Utena, Revolutionary Girl Fan Fiction ❯ Arisugawa's Locket ❯ Christmas '06 ( Chapter 76 )

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Christmas ‘06

“Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way,” a gaggle of people sang from up on the kareoke stage, making up for their lack of skill with enthusiasm.

“Merry Christmas,” Jeena Malso said as she raised a full mug with her cybernetic left arm, the muscle shirt that the reddish brown haired woman wore revealing rippling muscle and a well developed chest.

“Merry Christmas,” Motoko echoed, the purple haired woman tapped their glasses together. As a full body cyborg it was largely pointless for her to drink, but she did enjoy the social aspects of it.

“They seemed to recognize you when we came in,” Jeena said, remembering the faint smile on the hostess’ face as she welcomed them to the bar.

“Which is strange,” Motoko admitted, “since I’ve never been here.”

Arisugawa Juri fought back a smile as the orange haired woman turned back towards the bar. It was oddly amusing to see a woman who was so normally on the ball like Motoko being confused, but Juri’d explain the unique nature of the bar to her eventually.

“It’s ‘bout time, Juri,” Haruka Tenoh said, the boyish sandy blonde woman sitting on a stool by the main bar.

“Your regular, boss?” Mahoro asked cheerfully, the black haired maid standing ready behind the bar.

“Yes, please,” Juri nodded as Mahoro popped open a bottle with cranberry ginger ale and poured Juri a drink.

“So,” Haruka took a drink of her scotch then asked, “I understand you’ve finally popped the question?”

“Yes,” Juri smiled in a surprisingly goofy manner, “and Setsuna said yes. We’ll have our ceremony in the new year.”

Haruka slapped her on the back, “Congradulations.” A grin, “Michiru is getting involved, and I can bet you the other senshi are, too. It’s going to be one hell of a celebration.”

“Now I just have to think of how to break this to the parents,” Juri said wryly.

“Not going to take it well?” Haruka guessed.

“My father has pretty much disowned me,” Juri admitted, “but I have started talking to my mother again.” A sudden smile, “I think she’ll freak.”

“Send them a invitation,” Haruka offered, “if they want to come, they’ll come.”

“Fair enough,” Juri nodded.

Meanwhile, a pair of new arrivals were entering the bar. “Welcome to Arisugawa’s Locket,” Alpha bowed, the green haired android bowing slightly.

“Thank you,” the brown haired woman with glasses smiled, her hair tied back in a bun. She was a bit shorter than her companion, and both wore stylized uniform body-suits.

“Yayoi,” her purple haired companion raised a eyebrow, “you still haven’t asked how this place got ON the station in the first place.”

“Ayaka,” Yayoi smiled up at her, “does it really matter? I’m sure it’s just a new business that the principal authorized.”

“I suppose so,” Ayaka sounded dubious.

“Would you care to have someone show you to a seat?” Alpha offered pleasantly.

“Please,” Yayoi took Ayaka by the arm.

“Hyatt!” Alpha called.

“Here,” a weak voice answered as Hyatt wiggled bonelessly towards them. Both Yayoi and Ayaka sweatdropped as Hyatt moaned, “Follow me.”

“Interesting,” Ayaka murmured as they followed Hyatt to a table.

The room, apparently some kind of converted storage chamber was large, broken up by several loosely defined areas. There was the main bar, of course, where three bartenders busily served drinks, a section of tables for dining, a library holding a variety of media, a dance floor and finally a kareoke stage. Over by the rear their were stairs going up, but what was there remained a mystery.

As if it was the most normal thing in the world Hyatt asked from the floor, “Would you like to order now, or later?”

Both Ayaka and Yayoi exchanged wary looks then Yayoi asked, “Could we just get some sodas first?”

“Of course,” then Hyatt was off, snaking her way through the crowds. A few moments later she delived the drinks without spilling a drop. “Call if you need anything else,” she said.

“Merry Christmas,” Ayaka said, clearly amused.

Yayoi chuckled then leaned forward to kiss her, “Merry Christmas.”

At a table not too far away, two other striking young women sat comfortably close. One was white haired, garbed in a simple red and black bodysuit with a white star on her chest. Beside her a bald young woman drank her strawberry mudslide, gold earrings glinting and garbed in a armor-like green costume.

“Is there anything else I can get you?” May asked, the buxom brown haired cyberdoll smiling at them in a friendly way.

“Thank you, we’re fine,” the white haired woman smiled. As May left she turned to her companion, “So tell me about Christmas, Heather.”

“You don’t ask the easy ones, Phylla,” Heather Douglas, the sometimes adventurer known as Moondragon, smiled. The bald woman smiled slightly, “It’s a holiday to exchange gifts on Earth, as well as carrying religious significance.”

“Doesn’t sound like anything we had on Titan,” Phylla Vell admitted, “but it does seem interesting.” She smiled fondly, “It reminds me of when my mother first gave me the Captain Marvel uniform.”

“I mostly just remember it from before I left Earth,” Heather conceded. She smiled at her faintly, “Battling against Thanos and adventuring hasn’t given me much time to carry out those traditions.”

“I don’t have anything to give you,” Phylla admitted, “but...” She leaned over, gently brushing her lips up against Heather’s.

“Hmmm,” Heather gently stroked Phylla’s cheek, leaning into the kiss.

“You’re not shocked?” Phylla asked as they drew apart.

Heather laughed gently as she said, “I’ve been trying to decide if I was going to have to make the first move....”

Phylla’s voice was tender, “I know how much Marlo meant to you... I wasn’t sure if you were still longing for her.”

Heather sighed softly, “I do miss Marlo, yes, but she was in love with someone else.”

Phylla made a face at that, “As much as I may like Rick Jones, Marlo was a fool to give you up for him.”
Heather managed a smile at that, “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome,” and Phylla kissed her once again.

“Isn’t new love grand?” Ryouko grinned as the blue haired space pirate made up another eggnog mixture for a customer.

“Yes, it is,” Mahoro agreed as the black haired combat android grabbed the drinks. “I’ll deliver these,” she said, “then check up on Cyber Six.”

“Sasami’s going to send out a rum toddy for her,” Minagi said, Ryouko’s twin gracefully tossing a bottle of beer to another customer.

“Thanks,” Mahoro grinned, hurrying off to serve a customer.

The tall, black haired girl looked up with her red eyes as Mahoro delivered the drinks. “Thank you,“ Maggie said, moving their meal aside to help.

“Thanks.” Mahoro grinned as she set the cups down.

Fay smiled slightly, the younger woman sitting close to Maggie, bith enjoying the other’s presence. “You’re so kind,” Fay smiled, “I think that was the first thing I noticed about you.”

Maggie blushed, “Thank you.”

Fay sighed happily, “I’m so glad I can see again... if only to realize how cute you are, too.”

Maggie, if it was possible, blushed even harder.

“You look like you sound, you know,” Fay rested her head on Maggie’s shoulder, “strong, yet also sensitive.” A soft laugh, “I just wish you hadn’t disappeared on me like that.”

“I’m sorry,” Maggie tentatively put her arm over Fay’s shoulders, “things just got kind of crazy for awhile.”

Fay smiled up at Maggie blindingly, “I’m just glad you’re here.”

To be continued....

The Staff: Arisugawa Juri is from Revolutionary Girl Utena, Alpha is from Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou, Ryouko and Minagi are from Tenchi Muyo, Hyatt is from Excel Saga, May is from Hand Maid May, Mahoro is from Mahoromantic, and Cyber Six is from the series Cyber Six.

Our Cast the Episode: Jeena Malso is from AD Police, Motoko is from Ghost in the Shell, Haruka is from Sailor Moon, Ayaka and Yayoi are from Stellvia, Heather Douglas and Phylla-Vell are from the Marvel comic Annihilation, and finally Maggie and Fay are from the Read or Dream manga.

Notes: Jeena/Motoko are friends in my fic, ‘Of Knights and Ghosts.’ I haven’t written Stellvia fic, but considering the obviousness of the couple it’s only a matter of time. *lol* Heather Douglas/ Moondragon is as canon bisexual comic character, and her attachment to Phylla may be more than friendly.