Utena, Revolutionary Girl Fan Fiction ❯ Arisugawa's Locket ❯ Halloween 09 ( Chapter 91 )

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Arisugawa's Locket
Halloween '09

“So,” Alpha asked as the green haired girl reached up to touch the metal 'rabit ears' that had been attached to either side of her head, “who am I supposed to be dressed as?”

“Chachamaru,” Ryouko told her, her swirling almost blue hair flowing over her shoulders, “from that cartoon Negima.” She was dressed in a black bodysuit and had a prop sword over her back, looking a bit like a ninja.

“And if Chachamaru actually shows up?” May asked curiously, the brown haired maid sweeping up before opening. Unlike her normal, fairly practical maid outfit May was decked out in full gothic lolita style, with extra lace and ruffles by the score.

“Lie,” Minagi laughed, Ryouko's twin dressed in a variation of a pirate's outfit, a cape over her shoulder, leather vest containing her full breasts and tight satin leggings.

“You'd better not take a deep breath in that outfit,” Nabiki Tendo noted, her slim body dressed in a stylish tuxedo, “or you'll have important bits pop out.”

Kokone smiled at Alpha, the pink haired delivery driver and fellow android visiting her girl friend at work. “You look adorable,” she told Alpha, wearing a police woman's costume she had borrowed from upstairs.

Alpha smiled back, clearly pleased as she said bashfully, “You too.”

“This is very embarrassing,” Juri Arisugawa muttered, the tall woman wearing a school uniform fitted to her size. The skirt was short enough to be sexy, and her full figure wasn't what the yellow jacket was designed to contain.

“Looking good, boss,” Excel Excel offered cheerfully, the blonde haired woman dressed in a pink waitress outfit, cut to show off cleavage and her long, sexy legs. Her partner Hyatt wore a similar outfit, though hers was in shades of blue.

“I bet Setsuna will like seeing you in that,” Minagi grinned.

“It was her idea,” Juri admitted, blushing.

May looked amused but decided to save their boss. “Let's get the cleaning finished,” she clapped her hands to get everyone's attention, “we open soon”

Not long afterwards the place was clean and tidy as the female customers began to enter from the line outside. Ranma Saotome was back on bouncer duty, the redheaded woman dressed in a semi-street fighter like costume that left her middle bare and her arms and legs exposed.

“I'm sorry I'm late!” Midori Sugiura apologized, the busy redhead dressed in a magical girl costume, the short skirt she wore almost too revealing.

“Damn,” Ranma leaned over to watch her running up the hall.

“Pervert,” Akane Tendo complained, the black haired girl swiftly punching Ranma in the back of the head.

“Oww!” Ranma winced, knowing she could have dodged, but also knowing the slight bit of abuse turned her girlfriend on. Yes, it was kinky but.... the sex was really, really good.

“Are you two done yet?” test pilot Kallen Kouzuki asked her wryly as she and her friends waited to get in. Unable to put together a costume in time Kallen merely wore her flight suit, the skintight red and black cloth leaving little to the imagination.

“For now,” Akane winked, wearing one of her karate gi's as a costume.

Milly Ashford snickered softly, the light brown haired school teacher shaking her head with amusement. Over a flesh colored leotard Milly was dressed in a set of fetish leathers, looking nearly nude in her black leather bustier, thong, thigh high boots and matching opera style gloves. “Good party?” she asked Ranma curiously.

“There's a good variety of people,” Ranma grinned.

“I can't believe you wore that,” Nina Einstein shook her head, the slim black haired woman having chosen the safety of boy-drag. The research scientist was wearing pants and a white shirt, a long lab coat thrown over it.

“If you're going to do something, go for the gusto,” Milly said as she, Nina and Kallen headed inside. She was well aware of Ranma sneaking a look at her nearly bare butt and gave a extra wiggle, just for her.

“Hello, I'm Nabiki Tendo. Welcome to the Locket,” Nabiki said politely as she smiled at the three women, temporarily doing greeter duty.

“Hi,” Kallen found herself looking over the woman thoughtfully. She was boyish enough to be cute, but the womanly body underneath that suit promised some fun.

Nabiki felt herself blush slightly, feeling two predatory and one curious gaze on her. “Can I help you get a table or ...?” she asked the only one who didn't look like she wanted to jump her.

Nina smiled sympathetically to the other woman, “I think we'll head up to the bar first, but thank you.” She tossed a wry glance at her friends, “And they're not as bad as they look.”

Milly grinned at Nabiki, “We're worse.”

“Have a good night,” Nabiki laughed as she waved for them to move on.

“You should have worn something like that,” Haruka Tenoh noted as she, her girl friend Michiru and Setsuna lounged up by the bar with Juri. The light brown haired woman had chosen to dress in her racing gear, team jacket, armored pants and all.

Setsuna shook her head wryly, her long green hair shimmering as she noted, “I might wear something like that in private, not in public.” She wore a matching school uniform to Juri's, her slightly fuller figure making it even more daring.

“Nice to see more newcomers too,” Michiru noted, her mermaid outfit drawing glances too. She frowned a bit, “Wasn't putting Nabiki on door woman duty kind of cruel? She might run into Ayeka Kisaragi again.”

“Not my idea,” Juri said honestly, “I think May decided on her getting first shift.” Juri took a drink of her sparkling ginger ale, “And to be honest, I think whatever feelings Nabiki had were snuffed when she saw them out together, practically hanging off each other.”

“Ayeka and her boyfriend?” Haruka asked for clarity. When Juri nodded Haruka grimaced as she muttered, “That really stinks.”

“Tell me about it,” Ryouko agreed as the space pirate/ninja poured more drinks.

A young woman with a odd gray/violet tint to her hair walked by, a witch's hat and cloak on over a school uniform. “I fail to see the point of these uniforms,” Yuki Nagato noted calmly.

Ryouko Asakura took her girlfriend's hand, the catgirl costume she wore giving the dark haired girl a sexy, playful air. “There's no point,” shje told Yuki as she lead her through the crowd, “it's just for the fun of it.”

“I see,” Yuki frowned thoughtfully. “Is that like when you used that....”

“Shh!” Ryouko clapped her hand over Yuki's mouth. “Not in public.”

Up front Nabiki puffed out a sigh of relief as Excel Excel came up to replace her as greeter. “Thanks,” she smiled at Excel then warned her, “the natives are more restless than normal.”

“Understood,” Excel nodded then saluted her, “for the greater glory of Arisugawa!”

“Yeah, yeah,” Nabiki waved as she headed up to the bar and received a weak drink. She slowly sipped the rum and coke, seriously considering retreating to the office upstairs and working on the accounts or something.

“Miss Tendo?” the quiet voice asked, causing Nabiki to turn around. Nina gave her a slight smile as she moved up to the bar, “I had hoped I'd see you again.”

Nabiki felt a flash of relief it wasn't one of the aggressive girls she'd been fending off for the past hour. “Thank you,” she smiled, “miss...?”

“Nina,” she said as she ordered a wine cooler. “I wanted to apologize for me friends, again,” Nina blushed, “I'm pretty sure I saw Kallen pinch you.”

Nabiki had to smile at the cute awkwardness of the other woman. “Not your fault,” she said, “not unless you're dating both of them.”

“Oh, no!” Nina yelped, blushing. After a moment she added quietly, “They kind of hauled me out here to get over a break up.”

“Ah,” Nabiki nodded sympathetically. She hesitated a moment, then quietly offered, “Wanna talk about it?”

Nina looked at her in surprise, then apparently saw something in Nabiki's eyes as she answered, “Yeah, I think so.”

To be continued....

Our Cast: Arisugawa Juri is from Revolutionary girl Utena, Alpha is from Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou, May is from Hand Maid May, Excel Excel and Hyatt are from Excel Saga, Ryouko and Minagi are from Tenchi Muyo, Midori Sugiura is from Mai Hime, Nabiki Tendo and Ranma Saotome are from Ranma ½, Haruka Tenoh. Michiru Kaoru, Hotaru and Setsuna are from Sailor Moon

Characters: Kokone is from Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou, Akane Tendo is from Ranma ½, Kallen, Milly and Nina are from Code Geass and Ryouko and Yuki are from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.

Note: Kallen and the other Code Geass characters are their counterparts in the 'Sailor Moon/Utena' universe I write, NOT the original Code Geass.