Utena, Revolutionary Girl Fan Fiction ❯ Arisugawa's Locket ❯ Love and Forgiveness ( Chapter 84 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]
Love and Forgiveness

Ryouko cleaned the bar as the blue haired pirate grinned at the woman sitting opposite her. “So are you planing to tell her?” she asked, having heard her customers tale of deep friendship and possibly love.

:”I don’t know,” Yoruichi Shihoin admitted as the dusty skinned warrior looked a bit embarrassed. “I mean, what do I say to her?”

Midori hurried by, the busty young woman looking kind of sexy in her maid’s uniform as she served a slim, Asian woman sake. “Here you go, miss,” the redhead smiled.

“Oh hell,” Yoruichi moaned, instantly recognizing that face, even tho she was across the room from her.

“What?” Ryouko asked.

“That’s her,” Yoruichi turned back to Ryouko, “Soi Fon.”

“Looks kind of scrawny,” Ryouko peered at her.

“Take that back,” Yoruichi said fiercely, almost looking ready to lunge across the bar at Ryouko.

Ryouko held up a hand, “Just kidding.” She dropped her voice as she leaned forward, “Have you two talked about this?”

“We haven’t really had the chance,” Yoruichi took a drink, “we only recently got back in touch with each other.”

“Then don’t you owe her some kind of explaination?” Ryouko asked, “If only for her own peace of mind....”

“Damn it...” Yoruichi sighed. “Waitress?”

Midori stopped in front of her, smiling as she answered, “Yes?”

“That girl you just served,” Yoruichi said, “take her another sake on me.”

“Certainly,” Midori agreed, her blue eyes twinkling with amusement at being the participant in a romantic drama.

Soi Fon blinked in confusion as MIdori delivered her drink then looked up at her with a slight frown, “I didn’t order this.”

“The lady at the bar sent this,” Midori answered, “with her compliments.”

Soi Fon looked up curiously, then froze as her mouth dropped open and she gasped out, “Yoruichi-sama?”

From where she sat at the bar, Yoruichi gracefully rose then strode across the bar, her black hair shining in the lights. She looked like a goddess amoung the common denizens of the bar, a warrior queen among peasants. Soi Fon felt a quiver of anxiety as she reached her table, studying her a moment....

“Yo,” Yoruichi smiled, sitting down.

“They look like they’re getting along well,” Mahoro noted, the pretty black haired combat android having arrived to assist Ryouko.

“As long as no fights start, I’m happy,” Midori offered, giving them both a grin.

“I thought HIME like you liked fights,” Ryouko noted.

“Hey,” Midori held up her hands, “I’m just here to pay off my bar tab.”

Outside, a orange haired young woman waited in the line to get inside the club. “It’s crazy,” Julie Power admitted to another woman in line, “I never expected to find a club like this in downtown LA.”

“Neither did I,” Karolina Dean agreed, the blonde standing by her lover Xavin. She flushed slightly, “No grudges over our teams fighting?”

Julie looked sheepish, “Well, it was our fault anyway.” Quickly changing the subject she looked at the woman beside Karolina, “So this is your girlfriend?”

Xavin smiled, her long brown hair flowing over her shoulders as she commented, “I still can’t get over how easily you human’s forgive. If a Kree did that, I’d have declared us blood enemies to the death.”

“Eh?” Julie blinked as they shuffled forward towards the doors.

“Xavin’s a Skrull,” Karolina pointed out, “they tend to nurse grudges for a long time, apparently.”

“We have tough nipples,” Xavin said deadpan before cracking a smile.

“Get a sense of humor,” Julie shook her head, but still chuckled softly.

A bit tentatively Karolina asked, “Are you here with someone? If you’d like we could keep you company.”

“No, that’s fine,” Julie chuckled as they reached the door woman, “I have a date, assuming she gets here.”

“Identification?” the woman dressed in black asked. Cybersix was fairly certain they were legal, but she felt obligated to check just in case. Seeing everything was fine she waved them in, “Have a good time.”

“Thank you,” Xavin said, frowning.

“What’s wrong?” Karolina asked softly.

“I can tell she’s been mechanically augmented,” Xavin murmured as they went down the hall, “it... disturbs me.”

“You can tell?” the greeter girl asked, the brown haired woman dressed in a red and white maid’s uniform. She smiled, “My name is May, welcome to Arisugawa’s Locket.”

“Ah, there she is,” Julie smiled as a blonde woman waved to her. “Excuse me,” she said before heading off to see her friend. “Jennifer, I thought we were going to meet outside?”

Jennifer Kale smiled as she got up from her seat and said, “Sorry, I got here a bit earlier than planned.”

“No chain mail bikini?” Julie teased as she reached out to touch the conservative blouse the older woman was wearing.

“I could change into that later,” Jennifer purred into her ear, “if you want.”

Julie blushed, “Maybe so....”

“Chain mail bikini?” Xavin murmured as they were lead to a table.

Karolina looked amused, “I assume they dress up for fun.”

May smiled as she passed them each menus, “In addition to renting rooms for a hour or two, we now offer costume rentals too.”

“You’re kidding,” Karolina blinked.

“No,” May shook her head, “in fact, our police girl, maid and soldier sets are often the first to sell out.”

“That says something significant about humanity,” Xavin mused after a moment, “but I can’t quite decide what.”

“Hush,” Karolina blushed, “we have enough fun with your alternate identities.”

May decided not to ask. “If you like, I can come back in a bit to collect your order?” she offered cheerfully.

“Thank you,” Xavin smiled, gazing lingeringly in Karolina’s eyes.

May headed back to the bar smiling, ‘I should give them some time alone.’ She passed by two other customers and lingered, seeing they were talking intently.

“So,” Soi Fon looked at Yoruichi lingeringly, the drinks having given her unusual courage, “what do you intend to do now?”

Yoruichi smiled back as she quietly admitted, “I will be returning to earth, but....”

“But?” Soi Fon asked softly, looking into her eyes.

Yoruichi reached out to stroke her pale cheek gently, “I’d love to have you visit me some time.”

Soi Fon sighed happily, rubbing her cheek up against that caressing hand like a cat. “And I’d love to visit you,” she agreed, not mentioning what else she wanted to do with her.

“Then it’s a date,” Yoruichi agreed, her eyes twinkling warmly. She stretched out in a cat-like way, sighing as she said, “Now I think I’d better sleep this off, or I’m going to feel terrible in the morning.”

As Yoruichi got up from her chair Soi Fon got up, grabbing her hand before she could leave, “Yoruichi-sama?”

“Yes?” Yoruichi asked.

Seizing all her courage Soi Fon leaned forward to kiss her gently. “For later,” she smiled.

With a grin Yoruichi agreed, “Later.”

Sighing happily May moved on, arriving at the bar as Excel and Hyatt were ready to go on shift. Relaying the details on the guests she had been serving she added, “I think Julie and Jennifer may need a room later, possibly Xavin and Karolina too.”

“We’ll keep that in mind,” Excel Excel nodded cheerfully.

To be continued....

The Staff: Ryouko is from Tenchi Muyo, Midori is from Mai Hime, May is from Hand Maid May Cybersix is from the series of the same name and Excel and Hyatt are from Excel Saga.

Our Cast this Episode: Yoruichi Shihoin and Soi Fon are both from Bleach, Julie Power is from Power Pack and Loners comics, Karolina and Xavin are from Runaways and finally Jennifer Kale is from various supernatural comics from Marvel.

Notes: Part of this story appeared in Reunited, by first Bleach fanfic.