Utena, Revolutionary Girl Fan Fiction ❯ Silly Utena Crossover Fic! ❯ Chapter 2

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

In the classroom...

The teacher took one look at the massive group of new students standing there and simply asked them to take any available seats and introduce themselves to their classmates. "They look nice enough," Utena thought, and tried to concentrate on her schoolwork. From the corner of her eye, she saw something...odd with one of the students nearby. A beautiful young woman leaned over the cute girl, the woman's catgirl costume clinging to every curve, as she kissed the girl's cheek. A graceful hand lifted the hair from the back of the girl's neck so the catgirl could nibble at it teasingly.

The cute girl noticed that Utena was staring at her and smiled weakly. "H.. H.. Hi." she gasped out as the catgirl reached around her. "I'm Miyuki-chan." the flushed girl said quietly. "Don't worry," she said, as she was slapping at the very aggressive catgirl's groping hands, who only smiled at her seductively, "they're just figments of my imagination."

"They?" Utena echoed quietly,and looked around. In the back of the room, a group of girls dressed in rabbit, church mouse, field mouse outfits, and top hat and tails were drinking tea with Nanami's cronies while a tall woman with a spiked, leather costume was looking over Wakaba like she wanted to eat her up. Wakaba didn't look like she'd mind terribly, either. Utena sweatdropped and tried to go back to work.

"Ayeka!" Utena heard someone say in whining tones from the other side of the small classroom, "I'm bored!" A contrary looking young woman with long, grey blue hair was floating in mid-air, sitting crosslegged, beside the chair of a girl with equally long purple hair. She looked like she was getting a bit irritable herself.

"Ryouko! I'm trying to concentrate! Anyways, I'm sure that lowly space pirate trash like yourself couldn't possibly apreciate the subtlety of this class anyway." Ayeka answered her in haughty tones.

Actually, it's pretty boring, a smiling Utena thought, as she continued to watch them argue along with most of the class. This was way more entertaining than the last few kendo tournaments had been.

"Well excuse me princess! I didn't ask to be dragged along with you on this little excursion, because you couldn't find a willing man to go with you!" Ryouko snapped back in waspish tones.

"I don't have to take that! Not from someone like you!" a angry Ayeka said, standing up with her fists clenched as she glared over at Ryouko as lightning like energies began arcing around her slim form.

"Oh no? Go ahead and try to stop me, if you can, little princess." Ryouko answered in throaty tones, as a sinister red glow formed around both her hands. Ayeka growled furiously and jumped her,so that in moments the two young women were rolling on the floor, tearing at each other's hair and clothes. Desks and chairs were knocked aside as the ocassional energy bolt went flying around the room. Suddenly, the whole tone of the battle seemed to change as the two seperated for a moment.

Ayeka's robe was pulled askew, bearing one rounded shoulder, and Ryouko's top was partially torn open to reveal the curve of a breast. They both struggled to regain their breaths as they gazed at each other with a frightening degree of intensely. Ryouko suddenly grasped Ayeka's shoulders and pulled her into a fierce kiss, to the cheers of the surrounding students. They stayed lip locked for several minutes.

Noticing that they have an audience, Ryouko pulls Ayeka closer, and teleports them both away. The teacher stands dazed, swaying back and forth at the front of the class, his hair and clothing smoking slightly from a stray energy bolt.

"Class dismissed." he says, blinks a few times and then promptly topples over with a loud and resounding thump.

Appearing this Episode: Utena, Wakaba, and Nanami from Revolutionary Girl Utena. Miyuki-chan, the Cheshire Cat, Mad Tea Party, and the Red Queen are all from Miyuki-chan in Wonderland. Finally, Ryouko and Ayeka are from Tenchi Muyo!