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Juri's Tales: Part Two.

Priss, the relief bouncer, looked at the two young men rather distainfully. Mr Morden held up a small slip of paper, pleading, "But we've got invitations and everything!" Shane hid just behind him to protect himself from the tough looking lady. In the background, the Akio-car sits, it's engine softly purring it's contentment.

"I don't care," Priss pointed out to them calmly, "this is a ladies bar, understand?" She gave them a glare, and they took a involuntary step backwards.

Realizing they were not getting by her, they sighed sadly, and took off to drown their sorrows elsewhere. Meanwhile, inside the bar...

Sylvie looked at Minagi with a look of honest surprise on her face. "You've got EX?!" she squeaked out happily.

Minagi handed her the requested can of beer with a small chuckle. Sylvie looked at it with a grin before chugging it in one smooth gesture. "We carry a wide variety of drinks, too," Minagi said with a smile.

Sylvie gets a bit teary eyed, her lower lip quivering, "But I like my EX!" Minagi just sighed softly in reply, noticing the odd looks they were getting. Ryouko stood against the other side of the counter, laughing softly.

Juri walked by one table, where Umi and Fuu sat looking remarkably irritated about something. "What's going on?" Juri asked them with a frown. If there was a problem with the club, Juri wanted to know imediately.

Umi scowled and pointed out onto the dance floor instead of answering aloud. Juri looked at the crowd of dancing young women with a frown, then she saw what Umi was pointing at. Juri smirked slightly, getting a glare from both seated young ladies.

Connie and Hikaru broke from the crowd, dancing closely together. Connie kept a firm grip on the cutie, looking quite obvious in her intent not to let her go for the rest of the evening. Juri gave the two remaining Magic Knights a shrug before heading off.

Juri smiled, looking over her special guests with a bit of amusement. The young women all looked like they were having a good time. She looked a bit concerned when she noticed a tall woman cutting through the crowd towards one of the guests.

Roxanna looked up from her drink, her eyes widening. The blonde looked down at her with distain, her eyes filled with arrogant pride. She looked much like a huntress who had just discovered her very favorite prey.

Goldie slid a finger under Roxanna's chin, pushing her face up so that their eyes met. "I understand you've been writting stories about me," she said in a dangerous purr.

Roxanna had a 'deer in the headlights' look on her face. She opened her mouth to say something in her own defence, but Goldie gently pushed her mouth closed. She tugged Roxanna up to her feet, putting them face to face and making Roxanna drop her strawberry daiquiri.

Her lips brushed Roxanna's ear as she whispered, "Upstairs, room number three." She turned and walked to the stairs, her body swaying sexily. Roxanna stood there in stuned shock a moment, before scrambling after her.

Juri sighed in relief, watching them go. She just hoped Roxanna knew what she might be getting into, going off with that dangerous lady. She noticed a woman sitting in a corner, drinking quietly and watchig the goings on. Juri made her way through the crowd, pulled out a chair, and sat down beside her.

"Nice to see you, Rehanna," Juri said a bit nervously.

Rehanna raised her glass with a friendly smile, and Juri instantly felt a bit better. "We've missed you over at the Miko," she chided Juri gently.

"Sorry," Juri said with a little shrug, looking around her, "I've been a bit busy lately." She gestured, and May came over to take her order. "One of my specials, please," Juri said.

May came back, put Juri's drink down as well as a refill in front of Rehanna. "But I didn't order," Rehanna started.

May bowed, smiling at her sweetly, "Compliments of the house." Before she could say anything else, another table asked for a refill. "Coming!" she cried, and jogged off.

Rehana smilied thankfully at Juri, and they clinked their glasses together in a toast. "I'm not surprised you're busy," Rehanna commented knowingly. She looked at Juri thoughtfully, "I never really saw you as the nightclub type. I was wondering, why did you..." she trailed off, and looked around the bar.

"It's a bit of a long story," Juri said with a little smile. Rehana looked at her curiously, so she cleared her throat, took a sip of her ginger ale, and started...

"I guess it all began with my Aunt. She was an incredible business woman, knowing when to invest and when to sit on her money. By the time she was twenty, she had made her first million, but it wouldn't be her last." Juri chuckled softly, "As you can imagine, my family spent much of their time trying to suck up to the old lady."

She took a sip, "But as much as they may have admired her wealth, they just as strongly disapproved of her personal life. You see, she had lived for years with a longtime companion of the female variety. Anyway, she held the family in a great deal of contempt for their hypocracy."

"Personally, I never joined in the attempts to butter the old lady up. I went about my life, and when I turned twenty one, I came out of the closet. A day later, and I was officially kicked out of the house."

"My Aunt was furious at my father, not to mention quite devious, and she rewrote her will soon after. A few years later she died, and the family gathered like circling vultures for the reading of the will." She smiles slightly, "They nearly died when they found out my Aunt left all her money to me and her companion, with some stipulations."

"Stipulations?" Rehanna echoed.

"I had to be very much 'out of the closet' to inherit, and in a way that highlighted my identity. Hence the name of this little club," she laughed. "Not something my dear old dad can sweep under the rug,"

"So you did this just to inherit the money?" Rehanna asked, sounding just a little disapointed with Juri.

Juri shook her head, "Maybe in the beginning." She smiles, "I've found that I really enjoy this, running a nightclub and making a place where my friends can come to and be themselves safely, no matter what."

Rehanna nodded thoughfully, "You do look like you're happy." She got up, smiling down at Juri, "I hope we'll see you at the Miko occasionally, though."

"Will do," Juri said, giving her a sketchy salute.

Our Cast This Episode: Mr Morden, Sylvie, Connie, Roxanna and Rehanna are all real people whom the Author, Shane, talks with online! Priss is from Bubblegum Crisis, Hikaru, Umi, and Fuu are from Magic Knight Rayearth, and Goldie is from Gunsmith Cats.

The Staff: The bar's owner is Arisugawa Juri, from Revolutionary Girl Utena. Minagi, Ryouko and Sasami are from the series Tenchi Muyo. Keiko is also from Utena. Cyberdoll May is from Hand Maid May. Excel and Hyatt are from Excel Saga. Hitomi is from Escaflowne, the movie. And finally, Tendo Nabiki is from Ranma 1/2.

Author's Notes: Don't worry, I don't plan on having real people in these stories very often. "The Miko" that Rehanna and Juri both mention is "The Drunken Miko" a series of online episode stories Rehanna has written, often featuring real people in cameos, myself included. They appear semi- regularly on the Blood Soaked and Honor Bound Yahoo Group, and are quite entertaining. Mr Morden, Sylvie and Connie all post on that group as well. Roxanna Ohtori, the leader of the Insanity Brigade Yahoo Group, is a author of darky erotic Utena, Sailor Moon, and recently, Gunsmith Cats fics. She rather likes Goldie, so...

Bonus Material! Section 1 by Mor'loki, Section 2 by Akio-sama, both from the Blood Soaked and Honor Bound Yahoo Group!

1) ::Mor'loki, Zi-chan, and Ranma approach Arisugawa's Locket, very giggly (nix Zi-chan) and very PVC.::

Ranma: Ano, Priss-san

Priss: No

Zi-chan: Priss-sensei?

Priss: No

Mor'loki: Priss-sama?

Priss: What part of no don't you understand?

Mor'loki: The 'no' bit

Priss: You're all bi

All: Hah?

Priss: Only dykes in the bar. No halfsies

Mor'loki: But! But! But!

Priss: Go to Babylon if that's what you want.

Zi-chan: Ah fuck.

Ranma: Let's just go home

Mor'loki: ::being dragged away:: Juri-san! Shane-san! Onegai!


2) ::Walks up to Shane and Mr. Morden::

Purple Haired Guy: I know how to gain access. Just follow me.

::The two follow obediently as Purple Haired Guy ushers them into his special version of the Akio Car. The trio drive off::

::A few minutes later...::

::All three disembark. Now they stand in front of mysterious looking building. Entering, they witness an interesting site: Kojiro, Marron, and Kuja in full cross-dressing outfits helping others dress the same::

Sephiroth: Ow! Hey! Careful of my hair!

Yukito: ::holding a comb with hairpins sticking out of his mouth:: Sorry.

Eagle: Hm, which color do you think I should go with?

Yaten: ::hands him a tube of lipstick:: This one. It brings out your eyes.

Purple Haired Guy: ::shouts to Marron:: We've got a couple more for you.

Marron: ::gives the OK sign::

Purple Haired Guy: ::turns to the others:: See, we know all about Juri's little "ladies bar." We thought it'd be funny to pay them a little...visit.

Ilpalazzo: ::speaks up from where he's preparing Fish Eye's hair:: Yes. My agents have gone AWOL. Again. ::grins as he day dreams about blowing Excel up with a rocket launcher again::

Shane: Are you sure that's such a smart idea? What if we get caught?

Purple Haired Guy: ::shrugs:: Then we figured we'd all go to the Anime Moulin Rouge and get smashed there.

::Just then, Pegasus and Dilandau come over and lead the two away to be "bishounen-ized"::

Purple Haired Guy: ::sits down at his own personal chair::

Kaworu: So, what sort of look do you want?

Purple Haired Guy: ::smiles:: Gimme an "Ceres Alexander Special."

Kaworu: Coming right up...

-Akio, The One to Blame

PS. Alexander is the name of the scientist in "Ceres" that has blond hair and spectacles. While I don't like his hair color, I like the way it's designed. Can you tell I have a thing for gray haired bishies? They rock!

Cast: Shane, Mr. Morden, Purple Haired Guy, Kojiro (Pokemon), Marron (Bakuretsu Hunters), Kuja (FF9), Sephiroth (FF7), Yukito (CCS), Eagle (MKR), Yaten (Sailor Moon), Ilpalazzo (Excel Saga) ,