Utena, Revolutionary Girl Fan Fiction ❯ Silly Utena Crossover Fic! ❯ Chapter 5

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Meeting trouble before trouble finds you...

Akio looked like he had a truly massive headache as he surveyed the group of powerful young women Anthy had gathered for the meeting. And with what seemed like suspicious quickness to him.

"All right, and then what happened?" Akio snapped at them irritably. "After your group had that oh-so bright idea, of course." he continued with much sarcasm.

Lina Inverse flushed a bit a his tone, then continued "Well, the spell linking all the realities seemed to work, it should have allowed easy travel between the separate worlds, but then suddenly we all found ourselves here." Lina shrugged, eloquently expressing her helplessness.

Lina, Belldandy, Urd, Mara, Skuld, Washu, Ryoko, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Pluto, Rei Ayanami and Naga the White Serpent all stood around looking vaguely uncomfortable, like a band of students called up before the teacher.

"We're still trying to figure out what may have caused the spell to fail, and us all to come here..." Lina trailed off as she saw Akio's very pained expression.

"And how long will it take you to FIX this?" he asked wearily, rubbing his forehead where his veins formed a throbbing 'x'.

They looked at each other a moment, then quickly gathered into a huddle and confered quietly. Turning back to Akio, Lina simply said "We don't know."

Anthy handed Akio a couple of aspirin, which he then gulped down dry. She stepped down and went over to the group, where they began to discuss the situation and how to go about starting to fix it, even as Akio went to go have a little lay down.

Appearing in this Episode: Akio and Anthy are from Revolutionary Girl Utena. Linna Inverse and Haga the White Serpent are from Slayers. Urd, Mara and Skuld are from Oh My Goddess. Washu and Ryoko are from Tenchi Muyo. Sailor Mercury and Sailor Pluto are from Sailor Moon. And Finally, Rei Aranami is from Neon Genesis Evangelion.