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Author's Notes: Sorry, some computer problems arose (Damn MSN virus) and I had to wipe my system. Part 3 should prove more interesting I think.
Alongside the Geese: Part 2
Unintentionally, Anthy's search for Utena was put on hiatus.
Her work came to occupy a great deal of her time. A month passed without her noticing. What she did notice though was that a great number of both the clientele and that of the staff had pink hair. It struck Anthy as mildly suspicious but no one else seemed to take note of this.
Little was spoken between Anthy and her coworkers. She kept to herself, as had become her natural instinct. Attempts were made to be sociable but she really didn't care to all that much, it was such a chore.
She was to have three days relief from the demands of her job. Three days that she had been looking forward to.
Tonight she lay across her bed with an old crossword puzzle book. Chu Chu happily napped in the small valley of her back while her cat crept about somewhere beyond her room in search of mice that were not there.
So comfortable and warm with her fuzzy, pale, blue nightgown, Anthy's thoughts seemed to drift away from reality. The world beyond her bedroom door ceased to exist to her. There was only her, Chu Chu and her cat teetering on the fringe.
When the phone rang, she appeared discombobulated and confused; as if for her, the phone had not been at her bedside before she heard it. A moment later she answered it with a sinking feeling; she suspected she knew who it was.
The conversation she had with her employer was short. There was a change in schedule at the last minute and she was to go in tomorrow. She agreed to without hesitance, although it did throw off her plans. She'd planned on doing some shopping seeing as once again the amount of food within her apartment had dwindled to near nothing. She also needed to pick up the bundle of cookbooks she'd ordered at the local bookstore, along with several other errands that she needed to run.
Chu Chu squeaked and broke into a tantrum; aggravated that he'd been roused from his slumber.
Anthy did not look forward to the prospect of a busy and rushed day. She took a moment to prioritize. She could manage forgoing the shopping for a few more days if she ordered in or went for take out.
If she wasn't mistaken, Anthy still had some kibble for her cat, although she'd want to double check to make sure.
Chu Chu continued to make noise.
Anthy offered him a brief glance.
His wining ceased under her gaze. He turned away from her and pouted in silence.
She returned to her book but found it hard to concentrate.
The ironing-she'd nearly forgotten. She breathed a sigh of defeat, got up and gathered what clothing needed to be unwrinkled. Best to deal with it now, she supposed.