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Girl Meets Girl
Saotome Ranma smiled as the redheaded young woman leaned up against the wall, watching passerby warily as the customers lined up to get in the club. As one of the part-time bouncers she rather enjoyed her work, though her watching the ladies did sometimes get her in trouble with her girlfriend.
"Hey, Ranma," Tendo Nabiki nodded as the black haired young woman walked up, her lover Ayaka Kisaragi holding on to her arm. The lovely redheaded exorcist looked surprisingly content on Nabiki's arm, a warm smile on her face.
"Good evening," Ranma held the door open gentlemanly as they walked by not to mention taking the opportunity to get a good look at their bodies.
"Watch it, Saotome," Nabiki warned under her breath.
Inside the club it was as busy as ever as people crowded the tables, waiters and waitresses rushing back and forth to pick up and drop off orders. Tables were packed, drinks were flowing and friends were talking happily.
"Here's the order of beers for Asagiri's table," Ryouko grinned, her blue mane flowing as she passed the tray over.
"Thanks," May smiled as she grabbed the tray with one hand and the food with the other as she hurried through the mob, her long brown hair bouncing. Dressed in one of her many maid's outfits she swept through the customers, a friendly smile clearing the way.
Priss Asagiri nodded in greeting as May reached the table, dropping the beers off gracefully. "Thank you," Silvie smiled charmingly, the brown haired young woman helping clear a bit of the table off for her.
"You're welcome," May beamed.
Priss grinned, "We'd like to book an upstairs room later, too."
"No problem," May nodded, "just check with Nabiki or Alpha for room availability."
"We will," Silvie nodded as May was leaving. Silvie turned to Priss and smiled warmly, "I still would like to know why you followed me that night."
Priss shrugged a bit uncomfortably, the dark haired woman taking a drink of her beer. "I don't know," she admitted, "just a feeling I had." She smiled, "Though I think you could have handled those Doberman Boomers on your own."
"Maybe," Silvie reached out to squeeze Priss' hand, "I'm just glad that I didn't have to."
Keiko fought back a smile as she moved between tables and away from the conversation, her long brown ponytail bouncing against her back. Tonight she wore a man's suit, altered for her thin figure along with the matching shoes and gloves. She knew the look fit her, and even better May liked her in it.
"Yo," the brown haired girl with the ponytails waved.
"Hi there," Keiko hurried over, "can I take your order?"
"Juice for me," the ponytailed girl smiled, "I'm still in training." She looked over at the dark purple haired girl, "Ayuki?"
"A Cola I think," Ayuki Mori smiled back, "thanks, Tomari."
Tomari Kurusu chuckled then looked at the other two women at the table questioningly, "Hazumu, Yasuna?"
Hazumu Osaragi smiled shyly, the taller redheaded girl holding onto Yasuna's hand. "Another soda, I think," she said.
Yasuna Kamizumi smiled at Hazumu, "Sounds good to me, too."
"All right," Keiko said, "I'll be back with your drinks in a moment."
"So you heard about this club on-line?" Hazumu asked Tomari curiously.
"I was doing some research after you two became officially involved," Tomari said to them teasingly, "this club came up on the search."
"Incredible," Yasuna said, looking around her in awe. Both she and Hazumu were wearing similar dresses, though Hazumu's was decorated in a more floral style. She looked over at Tomari and Ayuki, "And what's this I hear about you being involved?"
Tellingly, both Tomari and Ayuki blushed, though Ayuki recovered first. "Yes, we're dating," she conceded, "but that's all for now."
Keiko delivered the drinks then moved off, but staying nearby wiping off tables to listen in. She like hearing about first love, it was such a charming thing really. And it reminded her of how her heart jumped meeting May the first time...
Hazumu beamed as she said, "I'm so happy for both of you!"
"Thank you," Tomari managed to say through her blush.
Ayuki looked over at Yasuna thoughtfully, "How did you find out?"
"Someone saw you down by the river," a warm smile curled Yasuna's lips as she revealed, "when you were kissing."
"Oh boy," Tomari blushed again. She looked over at Ayuki in silent appeal, clearly unwilling to continue to discuss this.
Ayuki rose smoothly, her dress swirling around her legs as she smiled at Tomari, "I think you promised me a dance?"
With a sigh of relief Tomari got up and smiled, "I'd love to."
Upstairs Arisugawa Juri pushed herself away from her desk and the paperwork, stretching out tiredly. "Poor baby," Setsuna Meiou murmured, the tall black haired woman curled up on the couch nearby.
"I swear this is the one bane of my existence," Juri confessed, her orange hair pulled back by a simple set of hair clips tonight.
"I know what you mean," Setsuna agreed warmly, "paperwork is a pain up at the hospital, too." She peered at Juri's desk, "What are you working on?"
"The accounts," Juri smiled wryly, "Nabiki's coming in to review them, today."
"How is she and Ayaka doing?" Setsuna looked curious.
Nabiki and Ayaka had been dating somewhat seriously for several moths now, carrying on through mutual stresses. Nabiki was working to establish herself as a freelance accountant while Ayaka's business was still getting back on it's feet, creating stresses on both of them.
Juri actually grinned, "Nabiki popped the question and Ayaka said yes."
Setsuna sat up, smiling, "Seriously?"
"Ring and everything," Juri confirmed. She sat back, her woman's tailored suit wrinkled a bit, "According to Nabiki she took Ayaka out for a picnic, they ate lunch then she snuck the ring out and proposed."
"That's so romantic," Setsuna sighed happily.
Juri slipped from her chair, walking over to Setsuna's side, She bent over and kissed the sitting woman gently, her eyes twinkling. "Do you want to go to bed early tonight?" she offered impishly once they broke off the kiss.
Setsuna chuckled softly, a blush coloring her cheeks as she purred back, "I think so, but you won't be getting much sleep."
"Promises, promises," Juri grinned just as they heard a tapping at the door.
"Arisugawa," Nabiki nodded, a wicked smile teasing her lips as she saw both women trying to look casual.
"Are we interrupting?" Ayaka purred, her red hair flowing in a glossy wave.
"No, we're fine," Juri said, "nice to see you."
The ring on Ayaka's finger glittered, gold and diamonds in a expensive but stylish design. "Congratulations," Setsuna said to them both, nodding towards the ring.
"Thanks," Nabiki grinned.
To be continued...
The Staff: The bar's owner is Arisugawa Juri, from Revolutionary Girl Utena. Setsuna is from Sailor Moon. Nabiki Tendo and Saotome Ranma are from Ranma 1/2. Ryouko is from the series Tenchi Muyo. Keiko is also from Utena. And finally, Cyberdoll May is from Hand Maid May.
Our Cast This Episode: Priss and Silvie are from original Bubblegum Crisis. Ayuki, Hazumu, Tomari and Yasuna are all from Kasimasi: Girl meets Girl. And finally Ayaka Kisaragi is from Phantom Quest Corp.
Notes: This is a continuationof my Kasimasi: Girl Meets Girl fanfiction, Take the Stage, set a short time after the end of the anime.