Utena, Revolutionary Girl Fan Fiction ❯ Leopard of the Seas ❯ Chapter 1

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Disclaimer: I own none of the characters from Revolutionary Girl Utena, I'm just borrowing them for a bit. Enjoy!
The Leopard of the Seas
Captain Juri Arisugawa of the privateer Ohtori stood proud on the rear deck, her hands on the ship's wheel as her triangular hat provided some small shelter from the sun. Her flamboyant garb, fine cloths mixed with sailor's leathers marked her as a pirate, and the sword at the orange haired woman's side showed much use.
"Cap'n," Akio Dios purred, the purple haired young man standing nearby. His dusky skin marked him as a local in these southern seas, and his knowledge of the many islands came in very handy. Sadly, he lacked the respect a crew member should have to their captain.
"Akio," Juri nodded coldly, suspecting what the slim young man wanted.
Drawing his sword with a deadly hiss Akio said, "Me and the lads were talking, an' we came to certain... conclusions." He smiled like a snake, "They all think they'll be better served with me as captain, not you."
Juri swept the young men and women standing behind Akio, weighing them in her eyes. Kozue, Togua and Saionji were clearly behind Akio, as were Mikage and Mamiya. Nanami stood off to one side along with her three lovers, and the others who liked to consider themselves neutral. Finally Utena and Miki were firmly behind her as well as a few others.
"An' who's going to remove me?' Juri drawled.
"We are," Akio said as he and his buddies moved forward.
"No," Utena declared as she stood beside Juri even as Miki took the other flank, "we'll settle this the traditional way, damn you."
"Move aside," Touga said as he waved his sword threateningly, pure red mane of hair tied back in a long ponytail.
"Do you want another scar?" Miki purred, nodding to where a thin line raked across Touga's from when he had challenged him last time.
"What do you say, Nanami?" Juri asked, forcing the woman to take a side.
Nanami scowled, the blonde clearly feeling annoyed at being draw in to the dispute. "If the crew goes to war it will sink us just as well as any enemy could," she said reluctantly, "let Akio and Juri settle it alone."
"Fair enough," Akio scowled, clearly unhappy to be facing Juri without support.
The crew cleared a space around Akio and Juri, making a sort of arena on the deck of the great ship. Shrugging off their jackets both foes studied each other warily, circling as they looked for any weakness. Akio moved like a dancer, smooth and oily, while Juri had her own sort of grace as the taller girl catwalked smoothly.
Suddenly in a flash of silver Akio lunged, only to be stopped by Juri's blade. Metal rang off metal as saber and sword met, separated and struck again. Sweat dripped into their eyes as the sun beat down, dancing across the deck as they searched for any sign of weakness.
"You're slow, Akio," Juri purred as she batted his sword aside tauntingly, "no wonder Anthy left you for Utena..."
"Bitch," Akio lunged, seized by a sudden anger.
With stunning speed Juri stepped aside, then blood splashed red on the deck as she struck once. Akio jerked, eyes wide, then slid bonelessy to the tar stained wood at their feet. Juri yanked her blade free then turned to face Touga and the others, "Does anyone else want to try?"
"N.. no," Saionji stammered out, his green hair matching the ill look on his face, standing protectively by Togua.
"Then get back to work you scurvy dogs!" Miki bellowed, prompting everyone to jump to their work once more.
"Well done, cap'n," Utena congratulated her softly, her long pink hair shining. Even in pirate leathers there was a odd nobility about her, a sense of something greater. More than once Juri had been tempted to ask how she had become a pirate, but each time she stopped herself.
"What do you want to do with this?" Miki asked coldly, nudging Akio's now cooling body with his boot.
"Toss him over the side, let the sharks have him," Juri said dryly. She looked towards Utena, "Would Anthy want to...?"
"She'll be happy he's dead, I think," Utena said flatly.
Juri paused, "Then the stories I heard about Akio and her were true?' Juri asked quietly so that no one nearby could over hear.
Utena nodded, "That's why the bastard went to sea an' forced her along. Truthfully, I intended to challenge him soon, you just did me a favor."
"Glad to help," Juri laughed dryly as she returned to the wheel, feeling glad to know they weren't all that far from their destination.
It less than a week to reach the secluded island, pulling up to the docks of Crystal Tokyo where busy sets of wooden ramps reached out over calm blue waters. Many larger and smaller vessels were tied up there, but they were all dwarfed by the two great ships sitting beside Juri's own Ohtori. Men and women raced to tie the ship up to the dock, then more ramps were set into place as the unloading began.
"I'm always stunned by how fast this goes," Utena murmured as she watched all the stock from the Ohtori being loaded up on carts then hauled up the road to the bustling town.
"It's incredible," Anthy agreed, the dusky skinned beauty standing beside Utena, gazing up at her with adoring eyes.
"All right everyone, leave's on," Juri yelled, "but mind your manners! This is Cap'n Minako's island so treat the people with respect or I'll keel haul ya!"
With a cheer the crew streamed off, racing up the road towards the remarkably neat town, looking much like the country places of old England, the pirates greeted with happy cries as they approached. Many of them raced into the tavern to join in the revelry there while others peeled off to renew their friendships with the prostitutes loitering about, everyone determined to have a good time.
Juri grinned as she walked into town, seeing a familiar figure and a newcomer approaching from a large house in the rear of the town. "Welcome back," Captain Minako Aino nodded, the blonde pulling Juri into a friendly hug.
Juri stiffened a bit then made herself relax. "Good to be back," she nodded. Looking curiously at the black haired woman by Minako's side she said, "Have we net?"
"Meet my lover, Hotaru Tomoe," Minako introduced her.
Juri took her hand and bent over it to kiss it gently, "Charmed." She looked up at the blushing girl, "Minako has spoken of you often."
"Oh?" Hotaru looked up at Minako curiously.
Minako actually blushed, "I told her a bit of our times in London, love, that's all."
Juri fought back a smile, glad to see her friend so besotted by love. "If you'll excuse me, I need to see to the tavern," she laughed, heading off. Simply called Arisugawa's the club was Juri's contribution to the busy town and her home, maintaining a room upstairs with her longtime partner.
"Ho, Juri," Bones nodded, the tall bouncer standing just inside the doors, the old seadog carrying her usual staff. Having lost a leg at sea Bones had retired as a pirate, taking a job here and quite happily romancing the ladies.
Kozue was already sitting at the piano, her lovely playing sweet in the air, the tables filled with men and women from the various ships at dock here. With a unerring sensitivity Juri strode through the crowd across the sawdust covered floor, grinning at her buxom bartender. "Hello May," she grinned, "is she in?"
May smiled back, her long brown hair shimmering. "Of course," she said as she poured a drink for another customer, "I think she's waiting for you upstairs."
"Thanks," Juri snagged a mug of ale then strode towards the stairs, taking them two at a time to the upper level. She made her way to the end of the hall then knocked.
"Come in," a familiar voice called.
Juri opened the door then froze, gazing at the figure on the bed. Shiori lay back in a corset, neglecting to wear her bloomers and undershirt, revealing creamy flesh. Beside her were twin glasses of wine, and nearby a cold meal awaited them.
"Welcome home," Shiori purred.
Notes: this fic is set in the same world as my story "The Pirate and the Lady: A Tale of Minako and Hotaru." I was inspired by a pic on deviantart by Utenafangirl, of a very nice looking pirate Juri, so this story is dedicated to her.