"Meow!" Shiori loudly protested Juri moving around on the chair so much, as she had been sleeping quite nicely before.
The woman came out of the shadows, the ordinary school uniform that she wore looking almost daring on her dusky form, her purple hair flowing around her face. The light caught her glasses as she looked up at Juri with a smile.
"Yes, Juri-sama?" Anthy asked pleasantly.
Juri sweatdropped. "I have got to find some better agents," she muttered to herself softly before telling Anthy, "This is Tenjou Utena." She waved towards the image, "delay her, until our preparations are complete."
Anthy beamed, "Yes, Juri-sama!"
In another part of Tokyo, Utena hesitated at the door to the OSS research annex. "Guess I'd better get this over with," she sighed, pushing the door open.
"Utena-sama!" the happy voice cried as Utena was hit with a glomp! Wakaba bounced up and down, her arms wrapped around Utena's neck, "Oh, Utena-sama!"
"Wakaba, you're heavy," Utena whimpered.
"W," Wakaba corrected her cheerfully. She hopped down, "Come on, let's get you ready."
"Hello, Utena-sama!" the ladies of the R&D department cooed, looking at her admiringly as the two of them walked onwards.
"Hello," Utena waved back, mildly startled at the dreamy sighs and mass fainting. "They're getting worse," she muttered to herself softly.
"I hadn't noticed anything," Wakaba shrugged once they reached a work counter with several items laid out there. "Watch," she passed it over, pointing out the special features cheerfully, "garrote line and laser built in."
"Thank you," Utena put it on dubiously.
"Thank Keiko, she invented it," Wakaba pointed to a brown haired girl.
"Thank you," Utena repeated, waving to Keiko.
"Uh," Keiko fell over in a faint of pure happiness.
Utena sweatdropped. Wakaba continued to pass very dangerous yet ordinary looking items over, eventually filling Utena's arms. "Do I really need all of this?" Utena finally had to ask, grunting from the effort of carrying it all.
"No," Wakaba beamed, "it's just cool.
Utena sighed softly.
A few hours later, in the bad part of Tokyo, Utena strode towards the building. After several false leads her contacts had told her that this place was firmly connected to Arisugawa, and all of her instincts agreed. Passing beneath the neon sign reading 'Arisugawa's Locket' Utena exchanged a cautious glance with the female bouncer at the door.
The bar was packed entirely with women, many of them dancing closely together. 'Obviously a prime meeting ground for the Sapphic Liberation Front,' Utena noted as she made her way through the press of the crowd.
"What can I get you?" one of the twin blue haired bartenders asked, her long mane of hair flowing down her back.
"A martini," Utena said calmly, "shaken, not stirred."
"I thought they didn't taste very good like that?" a voice came from behind her. Utena turned, taking in the beauty standing there, her purple hair flowing around her face. Darker skin looked like melted chocolate, to match the gentle look in her eyes.
"My mentor used to drink them like that," Utena explained as she took her drink from the bartender, "I guess I just got used to it."
"Tea, please," the woman ordered before turning back to Utena. "I'm Anthy," she introduced herself with a smile.
"Tenjou," Utena smiled slightly, "Utena Tenjou."
"Utena-san," Anthy murmured, taking a drink of her tea, looking at Utena over the rim of her cup. Softly, "Your mentor must have meant a great deal to you."
"Yes, she did," Utena agreed. She felt uncomfortably warm, reaching up to adjust her collar. "Do you come here often?" she asked, feeling remarkably foolish.
"This is my first time," Anthy reached out, making a circle with her finger on the front of Utena's dark suit, "but I've heard a great deal about it."
"Like what?" Utena murmured, feeling a bit dizzy from the scent of Anthy's perfume, the young woman standing a bit too close.
"Dance with me," Anthy put her cup down, tugging Utena gently towards the dance floor, "and I'll tell you all about it."
Utena set her martini down on the bar as she thought, 'This could be the perfect chance to pump her for information.' A slow song started up, and Anthy snuggled in close, the warmth of her breath teasing at Utena's ear.
"I know all about Arisugawa's plans," Anthy whispered to her softly, "she has to be stopped. Play along, and I'll help you."
With that, the smaller woman pressed her body even closer to Utena's, all but wielding the two of their bodies together. Anthy gently tangled her slim fingers in Utena's short hair, drawing the taller girl down into a fierce kiss on the lips. They swayed there together, the kiss stretching onward, until Anthy drew back.
"Wow," Utena murmured softly.
A bit more loudly than really needed Anthy said, "Let's go upstairs." Taking Utena's hand firmly in hers she tugged the taller woman up the stairs, unlocking the door to one of the suites with a key that was hidden in her shirt.
The door clicked shut behind Utena, and she looked at Anthy with a frown, "Can we talk here? What's going on?"
"Shh," Anthy tugged her to the other side of the room, then pressed her up against the wall. "Stand here," she ordered. Anthy reached by her to tap the wall, Utena heard the soft whir then a loud click. Her eyes widened as she suddenly realized what was going on.. a bit too late.
"Ahh...!" Utena yelled as Anthy shoved her backwards, sending her sliding backwards on the previously hidden ramp.
"Bye bye," Anthy cheerfully waved, then clicked the passage door shut. "Too bad," she murmured as she went to the next wall, activating a more normal hidden elevator, "she was cute, too. Dumb, but cute." She smiled, "Maybe Juri will give her to me when this is all over."
".. ahh!" Utena yelled before she thumped down to the floor. "Owwee," Utena managed to get to her feet, rubbing at her sore butt.
"It's about time you got here," a familiar voice said. Utena looked up in surprise, seeing the familiar business suited form of her leader, the mysterious M.
"What are you.." Utena blinked.
"Come on," M turned, leading her down a hallway. They quickly reached a large set of double doors, beyond them what almost looked like a throne room.
"Welcome, Utena," Juri smiled slightly, "it's been a long time." Still laying across her lap Shiori looked up to gaze over at Utena thoughtfully, before finally deciding in a cat-like way that she wasn't very interesting.
"It's been awhile, Juri," Utena's voice had a tinge of respect to it. She looked over at M, "What are you doing here, sir?"
"I'm sorry, Utena, but M can stand for so many things," slim fingers pulled down the tie, revealing the complete absence of an Adam's apple. The blue haired female twin of Miki smiled slightly, "My name is Ami Mizuno."
"Isn't she remarkable?' Juri smiled happily. "I replaced M with her several months ago, and she's been running the Ohtori Secret Service for me ever since," she said.
"Oh, no," Utena murmured, her face growing pale. She desperately searched her memory, wondering how many of her missions were subverted by the Sapphic Liberation Front. She narrowed her eyes, "I suppose the Lesbo-Rays plan was bogus?"
"Of course," Juri waved her hand, "have you heard anything more silly?" She smirked, "We've just been drugging the water at OSS headquarters, to start with."
"Drugging the water?" Utena echoed.
"Anthy?" Juri called out. Anthy came out of the shadows, dressed in a skin tight leather body suit. "Would you care to demonstrate?" Juri asked.
Utena gasped softly as Anthy pressed her body up against Utena's, kissing her gently on the cheek. "The chemical reduces certain inhibitions," Anthy explained to her cheerfully, "and increases the sex drive."
"Dr. Mizuno developed it for me," Juri drawled, "in exchange for only one thing."
"Miki is going to have to wear a name-tag identifying him for the rest of his life," Ami declared, Kozue rubbing up against her body like a cat. She laughed madly, "Never again will I be mistaken for that damn twerp!"
Juri shrugged, "Simple pleasures for a complex mind. Though I would like to know why she wanted Kozue.."
"It is not," Ami looked rather hostile, "some repressed narcissistic urge." She paused as Kozue rubbed up against her even more insistently, "Nothing of the sort. If you'll excuse us." The two walked off together.
Utena sweatdropped. She shuddered again, feeling Anthy's body pressing against her own, new desires coursing through her slim body. 'The OSS has been infiltrated from the top down,' she mused, 'our top agents are all probably lesbians by now, and I'm facing off against Arisugawa Juri, the agent who taught me everything I know.'
"What the hell," Utena finally sighed, wrapping an arm around Anthy's waist, "if you can't beat them, join them."
The End.
Author's Notes: This is a lot tamer than I had originally planned, actually. I was going to do an yuri lemon on this idea, and I may still do it later on. This is based on all those lame James Bond villains who tell the hero all of their secret plans in detail, and thereby shoot themselves in the foot. Juri is a lot smarter than they are...