Utena, Revolutionary Girl Fan Fiction ❯ Arisugawa's Locket ❯ Secrets Revealed ( Chapter 56 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

Secrets Revealed

Bones looked up, smiling slightly as she saw the black clad woman walking up to the door. She smiled slightly, "Welcome back, Cyber Six."

The black leather hugged her thin form, a large hat partially concealing her face. Blood red lips teased up in a smile, "Bones, good evening." Cyber Six tipped her head to the side, "Has there been any trouble lately?"

"Nothing major," Bones drawled. She tilted her head to the side as the woman passed her, "Have you ever thought about coming here in your Adrian outfit?"

Cyber Six blinked in surprise as she stopped to ask, "Why?"

Bones chuckled softly, "You'd look pretty cute in it, I bet. Probably have to beat the girls off you with a stick."

"I have enough trouble with the girl I have, thanks," Cyber Six shot over her shoulder as she headed inside.

"Welcome to Arisugawa's Locket," Merle beamed, the catgirl looking remarkably cute dressed up in a school girl's uniform.

"Hey Merle," a smiling Cyber Six removed her cape, folding it up before passing it over to her with her hat. "So where's Hitomi this evening?" she asked curiously, running her hand through her spikey black hair.

"Studying for exams," the catgirl flicked her ears back as Merle continued, "Hitomi asked Juri for a few days off to prepare."

Cyber Six nodded to herself thoughtfully as she considered the usual suspects, "Let me guess, Ami Mizuno's helping her study?"

Merle nodded, "Yup. She's in good hands."

"See you later," Cyber Six gave the girl a smile, moving through the crowd. The woman in black leather moved confidently, exchanging nods with acquaintances and various friends. She reached the bar, smiling at the blue haired twins behind the bar.

Ryouko gave her a look through cat-like eyes as her long hair bounced down her back. She frowned, taking in her customer's pale face as she worriedly asked, "You need sustenance?"

"Yes, please," Cyber Six made a face.

She bent down, grabbing a vial of a green glowing fluid then pouring it out in a thick mug. "Drink fast," Ryouko said, pushing the drink towards Cyber Six.

Cyber Six took the glass and slugged it down, her face twisting at the awful taste. She shuddered visible, breath raspy, but in a few moments recovered. She pushed sweaty hair out of her face and gave Ryouko a weary smile, "Thanks."

"I'm glad Washu was able to artificially create that stuff," Minagi noted, the scarred twin wiping out a glass, "but you'd think Mom could cure you, too."

Cyber Six shrugged, "She told me that she could, but only by removing most of my enhancements. With Jose still on the loose, I can't do that."

"So how are things in Meridian now?" Minagi asked curiously, pouring her a glass of beer to wash the taste away.

Cyber Six puffed out a breath before quietly admitting, "I think I may have done something very stupid."

"Oh?" Ryouko leaned forward eagerly beside her sister.

Cyber Six rolled her eyes at them, "You two are terrible." She sipped some of her beer before continuing, "Von Reichter tried to destroy the city with a living bomb and I didn't think I could survive stopping it."

"You figured you were on a kamikaze run," Minagi prompted her.

"Yeah," Cyber Six nodded. "There's been a student who's had a bad crush on my Adrian identity, her name's Lori Anderson," she drank a bit more, "and before I went to face Von Reichter, I revealed my secret identity to her."

"Ouch," Ryouko chuckled softly at that, "and since you survived this little adventure, you're going to have to deal with it."

Cyber Six nodded glumly, "I've taken a few sick days, but I can't do that forever."

"So what does this girl think of Cyber Six?" Minagi asked curiously, Ryouko having moved to attend to a customer's order.

"Hates her guts," Cyber Six said with a sigh, "though I think it was because she believed that Adrian and Cyber Six were having an affair."

Minagi couldn't help it, she began to laugh. "Sorry," she wiped her eyes, "but it's quite the mental image, you trying to have an affair with yourself."

"Fair enough," Cyber Six agreed.

"Good evening," the smooth voice came from just behind her. Cyber Six turned around to see the tall, orange haired woman who gave her a slight smile. "It's good to see you here again," Arisugawa Juri said.

"Juri-san," Cyber Six said to her respectfully. She smiled slightly, "We were just discussing my latest folly." She quietly summarized the situation as a visibly amused Juri settled down into a seat beside them.

Juri nodded slightly as Cyber Six finished. "Here's a question for you," Juri asked with a smile, "why do you think Lori was attracted to Adrian?"

"Huh?" Cyber Six looked confused.

Ryouko smirked as she said to Juri, "You're wondering if Lori might have been attracted to some of her feminine qualities, right?"

"I hadn't thought of that," Cyber Six admitted softly. She drank a bit more beer, savoring the taste before saying, "I have to say I wasn't exactly butch as Adrian. It's possible...."

"Not that I'm suggesting confessing your love to her," Juri cautioned, "I'm sure Lori is feeling pretty confused right about now."

"Not to mention being confused myself," Cyber Six said with a ghost of a smile.

Juri looked up, seeing two familiar figures walking in. She gave Cyber Six an apologetic smile, "Excuse me."

Haruka smiled wryly as Juri approached her. "Setsuna sent us to tell you she's going to be late," the slim blonde said apologetically.

"What happened?" Juri frowned.

"Hotaru got into trouble for fighting," Michiru explained, the green haired woman standing closely with her lover.

"Hotaru?" Juri looked shocked. Hotaru was normally one of the most mature girls Juri knew, mature far beyond her years. "How did that happen?" she asked.

"It's a long story," Haruka said as the three settled around a table.

May strode over, her long brown hair flowing down her back. "What can I get you?" she asked them politely.

"My regular," Juri said, "whiskey for Haruka and wine cooler for Michiru." With that May was gone, returning in moments with the order.

"Thanks," Haruka took a drink from her whiskey, "Hotaru gave a presentation to her class about her family today."

"Not Prof. Tomoe," Michiru drank some of her cooler, "but Haruka, myself and Juri. Apparently some of her classmates weren't prepared to deal with Hotaru having two mommies."

"Marvelous," Juri scowled.

"Someone was taunting her about us at lunch," Haruka sounded kind of proud as she continued, "and apparently she felt she had to defend our honor."

"Haruka," Michiru scolded her lover. She looked over at Juri to add, "Setsuna went over to talk to the teacher and smooth things over, somewhat."

To be continued...

The Staff: The bar's owner is Arisugawa Juri, from Revolutionary Girl Utena. Minagi and Ryouko are from the series Tenchi Muyo. Cyberdoll May is from Hand Maid May. Merle is from Escaflowne, the movie. And finally Bones is from www.coolcatstudio.com.

Our Cast This Episode: Cyber Six and Lori Anderson are from Cyber Six. Washu is from Tenchi Muyo. And finally Haruka, Hotaru, Michiru and Setsuna are from Sailor Moon.