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[ P - Pre-Teen ]

Valentines Day: 2006
Miyabi smiled happily as the formally dressed redhead swayed closely with the lovely younger blonde out on the dance floor. "Thank you for coming here with me tonight," she said softly, gently holding her close.
"My pleasure," Tina Foster answered softly, snuggling close to her. She looked up at Miyabi, "How long were you going to wait to tell me?"
"I wasn't going to be able to hold out very much longer," Miyabi admitted with a wry smile. She gave Tina a faintly scolding look, "Especially with you running around in those tight tops and short shorts."
"Why do you think I was wearing them?" Tina asked impishly, running her hands over Miyabi's back.
"You little minx," Miyabi muttered in surprise.
Tina lay her head on Miyabi's shoulder, savoring the taller woman's sweet presence. "You weren't noticing me otherwise," she purred.
"Oh I was noticing," Miyabi said a bit ruefully as she held Tina close, "I was just too terrified to do anything about it."
Tina looked up, stroking Miyabi's cheek with one hand. "You don't need to be afraid of me," she murmured, drawing her down into a kiss.
"I'll be damned," Ryouko murmured from where she handled the bar, the blue haired space pirate looking amused, "I figured her for a closet case."
"You think?" Minagi asked with a grin, watching the two women nearly making out on the dance floor. She cheek scars and mildly gentler eyes were the only difference between her and her twin Ryouko.. that, and the lip print still on her cheek.
"From the way she acted on her last visit," Ryouko shrugged casually. She finally had to point out the mark on Minagi's cheek, "Either Sasami's getting affectionate or you've got a girlfriend on the side."
"Eep," Minagi blushed, rubbing at her cheek. "I went back to visit Sasami," she confessed, "and we got a bit carried away."
Ryouko grinned rakishly, "Trust me, I know how that feels. I intend to haul Ayeka into a back room later and ravage her." She noticed a familiar woman waving up the bar and excused herself, "Gotta go."
"Two cans of beer, please," Ritsuko Akagi smiled, the blonde scientist leaning casually against the counter. Her white labcoat fluttered over her simple uniform and her manner surprisingly relaxed as she turned to her companion.
Misato Katsuragi grinned, "Thanks love." She put her hand over Ritsuko's, squeezing gently, "I hope no one gave you trouble over the roses I sent over to your lab."
"No, though I think Maya is feeling a bit jealous of my good fortune," Ritsuko answered her with amusement.
Misato had some suspicions over what Maya was really jealous about, but she firmly kept her mouth shut. "I have a surprise waiting at home for you, too," she added softly.
"Ooh," Ritsuko's eyes lit up. "Too bad we have Shinji-chan living with us now," she purred, "I remember how we spent last Valentine's day."
"Still," Misato let a finger stroke along Ritsuko's collar, "getting the spilled chocolate syrup out of the living room carpet was tough."
"Worth it, though," Ritsuko answered, kissing her gently.
Keiko fought back a smile, the boyish brown haired woman fighting back a blush over listening in. She moved over to where a regular was sitting at one of the tables, then over to where girl-type Ranma and her harem were eating together. Finally she spotted two women sitting at the corner table and headed over to see if they needed anything.
Both were younger than average, one with blue hair verging on black and the other with brown, her eyes the most unusual shade of red. "Is there anything I can get you?" Keiko asked them brightly. A second's pause, "Though I can't bring you alcohol without identification."
"No problem," the dark blue haired girl smiled faintly before looking over at her companion questioningly, "Shiziru?"
"You pick Natsuki," Shiziru answered, her red eyes surprisingly gentle, "I trust you."
Natsuki smiled back, meeting her eyes for a long moment, "Thanks." Turning back towards Keiko she briskly ordered two of the lunch specials and sodas for them both.
"I'll be right back," Keiko bowed before bouncing off.
"I was a little surprised that you knew about a club like this," Natsuki murmured to Shiziru after Keiko dropped their meals off.
Shiziru smiled faintly, "I have to confess I phoned a information line, actually." She looked amused, "So how did Mai take hearing about us?"
Natsuki looked more amused than anything else, "I don't think she was terribly surprised, really. Especially after how you behaved at that picnic she and Yuichi were having."
Shiziru took a small drink of her soda, "Sorry love." Her eyes twinkled merrily, "I just have a hard time with self control around you."
"I'm sorry I'm so damn shy about it all," Natsuki confessed softly. She was still felt awkward about her and Shiziru showing their affections in public, despite how strongly she might feel about the other woman.
Shiziru flashed a smile as she reached out to gently squeeze Natsuki's hand. "I don't mind," she said warmly, "in fact I think your blushing makes you look cuter."
Natsuki blushed, "Shiziru!" Deciding it was best to change the subject a little she asked, "Were you serious about staying in school to be with me?"
"Not quite the way you think," Shiziru smiled gently, "Fuka offers advanced courses in preparation for university as well as some courses at that level. It won't hurt and may help me quite a bit, so don't feel guilty."
Natsuki smiled faintly, "And here I was preparing to argue with you."
"Never," Shiziru chucked, her eyes warmly affectionate.
Arisugawa Juri felt a certain degree of amusement as she checked in with May, glad to see a mix of old and new faces in the crowds. "How are we doing?" the orange haired beauty asked, her simple black tuxedo hugging her body.
"Busy, but that's normal for today," May chuckled, her brown hair bouncing on the back of her maid's uniform. The cyberdoll looked at Juri curiously, "Is Setsuna coming in today?"
"Actually I'm taking her out to dinner afterward," Juri admitted with a grin, "then home to bed... eventually."
May blushed cutely, "Keiko's promisingly me much the same."
Juri chuckled softly. "Remind everyone that I'm closing the Locket for tomorrow," she said, "so they can take a day off with their sweeties."
"I've got a notice up in the back," May nodded, "and I think I've told all them, too."
"Good," Juri nodded, "then I'd better mingle for a bit." A grin, "I hope you and Keiko have a good time tonight!"
Sitting on a couch by the library Alpha was taking a break, the green haired android smiling sweetly at her companion. "I was so glad to see you here," she said happily, reaching out to gently take her hand.
Kokone smiled back, the pink haired android squeezing her fingers. "Your last letter mentioned you were working in a club," she answered, "I wanted to be sure you were all right."
"It's really different than the cafe," Alpha admitted, "but it's interesting." She looked up to meet Kokone's eyes, "I missed you."
"Me, too," Kokone admitted with a blush, her hand gently stroking Alpha's.
To be continued....
The Staff: The bar's owner is Arisugawa Juri, from Revolutionary Girl Utena. Alpha is from the anime and manga Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou. Ryouko, Sasami and Minagi are from the series Tenchi Muyo. Keiko is also from Utena. And finally, Cyberdoll May is from Hand Maid May.
Our Cast This Episode: Miyabi and Tina Foster are from Ai Yori Aoshi, Ritsuko Akagi and Misato Katsuragi are from Neon Genesis Evangelion, Natsuki and Shiziru are from Mai Hime, Kokone is from the anime and manga Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou, and finally Setsuna is from Sailor Moon.
Notes: Miyabi first appeared in the Locket way back in episode New Years 2003 and this chapter ties in with my story Ai Yori Aoshi: Revelation. Ritsuko and Misato are both from the fic. Evangelion: Altered Destinies, where they're married and their charge Shinji is a girl. The Mai Hime characters are from my fic Questions and Answers.