Utena, Revolutionary Girl Fan Fiction ❯ Arisugawa's Locket ❯ Agent Aika ( Chapter 55 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

Arisugawa's Locket: Agent Aika

The two women strode down the street together, the taller woman keeping her companion protectively close to her. The taller woman's light brown hair was clipped up, the short red dress that she wore hugging her body. The dark brown haired girl was shorter, her glasses catching the light as she cuddled in close.

"He's still following us, Aika," the smaller girl murmured.

"Guess I'll have to be blunt with him, Rion," Aika Sumeragi sighed. The two stopped, letting the young man catch up. Before he could try to speak Aika said fiercely, "Gusto, I'm going to be frank. The only person that I love is my Rion here, got it?"

Gusto blinked, his black hair falling in his eyes as he tried to absorb that information. "Could I watch you two, then?" he suggested hopefully.



"Owe," Rion Aida whimpered tearfully as they walked away from the unconscious man, the smaller girl shaking her now quite sore hand. "You make that look so easy," she complained.

"I'm trained, remember," Aika chuckled softly. She looked down at Rion fondly, "Thanks, by the way. I've wanted to see someone do that to him for years."

"You're welcome," Rion sighed, leaning on Aika's arm.

Bones smiled as Aika walked up to where she stood. The black haired bouncer nodded to them, "It's kind of crowded tonight, looks like we have a convention or something."

"Thank you," Aika nodded, walking past her.

They went by Hitomi, giving the brown haired greeter a smile, then they moved through the crowd. It was packed as they made their way across the dance floor towards the waiting bar. As they moved through the sea of feminine faces Aika frowned slightly.

"Is it me," Rion echoed her thoughts as she said, "or do they look sort of familiar?"

"Kind of, yes," Aika agreed.

They reached the bar and were mildly surprised to see Ryouko and a dark haired young woman working to pour the drinks, rather than Minagi. "Hi," the dark haired girl beamed at them, "I'm Mahoro, what can I get you?"

"Wine, please," Aika smiled.

Rion nodded, "Wine cooler."

"Hey," Ryouko gave them a casual wave as the light blue haired woman helped prepare one of the drinks, Mahoro the other, "my little sister Minagi would be here tonight, but she and Sasami are taking a day off."

"They're so cute together," Mahoro said cheerfully.

"Is she always that cheerful?" Aika asked Ryouko curiously.

"Pretty much," Ryouko shrugged.

Aika took her drink and turned around, accidentally bumping into a young woman. "Sorry, I," she started to say only to stop, blinking at the redheaded woman who was standing there in shock. "You!" she blurted.

Bianca growled, her red hair falling into her eyes as she echoed, "You!" She grabbed the collar of her dress and whipped it up and off revealing a golden uniform underneath. All around them the majority of women revealed such uniforms, Delmos uniforms.

"Get behind me," Aika ordered Rion, her eyes flashing.

The Commander stood atop one of the dining tables, her dark green hair flowing over her shoulders. She pointed down at Aika and loudly declared, "Chance has brought us together and now we will defeat you."

"HOLD IT!" a bold voice cut across the room, silencing the angry voices.

The combatants all turned to see Arisugawa Juri holding her Juraian sword, and right beside her Minagi with her energy blade at the ready. Mahoro hefted a heavy pistol, Excel standing over on the other side with a very impressive meat cleaver.

"Uh oh," Rion murmured, "Juri's pissed."

Juri's eyes flashed with anger as she said, "May I remind you that the Locket is neutral territory? If you want to fight, take it outside."

Aika nodded reluctantly, then she looked over to where the Commander stood. "Truce?" she offered curiously.

"Truce," the Commander agreed reluctantly, jumping down from the table.

"You should have taken your shoes off," May scolded her as the brown haired woman wiped off the top of the table.

"Sorry," the Commander blushed slightly.

Bianca continued to glare over at Aika, only looking away when a hand gently came to rest on her shoulder. The dusky skinned blonde woman smiled slightly. "Not here, not now," Valerie said softly but firmly.

"Sorry," Bianca pushed her red hair out of her eyes. "It just makes me angry, seeing her here when we all wanted to drink in peace."

Not surprisingly, Aika was echoing those sentiments as she walked over to a table with Rion. "And I was hoping we could have a good time tonight," Aika sighed.

"We still can," Rion reassured her. She smiled as Aika slid an arm across her shoulder, "Just don't start anything, okay?" Aika looked reluctant so she batted, "For me?"

"All right," Aika sighed, "for you."

"Interesting," the dark haired girl popped up from nowhere with videocamera in hand, "I hadn't realized Rion's influence over Aika. I'll have to add that to the file."

"Rie," Rion snarled, "you little hentai!" With a scream of fear Rie Betriacoff ran off, Rion in hot pursuit yelling, "You took pictures of my Aika named! For that you must pay!"

"And she wanted me to stay out of trouble," Aika sighed.

"You can cut the tension in this room with a knife," Keiko noted.

"I've got a plan," Ryouko grandly proclaimed.

"Oh?" Mahoro asked suspiciously. She might be a relative newcomer to the bar, but even she knew Ryouko's plans were usually trouble.

"Keep pouring the booze into them until they all get happy or pass out," Ryouko explained with a shrug.

"Simple," May noted, "but it might just work."

"You know," Bianca murmured as the two women swayed out on the dance floor, "I suppose I do owe Aika a debt."

"Really?" Valerie asked, twirling Bianca around then pulling the shorter woman in close.

"If you hadn't posed as a man to seduce Aika," Bianca snuggled closer in Valerie's arms, "I might not have realized how attractive you were."

Valerie smiled wryly and murmured, "I already had." She brought her lips down to Bianca's, kissing her lingeringly.

Things began to relax a bit as the evening wore on, eventually most of the groups ending up around the dining tables. "More beer?" Hyatt beamed, setting the pitcher down on the table. Her face went blue and she flopped over, slithering away.

"And I still can't believe that you all intended to sleep with Hargen," Aika slurred drunkenly.

"Yeah!" Rion piped up, "He was a pervert."

"What made you think we were going to sleep with him?" the second in command muttered, snuggling with her Commander.

"But I thought...," Aika blinked owlishly.

"He had good genes," the Commander admitted, "just take a look at his sister!"

Aika had to nod her agreement thinking about the amazonian redhead, the tables all around them breaking out in a chorus of dreamy sighs.

"But have sex with him?" The Commander shook her head before adding, "Artificial insemination all the way."

"Ah," Aika blinked drunkenly.

"Aika," Rion said, looking up at her fuzzily, "I thought you were going to show me the upstairs rooms this time?"

Aika's face went beet red as soft laughter was heard around the tables. "Why not," both women rose, walking hand in hand to the stairs.

The Staff: The bar's owner is Arisugawa Juri, from Revolutionary Girl Utena. Bones is from www.coolcatstudio.com. Minagi, Ryouko and Sasami are from the series Tenchi Muyo. Mahoro is from Mahoromantic. Keiko is also from Utena. Cyberdoll May is from Hand Maid May. Excel and Hyatt are from Excel Saga. Hitomi is from Escaflowne, the movie.

Our Cast This Episode: The entire female cast of Agent Aika, pretty much, including Aika, Rion, and the villains Bianca, Valerie, Rie, the Commander and many others, along with a cameo appearance by poor old Gusto.

Author's Note: I've been considering an Aika one-shot and seeing the third DVD 'Final Battle' pretty much convinced me. The Commander of Delmos is depicted in a relationship with her second of command, Aika and Rion have a VERY close relationship, and the few male romantic possibilities are, honestly, a joke. One warning: there is a major panty fixation in this anime, but it's pretty funny.