Utena, Revolutionary Girl Fan Fiction ❯ Arisugawa's Locket ❯ Out of the Locket: Two ( Chapter 66 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

Out of the Locket: No need for Engagements!
"So why are you so worried about your Grandmother?" Ryouko asked, light blue hair flowing over her shoulders as they helped with closing.
Ayeka wiped off the top of a table while Ryouko stacked up the chairs with ease, "The Devil Princess of Jurai holds much the same position in our family as Washu does to you." As Ryouko visibly paled Ayeka nodded grimly, her dark purple hair swinging against her back, "Not even the Emperor defies her."
"Damn," Ryouko murmured, sneaking a glance at Tennyo Masaki waiting nearby. The white haired youngish looking woman was dressed in a simple kimono, her eyes twinkling with a gentle kind of amusement. "So what do you think Grandma wants?" she asked.
"I don't know," Ayeka shook her head, "but she is known for matchmaking,"
Ryouko's eyes narrowed in anger, "I don't care who she is, if she tries taking you away from me she'll see a fight."
"Let's see what she wants before we panic," Ayeka said softly.
"Have a nice day," Alpha helped usher the last customers out, then turned to give a weary smile to Hitomi. "Is it always like this?"
"On some nights we're actually busy," Hitomi said deadpan, the brown haired girl checking the coat check for anything left behind.
"What?" Alpha blurted, the green haired girl looking at Hitomi in alarm.
"Don't give me straight lines like that," Hitomi chuckled. She stretched, "Holidays are always a bit more busy, usually you'll have an easier night."
"I hope so," Alpha smiled, walking with her over to the bar.
May was helping count the till with Nabiki, the taller brown haired woman frowning in concentration. "Alpha," May looked up, the bosomy android smiling, "how was your first full day?"
"Exciting," Alpha admitted, her simple skirt flowing around her legs. Having decided her traveling clothes were a bit too worn the staff had gotten together a uniform for her, a simple black skirt and blouse with a white maid's apron.
"Juri mentioned that we've got a upstairs room you can use," May produced a key from her usual maid's uniform.
"But I can't...," Alpha tried to refuse the key.
May took her hand and gently pressed the key into her grip. "Juri wants to do this," she reassured her, "you're not imposing."
Alpha gave in as gracefully as possible, "Thank you, May-sama."
Keiko chuckled softly as she smoothly reached around May to hug her from behind. The boyish woman's short black hair was tied back, her smile warm as she said, "It's nice to see someone appreciates May they way they should."
"Keiko," May scolded gently, but she was smiling happily.
"They're adorable, aren't they?" Minagi chuckled.
"Yes, they are," Alpha agreed cheerfully. The green haired girl look at Minagi curiously, "You and your sister are twins?"
"Sort of," Minagi answered, her facial scars bending cutely. "I'm her half-clone, more or less," she explained cheerfully.
Alpha blinked, "Long story, I guess?"
"Something like that," Minagi agreed. She smiled as a young woman emerged from the kitchen, her bluish hair bouncing, "Sasami, have you met Alpha yet?"
"We had one of those hurried introductions when she was back in the kitchen picking up an order," Sasami chuckled.
"I was a little surprised seeing a young girl in the kitchen," Alpha admitted, "until someone explained how old you actually are."
Minagi laughed as she hugged Sasami, "Yeah, her appearance can be deceiving."
Sasami closed her eyes a moment, her form gently shifting them Alpha's eyes widened as she became a full grown adult. "Is this better?" Tsunami asked curiously.
"I suppose so," Alpha sweatdropped. She softly murmured to herself, "I see this job is going to take some getting used to."
Standing over to the side Tennyo smiled warmly as Ayeka and Ryouko walked over to her, bowing slightly to them in greeting and said, "Aunt Ayeka, I'm sorry if my presence rushed you in any way."
"Aunt?" Ryouko smirked.
"Let it go," Ayeka said firmly.
"Sasami looks well, I see," Tennyo added conversationally.
"I suppose so," Ayeka murmured distractedly. She looked at Tennyo piercingly, "So what message does my Grandmother bring me?"
Quickly Ryouko spoke up, "And if she tries breaking us up, I'll...."
Tennyo held up a hand, her smile gentle. "It's all right, Lady Ryouko," she said, "Grandmother merely sends her greetings to you."
"And?" Ayeka asked suspiciously.
Tennyo lead them towards the door, moving with a simple sort of grace. "Grandmother is well aware that your many adventures have kept you two very busy," she said, "but there is a urgent manner she feels needs to be dealt with."
"And what's that?" Ryouko blinked, casually nodding farewell to Juri and the others as they left the bar together.
"Grandmother told me that she would like you two to formally announce your engagement," Tennyo said simply.
There was a moment of dead silence as Ayeka and Ryouko processed that statement then both blurted out, "What?!"
Tennyo had a faintly amused look as they left the area around the Locket and fell into step walking down the street. Oddly they drew few curious glances, people in the area having gotten used to the slightly strange people in the club.
"It is not fitting that a princess of Jurai is living with another woman," Tennyo said to them casually, "without at least the promise of marriage."
"And if we choose not to get engaged?" Ayeka asked faintly.
"Then Grandmother would have to consider you available for matchmaking purposes," Tennyo replied evenly.
"No way in hell," Ryouko blurted.
Tennyo looked at Ryouko with a gentle kind of amusement. "Grandmother isn't unsympathetic to you," she explained, "in her youth she too was fond of the fairer sex." Her gaze hardened, "But she also must be concerned with propriety."
"I..." Ayeka started to say only to have Ryouko put a gentle hand on her arm.
"I've been meaning to do this for awhile," Ryouko admitted as she knelt down in front of Ayeka, "but Tennyo's forced my hand." Drawing something from herb pocket Ryouko held out a ornate, Juraian style ring, "Ayeka Masaki of Jurai, will you marry me?"
Ayeka looked at the ring, then met Ryouko's golden eyes filled with nervousness and a bit of fear. "Yes," She managed, tears in her eyes as Ryouko slipped the ring on.
Discretely Tennyo drew out a camera and clicked a few photos, feeling sympathetic tears in her own eyes. 'They'll be happy I took these,' she thought, putting the camera away. Watching as Ryouko pulled Ayeka in a hug she thought, 'I think I may stay on Earth for awhile....'
To be continued....
The Staff: The bar's owner is Arisugawa Juri, from Revolutionary Girl Utena. Minagi, Ryouko and Sasami are from the series Tenchi Muyo. Keiko is also from Utena. Cyberdoll May is from Hand Maid May. Lastly, Hitomi is from Escaflowne, the movie.
Our Cast This Episode: Tennyo and Ayeka are from Tenchi Muyo.